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Can You Accept Crypto On Shopify

Problems Accepting Bitcoin With Shopify

How to Accept Crypto Currency Payments on Your Website | BITCOIN and More

Many people see an error after the redirect. This is usually because they havent set up as a business account and activated the merchant account. If youre still seeing errors after following our instructions then reach out to Coinbase first since its probably something to do with your account setup. Our Shopify developers would also be willing to do it for you . Just ask us.

The Fastest Way To Accept Cryptocurrency On Your Online Store

Rather than spending time searching for the best wallet, or trying to develop something yourself, you can use an eCommerce integration to start accepting cryptocurrency on your online store right away.

Shift4 Payments is a leading payment processor that lets you accept credit cards and several alternate payment methods, and also powers the eCommerce software Shift4Shop. If you use Shift4 Payments, you can access Shift4Shop’s unlimited End-to-End eCommerce plan for free. It includes all the features from Shift4Shop’s paid plans, plus several bonuses. This plan is fully paid for by the Shift4 Payments credit card processing fees you would normally be paying for every sale anyway, so it’s a solid deal.

But the most interesting thing about Shift4 Payments and Shift4Shop for a business that wants to accept cryptocurrency is Shift4’s cooperation with BitPay. Online store owners who use Shift4Shop and Shift4 Payments can access a very quick BitPay integration for their eCommerce store.

We briefly mentioned BitPay earlier, but let’s go into a little more detail about it:

Reasons Why You Should Accept Crypto Payments On Your Shopify Store

Accepting cryptocurrencies can be a risk for your business. Cryptocurrencies are known for their volatility .

This volatility is a risk for you as an online business owner. What if someone pays you $100 in Bitcoin, but at the end of the day, its only worth $90. Will you convert it to USD or wait for it to rise back to $100 again?

Despite this risk, increasingly more merchants are willing to accept Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies on their online store.

So, what advantages does it have to accept crypto payments on your Shopify store that causes increasingly more online stores to start implementing it?

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Crypto For Online Retail Payments

As of 2021, more and more businesses are adopting crypto as a form of payment. Among these is PayPal, which announced Checkout with Crypto at the end of March 2021. With it, users can make purchases with their crypto coins from millions of online retailers. Its a massive development for crypto in e-commerce.

So if you have PayPal set up with your Shopify store, you can technically already accept crypto payments in a sense. It works by letting users convert their crypto into fiat currencies with no transaction fees. In other words, PayPal enables you to convert your Bitcoin into US dollars so that you buy things online.

Other companies jumping on board include Expedia, Lush, Wake, Spencer, Tesco, and more. As you can see, the world of e-commerce is trending toward cryptocurrencies big time. So if you dont want to get lost in the fray, you should start accepting crypto on your Shopify store.

What Payment Gateways Can You Use To Accept Bitcoin On Your Shopify Store

Accept Сrypto on Shopify with NOWPayments

If you are sure that you would like to try out accepting cryptocurrencies on your Shopify store, then you will find out how to do so here!

I will present you with three payment gateways, each having its pros and cons.

Lets start!

Coinbase Commerce is a platform that enables merchants to accept cryptocurrencies on their Shopify or Woocommerce store in a fully decentralized way, regardless of where they are located in the world.

With Coinbase Commerce, all payments you receive are fully controlled by you.

They offer several advantages, such as:

  • Fast installation
  • No fees to accept crypto
  • In-app convert possibility
  • No chargebacks

Keep in mind that while there are no fees to accept crypto payments, you will have to pay a fee when withdrawing your funds. This fee is network-dependent and is often between $1 and $5 for Bitcoin while being lower than $1 for other cryptocurrencies.

To read more about Coinbase Commerces pricing, .

How do I add Coinbase Commerce to my Shopify store?

Integrating Coinbase Commerce with your online store consists of just a few simple steps.

First, you will have to sign up for a Coinbase Commerce account, which you can do here.

Next up, you will have to generate an API Key, because you will need to fill in that key in your Shopify payment settings:

Just enter the email youve used to sign up to Coinbase Commerce and fill in the generated API Key.

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Bitcoin Opens You Up To New Customers

If you dont believe this, well you should. When I was shopping for furniture, I decided to buy from because they accepted Bitcoin.

Ive never shopped on Overstock before and would have 100% shopped elsewhere but I wanted to test out shopping with Bitcoin. It was a fantastic experience buying through the trusted blockchain ledger. Most of my crypto friends made fun of me, telling me to hold the currency instead of spending it.

Patrick Byrne the CEO of Overstock is a huge proponent of blockchain technology.

Perhaps, Byrne is a bit erratic, yet he runs a company with over 1800 employees and banked nearly $2 Billion in revenue in 2017. He must be doing something right Following his lead, we started accepting Bitcoin payments on our Shopify store Hammock Town. So if you are in the market for a hanging pod, and want to pay for it in crypto, head on over to Hammock Town.

Within Shopify & Shopify Plus you can easily set up your checkout to accept payments with cryptocurrency. Here we are showing the examples of Bitpay and Coinbase.

A Growing Number Of Small Businesses Are Accepting Cryptocurrency But There’s A Lot To Understand If You Want To Try It With Your Company

Digital currency may not be quite mainstream yet, but a growing number of companies are now are accepting Bitcoin as payment. The question is, should your small business do so too? The answer depends on your business goals, and exactly what you plan on doing with your digital gains.

Let’s start with a definition: Bitcoin is just one type of cryptocurrency, which is decentralized, digital currency that can be used to buy goods and services but can also lose or gain value, like stocks. Many companies have turned to crypto during the pandemic to store their cash reserves, viewing currencies like Bitcoin as a safe bet amid economic uncertainty. Bitcoin, and most other crypto, is considered to be immune from inflation since there is a fixed supply of it and the government can’t manipulate its value. However, its value is tremendously volatile, so relying on it comes with an element of risk.

Bitcoin is still by far the most common cryptocurrency accepted by businesses as payment, though Ether, the second-largest cryptocurrency, is gaining ground. For companies with customers from around the world, adopting Bitcoin has become a way to avoid banks’ transaction fees and long processing times, as well as the added task of converting to a different currency.

Inc. helps entrepreneurs change the world. Get the advice you need to start, grow, and lead your business today. for unlimited access.

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Binance Pay Bringing Crypto Payments To Shopify Others

Binance will allow its users to make crypto payments on e-commerce platform Shopify and other networks thanks to a new partnership with Alchemy Pay.

  • The exchange is to build a payment bridge with crypto-fiat gateway Alchemy Pay allowing Binance Pay users to send and receive payments in over 40 supported cryptocurrencies, the companies announced Tuesday.

  • Alchemy Pay provides a crypto-fiat payment gateway and operates in 18 countries with the goal of driving crypto adoption in merchant networks and financial institutions.

  • Merchants on Alchemys network include e-commerce giant Shopify, which provides online merchant services for 1.75 million retailers worldwide, as well as QFPay, Hong Kongs Pricerite, Singapores Ce La Vi, Canadian footwear brand Aldo and multinational Arcadier SaaS.

  • Binance Pay added features for merchants to accept crypto payments in March, having launched the month before for peer-to-peer payments only.

Implementing Your Own Payment Portal

You can sell NFTs on Shopify

Good news: getting crypto into your storefront has never been easier. For the Tin Can store, weve used one of our favourite crypto payment plugins from Coinbase. Its one of the companies that have set out to simplify crypto integration with pre-built integrations for Woocommerce and Shopify, with a plug-and-play approach that can be customized for your business. Without needing to know the technical ins and outs of every coin on the market, you can set up checkout options for multiple currencies, and either convert or sell your crypto all within the same system. It streamlines the process for both you and your customers, cutting out the technical busywork so that your transactions remain manageable, even as your sales grow. At Major Tom, weve also announced that well be offering free crypto integration for clients Shopify stores throughout the month of September. Were big believers in the potential growth that crypto can enable for your store, and we want to help businesses take advantage of that. To enquire about this service, contact us today.

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Will Cryptocurrencies Payments Become The New Standard

The CoinPayments platform is easy to integrate and use. Thanks to cooperation with Shopify, the company hopes to expand its presence on the global market. According to the project’s CEO, Jason Butcher, the company hopes to speed up cryptocurrencies adoption in the normal world.

Butcher said the beta tests, which began in 2019, included a thorough check of performance, interoperability and compatibility was checked with all Shopify customers. All security features have also been checked to ensure there will be no dangerous leaks.

Butcher claims that this alliance will be groundbreaking and unrivalled in the payments world.

Several other e-commerce companies and payment giants have also entered the global cryptographic world. Companies have already been set up to offer innovative crypto credit cards and crypto invoicing. The industry is currently undergoing revolutions, and the adoption of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology is becoming increasingly common.


Want To Start Accepting Crypto Payments In Your Shopify Store

Enable CoinPayments on your Shopify store to start accepting bitcoin and many other cryptocurrencies, by following the simple steps in the tutorial video below:

  • Log into your CoinPayments account
  • Get your MERCHANT ID:
  • The first setting shows Your Merchant ID: Save this key for later
  • Create an IPN SECRET:
  • The first setting contains your IPN Secret: Create an IPN Secret key and Save it for later
  • Make sure to click the Update Account button at the bottom of the page to save your newly created IPN Secret key
  • Log into your Shopify Account
  • Go to SETTINGS
  • Scroll down to the Alternative Payments box:
  • Select CoinPayments as the Additional Payment Method
  • CoinPayments should now be setup as an alternative payment method in your Shopify store and you can start accepting Bitcoin and over 100 other cryptocurrencies!

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    Secure Transactions For Satisfied Customers

    This goes hand-in-hand with transaction security, which also benefits from the advanced encryption that goes into verifying cryptocurrency transactions, usually hosted across a worldwide, decentralized network. Put succinctly, these transactions tend to reduce the risk of digital fraud when used for purchases in your Shopify store.Think of this as saving your business money on two fronts. First, it means your team has to spend less time resolving customer issues and transactional problems. Second, by reducing the risk of digital fraud, it can reduce the sort of third-party processing fees that would normally take a sizable bite out of your digital sales. Together, these savings can help mitigate the cost of integrating cryptocurrency into your eCommerce ecosystem, and set you up for further growth down the road.

    How To Accept Bitcoin On Your Site

    This is How Crypto Can (and Will) Impact Your Business on ...

    To get started accepting Bitcoin on your ecommerce site, simply integrate a BTC payment processor to your store. Most ecommerce platforms have existing integrations, so be sure to search their app stores.

    Be sure to evaluate different BTC payment gateway solutions. Consider the following:

    • Transaction fees,

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    How To Accept Bitcoin In A Shopify Store For Payments

    Home / How to accept Bitcoin in a Shopify Store for Payments

    Interested in accepting Bitcoin in your Shopify store? Or even Litecoin or Dodgecoin? Bitcoin has exploded in recent years and theres no reason why you shouldnt accept it as a payment method in your store. Its not difficult and doesnt take much time. Ready to start accepting Bitcoin with Shopify?

    Before we start there are some business risks associated with accepting Bitcoin and we should all be aware of them. Many of the major exchanges have been hacked in recent years leading to missing coins and huge swings in value. And accepting Bitcoin will make your accounting more complex. That aside we think Bitcoin is a great payment method for certain types of businesses. Since youre reading this we assume youre one of these businesses.

    The good news is that accepting Bitcoin has become pretty damned easy these days using Shopify. Here were going to talk you through the steps of setting up your checkout so you can safely accept Bitcoin with Shopify.

    Customers looking to Buy Bitcoin Mining Hardware should check out StrikeMine.

    Creating A Crypto Payments Shopify App


    I’m interested in building a Shopify app that would allow the merchant to accept payments from a user, so that the customer can pay for an item in cryptocurrency. With current Shopify APIs and endpoints, is something like this possible? If so, which APIs should be used in order to modify the payment flow in this way? I reviewed the docs, but couldn’t determine which APIs would be used to modify the checkout journey in this way. Any help to point me in the right direction would be greatly appreciated.

    The Payments Apps API will be available in Q3 2021. So you should wait.

    If you have any further questions, please do reach out either here on the forum, or via a private message . If you found this comment useful then please hit Like and Accept the Solution!

    LikeAccepted Solution

    The Payments Apps API will be available in Q3 2021. So you should wait.

    If you have any further questions, please do reach out either here on the forum, or via a private message . If you found this comment useful then please hit Like and Accept the Solution!

    LikeAccepted Solution

    Did you make it? Also if you can add Behance BTC Trx id.

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    Why You Should Accept Cryptocurrency In Your Ecommerce Store

    Unless youve been living under a rock, you will have no doubt felt the buzz surrounding blockchainand cryptocurrency. The rise of digital wallets is making way for more convenient and instant payment systems, and as a result, disrupting the way we conduct business. Given cryptocurrency is automatically converted into local currency for merchants when using a payment processor, accepting this form of payment can be pretty seamless for retailers. Despite this, most are yet to get on board.

    If youre an eCommerce retailer selling online, adopting cryptocurrency as a payment method can enhance your customers journey and expand your consumer base by offering more choices at the checkout. To get started, heres are a few reasons to implement this service into your eCommerce business.

    For Anonymous Transactions And For The Bank

    How to test Shopify Payments || Shopify Help Center

    Cryptocurrency allows for anonymous purchases by using encrypted wallet addresses its basically like using unmarked cash. This gives your customers the ability to purchase items without compromising their personal information, and allows you to do business without worrying about any privacy regulations.

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    Shopify Sellers Can Accepts Thousands Of Assets

    Shopify sellers can now harness CoinPayments’ digital asset payment processing platform, paving the way for sellers to accept 1,800 different cryptocurrencies as payment, a May 20 statement detailed.

    Shopify touted cryptocurrency payment compatibility prior to the CoinPayments partnership, via Coinbase Commerce, BitPay and GoCoin, although CoinPayments adds to the offering. “CoinPayments is the largest cryptocurrency payments processor on the Shopify platform with the most extensive global reach,” Butcher claimed.

    Defi And Cefi Full Aggregator Openocean Aggregates Arbitrum To Expand Its O

    The cryptocurrency payment system Request Network has integrated with the Canadian e-commerce company Shopify, making the prospect of buying coffee with crypto a little more realistic.

    The move will see Shopify use Request Networks processor, Requify, which will be available for users to accept payments in cryptocurrency.

    Merchants can decide whether to adopt this new option and, akin to Paypal or Google Pay, the new Requify plugin will be presented to users as another option for buying products. Cryptocurrencies that will be accepted include Ether .

    According to the Requify website, users will not face transaction fees as high as conventional credit or debit cards it can also work across borders and will be more secure.

    Based in the Canadian capital of Ottawa, Shopify is an e-commerce platform, which as of August 2017, has over 600,000 merchants, including a shop for the far-right American news source, Breitbart.

    Great work by Adam, one of our community developers that has created a plugin for Request Network. You can now seamlessly accept crypto-payments on your Shopify ecommerce store using the Request Network.

    Visit the website below to get started:


    The battle to make crypto a viable currency has been a torturous saga, with the community frequently oscillating between hype and despair.

    Crypto Payments: A Reality?

    Disclaimer: This author holds BTC and ETH which is mentioned in this article.

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