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Can You Trade Crypto On Webull

Lack Of Educational Content

How To Trade Crypto On Webull Desktop

Webulls lack of educational materials is a considerable oversight for the platform that largely caters to young and inexperienced investors. Being able to trade options with a few clicks for free is a nice feature, but can be disastrous if you dont know what youre doing. If Webull is going to target new investors, they owe it to them to provide educational content that can help them navigate the often confusing financial world. Other top brokers including Schwab and Fidelity offer vastly superior educational materials for their customers.

Webull: Cryptocurrency Trading Now Available

Webull, one of the most popular stock trading apps, just launched the ability to trade cryptocurrencies!

Learn more about this exciting new feature and how to start trading crypto with Webull!

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Is There A Specific Type Of Account I Should Apply For In Order To Trade Crypto On Webull

Individual margin and cash accounts are able to trade cryptocurrency on Webull. These are the only accounts on Webull that are permitted to trade cryptocurrency. If you want to apply for margin, its important to have a solid understanding of the rules and risks associated with margin. Some rules include the pattern day trading rule, your buying power as a day trader vs overnight buying power, margin, etc. Margin trading can be risky and many margin traders experience losses. However, crypto is considered non-marginable, so this isnt relevant to those trading crypto exclusively.

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Limited Account Types And Tradable Securities

Webull gives you access to only individual accounts, whether thats the basic taxable account or a traditional IRA, Roth IRA or rollover IRA. It lacks many account types typically found at other brokers: joint accounts, custodial accounts or self-employed accounts, such as a SEP IRA or solo 401. That makes it a better option for solo traders rather than longer-term investors.

Along the same lines, the broker does not offer mutual funds, which may make it a deal-breaker for some investors, but likely wont be a detriment to short-term traders. Nor does it offer bonds, forex or futures. These elements may not matter to certain investors, but theyre worth noting.

Why Isnt My Crypto Order Being Filled

Cryptocurrency trading is conducted via market makers. A market maker transaction is not like an agency transaction or equity transaction in which prices are matched. Because of this, limit orders are not guaranteed by Webull to be executed, even if the very last price shown has fallen within your limit. Limit buy orders can only be executed if ones limit exceeds the specific offer price. Limit sell orders can only be executed if the specific bid exceeds the traders limit. Crypto is not regulated on Webul by FINRA, SEC, FDIC, SIPC, or any type of exchange regulator.

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Can I Day Trade Crypto On Webull

Technically, you can. However, it isnt the most advisable application to on, as Webull does not offer crypto wallets or transfer options that are direct. Still, crypto trading on the platform is available twenty-three hours a day, seven days a week. Crypto trading is unavailable between 5:30 pm and 6:30 pm Eastern Time in order to conduct routine maintenance any any account reconciliation needed to keep the platform running smoothly.

Top Trading App For A Full Day

Good Day All, To begin with Webull is by far the best trading app and their interface is stunning. You also can pay for extra perks to gain for more data exposure for the user which is why I love Webull. I had contacted customer service via phone and or through their online help. Calling I have received exceptional support as for the help support chat messages on the App need a little more TLC. Besides that any issues I have run across like a bug or glitch it was taken care of same day. The community aspect of the app is great, they have plenty of professional traders assisting new comers. The one thing they need to work on is getting rid of spam bots and duplicate fake accounts, warning for new users do not take direct advice from anyone on the platform, find out who exactly your seeing a watchlist from or advice from. Dont jump aboard a stock just because, another account says its gonna explodewith a horrible chart or non at all. I would start doing their paper trading and they also have paper trading competitions you can join prior to going live and spending your hard earned money. Always trade smart, have a passion for learning more, and the road to financial freedom doesnt come easy. All the best,

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What Cryptocurrencies Can Be Traded With Webull

Right now Bitcoin , Bitcoin Cash , Ethereum , and Litecoin can be bought and sold. Dont worry though, Webull has informed me that Access to more cryptocurrencies is in the works. Interestingly enough Webulls app currently lets users track the values of many more cryptocurrencies, so it seems to be only a matter of time before users will be able to trade even more cryptocurrencies on their Webull app.

Frequently Asked Questions Of Crypto Trading On Webull

How To Sign Up To Trade Crypto On Webull

How much does it cost to buy and sell cryptos?

Crypto trading on Webull means $0 commission with free real-time data.

Is Dogecoin available to buy on Webull?

Yes! As of April 20, 2021, Dogecoin is officially available on Webull! You can now buy and sell Dogecoin.

Other popular cryptocurrencies will also be added in the future.

What cryptocurrencies are available to buy on Webull?

You can buy 27 different cryptocurrencies now, including: Bitcoin , Bitcoin Cash , Ethereum , Litecoin , and Dogecoin .

What type of account do you need in order to trade cryptos?

You can apply to trade cryptocurrencies with your Webull cash or margin account. IRAs are not eligible for crypto trading.

When can you trade cryptos? What are the rules for trading cryptocurrencies?

  • Trading Hours: You can trade cryptocurrencies 7 days a week except for a one-hour routine maintenance a day, which takes place between 5:30PM 6:30PM ET.
  • Order Limitations: You are allowed to place orders by dollars , or by quantities while purchasing cryptocurrencies. However, you can only sell cryptos via quantities.
  • Order Type: You can trade cryptocurrencies with two order types: limit orders and market orders. GTC orders are not available.
  • Time-in-force: Webull supports Day orders and IOC orders for crypto trading. GTC orders are not available.

Is crypto trading available in New York?

Crypto trading is not yet available in New York. Hat tip to ninja reader kip for pointing this out.


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Why Should You Trade Cryptos On Webull

$0 Commissions To Trade

Stocks, ETFs, Options, and Cryptos all in one account.

Quick & Easy Way To Trade Cryptos

With a $1 minimum deposit.

Free Real-time Data

Detailed price charts and 50+ indicators to help analyze the market

Highly Customizable Layout

Accessible on Mobile, Desktop, and Web Platforms

Hot Topics Amongst Webull Users

Interact with others in the Community tab

Timely Customer Service

The Help Center is open 24/7

Two-Factor Authentication

Webull Vs Coinbase: How They Compare

Webull and Coinbase are two of the top online investment platforms. Webull offers a relatively new online brokerage that deals mostly in liquid assets. Webull is a favorite of young millennial investors who are just starting, but it also attracts medium-level and advanced traders due to low fees. Coinbase is an online brokerage that focuses entirely on cryptocurrencies. It offers many cryptocurrency-related services. We compare Webull vs. Coinbase regarding their fees, services, online experiences, mobile features and more.

Consider working with a financial advisor to pick the online platform that best suits your goals and interests.

Webull vs. Coinbase: Overview

Webull is a U.S.-based fintech startup, regulated by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission and the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority . It was launched in 2017. Initially it was primarily a mobile app, but now it has a desktop and web-based version. Its especially popular with the millennial generation. Webull has grown rapidly and it is one of the most popular online brokerages. Webull has a limited line of investment products, but it does allow some trading in cryptocurrencies.

Webull vs. Coinbase: Products

Webulls account types include cash and margin accounts. IRAs are available if you already have an individual account with Webull. It supports traditional and Roth IRAs along with rollover IRAs. Webull doesnt offer long-term investment products like bonds and other fixed-income securities.

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Key Steps For Buying Crypto On Webull

  • Navigate to the search icon located at the top right of the screen. Then, search for crypto to bring up a list of all tradeable cryptocurrencies, or search for the specific cryptocurrency you want to buy.
  • Once you have pulled up the list of available cryptocurrencies, make your selection to go to its page. For example, if you select Bitcoin, you will be taken to the Bitcoin trading page. The page will have live pricing data at the top and a chart of activity spanning from live all the way through to historical data since the coins inception.
  • On the screen, users will be able to choose between various options. Hitting the buy button will take you to a purchasing screen where you can enter the amount of fiat currency you would like to use to buy your crypto.
  • The screen will tell you how much in crypto your fiat will get you. For example, $20 will only be enough to purchase a fraction of a Bitcoin, whereas it would allow you to buy multiple coins of lower-valued currencies, e.g., Dogecoin. Review the trade information and ensure you are comfortable with the purchase.
  • Confirm and submit your order when ready. You have now invested in crypto!
  • Webull Crypto Review: Platform Highlights

    • Users can buy and sell crypto within the same app they already use to buy stocks
    • The interface for Webull Crypto will be very familiar to existing Webull users
    • Webull Crypto currently offers 21 different cryptocurrencies to invest in
    • Unlike stocks, Crypto in your Webull account is not protected by SIPC insurance
    • On the Webull platform, you are not able to transfer your crypto to an outside wallet


    Webull is a new entrant into the world of cryptocurrency. It currently offers this service on their mobile application after a user submits an application. The cryptocurrencies available are Bitcoin , Bitcoin Cash , Ethereum , Litecoin , Dogecoin , Zcash , Stella Lumens , and Ethereum Classic .

    Once your application to buy and sell cryptocurrency is accepted, you can trade at any time of the day and any day of the week. This is because cryptocurrency is not regulated by a commission that sets the regulations.

    The cryptocurrency transacting platform on the Webull app is made just like the experience for trading equities. There is a lot of research available but it isn’t overwhelming like many other advanced brokerage firms.


    • Only 8 crypto options available
    • Unable to transfer cryptocurrencies without liquidating the assets

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    The Best Crypto Exchanges For 2022

    The 10 best crypto exchanges that we came across are those listed below:

  • eToro Overall Best Crypto Exchange USA for 2022
  • Webull One of the Best US Crypto Exchanges for Small Investments
  • Binance Lowest Fee Crypto Exchange for Commissions
  • Coinbase Best US Crypto Exchange for Beginners
  • Huobi Top Crypto Exchange for Savings Accounts
  • Easy Crypto Investments via Debit Cards
  • Luno Great Crypto Exchange Mobile App
  • Gemini Best Bitcoin Exchange for Safety
  • Kraken Advanced Crypto Exchange for Seasoned Traders
  • In the sections below, you will find reviews of the best crypto exchanges to help you choose the right platform for your skillset.

    Webull Trading How Does It Compare

    How does Webull compare with other investment brokerages and crypto exchanges? Webull offers an exceedingly easy user experience paired with an advanced charting toolbox with overlays and drawing. It also offers a built-in community feed that allows for greater social use. It provides users with a commission-free and streamlined mobile experience for simplified investing. Webulls motto is Enjoy Tech. Enjoy Investing, and the company has done a remarkable job of taking competitors like Robinhood head-on.

    Webull allows investors to open IRA accounts and individual investor accounts. It may not be the best platform for investment vehicles like mutual funds and retirement accounts, but these are always an option. However, those who are mainly interested in crypto ownership would do best to purchase their coins via a crypto-specific exchange.

    Here is a down and dirty review of how Webull stacks up against other trading platforms and crypto-specific exchanges.

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    Open And Fund An Account

    This straight-forward process can be done using a handheld or desktop device and takes minutes to complete. The first step is completing the required online form filling. As youre setting up a new account, which will hold real cash, there are some personal details that need to be shared. These ensure that you, and only you, have access to the account.

    Some additional information is also required, which helps the broker build a profile of each client and ensures it complies with client care guidelines. These are set out by the regulators that oversee Webull activities the Securities and Exchange Commission and the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority .

    As new clients to Webull are wiring hard-earned funds to a new account, its worth taking stock of the role of regulators. The organisations Webull are licensed by SEC and FINRA are widely regarded as being some of the hardest taskmasters in the financial markets. They carry out their regulatory duties with a focus on the protection of retail traders and Webulls willingness to sign up to and abide with the rules and regulations is a sign that they can be trusted. Compliance is costly and time-consuming and a sign that Webull is looking to be around for years to come.

    You can link your bank account to Webull to make deposits easier to process. Once done, the Micro-Deposit Verification process involves following five simple steps.

  • Log in Webull and Tap Deposit.
  • Choose Micro-Deposit Verification.
  • Tap Next.
  • Binance Lowest Fee Crypto Exchange For Commissions

    How To Take Profits Or Sell Crypto On Webull App

    If youre searching for the lowest fee crypto exchange for commissions, Binance is worth considering. At this popular online exchange, you can trade crypto-crypto pairs like ETH/BTC at just 0.10% per slide. This means that a total stake of $100 would cost you just $0.10 in fees. On the Binance US website, you will find over 60+ supported best DeFi coins, as well as all the top cryptocurrencies to invest in.

    We should note that if you wish to buy crypto with fiat money, then additional fees will apply. For example, although ACH and bank wire transfers are processed fee-free, you will need to pay a buy commission of 0.5%. Moreover, if you wish to deposit funds with Visa or MasterCard, you can add a further 4.5% to this fee.

    Users signing up via this website are eligible for a $100 Binance bonus.

    As a result, this makes Binance an expensive option for those wishing to trade crypto in exchange for USD. Another thing to note about Binance is that, unlike eToro and Webull, the platform is not regulated by the SEC. In fact, Binance is not licensed in any single jurisdiction so the safety of your funds is at risk. To access your Binance account, you can use the main online website or download the iOS/Android app.

    Binance is one of the largest crypto exchanges out there, meaning you can buy Terra Luna, AAVE, and other trending new digital currencies with low transaction fees.

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    Apply For Webull Crypto Trading Beta

    The crypto trading feature is currently still in beta version, therefore youll need to request the ability to trade cryptocurrencies in order for it to show up in your Webull app.

    First, make sure that you have the latest version of the app. On your overal account page, tap the More button.

    Then tap on the Crypto Trading to apply.

    You will then just have to fill out some information then wait for the approval. Webull will approve you in short order and youll get a message on the home screen that your account has been approved for crypto trading.

    Latest Crypto Exchange News

    Before rounding off this guide, lets take a quick look at the most prominent news items related to crypto exchanges this week:

    • Binance recently announced that it would resume accepting FIAT deposits and withdrawals to UK banks. This feature will only be available to fully-verified accounts and will come with a £2 fee per transfer.
    • Crypto exchanges have been put on alert recently after Joe Biden signed an executive order that will soon explain how the US Government plans to regulate the crypto market. There are fears this could impact many areas of the market, specifically the growing DeFi sector, which is causing anxiety amongst investors.
    • Finally, Binance also announced the launch of Bifinity, a payments provider which will help the exchange facilitate FIAT-to-crypto transactions. This feature is expected to significantly benefit SMEs, as it will allow them to accept crypto payments much more easily.

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    Choose The Cryptos You Wish To Buy

    When your account is funded, you can select what cryptos you want to buy. Under the market tab, tap on crypto. You can then perform a limit order or a market order.

    Limit orders allow you to specify the amount you want to pay to make the purchase. When that price is reached, the order is executed. On the other hand, market orders allow you to buy crypto instantly, and at the present market price.

    Webull doesnt let you transfer your cryptocurrency assets, but you can transfer the coins to a hardware wallet for safe storage. Keeping all your crypto assets on Webull is not recommended, as there is always the possibility of getting hacked.

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