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How High Will Bitcoin Go

The History Of Bitcoin Price Action

How high will Bitcoin go? | Inside Story

Bitcoin price today is trading at around $31,000, but given how volatile the asset is and its propensity to go on parabolic runs, Bitcoin price tomorrow could double from here or correct by another 80%.

Bitcoin started off its life virtually worthless, with a value of far less than a penny when the Bitcoin Core client code was released into the wild. Years later, it began trading at over $1,000 and started to be considered as a serious financial asset with long term potential.

In 2017, Bitcoin potential took the world by storm, as many became rich beyond their wildest dreams once Bitcoin reached its now former all-time high of $20,000 per BTC coin. Mainstream media ran BTC news story after story, causing retail investors to rush into buying the asset.

But once 2018 hit, a major Bitcoin trend change occurred, and the price started going down. Due to how volatile Bitcoin is, market price retraced as much as 80% down to $3,000 where it eventually bottomed, leaving many wondering will Bitcoin go up in value ever again? Others knew Bitcoin will rise again, and opened long positions at the bear market bottom.

At the start of 2019, Bitcoin growth returned once again, and a powerful rally took Bitcoin price back out of the bear market lows, and above $10,000 to $14,000 before falling back down to $6,500.

Max Keiser’s Bitcoin Price Predictions

American broadcaster Max Keiser recently made a Bitcoin price prediction for 2020 in his regular financial analysis show The Keiser Report on RT. Much like Tim Draper’s forecast, Keiser predicted that BTC’s value would go up during and after the coronavirus market crisis, and as we saw, Bitcoin’s price did exactly that.

Back in July, Max was asked for his Bitcoin price prediction. He claimed that BTC’s price would pump up 40x, and at the time, Bitcoin was trading around $50,000.

I predict â and this is not only the ultimate use case but the ultimate irony â that once people realise that they cannot get gold, they’ll start flocking en masse into Bitcoin

According to Keiser, a run on gold by the rich will leave Bitcoin as the most viable haven for many.

In one interview, Keiser quadrupled his BTC price forecast, claiming that the first cryptocurrency would surge to $400K.

I am officially raising my target for Bitcoin â and I first made this prediction when it was $1, I said this could go to $100,000 â I’m raising my official target for the first time in eight years, I’m raising it to $400,000

Will Bitcoin Crash Again

If more countries create regulations/laws for cryptocurrency, more bad news will be published. This means we may see Bitcoin crashing again. Countries such as South Korea, Japan, China, France, and the United States all want to create new regulations.

Even though they want to create new regulations, we must remember that:

  • This could take a long time.

  • It might not affect the price of Bitcoin.

  • Until then, the most popular Bitcoin projection is that it will continue to rise.

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    Bitcoin Price Prediction 2022

    Bitcoin price is expected to trade with bullish momentum and head towards $140,00 towards the end of 2022. As per the Bitcoin price prediction 2022, the price of Bitcoin might trade above $124,023.47 by the end of the year. The predicted high for 2022 might be around $310,000, and on the downside, the low might range from $81,611.26 to $69,644.413.

    The 2017 Bitcoin Rush

    How high will Bitcoin go?

    Until 2021, Bitcoins value reached its highest point in January 2017 when it hit $19,498.63. At this point, Bitcoin was one of the most talked about things in the media. Everyone you knew mothers, grandparents, school teachers, and doctors were all asking how high will Bitcoin go?. “Bitcoin price” and “Bitcoin price” predictions were two of the biggest trends on Twitter!

    This media attention, or hype, caused Bitcoins price to increase more than it ever had before. It went way, way up. It was crazy! News reporters and financial analysts all made their Bitcoin predictions which made the public interested. More and more people were trying to buy Bitcoin and so the price increased.

    Soon after that, Bitcoin Bitcoin’s price crashed.

    Quick note: ATH means All-Time High. It is the highest the price has ever been.

    The question when will Bitcoin crash? had finally been answered. When Bitcoin price prediction started to become smaller and smaller, millions of people were selling their Bitcoin and the price fell to under $10,000.

    That’s a significant crash!

    It took some time, however, Bitcoin managed to get back up again and in January 2021, its price increased significantly and reached its all-time high of $41,940.

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    What Will Be Bitcoin Worth In 2030

    There is no definitive answer to such a question. According to different price prediction services, Satoshis coin might gain an all-time-high next year. Consequently, the price will grow and meet the downtrend occasionally. There is a possibility that the price in 2030 will be over $30,000 per coin.

    Bitcoin Price Prediction 2050

    When making long-term predictions far into the future, the fact is that nobody truly has any idea what will happen. There are way too many variables that can come into play to have concrete answers of any kind. The market could crash, Bitcoin could cease to be or the world may end. Who knows, right? So what can we say with confidence?

    There are two possibilities that seem likely. The first is that governments the world over will pass laws and regulations that will put a stranglehold on the power and value of Bitcoin. As the situation stands, Bitcoin operates in a legal grey area, which could change any day. This could lead to the value of a single coin tapering off to the double or triple digits. We could return to the times when a coin was worth $10 or $100, maximum.

    The other possibility is the widespread acceptance and regularisation of Bitcoin the world over. This is much more likely as things stand today, and if it happens, the value of BTC could easily shatter all ceilings and raise the price to millions of dollars. The market cap would shoot to trillions of dollars.

    The only constant in life is change, and that adage seems like it was made for the crypto business. We’ll only know what happens when it happens, and the only thing that we can do is to be optimistic about the Bitcoin price prediction for 2050.

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    What Is A Bitcoin

    Bitcoin was created by Satoshi Nakamoto, the name of the person or persons who developed the worlds first cryptocurrency and authored its famous white paper.

    At launch, it was designed to be the first decentralized, peer-to-peer electronic payment system. But since it has gained popularity, it has also grown to be considered a store of wealth or digital gold. This is thanks mainly because there is a concrete limit on how many Bitcoins there could ever be in circulation.

    Crypto Price Prediction: Bitcoin Forecast To Hit $5 Million As Price Soars Through 2021


      Bitcoin has rocketed through October, climbing as hype surrounding the first U.S. bitcoin futures exchange-traded fund and fresh inflation fears galvanize investors.

      The bitcoin price has added around 40% since this time last month, earlier this week hitting an all-time high of around $67,000$2,000 per bitcoin higher than its April peak.

      Now, a panel of 50 bitcoin and cryptocurrency experts has predicted the bitcoin price will continue to climb through 2021, hitting highs of around $80,000, before surging to $250,000 by 2025 and a staggering $5 million per bitcoin by 2030.

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      The bitcoin price has doubled since January and bullish traders have predicted it will continue to … climb.


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      Where To Buy Bitcoin

      There are plenty of exchanges where you can start investing in Bitcoin today. Depending on who you are as an investor, some exchanges may be better suited for you. Robinhood and Webull offer a great way to invest in stocks and crypto all in one place, but their cryptocurrency services are much more limited than dedicated crypto exchanges.

      For most investors, the best option is to use a dedicated cryptocurrency exchange. These exchanges will give you full access to your crypto, so you can send it between wallets as you see fit. Plus, many cryptocurrency exchanges offer rewards for using their platform. For example, Coinbase pays you in cryptocurrency to learn about blockchain technology. Listen to a few short videos and youll get some crypto credited to your account in a matter of minutes.

      Bitcoin Bull Run Of 2020

      Following several years in a bear market, Bitcoin emerged from the ashes of the global market crash instigated by the pandemic. From trading at $5,000 in March, the cryptocurrency underwent a halving in May and steadily progressed to a new high on 30 November. It didnt stop there. After a month of hitting new highs, it eventually established the latest all time high record sitting at $41,941.56 on 8 January. The year saw many big moments for the cryptocurrency . After the halving and a large influx of institutional investments, the adoption rates increased considerably and many new investors entered the market. Some used Bitcoin to hedge against macroeconomic risks and inflation, while others looked to it as a valuable store of money, akin to or better than gold.

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      Blockchain Capital Partner Spencer Bogarts Bitcoin Price Prediction How High Will Bitcoin Go

      Other analysts have made Bitcoin price projections in 2021 that says it will increase to more than $50,000. Blockchain Capital partner, Spencer Bogarts predictions on Bitcoin is exactly that. This prediction seems to be one of the most realistic ones because Bitcoin’s price already managed to reach almost $42,000 in January of 2021.

      He said the increase would be due to big investments being made by large companies and investment banks. Mr. Bogart believes banks have seen how much money people are making with Bitcoin and do not want to miss out.


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      Bitcoin Crash In March 2020

      How High Will Bitcoin Go: Get The Latest Bitcoin News

      2020 started with bad news. From February to March, Bitcoin fell from over $10,000 to below $4,000. However, the crash wasnt just in the crypto market. It was a full-on economic recession because of the COVID pandemic. For example, the AEX closed with the largest drop since 1987, a drop of more than 10%.

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      Bitcoin Price To $135k Within Weeks Says Proven Analyst

      A former institutional investor with 25 years experience in financial markets says Bitcoin will rocket to $135,000 by the end of 2021 before an eventual crash.

      The man, who goes by the pseudonym Plan B to protect his identity, uses a stock-to-flow prediction model, which has been remarkably accurate in the past.

      When Bitcoin plunged below $34,000 in June of this year he correctly predicted the price would rally to $63,000 by October.

      Bitcoin Worth $1 Million In 10 Years Time

      Lou Kerner, the Founder and Managing Partner of The Social Internet Fund, and Managing Partner of The Israel Syndicate on AngelList, shared his thoughts and research on this one. Based on this theory below, he states that Bitcoin is likely to reach a market cap of $18.5 trillion in the next 10 years.

      The atomic unit of a dollar is $0.01, with 100 of these making up $1. The atomic unit of BTC is a satoshi , and there are 100 million of them in 1 BTC. Kerner then speaks of a dollar sat which refers to 100 satoshis. According to him: If 100 of the atomic units of Bitcoin reaches parity with 100 of the atomic units of a dollar, then we have bitcoin $1 million. With 1 dsat worth $1, the entire market would be valued at $18.5 trillion .

      Comparing the growth to that of Apple, he states that Apple hit the $1 trillion market value in August 2018, 42 years after launching. This equates to $64.7 million in value created everyday for 42 years. In just over two years the company gained another $1 trillion market value. This therefore equates to $1.3 billion in value creation everyday for those 747 days. Since the market crashes in 2020 following the pandemic, Apple has still managed to average $4.7 billion in value creation everyday.

      If Bitcoin were to average the same, it would hit a market cap of $18.5 trillion in 2031. That would require a 36% growth rate per year for the next 10 years, challenging but not inconceivable.

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      Anthony Pompalinos Bitcoin Price Prediction

      In a letter to investors in October 2020, well-renowned Bitcoiner and Morgan Creek Digital Assets co-founder Anthony Pompalino has outlined why he thinks Bitcoin could reach $225,000 by the end of 2021. However, he says the ascent is bound to be a bumpy one:

      My base case is approximately 10x to $100,000 and the bull case is around $250,000 per Bitcoin.

      The asset is volatile, and it wont be a straight line up. There will be many 15-30% drawdowns along the way, but I remain convicted that these price levels are attainable in the next 15 months.

      The prediction comes with plenty of reason, noting that the available supply is actually much smaller than people realize, whereas demand for Bitcoin is beginning to skyrocket.

      He also goes on to cite the Federal Reserve cutting interest rates to virtually zero for the foreseeable future, quantitative easing in the form of COVID-19 stimulus packages and Wall Street beginning to jump on board with digital assets.

      Pompalino believes a strong trend is emerging where large corporations are putting cash reserves into Bitcoin, citing Microstrategys $425 million Bitcoin purchase, as well as Squares $50 million investment.

      Why Is Bitcoin Up Today

      How High Will Bitcoin Go?

      Bitcoins bullish price rise to near $70,000 in value comes as investors hope to see the $1 trillion market cap remain firmly in place ahead of a volatile trading period.

      Despite the flurry of activity and popularity around emerging alt and meme coins like Shiba Inu coin, market analysts have said that fears over rising inflation are seeing traders shore up support in Bitcoin and major cryptocurrencies.

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      Tone Vays’ Bitcoin Price Predictions

      Cryptocurrency trader Tone Vays provides almost daily Bitcoin price predictions on Twitter and isn’t afraid to criticise the economic orthodoxy from Forbes and the mainstream media.

      Vays has also slammed Tim Draper’s predictions as “irresponsible”. But Vays’ future Bitcoin price predictions are optimistic. He forecasts that Bitcoin could reach $100,000 in 2022.

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      Bitcoin Price Predictions For 2021

      Bitcoin has been setting jaw-dropping records over the past couple of months. 2021 has been an amazing year for Bitcoin, and many experts are already predicting what the future will bring for this cryptocurrency.

      If the current price is at $64 630.87, what is the Bitcoin future value?

      Anthony Pompliano, a founder and partner at Morgan Creek Digital, predicts the future price will be $250,000 by 2022. Lets see if other sources share the same outlook.

      Bitcoin Price Prediction 2018

      How High Will Bitcoin, ETH and LTC Go? Price Analysis ...

      After 2017, 2018 was a year of correction. Anyone making a Bitcoin price prediction for December 2018 had to take into account that there would be a backlash after the initial rush to buy Bitcoin.

      The cryptocurrency began to attract criticism, and there was discussion about regulation or bans by governments. The bear market drove down the price of Bitcoin in 2018 to $3,200 by mid-December.

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      Will The Price Of Bitcoin Continue To Rise

      At the moment it is not possible to say for sure, although some point out that with the likely launches of new ETFs, it is possible that yes, the valuation of the most popular cryptocurrency of all will continue to rise.

      There are experts who claim that bitcoin could become one of the most valuable assets in the world and could even exceed 144,000 euros before the end of the year. Others, such as Tom Lee, founder of Fundstrat Global Advisors, say it will be around 85,000 euros by the end of 2021. It is still quite a high amount.

      Those who buy and sell Bitcoins have to be attentive to the evolution of the market. Getting it right with such a highly volatile asset is sometimes tricky and you have to use numerous charts and take into account all sorts of variables such as government decisions to try to get the timing right.

      Some people recommend waiting and seeing what happens, while others like Ivory Johnson, founder of Delancey Wealth Management say its time to jump in before the cryptocurrency continues to rise further.

      Be that as it may, the most advisable thing to do is prudence, devote to investment only an amount you can afford to lose and also look for the best allies to help in the investment process, as we have seen with the aforementioned app. Anyone can take advantage of the benefits of trading without having financial knowledge, it is only a matter of being well advised.

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