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How To Buy Tron Cryptocurrency

Import Funds And Buy Trx

How To Buy Tron Cryptocurrency In USA 2021

You will be given the ETH Address in order to send your ETH or BTC. Do not send any crypto to an address belonging to another.

Binance will approve your deposit in a process that can take up to an hour.

Once you have the crypto balance on Binance, proceed to Exchange Basic and select the TRX pairing as follows

Once that is selected, you can now buy as much TRX as you can afford on the dashboard below the graph by selecting the quantity you want and matching it with the available crypto balance you have for ETH or BTC.

How To Buy Tron Coin

There are many different exchanges that you can buy Tron coin from, but I am going to show you the top five. Each exchange has its own advantages and disadvantages, so have a read on each one and decide which is best for you – buying TRX with a credit or debit card is preferable, so take your time and decide!

Withdraw The Trx To Your Wallet

Storing your Tron tokens on a cryptocurrency exchange isnt recommended because exchanges can be hacked or even shut down. Even smaller issues such as scheduled maintenance can prove problematic.

Once you found your exchange, signed up, and made the trade, make sure to withdraw the TRX to the Tron address you got on step 1. With so many hacks and exchange failures that happened in the past, youll want to make sure youre the only one who has control over your coins.

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How To Buy Tron: Sending Eth To An Exchange

Now that you have bought some Ethereum, you will need to transfer them to an exchange that sells Tron. I normally use Binance as they have the largest volume and their fees are very low.

  • Click on Accounts at the top of the exchange
  • Then you need to scroll down, select Ethereum and click on Send.
  • You will then be asked to enter the wallet address you want to send your Ethereum to. This will be your Binance address. If you dont have a Binance account yet, click here to view our complete guide. Return to step 4 once you are set up!
  • To get your Ethereum wallet address on Binance, move your mouse on Funds and then click on Deposits.
  • Now click on the drop-down box, enter ETH and then click on Ethereum.
  • Now you will see your unique Ethereum wallet address for Binance. Click on Copy Address and then go back to Coinbase.
  • In Coinbase, paste the Binance wallet address and click on Your Ethereum coins should reach Binance within 10 minutes!
  • Pros

    Buy Tron Via Bank Transfer

    What is TRON (TRX)?

    While its possible to fund your Tron wallet using your bank account, you cant buy TRX directly via bank transfer. To actually purchase TRX via bank transfer, you must identify a platform that allows bank transfers. Once you have transferred the funds, you will have to buy Bitcoin or Ethereum. Then using your BTC or ETH, you can buy/exchange from an exchange that trades TRX.

    When you make an online payment via bank transfer, you must transfer funds from one account to another. To buy Tron using bank transfer, select the payment option on the exchanges platform, and specify your transactions currency. Some brokers might require evidence that you made the transfer, depending on whether you are making a bank transfer or a wireless transfer. The following are the steps to follow to buy Tron using bank transfer.

    • Step #1: Sign up at a cryptocurrency exchange where you will buy BTC/ETH
    • Step #2: Purchase the required amount of BTC/ETH
    • Step #3: Send the Bitcoin or Ethereum you bought to a cryptocurrency exchange that trades Tron
    • Step #4: Buy/Exchange Tron using
    • Step #5: Send your Tron to your TRX wallet
    • For U.S. readers, you can buy Tron directly using USD at Coinbase or Kraken cryptocurrency exchanges using a bank transfer or a card.

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    Long Vs Short Term Investment

    The very nature of short-term investments is such that immediate liquidation is the focus, although the profit margin might not be high. However, some investors have been able to make staggering profits amid a bull season with Tron price in the ascension.

    So, the idea behind short term investments is something directly on the radar that needs to be taken advantage of immediately. Otherwise, it will be unreasonable to buy and sell in less than a day or two.

    For long term investments in TRX, sights are set on a distant time frame that might run into months or even years. The goal is to reap some price appreciation in the long run. Sometimes, a known event like the adoption of new technology or protocol can be the attraction. This might be vaunted to prime the blockchain for efficiency and can also lead investors to take positions for a future reward .

    How & Where To Buy Tron In Usa Conclusion

    If you like the look and TRON and think that this innovative cryptocurrency has a bright future ahead of it investing could not be easier. All you need to do is open an account with an SEC-regulated broker like eToro and deposit some funds with a debit/credit card or ACH. Then, its just a case of entering your TRON purchase amount which at eToro, starts at a minimum of just $25.

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    Where To Buy Tron Coin With Usd

    Truly the best place to purchase Tron is Binance, however, it does not accept USD payments. But do not worry, there is a solution!

    The solution is Coinbase. This cryptocurrency exchange is a reputable trading platform and multi-currency wallet project/ It allows authorized users to earn money from exchange or trade transactions and, most importantly, it allows users to buy BTC with bank transfers. There are some geographical restrictions but they can be avoided. After you have bought BTC on Coinbase you can transfer it to your Binance account or buy Tron with Coinbase itself. This is how to buy Tron with a visa debit card.

    What Is Tron And How Does It Work

    How to buy TRON cryptocurrency tokens

    Several blockchains networks have taken it upon themselves to challenge the Ethereum network. They often employ different technical designs to challenge the markets most dominant decentralized application platform. TRON is one such network, with a somewhat controversial reputation in the market, but remains closely followed by investors.


    So what is TRON? Thats what we go over here. In addition, we explain its delegated proof-stake consensus algorithm, the staking method, the use of the tron coin, which has the ticker TRX, and other distinguishing features of this cryptocurrency.

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    Buy Tron Via Credit Or Debit Card

    Buying Tron using a credit or debit card is among the most convenient ways of owning TRX. This convenience has a price tag as most cryptocurrency exchanges charge about 4% for every card purchase. Most reputable exchanges enable Tron purchasing using the leading Debit/Credit cards besides allowing you to compare rates across significant exchanges.

    Using cards to buy Tron enables you to buy your required amount of TRX anonymously using major fiat currencies like the USD , Euro , JPY , RUB , and AUD . You can buy Tron quickly and easily using these three simple steps:

    • Step #1: Enter the amount you want to spend in USD and choose the platform which offers with the best price while accounting for the fees.
    • Step #2: Enter your TRON wallet public address.
    • Step #3: Complete the payment using your credit card.

    Note. The 2nd step is only applicable if the platform youre going to use does not have a built-in cryptocurrency wallet. The below platforms all have built-in wallets.

    CFD short compliance text

    As with any asset, the value of Digital Currencies can go up or down and there can be a substantial risk that you lose money buying, selling, holding, or investing in digital currencies.

    Where To Buy Tron Coin With Paypal

    Where can I buy Tron with PayPal? is another popular question. Well, once again, it cannot be done without an intermediary but it is indeed possible. You will need to use VirWoX or a similar platform.

    Technically, VirWoX can not even be called a Bitcoin exchanger. To be precise, VirWoX is the market for Second Life Lindens, the domestic currency of the Second Life virtual world. Although VirWoX does not allow you to buy BTC for PayPal directly, you can first buy Second Life Lindens tokens, and then exchange them for Bitcoins. The main disadvantage here is that at the end of the chain of exchanges, the commission can reach up to 10%. And remember that you will still need to transfer your BTC on Binance or another exchange where to where to buy Tron cryptocurrency you are obligated to use crypto and not fiat money.

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    Buy Tron With Credit Card

    If your chosen broker supports debit cards, then it will all but certainly allow you to buy TRON with a credit card too. The only difference here is that some credit card providers charge additional fees when buying crypto.

    This is known as a cash advance fee and it is typically implemented when you use your credit card to withdraw cash from an ATM. However, some card issuers will also charge you this fee when using a cryptocurrency broker so do bear this in mind.

    From A Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform Or Broker

    How To Buy Tron Cryptocurrency In USA 2020/2021

    If youve decided to buy Tron, you can choose from several trusted cryptocurrency exchanges and brokers. Many brokers and exchanges are meaning you must always choose the safest and most reliable ones. Among the leading exchanges where you can buy TRX include:

    Binance: One of the leading exchanges globally. Note that they dont allow cash transactions when you Buy Tron.

    HitBtc: A multi-currency exchange that enables you to deposit fiat currencies through SWIFT or SEPA. Trading fees are meager at 0.1%.

    OKEx: OKEx supports over 100 cryptocurrencies, including Tron. The exchange offers state-of-the-art security and asks for verification every time you log in. Youre not charged to deposit OKEx, but your accounts status determines transaction fees of between 0.02% 0.2%.

    CoinEgg: This is a small UK-based exchange with among the highest Tron volumes. Trading fees are 0.1%, but you cant use a bank transfer or debit/credit card. Purchases are made using popular coins like Bitcoin and Ethereum.

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    About Kane Pepi Pro Investor

    Kane Pepi writes for several high profile publications such as InsideBitcoins, the Motely Fool, and Learnbonds. Based in Malta, Kane is extremely skilled at complex subjects related to financial matters – including a Bachelors Degree in Finance, a Masters Degree in Financial Crime, and actively engaged in Doctorate Degree research, for the money laundering threats of the blockchain economy.

    How To Buy Tron On Huobi Global

    Another good place to buy Tron now is Huobi Global exchange. The Huobi platform was founded in Beijing and during almost 7 years of its existence has firmly established itself in the global lists of the best crypto services. One of the key steps in Huobi Globals history was the decision to acquire the powerful international platform BitYes, which opened the maximum access for investors from the Western countries to the Chinese market.

    The Huobi system uses the SMART-Chain asset valuation model and offers a range of services that will optimize user support, including real offices in a number of major Asian countries. The exchange interface is translated into 12 most popular languages.

    The interface of Huobi exchange is very similar to that of any other crypto exchange. If you have minimum experience with the crypto market you will face no difficulties trying to find where to buy Tron and Ripple on Huobi.

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    Tron And The Ethereum Blockchain

    The Tron network structure has been compared to that of the Ethereum platform, and it uses some of the same basic building blocks, such as decentralized applications , smart contracts, and tokens. In fact, it has been criticized for perhaps “going too far” by borrowing rather than building the basics of its platform.

    There are signs that Tronix and Ethereum are becoming competitors for the business of cryptocurrency traders. The supply of USD Coin, a cryptocurrency tied to the U.S. Dollar, circulating on Tron surpassed $108 million less than a month after support for it launched.

    That “could be another sign that crypto traders are increasingly turning to blockchains that provide cheaper transaction fees with faster speed than what’s found on Ethereum,” Coindesk reported in July 2021.

    As of Aug. 5, 2021, TRX ranked 31st among cryptocurrencies in market capitalization, according to Its price was $0.0705, giving it a market capitalization of $4.66 billion. Its all-time high on that date was $0.2180.

    Deposit Btc Or Eth On Binance

    How to buy TRON TRX Cryptocurrency with Bitcoin move to wallet GIVEAWAY

    Being a purely crypto exchange, Binance does not allow fiat deposits or withdrawals.

    While this may be an inconvenience for some, it does allow Binance to be much less demanding in terms of identity verification, only requiring full ID verification if you want to withdraw more than 100 BTC per day.

    In order to create a Tron buy order on Binance, youll first need to deposit Bitcoin or Ethereum to your account balance. To do this, simply log in and navigate to the Funds section, before selecting Balances.

    In the deposits panel, you will be able to access all of your different cryptocurrency deposit addresses.

    Here, use the search bar on the top left to search for either BTC or ETH, depending on which one you intend to deposit this will then allow you to select Deposit which will take you to a page displaying your unique BTC or ETH deposit address.

    Now, youll need to use this address to make your deposit using your external client. For BTC, these deposits will show in your balance after 2 network confirmations, whereas ETH deposits need 30 confirmations.

    After your deposit has been registered on the network, you will be able to track the progress of your deposit by refreshing the page. Your incoming deposit/s will appear on the right.

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    How To Buy Tron Coin On Bittrex

    Bittrex is one of the oldest exchanges still in operation, and was founded in 2013 by Bill Shihara, Richie Lai and Rami Kawach as an advanced alternative to Mt. Gox.

    Being one of the most popular altcoin exchanges, Bittrex has found itself a fan-favorite thanks to the huge number of promising altcoins it supports, with well over 250 different cryptocurrencies available to trade.


    Currently, Bittrex offers four Tron cryptocurrency trading pairs, with TRX being tradeable against BTC, ETH, USDT, and also one of the very few exchanges to allow you to buy Tron with USD.

    Beyond its extensive digital asset and trade pair selection, Bittrex is also renowned for its flawless security record, featuring some of the most robust security practices of any modern exchange.

    Deposit Money To Cexio

    Now that your account is verified click ‘finance’ on the top menu. Choose which currency you want to pay into and press ‘deposit’.

    Depending on which currency you’re using you’ll be given various options on how to deposit money to

    Choose which you’d like to use. Enter the amount of money you’d like to deposit in the right hand column and then follow the instructions given.

    Once your deposit it successful you will be sent an email confirming the money is in your account.

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    What Is A Tron Broker

    A Tron broker makes it possible for investors to buy and sell the cryptocurrency. Some brokers also buy Tron from investors while others only limit themselves to providing a platform for trade to happen.

    Most brokers facilitate the trading of securities and CFDs, and often charge a fee that investors have to pay when using their platforms.

    Some brokers are location-specific, limiting their operations to particular geographical areas. You should find brokers available in your area as you decide on the platform to use for your Tron trading.

    What Other Coins Can I Trade Or Use To Buy Tron

    Tron vs Cardano: Cryptocurrency Comparison in 2020 Tron ...

    You can buy Tron with Ethereum to save cost and time. You can also purchase Tron with Bitcoin Cash as it has optimised transaction time and offers reduced charges. Most platforms have provisions for other digital currencies like BTC, XTZ, USDT and XRP, which you can also use to buy TRX.

    It is also important to state that some brokers limit the use of crypto purchases to just Ethereum and Bitcoin only. Buying Tron with crypto is fast and one of the most convenient ways to fund your trading account.

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    Wallets That Can Store The Tron Cryptocurrency

    The official Tron website has a page dedicated to listing wallets that are capable of storing, receiving and sending all tokens on the Tron blockchain .

    The wallets are created by community developers and are therefore not officially recommended or guaranteed by the Tron foundation, so you should do your own research before using any of them.

    – Stores lots of cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin, Ethereum and Tron

    What Is The Best Payment Method For Buying Tron

    An investor should define the best payment method based on personal interest. The point of consideration could be speed, lesser costs or availability. Let us now look at the different payment methods available for TRX.

    Buying Tron with Credit Card

    Many brokers have a provision for credit card payments for their customers. To buy Tron with a credit card will require the depositor to provide a few details like card number, CVV as well as issuance or expiry date. Sometimes, for security reasons, first-time buyers have to upload their credit card statements. A second layer of authentication like Mastercard Secure or Verified By Visa might also apply. Credit card payments are fast and unarguably the most popular online payment method.

    Purchasing with Cash

    While it is possible to buy Tron with cash, most brokers do not support this payment method. The closest to cash might be doing a bank deposit, in which case, after you select the payment method, the broker would provide a bank account to use for the transaction.

    Buying Tron with Bank Transfer

    Online payments can be made using immediate bank transfers from one account to the other. To purchase Tron with bank transfer, you need to select the payment option on the platform and indicate the currency of your transaction. Sometimes, the broker might require that you upload evidence of the deposit that has been made. This is also fast if the deposit is made to reflect instantly.

    Buying with Crypto Deposit

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