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How Do I Buy Crypto On Binance

How To Buy Bitcoin: A Quick Guide From Binance

How To Buy Crypto Directly On Binance In Canada (with CAD) | Binance P2P Method

What is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is the most popular and widely used cryptocurrency in the world. Launched in 2009, Bitcoin is traded in fractions and unlike fiat currency, bitcoin is created, distributed, traded, and stored with the use of a decentralized ledger system, known as a blockchain.

Bitcoin is the most popular cryptocurrency and has triggered the launch of hundreds of other cryptocurrencies, collectively referred to as altcoins. Bitcoin is commonly abbreviated as “BTC.”

Do I need to buy a whole Bitcoin?

Buying Bitcoin doesnt have to be expensive. With Binance, you can buy a fraction of one Bitcoin for as little as $15. Take note: All investments carry risk. Never invest more than you can afford to lose.

How does Bitcoin make money?

Bitcoin value follows the law of supply and demand and the cryptocurrencys price fluctuates with the number of users willing to use it.

Besides mining bitcoin, which requires technical expertise and an investment in high-performance computers, most people purchase bitcoins as a form of currency speculation betting that the U.S. dollar value of one Bitcoin will be higher in the future than it is today. But that’s difficult to predict.

Why choose Binance?

Were the worlds largest crypto exchange trusted by millions of users worldwide. We make buying crypto fast, easy, and safe. Our 24/7 Customer Support team is always ready to help.

Ready to buy Bitcoin? Here are the steps:

Step 1: Create your Binance Account

Step 2: Start Buying Bitcoin

How Safe Is Binance

7,000 Bitcoins worth $40 million being stolen from the exchangestrengthened its security and has promised that all losses will be recovered through its insurance fund.two-factor authentication to help secure user accounts. Changpeng ZhaoSecure Asset Fund for Usersinsurance fundfreeze hacked assetsdoesnt roll back hacks

How To Deposit Crypto On Binance

  • Copy your Binance wallet address and paste it into the platform you’re withdrawing from to deposit it into Binance.
  • Select the exact cryptocurrency that you want to deposit.
  • Select the protocol on the platform from which you are withdrawing your crypto. The protocol must be valid for your Binance wallet address.
  • Hit the withdrawal button and complete the withdrawal verification process .

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Who Is Binanceus Best For

Binance.US is not available in Connecticut, Hawaii, Idaho, Louisiana, New York, Texas, or Vermont. For people outside of those states looking to invest in crypto, Binance.US offers both an easy buy/sell interface and more advanced trading views. It has low fees, and further fee discounts for using its native currency, Binance Coin, and does offer some educational content through its on-site blog.

Despite its low fees, we do not recommend Binance.US, especially for beginners. Binance.US doesnt offer any information about how your investment will be secured, stored, or protected by the firm, unlike other cryptocurrency exchanges. Plus, there are many other active exchanges that offer simple buy/sell interfaces for long-term investors. We believe that transparency about the safety of your investment is worth paying a bit more in fees.

How To Make Your First Trade On Pancakeswap

[NEW] How Do I Buy Chainlink Crypto

First head over to the Pancakeswap exchange platform.

On the top right, click the Connect to a wallet button, and log in with the wallet you wish to trade with.

Well log in with a MetaMask wallet.

Once logged in, the trading interface will appear.

In the top field, select the token you wish to exchange for the token you want. Well select BNB. In the bottom field, search for the token you wish to purchase, or select it from the drop-down menu, in this case .

Now youre ready to set up your order. You can either choose how much you want to spend by entering a number in the top field, or choose how much to buy by entering a number in the bottom one.

At the bottom of the order menu, youll then see how much you can expect to receive.

If youre happy with these figures, click the Swap button.

Your wallet click will then prompt you to confirm the trade, and potentially adjust the fees to a number that works best for you.

When youre ready, confirm the transaction and it will then be processed. Once its done, your tokens will appear in your ERC20 wallet.

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Where Binanceus Falls Short

Accessibility: Binance.US isnât available in all 50 states.

Regulatory issues: Global parent company Binance has run into regulatory issues and controversy in some countries, moving operations from China to Japan at a May 2020 tech conference, founder Changpeng Zhao claimed the parent company doesnât have a headquarters because âBitcoin doesnât have an office.â

Start Mining Your Own Bitcoin Now $100 Worth Of Btc Daily

The marked section on the image above is the profile icon

There you see the security option. You are to fill the form to the best of your ability and then navigate to the profile icon. There youll also see the identification option. There is a guide on the screen that would help you fill the form. You will be asked to provide your identity verification like your national id or drivers license. Whichever is available is fine.

Now you have provided your proof of identity, let us proceed with how to buy the cryptocurrency on Binance but first, let me show you the available payment methods. First, you move your cursor or click on the buy crypto option above to see the payment options.

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How To Deposit On Binance Via P2p

Follow the below steps and tips in order to successfully buy USDT, BTC BNB or ETH on Binance without getting scammed.

a. open your binance app .

b. tap on P2P trading

c. Select the coin you wish to buy from the top options, if you want to buy other alt coins that are not in the above options, you can buy stable coins like busd, usdt or buy btc if the currency is paired to btc.

d. select the vendor you want to buy from depending on the quantity he or she has and the price hes selling and tab BUY.

e. put in the price you wish to buy, if you want to buy all then tab ALL, then tab buy USDT. .

f. Tab Chat send the seller a message or to get the sellers phone number. its always adviceable to hear from the sekker before sending money to his or her account.

g. then tab Transfer page below to see his or her banj account details. .

h. after making payment to the sellers account, come back to binance and tab paid and wait for some while for the sekker to confirm and release the crypto to your Binance account.

once the seller confirm from his end, the crypto you bought will reflect in your Funding wallet in Binance.

Activate The Limit Tab

Binance Exchange Tutorial 2021: How To BUY And SELL Bitcoin & Cryptocurrencies [Definitive Guide]

Be sure you buy Ripple at a lower price buy activating the Limit tab. This section is under the XRP/BTC price chart. If you are a newbie and you try to set a market tab yourself, it will buy Ripple for you at a higher price. If you are an experienced trader, you can use trading strategies such as the use of Ripple signal, Charts, or trends to monitor the price movements and buy when the price is low.

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Payment Methods On How To Buy Crypto On Binance

There are four payment methods available on Binance. Once you click the Buy Crypto as specified in the image above, the four available payment options will appear on the screen. They are,




A side note to remember, select the currency you want to buy on the pay with the option before clicking on any payment method below.

The Disadvantages Of Investing In Binance Coin

There isnt a single investment that is without risk, and as such its important to do your due diligence when picking which crypto to invest in. Although BNB has shown massive growth, this is likely largely due to the success of Binance, without the incentive of reduced fees, a lot of BNB will stop being held.

  • Growth Dependent on Adoption: Because BNB has cemented its place as one of the largest cryptocurrencies, more and more places will begin accepting it as payment for goods or services. Should companies stop wanting to use BNB for transactions, there could be a sharp decrease in demand.
  • Regulatory Issues: Binance has been facing a whole heap of regulatory issues, and although theyve weathered the storm so far, with several countries gunning for them, the future of Binance and BNB is uncertain.
  • Heavily Centralized: In a world where users want to escape from banks and cryptocurrencies are competing to be the most decentralized, BNB doesnt fit in. Its heavily centralized and designed more like a business than a new financial standard.

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Where Are Bitcoin And Ethereum Accepted

Today, there are dozens of websites and even offline businesses that accept cryptocurrencies for payment. Bitcoin, as the most popular cryptocurrency in the world, is accepted for payment most often. However, other crypto assets are not lagging behind. For instance, you can find extensive articles on the Internet about where Ethereum or Ripple are accepted.

You can buy online with ETM:

  • Electronics
  • Food, drinks
  • Gift cards
  • Rent rooms in hotels and buy tickets for traveling
  • Get paid for freelancing and pay for freelance services

There are also multipurpose marketplaces like, where you can buy different categories of goods for Ethereum.

Fund Your Binance Account

Binance Cryptocurrency Exchange Review

You will not be able to purchase crypto directly with credit card on due to the fact that you cannot get verified as a US citizen. You can however transfer crypto from other exchanges or from your wallet to Binance.

The solution is therefore very simple:

  • Create an account on which is accessible in the US .
  • Verify your account according to Coinbase guidelines.
  • Buy crypto using your credit card.
  • Transfer crypto from your Coinbase wallet to your Binance wallet.
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    How To Transfer Funds From Binance To Coinbase

    Below are the steps to transfer funds from Binance to Coinbase:

  • First of all, you need to go on the Coinbase official website.
  • Create an account there or if you already have one, then log into your account. To dive deep into creating an account at Coinbase, you can read our Coinbase review article.
  • Now go to the prices tab and select any crypto asset that you wish to receive.
  • For instance, you click on bitcoin now hit the receive button located at the bottom of the wallet tab.
  • Once you click the receive button, a wallet address will appear. Now copy the wallet address and head over to Binance.
  • Once you have logged into your Binance account, hover on the wallet section and click on the overview button.
  • Now, youll be able to see all the funds you own at Binance.
  • Then click on the Fiat and Spot button.
  • Once you do so, click on the withdraw option against the crypto assets you wish to transfer, and in this case, bitcoins.
  • Now paste the address you copied from Coinbase into BTC withdrawal address. Remember only to paste the specific wallet address, i.e., for bitcoin, only use the corresponding bitcoin wallet address. Transferring any other crypto-assets will lead to permanent loss of that asset.
  • Now enter the number of bitcoins you wish to withdraw and hit the submit button.
  • After this, you have to complete the two-factor authentication process to complete the transaction.
  • Once the authentication is completed, Binance will transfer the funds to your Coinbase account.
  • How To Open An Account

    Follow the simple instructions below and youll be trading in no time at all!

    1. Get registered: The first thing you need to know about how to use Binance is how to get registered! Go to the Binance homepage and click on Register.Youll be redirected to the registration page where youll need to enter your email address and create a password.

    Note: Always use an email address which you know is secure and that you check regularly. When creating a password, use a mix of numbers, symbols, upper and lower-case letters.

    2. Read and agree to Binances Terms of Use, and click Register.

    3. Prove that youre not a robot. Youll be asked to complete a puzzle which you should find easy. Unless…youre a robot!An email will now be sent to you. Click on Verify Email to complete your registration.Congratulations! Youre a Binance account holder. Next, Ill show you how to use Binance but first, you need to secure your account.

    4. Secure your account: When your login for the first time, youll be asked if you want to set up2FA. You DO want to set up 2FA, its very important! If you choose Skip, for now, youll regret it later!

    Note: 2FA is two-factor authentication. Its a security feature that gives users an extra form of password. When using 2FA, users enter their normal password and a second code which can be sent to a mobile device by SMS or created by the app.

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    Easy Deposit And Fund Withdrawals

    Depositing and withdrawing funds on Bitcoin Era is easy and quick. You can do so using the accessible credit and debit cards like Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express. We also accept e-wallets like Neteller and Skrill. Funds will be sent to your preferred financial institution or bank account in less than 24 hours after completing the withdrawal request form.

    Deposit Bnb To Your Metamask Wallet

    #Binance Guide: How to Buy Crypto on Binance P2P (Web)

    Hover over the account name at the top of the window, which will display Copy to clipboard

    Paste your address in the recipient field in the application where you are sending your BNB or tokens from.

    Select the amount you want to send, along with any other necessary steps to complete and submit the transaction and make sure to select transfer network Binance Smart Chain BEP20.

    Note: Please consult with the organization of the application you are using for information on how to transfer your BNB/tokens.

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    How To Sell Crypto On Binance

    Bought the dip withdraw your profit to your account or convert it and keep it in your Binance fiat wallet

    The total amount you will receive will be displayed in the top left corner. A confirmation message will appear for you to confirm your request, after which your transaction will be processed and your money will be transferred to your fiat wallet.

    P2P wallet

    Select the payment method and execute. The transaction will show “pending payment” till the buyer makes payment and it indicates that receipt is confirmed. After you’ve received the money, tap Confirm to release the crypto to the buyer.

    How To Sell Binance Coin

    If you want to sell your BNB, go to your exchange wallet and look for the option to Sell BNB. Alternatively, you might need to go to the Markets tab and sell it for another currency such as USD or BTC by placing a trade, and setting the price you want to sell it for. However, remember that as exchanges dont list every potential currency pairing, it may not be possible to trade your BNB for the currency you want straight away.

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    A Brief History Of Bitcoin Era

    • An increasing number of people are now holding cryptocurrencies, saving, trading, and profiting from them. Bitcoin, meanwhile, has held on to its position as the number one in the industry
    • Digital asset trading software, like Bitcoin Era, have been making it easy for people with zero trading experience to buy, sell, and profit from digital currency trading.

    Binance Buy Bnb Natively

    11+ Buy Crypto With Credit Card Binance

    It wouldnt be right to speak about BNB without mentioning its parent, Binance. Binance Coin was originally created to reduce trading fees for Binance users, so it makes sense you can buy BNB using a variety of currencies on the platform. Its a great platform for both new and experienced traders, offering pretty much every feature you could ask for, unfortunately, however, they have faced a few regulatory issues and arent the most transparent about their security.

    Being a regulated trading platform, they boast the same industry-standard security features as most of the platforms on this list, namely, 2FA, insured balances, and cold storage for funds. Although this is all standard practice, Binance has previously found itself in some hot water with regulatory bodies due to some of the financial instruments they offered, this caused them to create a US-based variant of the platform which is fully compliant with US restrictions.

    67% of retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs with this provider.

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    Deposit And Withdrawal Fees

    Before you trade money for crypto, youll need to deposit and when you sell, withdraw U.S. dollars into and out of your Binance.US account. The fees for this are minimal, especially if you transfer from your bank account using ACH.


    There are also individual withdrawal fees for moving your crypto holdings from your Binance.US account into your own crypto wallet. These fees vary based on the type of cryptocurrency.

    Place Your Cryptocurrency Order

    Once there is money is in your account, you can now place your first crypto currency order via spot trading. There are hundreds of cryptocurrencies to choose from, ranging from well-known names like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin to more obscure cryptos like Shiba Inu or AVAX.

    When you decide on which cryptocurrency to purchase, you can search its symbolBitcoin, for instance, is BTC.

    With most exchanges, you can purchase fractional shares of cryptocurrency, allowing you to buy a fragment of high-priced tokens like Bitcoin or Ethereum that otherwise take thousands of dollars to own.

    Below are the 10 biggest cryptocurrencies based on their market capitalization:


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