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How To Buy Bitcoin With Debit Card

The Following Steps Will Get You Started:

How To Buy Bitcoins With Debit Card On Paxful No Verification 2020
  • When logged into your account, go to the Payment methods page
  • Select Add a Credit/Debit Card at the top of the page
  • Enter your card information
  • If needed, add a billing address for the card
  • You should now see a window that says and a Buy Digital Currency option
  • You can now buy digital currency using the Buy/Sell Digital Currency page anytime
  • What Are The Pros And Cons Of Buying Bitcoin With Debit Card

    Buying Bitcoin with a debit card has its own pros and cons. Lets look at some of the prominent ones below:


    • In terms of convenience, debit card transactions are right at the top with credit cards.
    • Debit cards are accepted by many cryptocurrency brokers and exchanges on the internet.
    • Debit card users receive additional protection in the form of disputes which can be opened for unauthorised transactions.
    • A debit card transaction is processed far quicker than other payment methods.


    • Debit card transactions cannot be anonymous.
    • A steep debit card convenience/processing fee may be charged by the crypto exchange/broker.
    • A debit card being an extension of your bank account is a risky mode of payment.

    Connect Your Debit Card To Buy Bitcoin Instantly

    Were very excited to make bitcoin purchases faster and easier. Today were launching a new Coinbase product to users in the United States: Buy bitcoin instantly with debit cards. Since there are over 5.2B debit cards in circulation, were confident this capability will make it significantly easier both for new users to get their first bitcoin, and for existing users to get bitcoin quickly.

    Note that we are launching this feature to 1% of U.S. customers today, and plan to roll it out slowly to 100% over the coming months. Users with this feature enabled can add a debit card by going to the payment methods page on, or through the payment method option under settings in our iOS and Android apps. Once a debit card has been added, users can then go to the buy page, and instantly buy bitcoin. If you dont yet have a Coinbase account, , and well notify you via email as soon as this product is available for you.

    Note: For our European users, Coinbase already offers the ability to buy bitcoin with debit/credit cards.

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    Buying Bitcoin Anonymously Using Debit Card

    As soon as you use a debit card to purchase a cryptocurrency, the anonymity aspect goes out of the window. This is because a debit card will inevitably leave a traceable record of your transaction. Moreover, a debit card is directly linked to your bank account and, therefore, there is no way that youd be able to keep your identity completely confidential when making such a purchase. Therefore, it would be fair to state that you cannot buy BTC anonymously with a debit card.

    Normally, anonymous Bitcoin purchases can be done only through Bitcoin ATMs or peer-to-peer exchanges where you can buy BTC with some payment method that cannot be traced back to you.

    How Do Bitcoin Debit Cards Work

    How to Buy Bitcoin Cash With a Debit Card in 2019

    Bitcoin debit cards are like prepaid credit cards. You can use them to make payments in person or online exactly like you would with any other credit card. You either enter your card details or swipe your card to make a payment, and merchants receive cash in their local currency. Many Bitcoin debit cards also allow you to take out cash from ATMs.

    The two methods for funding Bitcoin debit cards are:

  • Top up your card by selling Bitcoin to cash in lump sums. In this case, you spend the cash as you make purchases using the card.
  • Link your Bitcoin wallet to the card such that each time you make an online or in-store purchase, you’re effectively selling the required amount of bitcoin for cash.
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    Best Bitcoin Debit Cards Of 2022

    Investing in cryptocurrencies, Decentralized Finance , and other Initial Coin Offerings is highly risky and speculative, and the markets can be extremely volatile. Consult with a qualified professional before making any financial decisions. This article is not a recommendation by Investopedia or the writer to invest in cryptocurrencies nor can the accuracy or timeliness of the information be guaranteed.

    • Fees: 2.49% cryptocurrency liquidation fee
    • No. of Crypto Supported: 9
    • Rewards: 4% back

    Coinbase is our top overall choice for a Bitcoin debit card. It can be used anywhere Visa is accepted, supports up to nine different cryptocurrencies, and features robust security.

    • Can be used anywhere Visa is accepted

    • Pay using multiple cryptocurrency wallets

    • Multiple security features

    • Coinbase account required

    Founded in 2012, Coinbase is one of the most popular digital currency exchanges in the world. Its Coinbase Card lets cardholders spend their cryptocurrency anywhere Visa is accepted. Its support for multiple currencies, easy currency conversion, and top-notch security are why we chose it as the best bitcoin debit card overall.

    Capitalcom Buy Bitcoin With Debit Card On An Ai is a relatively new CFD and Forex broker in the market that already has more than a million registered users from 50 countries. It was founded in 2016 and has offices in London, Gibraltar, and Cyprus. Also, it is among the first brokers to incorporate AI technologies to provide its users with tips and ideas for trading. is strongly regulated by four tier-1 companies, including FCA, ASIC, CySEC, and the National Bank of the Republic of Belarus .

    As for its trading fees, the broker does not set commission fees, but there are rollover fees when the position is held open overnight. also charges tight spreads that are relatively low compared to other CFD brokers. Apart from debit cards, you can also use wire transfers, credit card, and many e-wallets to charge your account. At last, there are no inactivity fees on the platform, and the broker does not charge any annual management fees.


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    Safety And Security When Buying Bitcoin With Prepaid Cards

    As mentioned previously, when you buy bitcoin with a prepaid card, you provide less customer information to the platform where you are trading. In these terms, this method of buying cryptocurrencies is more secure than choosing a credit card or debit card option.

    One great advantage is that its not connected with your bank accounts, which is significant in two ways. Firstly, when you trade, you wont have the ability to take debts after you deplete the balance on your prepaid card account. Secondly, when a third party gets access to your card, they can only use the amount left on the card but wont access your accounts.

    However, when you trade with top brokers, its a very rare thing to be hacked. When recommending a brokerage account, security is one of the crucial factors we consider. We basically select brokers that use secure SSL protocols to keep your information safe and ensure your payment security.

    What Are The Differences Between Bitcoin And Debit Card

    Buy Bitcoins Using Prepaid Debit Card On Paxful Without Verification

    Its a fairly common practice among people all over the world to use their debit cards for buying goods and services on the Internet as well as offline. Many countries even have online retail portals where you can pay for goods and services with cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash etc. Its also common knowledge that while a debit card is an extension of fiat currency, Bitcoin is a digital currency based on a completely different concept. Lets understand in detail below.

    Its important to note that both Bitcoin and debit card transactions are covered by the financial laws of the country. In that respect, you will need to fulfil certain KYC requirements prior to making any purchase of goods/services with Bitcoin, on the internet or offline. On the other hand, debit cards are issued only after the completion of such KYC formalities at the account opening stage.

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    What Risks Are Involved When Buying Bitcoins With Credit Card

    First of all, make sure the company you’re buying for has a good reputation and is regulated. It’s possible that sketchy companies selling bitcoins may be collecting card information and could possibly use your information to make fraud purchases with your card.

    Some users have reported cash advanced fees, so be sure to understand how your CC company handles the purchase of bitcoins.

    What Crypto Platforms Accept Debit Card

    You can use your debit card on both brokerages and cryptocurrency exchanges. At the same time, ensure that these platforms have measures in place to protect your details while ensuring that the transactions are seamless.

    These are some of the platforms where you can buy Bitcoin with your debit card:

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    Best For Cashback: Blockfi

    • Fees: $0 annual fee, $0 foreign transaction fee
    • No. of Crypto Supported: 1
    • Rewards: 1.5% cashback, 3.5% cashback in the first 90 days

    BlockFi is a good choice for customers looking for a Bitcoin creditcard with generous cashback. The card earns a flat 1.5% cashback, plus 3.5% cashback in the first 3 months.

    • 3.5% cashback in the first three months

    • Only supports Bitcoin

    Cryptocurrency wealth management company BlockFi launched the first Visa Bitcoin credit card in July of 2021. Instead of drawing on cardholders Bitcoin holdings, the card offers 1.5% cashback per purchase in Bitcoin with bonus Bitcoin rewards making it our choice as the best for cashback.

    BlockFis card has a credit limit like any other credit card and can be used to make purchases wherever Visa is accepted. The card also offers 1.5% cashback on every transaction which is converted to Bitcoin and placed in the cardholders BlockFi account. This bonus increases to 3.5% for the first three months of card ownership up to a maximum of $100.

    BlockFi also offers a bunch of other nice bonuses, including 0.25% back in Bitcoin on eligible trades and $30 in Bitcoin for every client referral.

    Buying Bitcoin With Debit Card Directly

    How to Buy Bitcoin Without a Debit or Credit Card

    Amateur Bitcoin investors often fall for the myth that they can buy BTC off-the-shelf at some official Bitcoin website. This is far from the truth. In order to buy Bitcoin with a debit card, you will need to go through intermediaries like online crypto exchanges or broker websites. Furthermore, brokers are preferred over exchanges for such transactions as they are regulated and are bound to follow lawful practices. Simply put, buying Bitcoin with a debit card directly is not possible.

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    Deposit From Your Card To Spectrocoin:

    • Log in to your SpectroCoin account. If you are new to SpectroCoin â create a new account. Please note that your account should be fully verified to deposit using a card.
    • Now you can choose to deposit from a list of previously used cards that are saved to your deposit options.
    • If you donât have any saved cards you can add a new card by selecting “Deposit with a new cardâ and filling in all the necessary information on the deposit page.

    When adding a new card you can also check the box that says “Save card details for future deposits” if you wish to use this card at SpectroCoin in the future and press “Confirm”. If you save your card details for future deposits, there will be no need to re-enter your card credentials everytime, only your CVV and the amount will be required.

    If you wish to remove your saved card details, you can do so by clicking on the three dots at the top right corner of the deposit page, clicking on “Remove card”, and selecting which card you would like to remove. You will be able to re-add this card later.

    Note: the card that is used to deposit MUST be owned by the owner of the SpectroCoin account. You will not be able to deposit with someone elseâs card.

    Taxation On Bitcoin Earnings In The Us

    Bitcoin and other virtual currencies are classified as property by the US Internal Revenue Service. So, if you gain any capital in trading bitcoin, you need to inform the government about your gains and be appropriately taxed.

    Depending on how long you have held your BTC before you sell them and gain capital, you will pay different taxes. So, there can be long-term, and short-term capital gains where the percentage of earnings you must pay as taxes is different. For more information about how to inform your bitcoin rewards and how you will be taxed, we suggest you visit the IRS page.

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    Changellycom Best For Profitable Rates

    Changelly is a great choice if you want to find the best available rate for your currency and country. Changelly allows you to choose between several payment infrastructures. They are Moonpay, Banxa, Simplex, and Indacoin. You can compare them all and opt for the most profitable one. You see the TrustPilot rating of every service, fiat payment options, and the amount of crypto you will get, with all fees included. The number of available payment gateways depends on the country you selected.

    Changelly supports almost all countries and fiats, and works with most cryptocurrencies. However, you can face some transaction limits. For instance, US customers can buy crypto equal to no more than $50 for the first time. The next transaction is allowed only after four days it can not exceed $100. The third one has a limit of $500, but then all limits are over.

    Buying Crypto

    All payment gateways imply you need to register. For instance, here is a brief guide for MoonPay:


    Changellys fees include a gateway, a service fee, and a card network commission:

    • Changellys fee:$9,42, for all payment options
    • Gateway fee: 1,99%
    • Network fee:$4,88.

    Why Do I Have To Buy Bitcoins With Credit Card In Order To Buy Other Cryptocurrencies

    How to buy Bitcoin with a Credit or Debit Card on App

    This is because most other cryptocurrencies are traded against Bitcoin. The liquidity for altcoins against the US dollar is often very poor. But on the other hand, the liquidity against BTC is usually very good. So it’s easy to get other currencies once you have bitcoins, but not easy to get other currencies without having BTC first.

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    How To Earn Up To 05% Cashback Via The Loyalty Program

    To earn instant cashback on every crypto purchase, make sure at least 1% of your Portfolio Balance consists of NEXO Tokens. The cashback you get depends on your Loyalty Tier the higher your Loyalty tier is, the more cashback youll earn.

    If you want to get the maximum cashback of 0.5%, join the Premium Loyalty tier by holding at least 10% of your Portfolio Balance in NEXO.


    Lets say you stay within Nexos Premium Loyalty tier and you buy $5,000 worth of BTC via the Nexo Exchange. That means youll get $25 worth of BTC in instant cashback:

    $5,000*0.05% = $25 in BTC

    To find out the exact cashback rates for each tier, visit our help center.

    Note: The total cashback paid is limited up to $100,000 in exchange volume per month. That means youll be earning cashback until your total monthly amount of swaps exceeds $100,000. That limit resets back to $0 on the 1st day of each month.

    Buy Bitcoin With Debit Card

    Debit cards are a practical and easy solution for any new Bitcoin investor looking to buy his first batch of cryptocurrency. Even if youve already had some experience buying with cash or funding your exchange account through a bank transfer, switching to a debit card can provide some benefits that other payment options just cant, although not without any drawbacks.

    As a payment option, debit cards can be used only in a cryptocurrency exchange online, for the most part. If youve never used a debit card in an online exchange before, it will be a good idea to understand how the process works, what its main pros and cons are, and what to look out for before buying. To help you with this, heres an easy guide to buying Bitcoin with a debit card.

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    The Easiest And Most Secure Place To Buy Bitcoin Online

    As enthusiastic cryptocurrency ambassadors, RockItCoin aims to make the purchase process as easy as possible for new and experienced users alike. Whether youre fresh on the scene or a long-time trader, youll be impressed by the convenience and speed with which you can buy bitcoin with a debit card or credit card on our site.

    Best Places To Buy Bitcoin With A Debit Card

    How To Buy Bitcoin With Debit Card

    Here we’ve compiled a list of the top cryptocurrency exchanges to buy Bitcoin with a debit card, arranged by price.

    Remember that besides the debit card purchase fee, other costs such as transaction fees, convenience fees, and bid/ask spreads may apply. These vary by platform.

    Debit Card Purchase Fee

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    How To Exchange Coins Quickly

    You can instantly swap between 175+ market pairs via the Nexo Exchange. Just go to the Exchange tab in your Nexo account and select the currencies and the amount you want to exchange.

    There are zero price fluctuations when you place an order, compared to other providers where the price might change by up to 5%. Your balances are updated immediately, the moment your order is confirmed.

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