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How Do I Short Bitcoin

Sell A Bitcoin Futures Contract

How to Short Bitcoin (CFDs, Exchanges, Options)

Futures contracts are a legal agreement to buy or sell an underlying asset for a specific amount on a specific date. In a Bitcoin futures contract, the buyer commits to buying a certain amount of BTC at a certain price on a predetermined date, while the seller commits to selling that amount of BTC to the buyer at that price on that date.

These contracts were created to protect buyers and sellers from price fluctuations on commodities like wheat, oil, and precious metals. Today, traders can get futures contracts on a wide range of different assets including BTC.

If youre looking to short Bitcoin, youll want to be the seller in a futures contract. For example, if the seller in a Bitcoin futures contract commits to selling 10 BTC at $10,000 USD apiece three months from today, and the price of BTC has dropped to $6,000 USD before the future contract expires, the seller will make a profit of $4,000 USD per BTC, or $40,000 USD total.

Bitcoin futures are available on the Chicago Board Options Exchange and Chicago Mercantile Exchange and are offered by many major brokers.

Going Short On Bitcoin And Cryptocurrencies

Those who think Bitcoin or an other cryptocurrency will go down, or want to hedge against a long position, can open a short position. Below we explain how to short Bitcoin and other cryptos.

First, lets quickly describe what shorting is and then we will move onto how to short ETH, BTC, ETC, etc .

TIP: Going to cash is the equivalent of shorting Bitcoin using Bitcoin at 1x, but without the fees. Meanwhile, shorting Bitcoin at 1x with Bitcoin is essentially the same as being in cash, but with fees. That is worth keeping in mind on exchanges that dont deal in cash or in situations where you cant short Bitcoin.

TIP: Check out BTCUSDSHORTS before you short crypto. If shorts are at a high , you might want to rethink shorting. If shorts are at a recent low and Bitcoins price is high, then think about what that means. Shorting adds another layer of complexity to crypto, navigate shorting carefully .

Choosing A Mining Pool

On your path to learning how to mine Bitcoin, you can choose any Bitcoin mining pool you want. However, we recommend you choose from one of these recommended pools to begin with:

Pool Name
stratum+tcp //stratum.antpool.comLarge

Note: Pool addresses are for users from Europe where indicated. Other addresses will apply from other parts of the world.

Note: 1mBTC is 1/1,000th of a Bitcoin.

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Select A Bitcoin Wallet

When possible, cryptocurrencies should be stored in wallets, essentially bank accounts for cryptocurrencies. Importantly, if you store your Bitcoin on cryptocurrency exchanges, the exchanges technically have control over the crypto. But if you withdraw to a wallet, you have complete control over your digital assets. This is very important: if you keep your funds in exchanges, theres a chance that the exchange might go bust, or the owners run away with customer funds.

When picking out a Bitcoin Wallet, make sure that you consider backup and security features. There are generally two forms of wallets: hot and cold wallets.

A hot wallet is one connected to the internet: if a hacker managed to gain control of it via some malicious code, then theyd be able to get to your Bitcoins. But its more convenient: these wallets are connected to the internet, via mobile, desktop, or web apps, meaning you can use them straight away. Theyre also free. Popular hot wallets include Electroneum or Trust Wallet.

Think of the hot wallet as the one you carry to the mall: its full of cash, but easier to steal. By contrast, a cold wallet is the equivalent of storing your cash in a safe: its very secure, but isnt very convenient to use.

When Should You Short Sell

Bitcoin Short Interest,how do i invest in bitcoin ...

Shorting Bitcoin is trading against a long-term uptrend the longer you the trend remains, the riskier this becomes.

One thing to remember the maximum profit potential of a short is limited to a Bitcoin price of 0, whereas buyers have no limit on their profit.

If you examine Bitcoin price charts, youll soon realize the truth of the old trading aphorism, price takes the stairs up but the elevator down. Whereas bullish moves take time to build and develop, bearish moves tend to be relatively short and sharp.

Trying to short the top of a big bull run is tough youre likely to stop out multiple times as Bitcoin keeps rising like a stubborn zombie.

Keep in mind that if many traders are positioned similarly, a price surge may result as fearful traders compete to close their shorts . This is known as a short squeeze.

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How To Short Cfd

Use one of our recommneded CFD Brokers that offer CFD trading services. You will need to create an account to get started. Luckily, the process is simple. Notably, you must verify your identity and account via an email before you can use the platform.

Once you are all set up, shorting is simple. All you need to do is open a trade on the BTC/USD instrument. Next, you need to select Sell from the options. You will be brought to a screen that will allow you to set up all of the details of your CFD. It doesnt get easier than that. Best of all, most CFD brokers feature an advanced interface that is easy to navigate. Form here, you can stay up-to-date on all the markets developments.

Example Of Chicago Mercantile Exchange

Most commodities can be traded anywhere, but there’s one you can only trade at the CME: weather. CME is the only futures exchange to offer derivatives based on weather events, allowing traders to bet on cold temperatures, sunshine, or rainfall. In 2020, the CME traded as many as 1,000 weather-related contracts per day, with a total annual volume of over $1 billion.

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Shorting Bitcoin On Exchanges

Perhaps the most straightforward way to short cryptocurrency would be to create an account on an exchange that offers this feature. These exchanges make it easy for users to borrow Bitcoin, sell it short, then buy it back at a lower price. Some exchanges that allow for this include:




If a users exchange of choice doesnt have short selling enabled, they may have to turn to other methods to short Bitcoin.

Does Coinbase Allow Shorting?

Coinbase users asking the question can you short cryptocurrency will find that the answer is a definitive no unless they use a different service.

At the time of this writing in April 2021, Coinbase does not provide short selling services. Being more of a beginner-oriented exchange for people who might still be asking the question what is Bitcoin, it makes sense that Coinbase wouldnt have this functionality. Shorting can be considered a strategy better suited to experienced traders.

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Why Could Short Selling Btc Be Bad

How To Short Bitcoin In 5 Steps

There are at least two scenarios where shorting does not generate the expected profit:

  • The price does not drop at all. This is the most unfortunate scenario, which indicates that the trader has poorly predicted the development of the situation and incorrectly defined the current trend of the cryptocurrency. The price has not fallen, but it has remained at ten bitcoins, which should be returned with interest.
  • The price falls, but less than planned. For example, the bitcoin has fallen not to $6,500, but to $6,800 and is not going to fall again. The rate is entering the upward trend again, and if the trader wants to make at least something on the shorting, he will have to pull the deal right now. With such a difference in rates, his dirty profit will be $2,000. Of that, almost $1,700 will be spent on commissions. His net income will be $300. And if the rate drops to $6,800, the commission will cut off the profits from the shorting. Hell just go down, paying off the loan debt.

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What About Investing In Bitcoin Mining

The has grown at a rapid pace.

Mining, which could once be done on the average home computer is now only done profitably using specialized data centers and hardware .

The latest round of Bitcoin hardwarededicated ASICshas co-evolved with datacenter design, and now most computation is performed in specialized ASIC datacenters….

These datacenters are warehouses, filled with computers built for the sole purpose of mining Bitcoin. Today, it costs millions of dollars to even start a profitable mining operation.

Bitcoin miners are no longer a profitable investment for new Bitcoin users, even despite rising transaction fees.

    If you want a small miner to play around with mining, go for it. But dont treat your home mining operation as an investment or expect to get a return.

    There may be one exception to this rule: investing money into a co-location style mining facility that allows you to buy the hardware and they handle the maintenance of that hardware. They also negotiate with energy companies to get a good price on electricity.

    A good example of such a company would be Compass Mining or Blockstream mining.

    The Risks Of Shorting Bitcoin

    I should warn you that short-selling any asset is a high-risk venture. Normally, when you invest in an asset your losses are limited to the amount of money you have invested in that asset.

    For example, if you invest $10,000 dollars in a stock, and that stock suddenly collapses and becomes worthless, your losses will be limited to the $10,000 dollars you invested.

    When short selling, however, your losses could extend far beyond your initial investment, something that is very important to consider, especially with Bitcoin. The easiest way to explain this is to use an example:

    Lets say you short-sold $100 dollars worth of Bitcoin back when prices were only $10 dollars per coin. That means you short-sold 10 coins. Lets assume that you have yet to repurchase the coins, meaning that you still have to pay the owner back with 10 Bitcoins.

    Now lets assume that all of a sudden prices went up to $4000, which can definitely happen with Bitcoin. This means that the 10 Bitcoins you need to pay back will now cost you $40,000!

    As you can see, short-selling any asset can be very risky. If you want to short sell Bitcoins or anything else, you need to be very careful.

    Only invest if you are very confident that prices will drop, and if you have money to cover your losses if investments rise. Make sure you watch prices closely and cut your losses if prices start to rise too quickly.

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    Are The Glory Days Of Bitcoin Over

    Bitcoin has caught the notice of the mainstream financial press and the worlds biggest investors and major players in the investment world, not to mention everyday traders who have come to understand that trading in Bitcoin can be very lucrative.

    One way to get in on the action is to buy Bitcoin and then hold on to it, waiting for it to increase in value. When it reaches a price you feel comfortable with, you can then sell it and then pocket the profit.

    This was a more viable option many years ago, in the early days. Many Bitcoin millionaires were born in the early days. Take Erik Finman, who started investing in Bitcoin when it was just $12. Or take Barry Silbert, who bought 48,000 Bitcoins for $350 each in 2014 when the U.S. Marshals Service auctioned off the stash of Ross Ulbricht, the creator of the Dark Web site Silk Road.

    To give you some perspective, if you had invested $1 in Bitcoin at the very beginning, it would be worth $2.5 million today. If you feel like you missed the boat with Bitcoin you can always invest in these other cryptocurrency alternatives to Bitcoin.

    Binance Futures Adjust Leverage Explained

    How Do I Short Bitcoin

    After opening your position, you can change your leverage by clicking the adjust leverage button. But it will not change your liquidation price.

    Instead, the margin that you can remove from your position will increase. You can remove more margin from your position which in turn will lower your liquidation price .

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    Key Things To Remember When Shorting Btc

    Hopefully, this guide will have helped you decide if shorting Bitcoin is right for you, and help you choose a trading platform on which to open a short.

    As derivatives trading is a fairly technical process and comes with some risk, we recommend you take the time to read our in-depth guides for each exchange, linked in the descriptions above.

    Likewise, if youre a seasoned trader with plenty of short experience looking to move into the crypto markets and you need advice on the best ways to buy Bitcoin in 2022, read our complete guide here.

    What are your thoughts on shorting Bitcoin? Let us know in the comments section below!

    What Happens If A Short Seller Defaults

    In most cases, that will never happen your position will be closed once the price of an asset goes up and a margin call is issued. However, if the price rises significantly while the markets are not open and the loss you incurred cant be covered by your account balance, the exchange/broker will have to chip in and assist you with closing your position. They can sue you afterwards to get that money back.

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    What Does Shorting Bitcoin Mean

    Shorting Bitcoin is the process of selling the cryptocurrency with the hope that when its value falls, you can buy it back at the lower price. By doing this, traders earn the profit of difference in the market price. In simple words, you can understand it as an investment method to earn money over a digital currencys price drop.

    Here, the motto is to buy low and sell high. Basically, you borrow the coins with the commitment to return them sometimes later. Then, you sell the coins at the current market price, knowing that the price will decrease in the near future. And when the price lowers, you buy the coins back and return them to the lender. Now, what you earn as profit is the difference between the selling price and the price at which you bought them back.

    Also, the difference price can be a profit or loss. Therefore, the short-selling technique is carried out when you firmly believe that the assets price will fall for sure. That is why there is quite a lot of chances of making huge profits in this highly volatile market, especially, in digital currencies such as Bitcoin.

    Binance Futures Margin Mode

    How To Short Bitcoin With Leverage

    Before opening your short position on Binance, you should choose the margin mode and set your leverage.

    You can use cross or isolated margin mode on Binance. Cross margin mode is riskier as you can lose your wallet balance in addition to your margin in the event of a liquidation.

    But, in isolated mode, your risk is limited to the margin you use when opening your position. You cant lose your wallet balance or more money than your margin.

    Choose the isolated margin mode if you are a beginner and dont want to take much risk or still not sure which one to use.

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    Can You Short Bitcoin

    Yes, there are a few different ways that an investor can choose to short Bitcoin. Generally, the idea behind shorting is that you would borrow a certain amount of bitcoins, and sell them at their current price. Then in the future, youd purchase bitcoins to repay the loanat which point, ideally, the price would have dropped, so youd be paying back the loan with bitcoins that were cheaper than the ones you borrowed.

    The benefit to shorting Bitcoin is that it allows investors to profit in a down market. The drawback is that shorting involves more risk and is more complex than just buying or selling something.

    Why Should I Short Sell Bitcoin

    Figuring out if you should short sell bitcoin depends on your motives. Many traders short-sell bitcoin for numerous reasons, including the following:

    • Valuation. Investors who speculate that bitcoin is overvalued or exists in a price bubble may wait for a downward trend to start before shorting bitcoin. Traders who trade bitcoin based on valuation metrics predominantly follow a fundamental trading style, analysing the suspected intrinsic value of an asset against its market price.
    • Hedging risk. Some traders short assets to hedge the risk of their larger portfolio. For example, if you already hold bitcoin but you suspect it is due to fall in the short term, you may decide to open a position to short sell bitcoin. If you are correct, the profit from your short position can reduce or exceed your loss from your long position.
    • Scepticism. Some traders that short bitcoin expect cryptocurrencies to be a short-term trend and hold bearish sentiments towards the bitcoin market. These short-sellers tend to stay up to date with the latest bitcoin and blockchain advancements and not let opinions interfere with their objectivity.
    • Volatility. Evident from its history, the price of bitcoin can appreciate as quickly as it depreciates. Traders with a high-risk appetite are drawn to volatile assets that have the potential to reap huge rewards, or equally huge losses. However, whilst some traders rely on luck, others utilise a structured approach based on experience and knowledge.

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