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How Long Does Bitcoin Take To Send

Send Via Paper Wallet/blockchain

How Long does it take to send Bitcoin

Sending bitcoin via blockchain is similar to using an exchange or online wallet, requiring you to use a software wallet. This option is best for those with a paper wallet, holding your public and private keys.

How do I transfer bitcoin to another person via blockchain? You will need an internet connection, a software wallet, and some time.

First, import or sweep your private key from your paper wallet onto a software wallet, from there you will be able to send bitcoin to the public key wallet of your choice.

Your sent bitcoins will be broadcasted to the network as a new transaction, once the transaction is added to the blockchain your funds will be sent. It is a little bit more complicated, and can vary depending on your software wallet of choice, but is the preferred method for some.

Bitcoin Price Is Volatile

The price of a bitcoin can unpredictably increase or decrease over a short period of time due to its young economy, novel nature, and sometimes illiquid markets. Consequently, keeping your savings with Bitcoin is not recommended at this point. Bitcoin should be seen like a high risk asset, and you should never store money that you cannot afford to lose with Bitcoin. If you receive payments with Bitcoin, many service providers can convert them to your local currency.

What Determines Bitcoin Transaction Speed Or Bitcoin Transfer Time

The speed of Bitcoin transactions depends on many factors and out of those, these two factors are very critical to BTC transfer time:

The congestion or load of Bitcoins blockchain can be seen in real-time by monitoring the mempool. At the time of writing these many unconfirmed transactions are present on the network.

But needless to say, more the number of unconfirmed transactions the more time blockchain will take to confirm them.

After all, we have limited space and limited throughput on the chain as it can only include 1 MB worth of transactions every 10 minutes.

And due to Bitcoins design, only one miner can add a block every 10 minutes, no matter how much mining hash power he/she has.

Moreover, miners are bound to act in a way that incentivizes them the most and in case of mining these miners prefer to take those transactions first that have more transaction fees attached to it.

If you dont know:

Miners receive 12.5 BTC plus the X amount of Block mining fee for their mining work. And if you see, here that 12.5 BTC reward is fixed for all the miners, but X amount of block mining fees varies.

So the higher the X amount, the higher the income/reward for miners to mine a successful block.

I know you are thinking, how block mining fee is related to your transaction not getting picked from the mempool?

Well, for that lets understand, block mining fee first,

What would you do?

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Do I Seriously Need To Wait 20 Days To Send Btc

Pardon me if you guys see this type of complaint on the regular.

I was trying to purchase something online from a site that only accepts BTC . I bought roughly $37 worth of BTC. To place the order, I need to send an exact amount to the sites BTC address. To my dismay, Coinbase is telling me my funds won’t be available to send for another 20 days . I did the photo ID verification, I used my bank account instead of debit, etc.

It says I have approx. $39 worth of BTC in my wallet but I have ‘$0.00 available to send’. Then it says I have roughly $37 on hold for 19 days.

Is this common? Do I seriously not have BTC to send for 20 days? I was already feeling sketchy about using Coinbase but now I’m a bit furious, and I can’t imagine how I’d feel if I bought thousands of dollars worth, like so many people do.

Asking you guys for help/advice. At this point I want to just sell my BTC and forget I even tried this nonsense. Thanks to all.

How Long Does A Bitcoin Transaction Confirmation Take

How Long Does It Take To Send Bitcoin

A Bitcoin transaction often goes through several confirmations on the blockchain before it is fully cleared. That’s because there’s a risk that unconfirmed transactions could be reversed, or the cryptocurrency could be spent twice. A confirmation takes place whenever a new block is created.

If you’re transferring a big amount of cryptocurrency to a company, some will require as many as six confirmations. How long would this transaction for the transfer take to confirm? About an hour.

Remember, each time you send a transaction, you are making a transfer and you need to wait until the transfer is confirmed by the miners.

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What Is Bitcoin Confirmation Time

Confirmation time is defined as the time it takes a blockchain transaction submitted to the network is finally recorded as a confirmed block.

In other words, it represents the total time a user has to wait until their transaction gets collected and confirmed by a miner node.

Depending on the type of blockchain and network architecture, this time can be reduced by offering a higher transaction fee, so miners will give it a higher priority.

More Time More Security

The longer your transaction on the blockchain, the safer your transaction. In the bitcoin world, it is generally assumed that a transaction is after six confirmations safe. With six confirmations, the block where your transaction is processed is no longer the last or newest block. Five new blocks have now been added to the blockchain.

Keeping in mind that on average every ten minutes a block is added, that is after about one hour.After every added transaction block, it becomes more and more difficult to hack the blockchain. How is that? Each transaction block contains a bit of information from the previous block. The more blocks there are, the more difficult it becomes to ‘go back’ in the blockchain.

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How Many Bitcoin Confirmations Are Enough On A Transaction

Generally speaking, 6 confirmations are recommended and that many considered enough to make sure a Bitcoin transaction is successful.

This 6 confirmation limit is even advised by Satoshi Nakamoto- the creator of Bitcoin because after six confirmations the receiver can be sure that the bitcoins he/she has received arent double-spent.

But as we know that a Bitcoin confirmation will minimum take 10 minutes and hence for six confirmations one needs to wait atleast 60 minutes

But this is an ideal scenario that is often different from reality because there are enough chances that your transaction will not be included in the very next block.

Here is the median time for a transaction to be accepted into a mined block and added to the public ledger .

Here is the overall average confirmation time on Bitcoins blockchain:

Also, these confirmations are nothing but the number of blocks added after your transaction is included on the chain and first confirmation means your transaction is included in the most recent block mined.

And as the blocks are found after the recently mined block, the confirmation count for your transaction will keep on increasing to 6 confirmations or more. Check this transaction now and you will able to see more than 6 confirmations on it: 3230b0b9c0bd5cd196cc23b1e5bf4b41604b31e04bc9d9f5071cfa8117ba70a9

Some Things You Need To Know

How to Send Bitcoin from Coinbase [2020]

If you’re getting started with Bitcoin, there are a few things you should know. Bitcoin lets you exchange money and transact in a different way than you normally do. As such, you should take time to inform yourself before using Bitcoin for any serious transaction. Bitcoin should be treated with the same care as your regular wallet, or even more in some cases!

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Send Crypto And Receive Crypto

A cryptocurrency wallet will have at least one private key and public key pair. The private key proves ownership of your funds and gives you the ability to spend the funds associated with your public address. Therefore, it must be kept secret. Your public key allows you to receive cryptocurrency transactions. Its a cryptographic code thats paired to a private key. While anyone can send transactions to the public key, you need the private key to unlock them and prove that you are the owner of the cryptocurrency received. The public address that can receive transactions is usually a hashed form of your public key. Therefore, you can freely share your public address without worry.

How Long Does A Purchase Or Deposit Take To Complete

Coinbase generally makes your funds available in your account as soon as payments clear. Since Coinbase partners with various payment service providers in different geographic regions, the timing will vary according to your location and payment method used.You can see the delivery time of your orders at any time by clicking on the specific order on your history page.

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How Long Does A Bitcoin Transaction Takes

Long story short, a Bitcoin transaction can take anywhere from 1 minute to 60 minutes or even a day or two to get confirmed.

You think Im exaggerating? Read on.

But before knowing that, it is imperative to understand what factors affect the transaction time of Bitcoin. And there are primarily two factors, namely:

  • Load on Bitcoins network
  • Transaction fee attached to a BTC transaction

The load on the network refers to the number of transactions that the Bitcoin blockchain processes in a day. Needless to state, higher the number of transactions, more the time to process each of them. This is so because there is only a limited number of miners and only a limited number of transactions can be processed in 1 Mb block size of Bitcoin.

Furthermore, the fee decides which transaction gets the priority in the 1 Mb block, and miners prioritize transactions with higher fees attached to them. This delay can theoretically be indefinite because if your transaction fee is very less then chances are your transaction will be picked at last. And most of the delay happens due to this only.

Fun fact: In December 2017, the Bitcoin transaction fees reached $40-$50, leaving transactions with low fees such as $1-$10 stranded.

Pelicoin Atms Are The Safest Bitcoin Atms Around

How Long Does It Take To Send Bitcoin

As weve seen, it can be difficult to give an easy answer when asked, How long does a Bitcoin ATM take to process my transaction? But it is easy to give an answer to, Where can I find a highly secure Bitcoin ATM? That answer is Pelicoin.

As the largest and safest network of cryptocurrency ATMs in the entire Gulf South, Pelicoin is the ATM system to use for all your Bitcoin needs. Pelicoin makes using Bitcoin ATMs as easy as can be, even if its your first time buying Bitcoin or creating a digital wallet.

To learn more about Bitcoin processing times, our secure network of ATMs, and other facts about our ATMs or cryptocurrency, check out our FAQs or give us a call at 855-PELICOIN.

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How Long Does A Bitcoin Transaction Take

Asking how long a Bitcoin transaction takes is like asking how large is a car? There are a lot of different answers.

Before going into different scenarios for transaction speeds, Bitcoin transactions generally take anywhere from 10 minutes to 1 hour. The reason for the range in time is that different situations require different amounts of confirmations for a transaction.


Are Bitcoin transactions instant?

A zero-confirmation transaction occurs when a merchant accepts payment as soon as the transaction is broadcast to the network. This can happen in as little as five or ten seconds.

The problem is that zero-confirmation transactions are insecure and can make the merchant vulnerable to a double spend. Thus not many people accept zero-confirmation transactions even though theyâre very fast.


For the most part merchants require at least two confirmations. How long does it take to confirm a Bitcoin transaction? Well, each confirmation is equivalent to the Bitcoin transaction being included in one block , and each block takes about 10 minutes.

So two confirmations equal approximately 20 minutes.


Bitcoin exchanges that allow you to buy and sell BTC typically require even more confirmations. For example, Kraken requires six confirmations on a BTC deposit . Coinbase also requires six confirmations.

Get more insider crypto knowledge from the worldâs leading crypto wallet.

How Long Does A Bitcoin Transaction Take And Why

    CoinSutra»Bitcoin»How Long Does A Bitcoin Transaction Take And Why?

    Have your Bitcoin transactions ever got stuck which has made you wait for hours for your bitcoins to arrive in the wallet? Also, have you wondered why it takes more than 10 minutes in receiving your BTC?

    Weve all been there, but how many of us have tried to find an answer to it?

    In this post, Ill walk you through the whole thing, so you get a better understanding of how long does it take to transfer bitcoins between wallets and why.

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    How To Send Bitcoin Faster

    There are a couple ways that you can speed up the time it takes to send bitcoin. The most common method is to pay a higher transaction fee so that miners will prioritize your transaction. It can be helpful to choose a bitcoin wallet that lets you set the transaction fee, so you can spend more on a fast transaction, or less if you are not in a hurry. By default, most wallets make you pay a high transaction fee to make the transaction confirm faster.

    Another way to make faster bitcoin payments is by using the lightning network, which is a separate payment network built on top of bitcoin, in the same way that web pages are built on top of the internet. The lightning network uses the bitcoin currency but has its own set of rules that are different than the ones used by the bitcoin network. This allows payments to be made almost instantly and with nearly zero fees.

    How To Validate Bitcoin Transactions

    How To Send And Receive Bitcoin With Coinbase
  • How to track Bitcoin transactions
  • If you own cryptocurrency and youre looking to either spend it, send it to your crypto wallet or convert it to a different exchange, youll first need to know a transaction is verified on theblockchain. A blockchain exists as a digitaldistributed ledger that contains every single cryptocurrency transaction. Blockchains are what make cryptocurrencies secure and trustworthy, as they make every transaction available to view by the public. Every cryptocurrency transaction must be confirmed on the blockchain before any crypto changes hands.

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    Your Transaction Fee Was Set Too Low

    A rookie mistake that most of us have made, is to set your transaction fee at the bare minimum. This can have varying results, as can be seen in this entertaining debate above between Bitcoin Jesus Roger Ver and Tony Vays. Its a fact though that the higher you set your transaction fee limit, the faster your transmitted funds will touch down at destination Received.

    If your transaction is dragging on forever and you feel you might have made a mistake taking the under on your fees, you might want to consider canceling the transaction and bumping up the juice a bit.

    Bitcoin Transfer Confirmation Time

    The average confirmation time for a BTC transfer between wallets isnt more than 10 minutes.

    However, Bitcoin transaction times can vary wildly. But its never fun when a typical transaction takes more than 24 hours to confirm.

    Transactions needs to be approved by the network, and the Bitcoin community has set a standard of 6 confirmations for a transfer to be considered as complete.

    The more transactions that the network needs to process, the longer time each transaction takes.

    This is because there are only a finite number of miners to process each block and there are a finite number of transactions that can be included in a block.

    Miners on the network prioritize transactions by the fee that they receive as incentive for confirming them.

    Therefore, if you pay a higher fee, a miner is more likely to process your transfer which decreases the transaction time.

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    How Long Do Bitcoin Atm Transactions Take

    For new customers, Bitcoin ATM transactions can take up to 5 minutes. For returning customers, ATM and Teller Window transactions can take less than 1 minute. Once your transaction is complete, your Bitcoin will arrive in your wallet within 15 minutes of your purchase. If your Bitcoin is not delivered within 15 minutes of your purchase:

  • Refresh your wallet application or browser! If you are using a wallet app on a mobile device or desktop, close the application and relaunch it.
  • Some digital currency wallets don’t show transactions until they are confirmed on the blockchain, so even though we send your Bitcoin immediately, you may not see it right away. Check your transaction on or Use your Bitcoin wallet address to search for your transaction.
  • Bitcoin transactions under $300 get batched together into blocks, which can sometimes take about 45 minutes to be reflected in your wallet.
  • Current Amount of Network Traffic on the Blockchainblocksblock,broadcastsconfirmedCurrent Fee for Blockchain TransactionsWhy was 10 Minutes Picked as the Block TimeWhat is the Mempool?memory pool,mining fees

    How To Transfer Bitcoin From Coinbase To Kraken

    How Long To Send Bitcoin â UnBrick.ID
    • On your Kraken dashboard, click on funding. This will bring you to a page that features all of the cryptocurrencies available on the exchange. They will all be conveniently listed on the left side of the page.
    • Navigate down to Bitcoin and click on it. Scroll down the page to find your Bitcoin deposit address. If no address initially appears, click generate new address.
    • Highlight and copy this address and return to your Coinbase account. Paste this address into the recipient bar, add the amount of Bitcoin you want to transfer, continue, and confirm the transaction.

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