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How To Buy Bitcoin With Paxful

How To Create An Account At Paxful

Step-by-Step Tutorial on How to Buy Bitcoin With Paxful

Create your account fast or just browse the BTC for sale offers.

There are two ways to create an account.

First, you can create one immediately upon visiting

Youll be asked for an email address. Youll also need to choose a username and password.

The second way is to register your account after youve found a suitable bitcoin seller.

Instead of registering when you arrive, you can immediately start perusing sellers offers. When you find one that seems promising, and decide to purchase bitcoins from that particular seller, youll be prompted to register before proceeding.

After you create your account, youll receive a Welcome Email . This email will contain a short FAQ section, along with a number of important links. One of those links is for the purpose of confirming your email address. This is part of Paxfuls verification procedure.

Another link in the Welcome Email is labeled Secure your account with 2FA. 2FA stands for 2-factor authentication. When you click that link, youll be directed to a page on that asks you to set SMS verification. Note that youll need to download an app called Google Authenticator to your phone. Its free and available for Android and iOS.

Youll also be asked to select answers two security questions.

Security Examples include:

What city were your parents married? What was your major in college? What is the nickname of your oldest child? What was your first teachers name?

How To Buy Bitcoin Paxfulhow To Trade Bitcoin On Paxful

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Paxful is a peer-to-peer marketplace for buying and selling Bitcoin which has been around since The company has maintained an office in the Philippines for some time now Yes! They have a full team here, not just customer support , In Paxful began actively marketing in the country.

With prices going up, savvy Filipinos are looking at P2P markets like Paxful to save fees as they acquire more or sell Bitcoin. As a P2P marketplace, Paxful provides an escrow to protect both the seller and the buyer by keeping the Bitcoin and only release it once both parties have fulfilled their side of the transaction. As per Usefultulips. In a previous interview, Apryl Albero, Community Marketing Manager at Paxful Philippines, said Filipinos are savvy during bull and bear markets and always sensibly trying to lock profits.

BitPinas does not give investment advice and readers are highly encouraged to do their own research. Disclosure: BitPinas will receive an affiliate earning if you use our link. Doing so will support the development of the website. Because Paxful is a marketplace where buyers meet sellers directly, the seller could be here in the Philippines or anywhere around the world.

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Click The Paid Button Only When You Have Actually Paid

Once youve clicked the Paid button, the countdown timer stops and the order can no longer expire. This is important because if you had sent the seller the payment info such as a gift card code and the offer expires, then the escrow is released and you wont get your cryptocurrency. The Paid button also provides security from dishonest or forgetful sellers. If you click the Paid button and you havent paid, the seller might think youre a coin-locker or someone trying to scam them. Be sure to click the button only once youve paid to prevent complications.

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How Does Paxful Work

Paxful commits to keeping the process of buying and selling Bitcoins as simple as possible. To start using Paxful, a user simply heads to the site and clicks the Buy Bitcoin icon at the top center section. Take a look at the page below of the Paxful website.

Then, choose the quantity of Bitcoin to purchase and the currency of choice. The page will display Bitcoins to expect for the amount of your choice. In order to purchase the BTC shown on the screen, you will need to follow the following steps:

The video below is a demonstration of how to buy Bitcoins from Paxful:

How To Buy Bitcoin In Pakistan

How to Buy Bitcoin on Paxful in Kenya on Your Mobile Phone ...

Due to strict rules against digital currencies in Pakistan’s banking laws, it is not possible to buy them directly from official and global exchanges. Here is a step-by-step guide for beginners to buy cryptocurrencies in the country from reliable sources.

one of those nations where the crypto craze is spreading like wildfirecryptocurrencies is growing rapidly in Pakistan,

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Create A Paxful Account

It comes with no surprise that as a first step, you need to visit Paxfuls website and click on the Register button to sign up for an online account. In the first phase of the verification, you need to provide an email address and create a password for your account creation. Then you must check your email to find the verification code and verify your account by email.

Then, you also need to fill in your phone number to get a code by SMS and verify your account by phone number. To create a username for you, visit the settings section, where you can also download a profile photo for your account.

How Can I Keep Track Of My Progress

You can track your progress through the Progress Bar located in your Classic Dashboard. The Progress Bar shows all of your trading activities and what you need to do to advance to the next level of the Peer Program or Trader Program.

  • Paxful Mobile Wallet

    The Paxful Mobile Wallet is out both for Android and iOS. The Paxful Wallet App makes it easy to send, receive, and store crypto with your own personal mobile cryptocurrency wallet. The crypto Wallet App is also the ultimate companion tool to Paxful, one of the worlds biggest peer-to-peer cryptocurrency marketplaces.

    Use the Paxful wallet to:

  • Send and receive crypto in your own private cryptocurrency wallet that lets you transact with anyone at any time, anywhere.
  • Safely store your hard-earned crypto and check your balance in real-time.
  • Track your open trades on Paxful so you know the current status of your most recent transactions as you buy and sell cryptocurrency.
  • Personalize your Paxful wallet profile so people you transact with know its you.
  • Get updated crypto-to-fiat conversion rates at your convenience.

So, are you ready to send, receive, and store your cryptocurrency in a more effective, smarter, and faster way? Download the Paxful Wallet now from or App Store to put the power of Paxful in the palm of your hand!

  • Level 2 – Ambassadors
  • Level 3 – Associates

As Peers meet the requirements of each level, theyll get rewarded and promoted to the next level.

What are the Peer/Ambassador/Associate Badges?

Level 1: Peer

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Whats The Difference Between A Hot And Cold Wallet

Hot wallets store your crypto assets online and face a higher risk of cyber hacking. Cold storage involves storing your crypto assets offline on a USB drive or paper wallet, for example. The following risk measures should be taken to protect your hot and cold crypto assets: Generate and store your private keys offline Use two-factor authentication to access your wallet Use biometric identification

How Do I File A Support Ticket With Paxbot

How To Buy Bitcoin Instantly on Paxful | Paxful App Tutorial

PaxBot will offer relevant options based on your conversation. When you need to contact the Support team you can click on the Contact Support option.

Depending on your conversation PaxBot may already know how to direct your issue. When additional information is needed PaxBot will ask a series of questions starting like this:

1. You will have 8 options to choose from. Choose the option that is most suitable for your question:

2. From there, you will be taken through a series of prompts where you can further specify your question or issue by clicking on the most appropriate option.

3. You may be asked for your Transaction ID. You can either provide the Transaction ID or type skip if you dont have it.

4. Depending on your selection, PaxBot may ask you for the wallet address of the sender or receiver. You can type skip if you dont have it.

5. PaxBot may also ask you for the amount of the transaction. You can type skip if you dont know.

6. PaxBot will always ask you for a detailed description of your question or issue so it can send it to Paxfuls support team.

7. PaxBot will finally ask you for your email address so it can provide you with updates as your issue gets solved.

8. PaxBot will ask you for optional feedback. We ask that you provide feedback to help us improve!

9. Once you provide feedback, PaxBot will ask if you need further help. At this point, you can ask any other questions you may have.

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Always Read The Terms Of The Offer Before You Start A Trade

Sellers should mention what they expect and what you will need to provide. For example, for gift cards, many sellers require a receipt showing that the gift card was bought legally and also to establish that you are indeed the owner of the gift cards. If this information is requested and you cannot provide it, then it is better not to proceed with the trade. If you can provide all the requirements, then make sure you have everything ready before you start the trade.

How To Avoid Getting Scammed On Paxful

As with every P2P platform, there are scammy users on Paxful, so you need to be extremely careful when dealing with vendors. Here are a few tips to keep in mind:

  • Never mark the trade as completed until the Bitcoin reflects in your Paxful wallet. This is a mistake most scam victims make they get a transaction screenshot and complete the trade in haste.
  • Be wary of vendors who havent verified their account .
  • Before opening a trade, read through their feedback report to know other users experiences with the vendor.
  • Ensure you read and clearly understand the offer terms and chat with the vendor to clear your doubts.
  • Vendors with an unusual amount of negative feedback are generally shady avoid them like a plague.

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How To Use Google Wallet

If you want to start using Google Pay for your online payments, in the first place, you need to open a Google Pay Account. So, what you need to do is to download its app and install it on your smartphone or even on a smartwatch which is a combination of some simple steps. Its worth mentioning that only phones based on Android operating systems can use a Google Pay account. The same is with smartwatches. However, in the US, users can also download it with an iOS system with limited functions.

Once you manage to download and install your Google Pay, all that comes after it is a very straightforward process. In the first place, you need to make sure if your bank supports Google Pay. If it does, you then need to add your card information to it. To do this, just click on the Add a card button.

Next, you need to verify your card by SMS code, phone call, or choose another option that the app suggests. Finally, when your card is verified, you can use it at terminals. Now, you dont need to carry your bank cards with you everywhere, as long as you can access them and make payments with your mobile phone. You can use these in stores and supermarkets if they have the appropriate terminal that works for check cards. You can also use Google Wallet to buy online services and goods, including bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

Security Of User Funds

How To Buy Bitcoin With PayPal Instantly With Paxful ...

When users create accounts on Paxful, their coins are deposited in the wallet that is automatically generated for them. The wallet is secured using a password and2-factor authentication to ensure that no third party can easily gain access.

To keep your wallet more secure, you need to create a wallet that is very difficult for hackers to crack. For example, include numbers, figures, signs, and special characters.

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What Cryptocurrencies Does Paxful Support

Paxful supports the buying of Bitcoin. If you want to to buy Ethereum with PayPal, Ripple or alt coins, you will not currently find them for sale on Paxful. If you want to buy and sell Bitcoin on a secure exchange with 300 payment methods, visit Paxful. You can sell cryptos for Bitcoin. Among the payment methods are popular cryptocurrencies, including Ethereum , Ripple , Litecoin , Bitcoin Cash , DASH , and more. The upcoming integration of Paxful and BitMart could add over 100 cryptocurrencies to Paxful.

Searching For An Offer

The first step to buying cryptocurrency with debit/credit cards is to look for an offer that accepts that specific card type you have. Youll also need to enter the amount you wish to purchase and the currency you prefer.

After you have found a suitable offer, be sure to read the offer terms before opening the trade. This will show you a brief summary of what the seller will be requiring from you in regards to payment. Once you have started the trade, a more detailed set of instructions will appear. These are called trade instructions. What the seller will require from you will vary depending on which specific payment youll be using.

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Buy Bitcoin With Google Pay

If you have browsed the offers and finally found the one that best suits your requirements, you can finally start the buying process. For this purpose, you need to contact the seller through the Paxful chat and clear out the details about the upcoming contract. Deciding on the final details, you can eventually complete your transaction.

How Does The Paxful Exchange Work

How To Buy Bitcoin With Gift Cards On Paxful – Step by Step

Paxful provides a website and app to instantly buy cryptocurrency. The two ways to connect and trade Bitcoin on Paxful are:

Website See more details on how to trade using the website dashboard below. Virtual Kiosk Link The Virtual Kiosk is a widget that can be placed in any website, mobile app, YouTube channel or social media. You receive a 2 percent commission on all sales made through your kiosk.

An escrow account is used to protect both buyer and seller. If there is a disagreement, a dispute process is used, which has enhanced the reputation of the service. In comparison, on exchanges like LocalBitcoins or Coinmama you will have to appeal to the payment processor for a remedy .

If you want to accept Bitcoin on your website, add a Pay With Paxful button. The payment will be processed instantly from the users wallet.

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Always Trade For The Whole Amount Of The Gift Card

If you have a $50 gift card, then you cant trade for a fraction of that . Note that the seller can only take the whole amount so if you start order for $33 and he takes $50, the only way to get your change back in cryptocurrency is by starting a new trade for the difference. Sellers ranges may not meet that amount or the seller may take down their offers or go offline.

List Of Paxful Payment Methods For Buying Bitcoins

You can buy and sell Paxful using the following common payment methods

  • Alipay
  • VISA Credit and Debit Card
  • VISA Gift Card
  • For more information visit: Paxful Website

    You can also buy the ebook with Mpesa through here: Bitcoin Trading with Paxful

    Do not miss all our latest updates about buying bitcoins via Paxful in Kenya

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    What Countries Are Supported

    True to their original vision of a global peer-to-peer exchange, Paxful doesnt place limitations on supported countries. So, technically everyone is welcome to use this platform, no matter where theyre located.

    But while all users are eligible to register, buyers and sellers can set their own restrictions and preferences for countries they they support and for what payment methods. For example, some payment methods like Western Union are usually internationally accepted whereas others, like bank transfer, are country specific and will be stated as such by the seller, like this:

    Even for internationally accepted payment methods, each seller can choose to exclude certain countries , like so:

    So ultimately, even though you can technically sign up from anywhere in the world, the range of offers that are available to you can vary depending on where your residence is.

    What Is The Current Situation Of Cryptocurrency In Pakistan

    How to Buy Bitcoin Instantly on Paxful

    time is still there as many crypto analysts believe Bitcoin will touch $100,000 by the end of 2021falls in a gray area not stopped the Pakistanis from trading cryptocurrenciessaid“The potential of crypto in Pakistan and other emerging markets is clear,”“We believe that CoinPayments is perfectly positioned to help bring cryptocurrency to the masses, particularly underbanked communities who are looking for alternative ways to protect their personal wealth. We are thrilled to welcome Fahad to help us build our presence in Pakistan, and look forward to developing new products and services with his expert input.”build two hydroelectric-powered pilots

    People have already been approaching us for investment and we want them to come to Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, earn some money and have the province earn from that as well. Its really just our government that is not participating right now, people all over Pakistan are already working on this, either mining or trading in cryptocurrencies and they are earning an income from it, Bangash said. We are hoping to bring this to a government level so things can be controlled and online fraud or other scams can be prevented.

    major crypto exchanges that are popular among Pakistanis

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