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Can You Pay With Cryptocurrency

The Complications Of Crypto

Can you pay your restaurant bill with cryptocurrency? We tried to find out

If youre thinking of offering to pay employees with crypto, youre not alone. In fact, some big-name cryptocurrency payment processors are expanding into employee payroll services. But before you decide to launch cryptocurrency as a compensation option, its important to understand some of the issues that come with it.

1. Taxes

Using crypto as a way to get around payroll taxes wont work. The IRS still expects you to withhold the appropriate taxes on any amount you pay to employees. However, theres an added wrinkle with crypto, as the IRS views it as property rather than currency.

As an employer, if you hold cryptocurrency before sending it to your employees, you will need to log a gain or a loss and be responsible for any resulting capital gains taxes depending on the difference in value from when you acquired the cryptocurrency and when you paid your employees.

Your US employees will also need to pay attention to the tax consequences. Their taxes will be based on the fair market value of the cryptocurrency when they receive it. They will pay income taxes as if they received property, and they will still have to pay capital gains tax later if the cryptocurrency gains value.

2. Legality

You need to make sure the cryptocurrency youre using meets the fair wage standards set forth by the relevant laws in whatever state or country your employees are located. Note that when it comes to international employees, not every country allows cryptocurrency transactions.

Disadvantages Of Using Cryptocurrency

Unfortunately, cryptocurrencies can be volatile, too. And that’s one of the biggest disadvantages of using a digital tender. Your bitcoin and Ether can pay for an airline ticket one day, but the next day they might only buy you a restaurant meal.

Also, there are virtually no consumer protections when you pay with a cryptocurrency. Unlike credit cards, which allow you to dispute certain charges under the Fair Credit Billing Act, you have no such rights when you pay with cryptocurrencies. The Federal Trade Commission received so many complaints from consumers that it issued a warning a few years ago about paying with bitcoin.

Oh, and that part about booking with cryptocurrency being easy it’s not true for everyone.

For some bookings, the user experience “can be highly technical and requires a good deal of confidence,” says Pedro Renaud Anderson, chief operating officer of Winding Tree, a blockchain company that specializes in travel. “Booking a trip with crypto is still pretty gimmicky and provides very little true value for the passenger.”

Also, he says the sites that accept cryptocurrencies often charge more than those that don’t.

How Is Cryptocurrency Taxed In Canada

Barry Choi129 **This post may contain affiliate links. I may be compensated if you use them.

**Note, I am not an accountant, nor am I an expert on cryptocurrencies. You should seek the advice of an accountant with experience in cryptocurrencies if you have any serious questions or concerns.

Are you wondering how is cryptocurrency taxed in Canada? With the explosion of Bitcoin, Ethereum, and whatever other cryptocurrencies that currently exist or will come to exist, many people are starting to invest. Theres money to be made , and you need to pay your fair share of taxes.

If you invested early, you could have easily become a millionaire. As with any hot investment, many Canadians are trying to jump on the bandwagon so they too can make a fortune. Regardless of how much profit these investors make, theyre going to have to eventually deal with taxes. Below youll find some common questions and scenarios when it comes to cryptocurrencies in Canada and how to deal with them. If youre new to cryptocurrency, be sure you read this post on the 7 things you need to know about cryptocurrency before you start investing.

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Cryptocurrency Offers Better Payment Security

The pandemic has led to a surge in credit card fraud in 2020, the dollar volume of attempted fraudulent transactions rose 35% in April 2020 as compared to April 2019. Credit and debit cards were the source of the majority of fraud reports among all payment methods in 2020. And, unfortunately, small businesses are often the target of this type of fraud.

Cryptocurrency is considered more secure than credit and debit card payments. This is because cryptocurrencies do not need third-party verification. When a customer pays with cryptocurrency, their data isnt stored in a centralized hub where data breaches commonly occur. Rather, their information is stored in their crypto wallet. Plus, the blockchain general ledger is used to verify and record every transaction, making it very difficult, if not impossible, to steal someones identity.

What If I Dont Report My Cryptocurrency Gains

Can You Pay Your Employees in Cryptocurrency?

Youd be breaking the law, its called tax evasion which is a crime that could get you sent to jail. The CRA likely wont go as far as sending you to jail, but they do want to ensure that theyre getting their cut.

If you fail to report your taxes or you file incorrectly, the CRA could charge you penalties and interest later which could cost you a fair amount of money. Considering how big of a deal cryptocurrencies are right now, theres a good chance that the CRA is keeping an eye on things.

You may think that these transactions cant be traced back to you, but user names exist and so do the exchange records.

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How Can I Pay Individuals Using Cryptocurrencies

Paying using cryptocurrency is not limited to just merchants, of course, you can also pay individuals such as friends, family, or a work freelancer using cryptocurrency. You would pay them by sending the amount of cryptocurrency to their crypto wallet.

To do this, you will need to get their cryptocurrency wallet address. Make sure to check that:

  • You have gotten the complete and accurate wallet address
  • The crypto wallet supports the specific currency you are sending

Reporting As Either Income Or Capital Gain

Generally, if disposing of cryptocurrency is part of a business, the profits you make on the disposition or sale are considered business income and not a capital gain. Buying a cryptocurrency with the intention of selling it for a profit may be treated as business income, even if its an isolated incident, because it could be considered an adventure or concern in the nature of trade.

If the sale of a cryptocurrency does not constitute carrying on a business, and the amount it sells for is more than the original purchase price or its adjusted cost base, then the taxpayer has realized a capital gain.

Capital gains from the sale of cryptocurrency are generally included in income for the year, but only half of the capital gain is subject to tax. This is called the taxable capital gain. Any capital losses resulting from the sale can only be offset against capital gains you cannot use them to reduce income from other sources, such as employment income. You can carry forward your capital losses if you do not have any capital gains against which to offset those losses for the year or any of the preceding three years.

For more information on capital gains, see Guide T4037, Capital Gains.

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What Is A Crypto Card And Bitcoin Card

A crypto card or bitcoin card is the simplest way to pay using cryptocurrencies, and you can pay at a wider range of merchants.

This is because it typically uses an existing payment network such as Visa or Mastercard to process your payment, with the crypto card company acting as the middleman and helping you convert from cryptocurrency to cash.

The TenX Visa Card, for example, makes it possible for you to spend bitcoin, ether, and litecoin at more than 54 million Visa merchant locations in over 200 countries.

What You Can Buy With Bitcoin

How Much Tax Do You Pay On Cryptocurrency?

While the number of institutions accepting bitcoin is growing by the day, large transactions involving it are rare. For example, very few real estate deals using cryptocurrency have been reported. Even so, it is possible to buy a wide variety of products from e-commerce websites using bitcoin. Here are some of the most active categories.

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What About Other Cryptos

Bitcoin has failed at its intended mission to become a new currency, but experts say there are other cryptocurrencies better for transacting. Every one of them are optimized for certain things. For example, you wouldnt go to the store and pay for groceries with gold, says Danial in the same way you shouldnt spend Bitcoin on your morning latte.

Some popular cryptos specifically designed to work better for spending include Dash, Manero, and XRP, according to Danial. Stablecoins, like Tether or USD coin, can also make better alternatives for purchasing, since their prices are tied to existing currencies.

There are coins that are more like cash, says Pat White, co-founder and CEO of Bitwave, a company that helps businesses with crypto tax reporting. These coins are a better choice for spending, in theory, thanks to faster processing and lower fees. They are designed to be spent and used very quickly.

Taxes are another complication. While you dont need to report your crypto purchases to the IRS, you do need to report when trading a cryptocurrency for goods or services. Each time you make a purchase using crypto, you need to track your cost basis, or the fair market value of the crypto when you bought it versus when you used to transact, and report that capital gain or loss.

Contact A Mountain View Employment Lawyer Today

Cryptocurrency is an exciting field, and paying employees using bitcoin or another currency could make you stand out in the crowd. However, there are currently substantial legal compliance issues. If you have a question about this or another employment issue, please call Kalia Law today. You can reach us at 650-701-7617 or submit an online message. We represent startups in Mountain View and throughout California.

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Tips For Booking Your Next Trip With Cryptocurrency

How to get your hands on cryptocurrency. Check out a cryptocurrency exchange like Binance, Coinbase or Gemini. If you have a PayPal account, you can buy Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and Bitcoin Cash.

What to do about your rewards. New blockchain technology will “tokenize” rewards, turning them into a form of digital currency. You can cut up your credit card and stop worrying about that ridiculous annual fee. “Tokenizing rewards programs will have a big impact on increasing the flexibility and security of loyalty programs,” predicts Sloan of Future Tech Software Labs.

What to do if they don’t accept bitcoin. If your favorite airline or hotel doesn’t take crypto, give it a few months. “Major travel industry companies and services to begin looking more at accepting cryptocurrency as payment in the future,” predicts Andrew Hacker of Harrisburg University of Science and Technology.

What Is A Disposition

A Casa for Your Cryptocurrency? 11 Homes You Can Buy With ...

This refers to the way you get rid of something, such as by giving, selling or transferring it. In general, possessing or holding a cryptocurrency is not taxable. But there could be tax consequences when you do any of the following:

  • sell or make a gift of cryptocurrency
  • trade or exchange cryptocurrency, including disposing of one cryptocurrency to get another cryptocurrency
  • convert cryptocurrency to government-issued currency, such as Canadian dollars
  • use cryptocurrency to buy goods or services

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Its Still Considered Extremely Risky

Crypto fans appreciate that this currency is considered immune from inflation. Governments cant manipulate the value of cryptocurrencies, which is both a risk and a benefit. On one hand, cryptocurrencies are a hedge against monetary inflation. On the other hand, the value of bitcoin and other crypto is extremely volatile. In a three-month span, the volatility of Bitcoin reached nearly 8%. For many business owners, that level of unpredictability makes cryptocurrency simply untenable.

CO aims to bring you inspiration from leading respected experts. However, before making any business decision, you should consult a professional who can advise you based on your individual situation.

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Buying Goods Or Cryptocurrencies With Cryptocurrency

Heres where things get a touch complicated. Youre required by law to keep records of your trades. If you didnt keep records, you need to make your best guess and hope the CRA doesnt audit you.

These records are vital due to the capital gains you make. Now keep in mind that capital gains can apply in more than one circumstance.

Lets say you bought 1 Bitcoin for $100 but it has a current market value of $15,000. You decide to make renovations to your home and the contractor agrees to trade his services which are normally worth $15,000 for 1 Bitcoin.

In this case, both parties are liable for taxes. The original Bitcoin owner would pay capital gains on $7,450 while the contractor would still need to report business income of $15,000. The CRA covers the details of taxes for this transaction in this post.

When trading entire amounts, things are easy. However, if you purchase cryptocurrencies at various times at different prices, you need to log all those transactions and calculate your adjusted cost base when selling later.

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How Does Cryptocurrency Affect My Credit Score

Your decision to invest in cryptocurrency has no effect on your credit score whatsoever. Your only gets affect when a lender needs to look at your credit history or if you currently have a contract in place where you need to make regular payments. For example, applying for a new credit card, or your payment history with your wireless provider would affect your credit score.

Even though cryptocurrency doesnt affect your credit score directly, that doesnt mean you shouldnt know where you stand. Your credit score is a number between 300-900. The higher the number, the more creditworthy you are. This is essential if you ever need a loan in the future as lenders want to know that they can trust you to repay the loan. If you want to know what your credit score is, you can check it for free with Borrowell.

Two Primary Paths For Using Crypto

5 Ways to Avoid Paying Taxes on Cryptocurrency Gains

The first question to ask when considering using crypto in your companys operations is: Do we hold crypto on our balance sheet or simply adopt crypto-enabled payments? To determine the right path for your business, you need to make a careful determination of the best fit for your business objectives. Consider the potential benefits, drawbacks, costs, risks, system requirements, and more. The following sections will provide some broad considerations around two different paths as your company embarks on its crypto journey.

Enabling payments: Hands-off

Some companies use crypto just to facilitate payments. One avenue to facilitate payments is to simply convert in and out of crypto to fiat currency to receive or make payments without actually touching it. In other words, the company is taking a hands-off approach that keeps crypto off the books.

Enabling crypto payments, such as bitcoin, without bringing it onto the companys balance sheet may be the easiest and fastest entry point into the use of digital assets. It may require the fewest adjustments across the spectrum of corporate functions and may serve immediate goals, such as reaching a new clientele and growing the volume of each sales transaction. Enterprises adopting this limited use of crypto typically rely on third-party vendors.

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What Is Cryptocurrency Cryptocurrency Security: 4 Tips To Safely Invest In Cryptocurrency

Technology has changed the way people work, communicate, shop and even pay for goods. Companies and consumers don’t always prefer cash anymore, and this behavior is giving way to contactless payments like Apple Pay. With the quick wave of a smartphone, consumers can pay for items at digital registers. Now, a new payment system is emerging: cryptocurrency.

Probably everyone heard about Bitcoin by now. It was the first cryptocurrency to go mainstream, but others are growing in popularity. There are more than 2,000 different types of cryptocurrencies, and more are developed every day.

Research suggests most people have heard of cryptocurrency but don’t fully understand what it is. So, what is it, is it secure and how do you invest in it? To help, we’ll answer those questions. Think of this as Cryptocurrency Investing 101.

Keeping Records Of Your Transactions

Many cryptocurrency exchanges have terrible records, so you shouldnt rely on them to get all of your trading history. Youre better off keeping a detailed summary of all the trades you make. Start a spreadsheet and start tracking the following:

  • Transaction dates
  • Buy, sell, and trade values
  • Units bought, sound, or traded

When possible, youll also want to keep records of the following:

  • Receipts of purchase
  • Cryptocurrency addresses when trading with other individuals
  • Exchange records

Basically, you want to keep as many detailed records as possible. Theres nothing illegal about owning or trading cryptocurrency, but the CRA wants their fair share of taxes. To calculate what you owe, youll need all of your records. Theyll also be handy if you ever get audited.

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