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How Do Crypto Debit Cards Work

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No Foreign Exchange Fees

BitPay Debit Card Review – How Does It Work? [CRYPTO VISA CARD]

One problem with many bank-issued cards is that they charge foreign exchange fees, sometimes up to 3% of the total transaction.

Most crypto cards, on the other hand, do not charge FX fees for your transactions, making them the better option overall but, you will have to pay for the standard Visa and Mastercard fees.

How Does A Crypto Rewards Credit Card Work

A cryptocurrency rewards credit card works in a similar way to an ordinary rewards card. When you swipe your card and make a purchase, you’ll earn rewards. The big differences with crypto rewards credit cards are that you’ll likely be able pay off your balance with crypto. Plus, you’ll be able to earn rewards in Bitcoin and potentially other types of crypto as well.

The trick is to compare credit cards and pick the right type of rewards for your spending habits. For example, if you travel a lot, you might use a travel rewards card and put the points toward a flight or hotel. If you’re a crypto enthusiast, earning Bitcoin rewards may appeal.

A few retailers have begun to accept Bitcoin payments. But if they don’t, it’s a bit like spending money abroad. Crypto cards convert your crypto into what’s called fiat currency to process the transaction.

Applying For A Bitcoin Debit Card

After youve decided which Bitcoin debit card works best for you, youll need to apply for a card. To use a Bitcoin debit card, there are a few steps youll need to take, including:

  • Creating a Bitcoin wallet
  • Buying Bitcoin from a reputable exchange
  • Connecting the card to a wallet
  • Funding the card
  • Using the card to make purchases

Some cards require users to validate their identity before being approved. Others require users to purchase a card or make an investment in the cards native currency. You can transfer Bitcoin from the debit card to fiat currency via an exchange or Bitcoin ATM.

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Cryptocom Mco Visa Card

Better than any other platform in this respective niche, offers the most popular crypto card solution with the MCO Visa card. In fact, the Hong Kong-based company is a first mover in this market sector and now processes millions of dollars every single day.

The MCO Visa card is simply a debit card through which users can spend their cryptocurrencies. But what makes it so unique compared to other solutions is that it does not force cardholders to exchange their assets into fiat when funding the card.

The card is also popular as a result of its efficient cashback rewards system. rewards cardholders with up to 5% of their total transaction, which is distributed via the native MCO cryptocurrency.

The company offers numerous tiersthat users can access, with each card tier fulfilling certain needs. Here is where the magic starts as higher tiers require you to stake MCO tokens in order to unlock the better cards. As such, we have a positive feedback loop that significantly affects the price of MCO tokens, which you earn by consistently using the card.

Another positive side is that offers its cards in almost all jurisdictions in the world. At the time of writing, users from the UK, EU, US, Singapore, Hong Kong, South Korea, Thailand, Vietnam, Australia, the Philippines, and New Zealand can register for a card. Naturally, the company plans to expand to other regions as well.

For most, this seems to be the best crypto debit card on the market.

Where To Find Crypto Debit Cards

How Does Visa Card Use Crypto?

There are more than 30 different providers of crypto debit cards, but only a handful are available in the United States. With more than ten different cryptocurrencies supported, Nexo Card and Uphold are the two most popular debit cards in the U.S. market with low fees.

Let’s take a look at the differences between each provider:

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Coinbase Card Overall Best Crypto Debit

Coinbase is widely known as one of, if not the staple cryptocurrency provider for retail users. The firm has been at the forefront of pushing for retail and merchant adoption Bitcoin and general cryptocurrency for multiple years now and has additionally registered and maintained compliance in a very clean way amongst quivering legal outlooks on cryptocurrency and what not. Their most recent take on improving the accessibility and retail usability of cryptocurrency is the Coinbase Card, a cryptocurrency debit card.

The card, which is directly linked to your Coinbase account maintains all of the security features, easy interface, and supported assets of the main Coinbase platform, however, just on a debit card linked to a unique debit card. If you dont know how to use Coinbase or need help setting an account up, check out our Coinbase guide here.


Coinbase Card maintains some of the most competitive fees in the industry, our reasoning for ranking it so highly. Coinbase imposes just a .20% fee on any domestic transactions and a 3% fee on transactions completed internationally.



Bitcoin Debit Cards What Are They And How Do They Work

Although cryptocurrencies have their own wallets through which payments and transfers of assets can be made, due to the adoption process that is underway in this industry, an intermediate step is necessary before the direct payments from wallet to wallet are used on a day-to-day basis.

That is why several projects are making available to their customers bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies debit cards.

The function of these cards is to make a crypto-fiat change when making a payment, so that a payment can be made with the debit card for the purchase of any item paying with cryptocurrencies.

In this article, we are going to talk about the best known bitcoin prepaid cards, how they work, their commissions and everything you need to know about them.

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How Do Bitcoin Credit And Debit Cards Work

      Gordon Scott has been an active investor and technical analyst of securities, futures, forex, and penny stocks for 20+ years. He is a member of the Investopedia Financial Review Board and the co-author of Investing to Win. Gordon is a Chartered Market Technician . He is also a member of CMT Association.

      Bitcoin is a type of currency that uses digital tokens that can be sent electronically from one person to another. Like dollars, Bitcoin can be used to complete everyday transactions, as long as the person or business accepts Bitcoin as a payment method.

      If you have Bitcoin and want to use it for everyday transactions, you might consider a Bitcoin debit or credit card. This way you could swipe your card and complete the transaction with the bitcoin you have in your wallet. As Bitcoin value rises, traditional payment networks embrace the technology, and the list of Bitcoin credit and debit card options grows.

      Cryptocom Invest Review: Auto Cryptocurrency Investments

      Crypto Debit Cards – How do they work?

      After seeing how the Earn Feature allows you to get interest on the cryptocurrencies you keep in your Wallet, the next step is to see how the platforms Invest Feature functions. offers all aspiring investors the chance to use its automated quant trading so that they earn by investing into cryptocurrencies.

      The process is completely automated. After the initial setting of your preferences , no other intervention is needed from you .

      Even though the issue is very complicated, as you can imagine, in short, quant trading is the method of executing transactions based on mathematical models and algorithms which form clear and solid rules, taking into consideration historical data and market signals.

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      Best For Zero Administrative Fees: Binance Debit Card

      The Binance debit card does everything your regular payment card does at zero fees. The card is completely free and you wont incur any processing or administrative fees. However, a few 3rd-party fees may still apply. Hold all sorts of digital assets in your Binance card wallet and exchange only when youre making payments.

      Binance promises up to 8% cashback on all eligible purchases made with its Visa card. All the funds on your card are protected by the highest security standards available at Binance. Anything else you need to use and control your Visa card comes within the interface of the Binance card app. Manage your funds, enable card security and spending with only a few taps.

      Things You Should Know About Crypto Debit Cards

      Considering a cryptocurrency debit card? This blog post covers how crypto debit cards work, how they differ from traditional debit cards, and four factors to consider when choosing your crypto debit card.

      As cryptocurrency explodes in popularity its clear we are in the dawn of a new financial age.

      Early crypto adopters touted the digital currency as the beginning of the significant shift from the traditional form and structure of finance to a completely decentralized one. Essentially, the early adopters correctly predicted that crypto would become as legitimate as traditional fiat currency. What they may not have predicted was the move towards legitimizing crypto using traditional financial products.

      Recent developments highlight the resilience of legacy finance. Of all the big things happening at the interface between crypto-verse and traditional finance, cryptocurrency-funded debit cards are one of the most exciting. Crypto debit cards are changing the game, but how? Read on to find out.

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      Can I Upgrade My Cryptocom Visa Card

      You are able to upgrade the Visa card by increasing the amount of CRO you will be staking on the App. The new amount of CRO that you stake will be locked up for 6 months after increasing your stake.

      Whenever you upgrade your Visa card, you will need to increase the amount of staked CRO you have on the App.

      The amount that youll need to stake will depend on your country.

      One thing you may want to note is that your CRO will be locked up for another 6 months. This includes the CRO that youve previously staked as well!

      Gemini Crypto Credit Card

      Best Crypto Debit Cards for 2020 #crypto #binance # ...

      Best for instant rewards.

      The crypto credit card is yet to launch but might launch this summer. It will be available to all users worldwide and connected to MasterCard. Unlike other crypto cards that prevent you from accessing real-time rewards for purchases, Gemini promises real-time rewards on purchases for Bitcoin or other cryptos on Gemini.

      You get up to 3% cashback on dining purchases, 2% on groceries, and 1% on other purchases. It will be possible to load with 30 cryptocurrencies available on Gemini. The card issuer is WebBank, a digital lending bank.


      • Instant up to 3% cash backs deposited into the userĂ¢s Gemini account.
      • Has an iOS and Android app to accompany and manage the card. Can freeze the card instantly from the app, track expenses, etc.
      • In-app access of your credit card number and Apple Pay or Google Pay after approval. Residents in all 50 U.S. states can now apply to join the waitlist. You do not need to be a Gemini user to apply but will need a Gemini crypto exchange account where the rewards will be deposited.
      • Black, silver, and rose gold metal cards.
      • Provides 24/7 live agent support. Near-instant access to the card after application.

      Fees: There is no fees to exchange and no cost for acquiring the card. No annual fee.

      Website: Gemini Crypto Credit Card

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      What Are The Differences Between A Crypto Card And A Credit Or Debit Card

      A prepaid crypto card works similarly to a traditional debit card. You must have the funds in your account before you can spend them. You cannot load your cards with fiat cash but only with crypto. When you make a payment, your funds are converted immediately in your crypto wallet.

      On the other hand, Crypto credit cards extend a line of credit that lets you purchase now and pay later. Gemini and BlockFi both have released crypto credit cards with crypto cashback. Your credit card bill is payable in normal fiat currency, meaning that the crypto credit card is basically a rewards credit card.

      Where Can You Get A Bitcoin Debit Card

      Applying for a Bitcoin debit card is similar to applying for other credit cards. The primary differences are that Bitcoin debit cards typically do not leverage your credit history and Bitcoin credit cards will require your Bitcoin wallet information.

      There are also fees to take into account. Each Bitcoin debit card provider will have a unique fee structure. And, you should always shop around for the best possible deal. You should also think about app availability. Some Bitcoin debit cards have apps, while others do not. If you want the option to top-off your card on-the-go, you should look for one that provides a functional app thats compatible with your smartphones operating system.

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      Are Bitcoin Credit And Debit Cards Good To Purchase Real Estate In Dubai

      Bitcoins or any other cryptocurrency is ideal for purchasing real estate because it brings a lot of benefits than buying real estate with traditional money. As we all know, when the bitcoin is transferred as a payment, it is not controlled by any person or company but instead through a decentralized blockchain network that keeps a record of all bitcoin transactions and enables the persons involved to directly access and verify them.

      Furthermore, cryptocurrency uses a digital wallet for its storage and therefore, comes with a unique ID that is send by crypto exchange platforms to enable payments and transactions. This procedure ensures security of the assets and brings in transparency for both the buyers and sellers. Therefore, analysts conclude that Bitcoin credit and debit cards are good to buy real estate with.

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      Comparing Bitcoin Debit Cards Card Review – EVERYTHING You Need to Know!

      When comparing Bitcoin debit cards, there are a few features that you should be sure to take into account. These include:

      • Fees: Many, but not all, Bitcoin debit cards come with fees. These can include monthly maintenance, foreign transaction, and ATM withdrawal fees. You should look for a card that charges as few fees as possible.
      • Rewards: Some Bitcoin debit cards come with rewards like cryptocurrency cash back. These rewards can seriously boost your earning potential, so its a good idea to look for cards with generous cash back.
      • Supported currencies: Not all Bitcoin debit cards support other currencies. Depending on what type of cryptocurrency you prefer, you should make sure to choose a card that supports it.
      • Availability: Some Bitcoin debit cards are only available in certain geographic areas, such as the EU or U.S. You should look for a debit card that works where you live.
      • Other perks: Added perks are a nice additional bonus for Bitcoin debit cards. These can include basic perks like waived ATM fees and unique ones like free Spotify memberships.

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      Crypto Credit And Debit Cards: A Complete Guide

      Did you know there is a way you can spend your crypto like fiat currency without converting your coins?

      Meet crypto credit cards that function like normal payment cards with the only difference that you spend your digital assets instead of cash.

      Early on, when digital assets were rather new, we didnt have too many cryptocurrency credit cards to choose from. Fortunately, with the industrys growth and the rising popularity of digital assets, there are plenty of great crypto credit and debit card solutions on the market.

      In this article, we will explore what a crypto credit card is, how it works, and the best cryptocurrency debit card solutions to spend your coins.

      Lets dive in!

      How Do I Choose Between Bitcoin Debit Cards

      As bitcoin debit cards all work in pretty much the same way, the main differences between them are:

      • The companies backing them
      • The fees charged
      • The bitcoin wallet to which they are linked

      As with all debit cards, there are major providers which are safer, as well as less well-known companies which may be more risky or even fraudulent. There are also various inactive cards which should, for obvious reasons, be avoided.

      When choosing between them, you can either start by looking at the cards associated with your current wallet, or look at the various charges and open a wallet with the company which you feel gives you the best deal based on your circumstances and spending habits.

      Key fee differences to look out for are whether you are charged per withdrawal/transaction or as a monthly fee.

      You should also remember that the actual value of bitcoin fluctuates daily, the amount of bitcoin required to complete a specific transaction will also vary therefore you should keep an eye on your bitcoin wallet daily to ensure you have sufficient funds to complete the transaction and pay the applied charges.

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      Theres A Future In Crypto Debit Cards

      Some of the worlds largest crypto exchanges, including Coinbase and Binance, now own Visa debit cards. Topping up your account is fairly easy since youll probably do it from your crypto wallet. Then youll have a fully functioning debit card that lets you convert your digital assets into fiat currency to pay for goods and services or withdraw funds.

      But with hundreds of brands offering crypto debit cards, its important that you perform some due diligence, including understanding the regulations within each brands jurisdiction.

      Best Variety Of Cryptocurrency Supported: Cryptocom

      Crypto Debit Cards

      • Fees: Starting at $650 for a card
      • No. of Crypto Supported: 90
      • Rewards: 2% cash back

      If youre looking for a card that supports a wide range of cryptocurrencies, then a card from is a great option. It features support for 90 cryptocurrencies and six fiat currencies.

      • No issuance or monthly fees

      • Rebates on streaming services

      • Must purchase Crypto.coms CRO tokens

      • Cards with better perks are expensive offers seven different metal Visa debit cards that let cardholders spend up to 90 cryptocurrencies and six fiat currencies anywhere a Visa card is accepted, which is why we chose it as the best for its variety of cryptocurrency supported.

      In order to buy each of the cards, cardholders must stake an amount of the companys native CRO tokens . At the time of writing, a CRO token costs $0.13, with prices for each card at 5,000 CRO , 50,000 CRO , 500,000 CRO , and even five million CRO .

      Crypto.coms most popular 5,000 CRO Ruby Steel card offers 2% back on every purchase, a 100% rebate on a yearly Spotify subscription, no ATM withdrawal fees for up to $400 per month, and interbank exchange rates for up to $4,000 of exchanges each month.

      Crypto.coms other cards offer 3% to 5% back, rebates on more streaming services, no ATM withdrawal fees, and interbank exchange rates for currency exchanges with higher monthly limits.

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