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How Many Bitcoins Are Lost

Common Ways Crypto Traders Lose Access To Their Coins

I Lost $54,932 Trading Bitcoin. Here’s What I Learned.

Cryptocurrency has grown immensely popular over the last few years, and its a trendy trading vehicle for many young people who are new to investing. A recent Bankrate survey revealed that nearly half of millennial Americans were at least somewhat comfortable with owning cryptocurrencies. But regardless of age, crypto traders may be unfamiliar with the different ways these digital assets can be held, meaning they could lock themselves out of their account.

Cryptocurrency owners can lose access to their assets in a variety of ways, and here are some of the biggest.

Can Lost Bitcoin Ever Be Recovered

Unfortunately, the same cryptographic features that make bitcoin and other cryptos so attractive as a secure investment also makes it easy to lose. If you lose your private keys and seed phrase, your bitcoin supply is likely lost forever. The odds of it being recovered and matched to you, especially in the early years, is slim.

Without these keys, its impossible to recover these keys using modern technology. Perhaps the proliferation of quantum computing will change this, and a growing industry of crypto forensics is growing to help recover these lost funds.

People have tried everything from hypnotherapy to hiring hackers to recover their lost bitcoin caches. Savvy blockchain techs monitor the digital ledger for lost funds, and in the cases of crypto thefts, addresses are marked so that law enforcement can track the stolen funds.

Still, if you lose your crypto, you may be out of luck, especially if youre holding them in a self-custodial wallet. Even hosting your own Ethereum 2.0 node has risks of loss. So, how do you protect yourself?

Billions Of Dollars Worth Of Bitcoins Are In Limbo

Zombie coins are those with addresses that have not had any outgoing transactions for years yet could theoretically still be accessed. One such address is associated with the infamous Mt. Gox hack. This address has been holding 79,957 bitcoin since 2011, and no one knows for sure if those coins will ever re-enter circulation. It stands to reason that the owner may be deceased or have lost access to their wallet. At todays bitcoin price, the current holdings of this wallet address are worth more than $4.8 billion USD.

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Stats On Bitcoin And The Number Of Transactions Show 400000 Btc Were Processed On A Single Day In January 2021

This was the record number of daily transactions since December 2020 when there were about 330,000 bitcoin transactions daily.

Compared to other cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin had more daily transactions over the same period. Ethereum was the only crypto that had more transactions 1.1 million per day.

And The Networks Core Principles Are Invaluable

How Many Bitcoins Are There in 2020? [All You Need To Know]

The New Yorker recently published a profile about early bitcoin user James Howells, who mined about 7,500 BTC using his gaming computer in 2009, only to discard the hard drive storing his private keys while cleaning his home office. That trove, worth today approximately $383 million, is likely sitting in a dump in Newport, Wales.

Howells thinks he has a decent chance of recovering the hard drive. Hes worked to raise £5 million to finance an excavation. That project would dig up and sort through 40,000 tons of household waste, buried for nearly a decade. But the Newport government thinks its too dangerous and isnt worth the cost.

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The story is familiar enough: There are plenty of tragic tales about people throwing out their old computers, forgetting passwords or getting hacked. Sometimes people regret spending bitcoin too soon. One South Carolina hypnotist even markets services around helping people recall forgotten private key pairs.

Sad though it may be for Howells, this is simply how bitcoin works. In creating a tamperproof, append-only distributed database, bitcoin founder Satoshi Nakamoto also created a monetary system that would be very hard to hack, censor or dismantle.

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Percent Of The Existing Bitcoin Is Considered Lost

According to Chainalysis, 20 percent of the roughly 18.5 million bitcoin in existence has not moved from its respective addresses in five years or more. It considers this 3.7 million bitcoin as lost.

And thats not too difficult to believe when you consider some of the stories circulating. For example, Stefan Thomas, a software developer who is heavily involved in the world of cryptocurrency, is missing a good chunk of coin. For years, he has been trying to figure out the password to his IronKey that holds 7,002 bitcoin .

Across the pond in the UK, IT worker James Howells has even tried digging up a landfill site to find his hard drive containing a digital wallet housing 7,500 bitcoins. He threw away the drive back in 2013 when the coins were essentially worthless.

What Happens If You Lost Your Private Key

A lost, misplaced or forgotten private key will result in all Bitcoin belonging to that key unspendable or usable. This could result in fortunes being lost just due to not remembering what an individuals private key may be.

However, there are digital key recovery services like Wallet Recovery Services that have seen success in locating their clients lost private keys. Services like these have seen a substantial increase in growth as Bitcoin has become a more popular transaction tool.

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How Many Bitcoins Have Been Lost

Many people in the crypto world are curious about the number of Bitcoins that have been mined and are lost. According to a recent study by Chainalysis, about 4 million bitcoins have been lost and cannot be recovered. These are no longer in circulation, but are included in the total number of coins that have been mined.

Only 14 million remain, of the more than 18 million BTC that have been mined. This includes coins that have been lost due to losing the private keys, the 1.1 million BTC of Satoshi and due to the death of a wallet owner.

What Happens When Bitcoin Is Lost

Is the bubble about to burst for Bitcoin? | Inside Story

Millions of Bitcoin have been lost over the years and have not moved addresses. The market is uncertain if these Bitcoin will re-enter circulation but this is not necessarily a bad thing. Some Bitcoin buyers will hold onto their cryptocurrency in different wallets for longer periods of time to see the increase in value of the remaining Bitcoin on the blockchain.

The higher volume of Bitcoin that are permanently taken out of the market circulation causes the rest on the available market to become more valuable. Bitcoin is infinitely divisible, although finite, which means that lost Bitcoin does not harm the network as a whole but empowers it. Lost Bitcoin makes everyone with current Bitcoin in their possession worth slightly more as the demand rises for new Bitcoin.

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How Do You Store Crypto Assets

There are several steps you need to take to protect your crypto investments. To do so, youll need to understand the basics of wallets. There are two types of wallets: hot and cold.

A hot wallet is connected to the network and can be used to easily buy, sell, and trade your crypto assets. A cold wallet is offline and can include hardware or paper wallets. Crypto is most often stolen from hot wallets but most often lost in cold wallets.

While experts overwhelmingly recommend against storing your crypto assets on an exchange, the rules have changed since that was sage advice. Modern crypto exchanges like Coinbase store the bulk of their assets on cold wallets, and the company carries crime insurance. So, the platform can repay customers.

In fact, a good chunk of the stolen funds from massive platform exploits have been returned to those affected . This creates a fair argument on either side of which is the most trustworthy you or the collective intelligence of corporations?

Keeping your keys secure and safe is thewellkey to protecting your access to your crypto. Backup your assets with cold steel and have a paper wallet in a safe thats not located on your computer or phone. Protect your crypto keys like they are your passwords but can never be reset.

Improper Storage Of Bitcoin

Bitcoins are frequently lost due to how people use and store them, for example, someone using a Bitcoin exchange. While an individual holds and stores their Bitcoin in an online exchange, the exchange gains propriety over the cryptocurrency. This is why a reputable exchange, like Independent Reserve, is extremely important when looking for somewhere to store Bitcoin in case of cyber attacks, hackers or dodgy exchanges stealing users assets.

Although cold wallets may seem like the better option due to the online risks of owning a hot wallet, a major contributor to users losing their Bitcoin is through misplaced cold wallets! If users are looking to have a physical, disconnected wallet of Bitcoin, ensure that it is kept safe and secure.

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How Wired Lost $100000 In Bitcoin

Back in 2013, when you could still mine bitcoins at home, WIRED was sent a small, sleek mining device manufactured by the now-defunct Butterfly Labs. We turned on the Roku-looking machine in our San Francisco offices and allowed it to do its job. A small fortune was soon amassed, now worth around $100,000. Then, we lost the money. Forever.

Here’s what happened to WIRED’s 13 Bitcoinsand to the millions of others that have faced the same fate.

Stefan Antonowicz, WIRED’s then-head of engineering, set up the miner. Robert McMillan, a former senior writer for WIRED , then wrote about it. “When we received that Butterfly miner, we had a new ethical question: What do you do with the proceeds of a review device that essentially prints money?” says McMillan.

First, it’s probably worth explaining how WIRED accrued its six-figure Bitcoin fortune. While fiat currencies, like the dollar, rely on banks and government regulators, Bitcoin runs on a peer-to-peer network monitored by an army of volunteer miners that run specialized software. Every 10 minutes, all the miners in the network race to solve a series of complex cryptographic math problems. The computers that win are awarded a slice of 12.5 new bitcoins. Usually, the fastest computers in the network solve the problems first.

It Takes 10 Minutes To Mine A Bitcoin

How Many Crypto Millionaires Are There? / Lost Passwords Lock ...

How to mine a bitcoin? To mine bitcoins, you need to verify blocks of bitcoin payments which you later add to a large public ledger. It might sound easy, but you cant do it on a regular PC. In fact, it takes roughly 1,000 computers to verify one block.

Next, the computers need to solve complex cryptographic puzzles to verify the transaction.

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Bitcoin Sent To Fraudulent Or Inaccessible Addresses

When sending bitcoin from one wallet to another, the user is asked for a string of 26 to 35 characters which serves as the recipients address. Most wallets are actually extremely robust when it comes to making sure that this alphanumeric string matches the public key of a cryptocurrency wallet that actually exists. In other words, sending Bitcoin to the wrong address due to a typo is exceedingly rare.

What is far more common, however, is sending bitcoin to the wrong wallet as a consequence of getting two addresses mixed up. A user might, for instance, send bitcoin to an address belonging to a fraudulent actor rather than the wallet address of a family member. They could also accidentally send bitcoin to a wallet they previously conducted business with rather than to the intended recipient of a new transaction. As long as someone has access to the receiving wallet, those coins should still remain in circulation.

Bitcoin can also be sent to burn addresses or wallets that people have lost access to. Since bitcoin is immutable, there is no way to undo these transactions. Burn addresses, in this context, are those which belong to wallets that are virtually impossible to spend coins from. Sending coins to these addresses is equivalent to putting money into a safe that no one will ever be able to open.

Lost And Stolen Crypto: The Bottom Line

Crypto can be lost or stolen, and its fair to estimate that 20 percent of all crypto is in lost wallets. Although it looks like a bank account balance, your crypto assets act very much like cash. That makes them secure and easy to trace, but theyre also easy to lose.

Be sure to backup all your crypto information on paper so that it cant be stolen online. Make copies of your backups too, because its very easy to lose your originals.

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How Much Bitcoin Is Lost Forever

How Much Bitcoin Is Lost Forever? If you scan the headlines, youll see a lot of large numbers being tossed around for lost bitcoin. Depending on the price of bitcoin compared to the U.S. Dollar, media outlets report anywhere from billions to tens of billions of bitcoins forever lost.

But are they forever lost, and just how accurate are these numbers?

Bitcoins price over the past decade has been everywhere from under $10 to over $60,000, and some analysts believe it will reach $100,000 before long. The late John McAfee had his own idea of the coin reaching $1 million, as in 2017.

We investigate how many bitcoins are lost forever, and how to protect your crypto assets.

Money Supply Replacement Theory


Nakamoto and Hearn explained that if 21 million coins were to be used by some fraction of the world economy0.001 BTC could be worth around 1. The prediction came true in 2013.

Although he compared Bitcoin to Euro in his email, some believed he may have had a much grander vision for bitcoin thats why he chose the 21 million maximum figure.

At the time bitcoin was created the entire worlds money supply was at $21 trillion. The figure was known as the M1 money supply, which is made up of the total value of all the physical money in the world including cash, coins, travelers checks and more.

If Satoshi aims for bitcoin to be the single world currency to replace the M1 figure then each BTC would be worth $1 million because there are 100 million satoshis in each Bitcoin. That would place the value of each satoshi at $0.01.

The numbers align so closely which is a remarkable coincidence if its not intentional.

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Why Is Bitcoin 21 Million Limit

There are originally 21 million bitcoins but nearly 90% have already been mined. The creator of bitcoin has not really explained why it chose the said figure. But many believed that with a limit, bitcoin has very little chance to ever lose its value in the future.

When something is scarce, theoretically, its value holds steady in the coming year. Its for that reason, bitcoin is called digital gold because theres only a certain amount of bitcoin in existence.

Normal currency only loses its value over time when the central authority keeps printing them without setting an upper limit. Thats probably the reason bitcoins upper cap was set to 21 million.

Nakamoto put a fixed supply limit to bitcoin to give it anti-inflammatory properties. An email shared by software developer Mike Hearn revealed that Nakamoto intended bitcoins unit prices to eventually align with the traditional fiat currency so that for instance 0.001 BTC would be worth 2 Euro.

I wanted to pick something that would make prices similar to existing currencies, but without knowing the future, thats very hard. I ended up picking something in the middle, Nakamoto said per The Next Web.

If Bitcoin remains a small niche, itll be worth less per unit than existing currencies. If you imagine it being used for some fraction of world commerce, then theres only going to be 21 million coins for the whole world, so it would be worth much more per unit, they added.

We Dont Help People Find Lost Bitcoin

In comments to The New York Times, Chainalysis said that user failures to create robust methods of password storage meant as much as $20 billion of Bitcoin is locked out of reach. The figure makes up the majority of lost cryptocurrency, it added, due to Bitcoin being around considerably longer than any altcoins before their value increased.

Maybe you could tell your readers that we dont help people find lost bitcoin, senior economist Kim Grauer told the publication.

Chainalysis reluctance to engage in detective work on behalf of Bitcoin holders comes as little surprise, with the FBI having accounted for almost $1 billion in recovery task revenue over the past two years.

Despite the various tools hackers or criminals use to increase anonymity in Bitcoin, the firm says it can still unearth at least one counterparty for 80% of all bitcoin transactions.

For the average user with mental block preventing access to Bitcoin holdings, however, various services exist to help some of which see surprisingly high success rates. US hypnotist Jason Miller told The Journal that around 50 percent of those who come to him requesting psychological assistance to remember a wallet password or hard drive location manage to remember it.

What do you think about the amount of Bitcoin locked up permanently? Let us know in the comments below!

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