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How Do You Stake Crypto

How To Stake Crypto

How I Earn $5000 Per Month Passive Income Staking & Lending Crypto

Crypto investing just got a lot more flexible. Cryptocurrency is about to stake its claim to high-yield interest rates and the rewards are potentially endless. While Bitcoin and Ethereum 1.0 rely on the pros and cons of crypto mining, decentralized finance is making crypto safer and more profitable through staking. Check out how to stake crypto.

The NDAX cryptocurrency trading platform is the first in Canada to offer Proof of Stake wealth building opportunities. What is staking, you ask? Its a passive way to earn money by lending out your coins to power the blockchain. The cryptocurrency you stake earns interest, usually at very high rates not possible through a traditional bank.

Staking is a great way to earn crypto rewards by depositing and holding your existing crypto assets with a crypto exchange or an external blockchain wallet.

It works pretty much like a savings bank account where you lock up your savings to earn interest. The difference is, you can earn many times more on your crypto holdings than you can get with a traditional bank account.

In this article, I dive into what staking is, how it works, how to stake your crypto in Canada, the best crypto staking platform in Canada, staking vs mining, and more.

In This Article:

Which Cryptocurrencies Can You Stake

As of Q2 2021, theres about $171 billion worth of assets locked in staking across PoS cryptocurrencies, according to the July 2021 report The State of Staking, by the US firm Staked.

Here are the top five ranked by market cap, with their average yield rates.

Yield rates vary across platforms and may change depending on the number of validators active in the network.

Did you know?

Cardano has the highest staking rate of any major PoS cryptocurrency, with 71.7% assets locked.

Where To Stake Crypto In Canada

The National Digital Asset Exchange is one of the best apps to stake crypto in Canada.

It is a top cryptocurrency exchange in Canada founded in 2018 that allows Canadian residents to trade about 30 cryptocurrencies at a flat fee of 0.20% on trades.

Recently, NDAX launched its own staking program to allow verified NDAX users to stake supported cryptocurrency to earn rewards.

So, what crypto can you stake on NDAX?

Currently, NDAX allows users to stake 3 cryptocurrencies and automatically receive crypto rewards up to 12% APY.

They include:

  • Cardano: 4.8% APY
  • Polkadot : 12% with a 28-day unstaking period 4% APY with instant unstaking

The NDAX staking model works through flexible subscription plans, and participants are at liberty to unstake their assets at any time.

You can view all coins available for staking and manage your subscriptions by going to the staking section of your NDAX dashboard.

The table below shows NDAX staking plans for ETH, ADA, and DOT.

Digital Asset

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Best Crypto Staking Platform List

Before we get into our reviews of the best crypto staking platforms in the market right now check out which providers made the cut.

  • Aqru Best Crypto Staking Platform Outside the US
  • Best Crypto Staking Platform for High Interest
  • eToro Best Crypto Staking Platform in the US
  • Best Crypto Staking Platform for Flexible Withdrawals
  • MyCointainer Some of the Best Crypto Staking Rewards on the Market
  • Coinbase Popular Exchange That Also Offers Crypto Staking Services
  • Binance Great Platform for High Staking Rewards
  • LooksRare Earn up to 221% APY for Staking LOOKS
  • TradeStation Best Trading Platform with Crypto Staking
  • BlockFi Best Crypto Staking Platform for Stablecoins
  • Nexo Earn Upto 8.5% APY on Bitcoin Holdings
  • Kraken Top On-Chain Staking Platform With Attractive Yields
  • Gemini Trusted Platform to Trade and Stake Crypto
  • Each of the above staking crypto sites offers something for everyone, which well review.

    Why Does The Staking Apr Change

    What is Crypto Staking and its benefits?

    You will often see the APR quoted on staking assets change periodically. There could be many reasons for this but the most common is due to the level of participation in a particular staking pool. If the exchange or wallet you are using to stake a particular coin increases its share of staked coins in a staking pool then you will see the estimated APR for that particular coin rise as well. Conversely, if the exchange or wallet maintains a fixed holding then the staking APR will gradually decline over time.

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    Where To Start Staking Coins

    Earlier on, we discussed the process you have to follow to stake your coins.

    Now, you only need to choose the platform and method you will use to generate rewards after your cryptocurrency holdings.

    For this, you can select between four different solutions:

  • Cryptocurrency exchanges: Crypto exchanges provide one of the most convenient ways to stake crypto as you dont have to move your holdings to other wallets or platforms to generate rewards. While this can come in handy when network transaction fees are high, this is a custodial solution that involves increased counterparty risks.
  • Staking service providers:Like crypto exchanges, staking-as-a-service providers offer easy access to staking across numerous blockchains. However, these also involve custody over users funds.
  • Crypto wallets: Many cryptocurrency wallet providers allow their users to stake their coins directly from their wallets without an intermediary. As a result, they dont face the counterparty risks of custodial services while offering the same level of convenience .
  • Manual staking: This is maybe the most complex method to start staking, which is a possibility for advanced users. Here, you operate your own node and stake your coins on your own. While this offers you the most freedom, it requires the necessary time and technical expertise to run your machine as well as a higher upfront investment for many blockchains .
  • Latest Crypto Staking Platform News

    Given that the crypto market is still relatively new compared to traditional financial markets, there tends to be frequent updates and news regarding the top crypto staking platforms. With that in mind, presented below are some of the top news items to be aware of for the week beginning May 30th:

    • Coinbase announced last week that it would begin supporting the BNB Chain and Avalanche through its crypto wallet. Users can now link to four different networks and can even use Coinbases in-app DEX to make trades.
    • The launch of Terra 2.0 got underway last week, with HitBTC being the first network to show support for the new token. This token, also called LUNA, will be the foundation of Terras new chain.
    • In DEX news, Uniswap finally breached $1 trillion in total trading volume last week, which has taken the platform just over three years to do so. Uniswap now dictates over 30% of the DEX market, well ahead of second-placed PancakeSwap.

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    Proof Of Work Versus Proof Of Stake

    Proof of Work : where it all started

    Initially described by Cynthia Dwork and Moni Naor in 1993, proof of work was the first consensus algorithm. Bitcoin is the most well-known network to implement this type of algorithm. However, it was not until 1999 the actual term proof of work was coined by Markus Jakobsson.

    To briefly describe how it works, before a Bitcoin transaction is registered onto a block, it is grouped into a memory pool . Each transaction in the mempool requires a miner to help verify it. To verify transactions, a network of mining nodes make use of specialized hardware ASICs to try and solve complex cryptographic problems. Once a puzzle is solved, through significant effort, the miner finds the hash value of the previous block and announces it to the network. Then the Bitcoin transaction that is within the mempool is placed into a new block and the miner receives its block reward currently 6.25 BTC plus the transaction fee. This process leads to the proper functioning of a proof-of-work blockchain network. However, solving these increasingly difficult mathematical puzzles requires increasingly more computation power, which in turn, requires increasingly more electricity so proof of work is an extremely energy-intensive process.

    Proof of Stake: the birth of a consensus mechanism that is less energy intensive

    In 2011, proof of stake was being explored as a way to use less energy to do the validation work, and thus make the process more sustainable.

    What Regions Are Eligible For Staking And Inflation

    Crypto Unfiltered: What is Staking & How Does It Help You Earn More Crypto

    North America

    • United States and Hawaii residents)

    *These countries are currently not eligible for ALGO rewards.

    South America

    Important: These countries are currently not eligible for ALGO rewards.


    *This country is currently not eligible for ALGO rewards.

    Middle East

    Important: These countries are currently not eligible for ALGO rewards.


    Important: These countries are currently not eligible for ALGO rewards.


    Important: These countries are currently not eligible for ALGO rewards.

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    Understand The Mechanism Behind Staking Crypto

    Staking is considered to be a new way that aids in confirming the transactions. This process of confirming transactions occurs only in the cryptocurrencies that use the proof-of-stake model. So, any cryptocurrency that uses proof-of-work wont have the staking featurefor example, the largest cryptocurrency, known as Bitcoin.

    It basically works like this:

    You and many other parties grant some coins to a blockchain network. And, the blockchain network selects one of the parties as a validator to confirm the transactions. Once the validator successfully confirms it, they are rewarded with some new crypto coins. Probably, it will be the same cryptocurrency.

    The selection of the validator mainly depends on how much crypto they have staked. The more crypto you stake, you are more likely to be chosen.

    How To Stake Crypto In 202: The Ultimate Guide

    Learn everything there is to know about how to make money staking crypto

    Staking has quickly become one of the most popular ways to earn passive income with cryptocurrency…

    With APY’s reaching up to 100%+ it’s not hard to see why.

    However, while offering huge rewards, staking is not risk-free…

    That’s right, staking can be risky business, but in this guide, we’ll teach you how to minimise risk and keep your hard-earned crypto safely in your pocket.

    So, what exactly is crypto staking and how does it work?

    In simple terms, cryptocurrency staking is the process of locking your coins in an account with the promise of earning rewards.

    But this process is a little more complicated than that. If you’d like to learn how to stake crypto, you’ve come to the right place!

    Sit back, relax and let us walk you through how to stake crypto in 2022.

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    How Can I Stake My Coins

    It works like this: NDAX adds your coins to its trading pool. You are loaning your coins ability to verify blockchain transactions. You dont sell your coins, you rent out their potential to the blockchain.

    It is just like when you loan your money to a bank when you make deposits to your bank account and earn interest, minimal as it sometimes is. When you do that, you earn interest from your coins hard work. With NDAX, some coins, such as Polkdot , can make you as much as 12% in annual percentage yield . Lets take a look at the Proof of Stake coins available on the NDAX trading platform, and how much you can earn:

    • Ethereum up to 5% annual yield
    • Cardano up to 4.8% annual yield
    • Polkadot up to 12% annual yield

    Ok. Those are some impressive numbers. Whens the last time your bank paid you more than 0.5% annual interest on your savings account? Ill wait. Are you ready to start earning passive income right now? Heres how to get started:

    First, sign up for an NDAX account. Its super easy and only takes a few minutes. Then hop on over to the Staking section of your NDAX dashboard. Youll need to sign up for a staking subscription. Once thats done, simply select a coin available for staking. If you dont already hold that coin, youll need to buy some.

    Most coins pay rewards daily or weekly. Its time you got paid to power the blockchain. Are you ready?

    Where Can I See The Apy For Each Cryptocurrency

    What is Crypto Staking?

    Each cryptocurrency has its own APY value. You can view the APY values on and on the Coinbase mobile app.

    To view APY values on

  • Sign in to your Coinbase account.

  • From the Assets tab, click the Earn interest modal on the right side.

  • To view APY values on the Coinbase mobile app:

  • Sign in to your Coinbase account.

  • Tap the three-line menu icon in the top left corner.

  • Tap Earn interest > See what you can earn.

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    The Graph Best Crypto To Stake For Growth Potential

    If youre looking to invest in cryptocurrencies that offer great upside potential, then you might consider The Graph. This cryptocurrency is backed by the Ethereum network and the underlying technology offered by The Graph allows blockchains to index data.

    This means that blockchains can automatically move unnecessary data off-chain which will subsequently free up space to keep the network running at desired efficiency levels. And, The Graph can be staked easily at a number of leading platforms, with some providers offering double-digit APYs.

    Check out our guide on how to buy The Graph if you want to stake this crypto.

    A Word On Soft Staking

    Staking generally involves running a machine 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Since that can be challenging for small investors, many opt for exchange staking or the use of a specialist staking-as-a-service provider.

    While so-called soft staking provides an easy entry to staking and alleviate any of the technicalities of staking cryptocurrency, fees will eat into your staking returns and there is always a risk of loss of funds as you are not holding the private keys to your assets. Third-party staking services, therefore, need to be used with care.

    Learn more:

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    How Does Earning Rewards On Coinbase Work

    Some protocols offer asset holders the ability to earn rewards via Proof of Stake, which means that you’re able to earn rewards just for holding a minimum balance. Rewards are calculated based on the amount of the cryptocurrency you hold in that particular wallet. Meaning, the more you hold of the cryptocurrency, the more Coinbase can stake on your behalf and the more potential rewards you receive.

    Rewards are also impacted by the frequency of blocks produced by that cryptocurrencys network. Coinbase helps connect eligible customers to those platforms to earn rewards from those protocols.

    Depending on the asset, you may be required to accept specific terms or opt in to staking.

    Things to keep in mind

    Crypto Staking Guide For Beginners

    How to EARN up to 14.5% ROI Staking on

    Disclaimer: This article constitutes the authors opinions and should not be interpreted as financial advice in any way.

    Cryptocurrency staking is a booming new investment field that has taken the world by storm since 2021. But what is crypto staking, how is it done and why should you or should you not invest?

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    What Is Cryptocom Soft Staking Soft Staking is another way to earn rewards simply by holding a balance in your Exchange wallet.

    Note: The Exchange wallet is different from your App wallet. For free and instant transfer of funds from your App to your Exchange wallet, please follow these steps. How to deposit cryptocurrency to my Exchange wallet .

    What Does It Mean To Stake Cryptocurrency

    Cryptocurrency staking involves pledging specic cryptocurrency to verify transactions on the blockchain. In exchange, users receive a particular amount of cryptocurrency tokens. So, you commit your crypto to the blockchain to be rewarded for validating transactions. Instead of just receiving tokens from transaction fees, users also receive tokens from the network itself.

    Crypto staking is typically done through a node a computer connected to the network that helps process and verify transactions. Staking helps keep the network running smoothly and prevents fraud and errors. In return for providing this service, nodes earn rewards for each transaction they help verify and add to the blockchain.

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    How Does Cryptocurrency Staking Work

    The staking process allows PoS blockchain to run continuously. It works by having validators lock up their coins in order to be randomly chosen by the system to produce a block. The larger the staked amount, the higher the chances of a staker being chosen for the next block, as well be given a block reward.

    Lets take Ethereum staking as an example.

    The minimum staking amount required for an Ethereum node is 32 ETH. If Bob stakes 32 ETH while Alice stakes 64 ETH, Alice has twice as much chance to be chosen as the next block validator than Bob. But this doesnt mean Bob cant be chosen since the system selects randomly. And both Alice and Bob are essential for the network to run smoothly and fairly. Therefore, they need to be adequately incentivized via block rewards in the form of the protocols native token.

    Which Cryptocurrencies Allow Staking

    Staking Crypto Explained

    A number of popular cryptocurrencies now include staking. If a cryptocurrency is linked to a proof-of-stake blockchain, which uses the above incentive mechanism, it may be eligible for staking.

    However, staking works differently from blockchain to blockchain, and certain crypto assets are more likely to be supported by the staking features on popular cryptocurrency exchanges, which can make the process easier to navigate.

    Currently, Coinbase, the largest crypto exchange in the U.S., automatically turns on staking for most people holding algo on its platform. Coinbase says this can earn users a 4% annual percentage yield.

    The biggest crypto asset that supports staking is ether, or ETH, which is the native token of the Ethereum network and the second largest crypto asset by market capitalization.

    Some other major cryptocurrency networks that support staking include Solana and Cardano.

    There are many cryptocurrencies that do not support staking.

    Bitcoin, by far the most valuable cryptocurrency, uses a different method of validating transactions. Its called proof-of-work, and it is an energy-intensive process that requires users to expend massive computational effort before they can submit a new block and reap the potential rewards.

    Some exchanges and other financial firms, however, offer clients the ability to lend out their cryptocurrencies, which allows participants to earn interest on bitcoin and other digital assets without staking.

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