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Can Cryptocurrency Be Converted To Cash

Sell Bitcoin Into Cash On Binances Buy And Sell Crypto Page

How to Convert Your Cryptocurrency Back Into Cash in Your Bank Account

This option is the most direct route to converting your Bitcoins into cash. You can sell Bitcoin directly for fiat currency on Binances Buy and Sell Crypto page, which is broken down by region:

  • US Dollar
  • British Pound Sterling
  • Etc

For a streamlined manner of selling Bitcoin and turning that into cash, this Binance withdrawal method offers a simplified and secure way for you to directly convert coins into USD, EUR, and other currencies you may need at the moment.

How To Convert Cryptocurrency To Cash Step By Step

So the first thing you want to do is to visit the exchange and create an account.

Its very easy and it only takes a few minutes.

When you are done creating your account you want to choose a fiat currency and make a first deposit with your bank account

I used EUR but you can use USD or GBP.

When you have deposited with either EUR, USD, or GBP you are free to convert cryptocurrency to cash into your bank account.

Now, after you have registered with Coinbase, lets go through everything step by step.

What Is The Best Way To Convert Cryptocurrency To Real Money

Nowadays, cryptocurrency is commonly used to make payments like real money. There are many advantages of money conversion as mentioned in But sometimes, it is necessary to convert your digital money into a fiat one. There are many platforms where you cannot use your crypto assets.

But it does not mean that your virtual currency is a waste for you. There are plenty of ways to convert money. Many people do not have enough knowledge about such things. But one must know how to manage their digital and real money. In the following write-up, we will discuss some of the best ways to convert cryptocurrency to fiat money.

If you are scared of investing your money in digital assets, it will be easy for you to manage it all. With the help of some ways, you can easily manage your money and keep it safe or use it for anything. Let us start with some best methods of converting your money.

  • Final Thoughts
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    Withdrawing From Coinbase: Overview

    Coinbase is very popular, and it serves millions of people all over the world. It offers multiple services, such as trading, selling, buying, storing, and stacking crypto. Besides, you can have access to the services whether you are an institutional or a retail investor.

    Since the interface for the web and mobile platforms and the brokerage and trading platform is so intuitive, people can perform easy asset withdrawals. But withdrawing money from Coinbase may differ based on whether you are withdrawing crypto or fiat. So, you need to know the right steps depending on what you are withdrawing.

    What Are Nfts And How Do They Work

    Can Cryptocurrency Be Converted Into Cash? Read On To Find Out

    One of the most interesting things I’ve seen in recent times was non-fungible tokens. They can be bought and sold just like fungible tokens, but they also have unique properties that make them valuable and fun!

    NFT stands for Non-Fungible Tokens. They can be bought, sold and traded just like other tokens or coins. NFTs are different from other tokens because they are unique in some way, like cryptokitties which you might have heard about in the news. NFTs are a new type of digital asset.

    NFTs have been around for just over a year now, and they’re starting to gain some momentum as more people begin to understand them. Many NFT’s use the ethereum blockchain — one company that has made its name in this space is OpenSea . They allow you users to buy NFT tokens from other users or trade NFT tokens with each other using their platform. The process looks something like this:

    – User A wants Cryptokitty #1234 so she sends it off to user B who accepts her offer on because he thinks he can sell it for more there than if he were selling it through another marketplace . He lists Cryptokitty #1234 on OpenSea for 110 NFT tokens.

    – User C sees Cryptokitty #1234 listed and decides she wants to buy it, so she sends off 100 NFT tokens in exchange for Cryptokitty #1234.

    Once user B receives the NFT tokens from user C, he is now free to sell those NFT tokens again on or directly through another marketplace if they offer an NFT option as well.

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    There Are Two Main Methods Through Which You Can Convert Your Cryptocurrenciesinto Cash

    There are several factors an individual might want to consider before converting cryptocurrency into cash

    • Converting any cryptocurrency into cash will involve taxation
    • An individual can use a peer-to-peer platform to convert
    • It’s recommended that you ask for proof of ID and payment

    Cryptocurrency is now a popular investment option for younger people but you can’t exactly spend your crypto in order to pay for your dinner. Well, you can if you want to choose from a few limited options but for the most part, people still need to convert their crypto into cash. The good news is that this is very easy to do. Having said that, there are several factors an individual might want to consider before converting their cryptocurrency into cash. Digital tokens are extremely volatile and their values fluctuate a lot so if your timing is wrong you potentially stand to lose money. On the other hand, a risk-averse investor, seeing the uncertainty around digital currencies, might consider converting their digital money to fiat currency.

    Either way, here’s what you need to know about converting your cryptocurrency into cash. Just remember that if you cash out, then you will need to pay taxes on your profits although crypto currently exists in a legal grey area in India, that’s not to say that gains made from investing in this asset are outside the ambit of taxes.

    Crypto To Fiat Conversion

    The first thing you have to do is to convert your crypto to fiat. In order to do this, you must have some crypto funds already, which you would like to withdraw in fiat currencies like EUR, USD, or others. Start by logging into your account and then clicking the Trade button on the navigation bar on the left side of your screen. You can also do it by going to the top right of your screen and clicking on Buy/Sell.

    Then, you will get a dialogue box where you will have to mention the crypto amount that you want to trade for fiat. Then, you will go to the Sell tab at the top of the screen, after which you can fill in how much of your crypto you want to convert. Pick the crypto asset whose balance you want to convert. Then, choose the fiat currency you wish to withdraw in.

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    How To Convert Crypto To Cash Via Peer

    Another method to convert bitcoin to cash is via peer-to-peer platforms. This method is ideal if you want to sell bitcoin for cash in a hurry. In this method, you can also decide which payment method you prefer while selling bitcoins. The process is relatively faster with lesser transaction fees. You can get more favourable exchange rates while transacting with an individual buyer than from a third-party brokerage platform.

    However, while using this method, make sure to be aware of fraudsters. While conducting peer-to-peer transactions it is advisable to keep your bitcoins locked until you verify the payment has been processed by the buyer. Peer to peer platforms allows you to remain anonymous and also allow you to use a VPN to secure your connection. You can also choose payment methods like web money or gift vouchers. Follow the steps for the peer-to-peer exchange platform.

    1. First, sign up and choose the location of your ideal buyer.2. Next, use the marketplace to find the crypto buyers and send a trade request.3. Most peer-to-peer platforms give an escrow option for transactions where your bitcoins are kept secure till the payment is done by the buyer.

    Where To Store Cryptocurrency

    How to Convert your Tron Cryptocurrency to Cash

    Cryptocurrency wallets hold the private information you need to make transactions. Hot wallet is the name for a digital wallet that allows you to transfer money via a crypto exchange. Meanwhile a cold wallet is hardware that is not connected to the internet .

    To pick a crypto wallet that is right for you, check out Moneys guide to the best crypto wallets. The guide includes the best wallets for those who want to trade just Bitcoin, for those who want to trade on their phones, for those who want to trade on their desktops and more.

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    Is Converting Bitcoin To Cash Legal

    The short answer is: Yes, its legal to convert Bitcoin into cash. Youll need a bank account for this process so you can deposit the money and withdraw it as well.

    The process still remains the same. Convert to fiat money equivalent > withdraw to your bank.

    However, there are some restrictions on trading that make conversion difficult restriction in many countries makes cryptocurrency trading illegal or dangerous because of the high risk of fraud.

    Considerations When Cashing Out Bitcoin

    Before you convert all your bitcoin to cash, consider the following pitfalls:

    • Taxes If you are making a profit on selling your bitcoin, you will have to pay taxes on your profit income. Keep this in mind while planning your tax year. Any reputable third-party broker exchanges will report their transactions for tax purposes.
    • Fees Most bitcoin-to-bank-account methods will entail exchange fees.
    • Speed Third-party broker exchanges may take a couple of days to transfer the money into your bank account.

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    Is Cryptocurrency A Good Investment

    The right answer to the question if cryptocurrency is a good investment or not is Yes and No. Or it depends.

    If you believe in the cryptocurrency, knowledgeable enough about it, and want to invest in it, then yes.

    But if you are not sure about how cryptocurrencies will be used or adopted by people and lack the basics, then no.

    If your investment is a long-term one investing in crypto might be worth considering because of its potential.

    Cashout From The Exchange To Your Bank Account

    How To Convert Cryptocurrency To Real Cash?

    If and only if your exchange account is verified and your KYC process has resulted successful, you can request a bank transfer cashout of the cash balance appearing in your exchange account to your bank account accepting the same currency .

    The funds should reach your account in the five following business days. If your exchange website verified your VISA card, the cash will be returned to the account linked with the verified VISA card.

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    How To Use Wazirx To Sell Bitcoins

    To sell cryptocurrency like bitcoins, you can use exchanges like WazirX.

    1. First, open the WazirX app, and tap on the Funds option.2. Next please click on the INR selection that will allow you to see all deposits, and withdrawals in your account.3. Next at the bottom of the screen, you will be able to see the Deposit and Withdrawal options.4. Then click on the withdrawal option,5. You can enter the amount you wish to withdraw.6. Enter the amount and press submit.7. Next, you will receive an email authorising the withdrawal.8. Once you have verified the email, the funds will be deposited into your bank account.

    How To Convert Cryptocurrency To Usd

    May 11, 2018


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  • Cryptocurrency is on the tip of everyones tongue with Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies seeing a massive rise in their valuations in 2017 and early 2018.

    While some would like to see cryptocurrencies overtake fiat currencies like the United States Dollar , Euro and others completely, we are still far from that point. As such, most want to know how to convert cryptocurrency to fiat in order to take some of their paper profits off the table.

    In this article, well go over how to convert cryptocurrency to USD, perhaps the worlds most popular fiat currency.

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    How To Convert Cryptocurrency To Cash In 2021

    By Anton Palovaara

    In this article, I will show you the easiest way to convert cryptocurrency to cash in 2021. I will also give you a step-by-step guide exactly on how to exchange your crypto for cash, so keep reading. The way to do it is through the trading platform Coinbase.

    The steps you need to take to be able to sell cryptocurrency on Coinbase are the following:

  • Create an account on Coinbase.
  • Connect your bank account to Coinbase with a deposit from your bank account.
  • Convert crypto to cash into your bank account.
  • Coinbase is a fully regulated and licensed cryptocurrency exchange from the USA and its also one of the most trusted exchanges when it comes to money transactions and storing coins.

    The only thing you need to do is to connect your bank account with a first deposit and then you can convert cryptocurrency to USD or any other fiat currency. It takes a little bit of time to transfer the coins to Coinbase and then get connect to your bank account but its definitely the easiest and safest platform to do it.

    To sell cryptocurrency for cash on Coinbase takes about 2-5 workdays before you will see your money in your account. You can also read our guides on fiat to crypto exchanges for more information on how to use the fiat gateways that the exchanges offer.

    How To Buy Cryptocurrency

    Moving Profits To Your Bank (Turning Cryptocurrency into CASH)

    In the early days of Bitcoin, cryptocurrency transactions were negotiated in internet forums and required some technical knowledge about how the medium of exchange works. But then crypto exchanges came on the scene, making it easy to buy and sell cryptocurrency much the way investors trade stocks and bonds.

    Coinbase is a popular option, and one of the biggest cryptocurrency exchanges in the U.S. The platform offers Coinbase geared towards beginners and Coinbase Pro, the premium service for more avid and experienced traders.

    While exchanges offer convenience, they take away some of the original benefits of crypto, like the privacy and the security of peer-to-peer actions. They also may put you at risk of getting hacked. .

    As cryptocurrency has gained popularity, more and more companies are offering ways to buy and sell digital currencies. You can now buy coins via Venmo and Cash App. Some trading apps like Robinhood also offer crypto.

    There are also Bitcoin ATMs popping up in grocery stores and retailers across the country, including in Walmart. To buy Bitcoin from one of these kiosks, users insert cash into the machine and receive a physical voucher for Bitcoin that can be redeemed online.

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    Cryptocurrency Deposit To The Exchange: A Wallet

    Once you created an account on your preferred exchange website, you will have access to several wallet addresses. The wallets on the exchange are yours too, but they are going to allow you to convert your cryptocurrency into cash and then transfer it to your bank account. Now you just need to send your cryptocurrency from your current wallet to the wallet you own on the exchange website:

    • Depending on your wallet, find the way to send the cryptocurrency stored on it by pressing a send button. Given it is one of the core feature of your wallet, it should be easy to spot no matter the wallet used.
    • At this point, you will be required to enter a destination address. Great news! The destination address is the address of the wallet you own on the exchange website you opened an account on. Be careful to give the right address for the right asset. A Bitcoin address for a Bitcoin transaction, an Ethereum address for an Ethereum transaction etc.
    • Paste it in the destination address field of the wallet storing your cryptocurrency currently.
    • Triple check the destination address you copied and pasted in your wallet of origin is the same address displayed in your exchange account.
    • Press send. The transaction should not take more than a few seconds. It can take longer sometimes but you can check the status of your transaction by checking it on the blockchain itself with your transaction ID.

    How To Withdraw Fiat Currency From Binance

    Over 60 fiat currencies are supported by Binance, and there are also various payment methods available. So, it is important to know how to withdraw fiat currency from your Binance account. Here are the steps you will have to go through:

    • Log into your account. You need to log in to your account. Once you have done that, go to Wallet and then Click on Fiat and Spot.
    • Select Withdraw.
    • Pick the fiat currency you want to withdraw. Choose a payment method too. Be aware that the payment methods available will depend on your region, as well as your selected currency.
    • Enter the details that the page requires. Then, follow the instructions there.
    • Enter your verification code. This will help confirm your withdrawal.

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    Pros And Cons Of Cryptocurrency

    Crypto advocates cant get enough of these digital currencies. But investing in cryptocurrency is certainly not for everyone. Its important to know the pros and cons of cryptocurrency before you decide if its a good investment for your portfolio.


    • In theory, you can buy and sell cryptocurrencies without a bank, broker or government, allowing you to bypass the fees and have more privacy.
    • Bitcoins price has skyrocketed and some investors think it will become a fixture in the investing landscape, like gold.
    • The government isnt involved in the creation of new bitcoins like it is with what the crypto world calls fiat currency, so it cant print too much and cause hyperinflation, advocates say.


    • Cryptocurrency is a speculative investment and has extreme price volatility, which always comes with higher risk.
    • If youre looking to get rich off of cryptocurrency, its much harder than it looks to pick the right coin. Because of the lack of regulation by a central authority, cryptos future is very uncertain. China has recently banned cryptocurrency, and its possible that the U.S. could do the same.
    • Crypto is stored in a wallet, and if you lose access to that wallet you lose all your digital coins.
    • Profits you make trading cryptocurrency are taxed just like other capital gains.
    • Most of your everyday purchases probably cant be paid for with cryptocurrency.

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