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How To Collect Free Crypto

The Best Ways To Earn Free Crypto In 2022

How To Receive FREE Crypto Airdrops

At, we simply love free cryptocurrency. And its one of the main reasons we founded this website during the bull run of 2017. The idea was to join the airdrop campaigns to collect as many coins and tokens as possible, without spending a dime. Since then, we also experimented with different methods to earn free crypto. While some of these were a waste of time, others were successful. And we made good money. In this article, Ill share my experience and Ill tell you how to earn crypto online free!


Earn By Completing Task

Another popular way to earn crypto for free is through participate in faucets. These are small amount of cryptos distributed for completing tasks. For example, you can participate in dogecoin faucet to earn free dogecoins.

Earn.con is a platform where users can get rewarded for completing the task and replying to the email. They have recently collaborated with Coinbase and launched a program to earn while learning. Coinbase invites verified users who can earn by answering questions or by completing tasks. This provides actually an opportunity for users to learn about cryptocurrencies and the platform and to earn is an added incentive.

Coinbase Earn program launched by on Coinbase where users have to learn about cryptocurrencies and tokens by watching educational videos, then visiting earn them by answering skill-testing quizzes! Looks simple, here is how to get started:

  • Register on and complete your KYC.
  • Complete the task and start earning
  • Read Articles On Publish0x

    Publish0X is a cryptocurrency publishing platform that gives both writers and readers a portion of the ad revenue generated by the site.

    Heres how it works:

    1. You sign up for Publish0X here.

    2. You read cryptocurrency articles.

    3. At the end of each article, you will be asked how much of your rewards you want to keep for yourself and how much you want to give to the author of the piece you just read. Make your selection.

    4. See the cryptocurrency immediately deposited into your account.

    I earned $0.02 of a cryptocurrency called FARM for reading an article that took me less than a minute to read.

    FARM is a liquid cryptocurrency listed on Coinbase its not some obscure token that you would have to sign up on some shady DeFi platform to use.

    So you wont earn a fortune with Publix0X, but if you want to learn more about cryptocurrency anyway, it can be a good option.

    Just remember that theres not a whole lot of editorial oversight on Publish0X really anybody could publish an article if they want to so just like with anything in cryptocurrency, take what you read on Publish0X with a grain of salt!

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    Get Unlimited 15% Back In Bitcoin With Bitcoin Rewards Upgrade Card

    The Upgrade Bitcoin Rewards Card is a classic Visa credit card that works across the Visa network. But you get 1.5% in Bitcoin rewards when you make payments.

    Upgrade isnt the first company to announce a credit card with Bitcoin rewards but its the first one that is generally available. If your application is approved, you can start using the virtual card immediately.

    With the Upgrade Bitcoin Rewards Card, the company offers credit lines from $500 to $25,000 depending on your credit score. It works with Apple Pay and Google Pay. Like other Upgrade credit cards, there are no monthly fees, late fees or returned payment fees.

    Essentially, this new card works pretty much like Upgrades existing credit card. But instead of getting 1.5% cash back on all purchases, you get 1.5% back in Bitcoin theres no specific category, no partner retailer, no point system. Its a straightforward, uncapped cash back program so you can earn free Bitcoin.

    What Is An Nft

    Crypto Idle Miner

    NFT is the hyped-up buzzword of the moment. The interest in these assets has extended well past the cryptocurrency world. While the concept and their use is not new, interest in how they work and how NFTs could be used, may help revolutionize the economic landscape.

    An NFT, or digital asset, is an item that exists on a blockchain. The blockchain is a logbook that keeps track of all transactions on connected computers. The blockchain acts as a public ledger that allows anyone to verify and identify the authenticity of an NFT.

    Each NFT is unique, or, at the very least, rare, unlike other digital items that can be reproduced endlessly. They can be bought using fiat or various cryptocurrencies and can be viewed by anyone, but only the buyer has official ownership, which confers a form of digital bragging rights.

    The market for NFTs has grown at a consistent pace. Popular NFTs include digital art, virtual plots of land, or items used in various games. As the market expands, crypto users are finding innovative ways to use these assets.

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    Read Or Write Articles On Publish0x

    Publish0X is a cryptocurrency platform that shares its ad revenue in the form of free crypto with both its writers and readers. You can sign up for a free account using your Facebook or Twitter login credentials .

    If you want to become an author, youll submit an author application and be notified whether or not youve been accepted within 24 hours. Once you start writing articles, youll get paid as readers tip you on the site.

    Readers, furthermore, can choose to keep a portion of the tips for themselves, thereby getting paid in free crypto. Youll likely earn crypto in the coin that the article was about, so you might end up getting an obscure altcoin.

    But reading or writing Publish0X articles is still a relatively low-effort way to earn free crypto.

    Earn Free Bitcoins Through Dapps

    This is one of the most legit ways to earn free coins through the expertise and services you provide. dApps will reward you with crypto coins for different tasks or services you offer to a blockchain platform. There are different services you can provide like writing online reviews of crypto coins, airdrops, crowdfunding, and freelance services. You can also that comes with several dApps which will help you to earn cryptos like Cent, SmartDrops, etc

    You can also earn some extra crypto coins through survey apps. The Apple apps are some legitimate and safe apps that can help you earn cryptos. One such app is the Kiks Kinit App which offers you Kin coins for filling up surveys and you can purchase gift cards using those coins.

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    Use The Brave Web Browser

    The Brave web browser is a fast and compatible browser anybody can use that has ad blocking and web tracking protection built in. Its private browsing mode hides your web traffic using Tor, but its biggest appeal is the fact that it offers a cryptocurrency wallet.

    Rather than simply displaying ads, a push advertisement will be sent. If you choose to view it, you will be paid. PCMag tested the browser for a day and earned about 7 cents.

    While this may not seem like a lot, setting Brave up as your default browser and viewing ads daily could be a nice addition to other strategies on this list. Plus, users laud the browser for its security and privacy features.

    There’s No Such Thing As A Free Crypto

    How to receive your first crypto?

    All these different ways of getting cryptocurrency without having to pay, ultimately, all require you to do something. Whether it is using your computer to mine coins, or watching adverts, or reading articles, or signing up to an exchange, or whatever it is it might be, you will still have to do something in return for your reward. It has been said that there is no such thing as a free lunch, and it seems that, ultimately, there is no such thing as free crypto, either.

    When you keep in mind that there is always the likelihood that you can end up being a victim of a scam, you will need to do your own research and exercise due caution when it comes to looking at getting hold of cryptocurrency without having to pay for it.

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    Airdrops The Obvious One For Free Crypto

    Since were Airdrop Alert, its hard not to state the obvious first. Crypto airdrops are the easiest way to earn cryptocurrency.

    You can find a listing of all airdrops here.

    But be careful, there are projects who dont have your best interest at heart. Be smart and avoid the scams.

    8 Ways to earn cryptocurrency with airdrops explained

    How To Earn Free Crypto: 16 Savvy Tips

    While youre probably not going to strike it rich with free crypto, earning coins could be a great way for seasoned investors to bolster their holdings or for newbies to get in on the game. But before you start pursuing free coins, here are some words of caution:

    First, the cryptocurrency market is nothing if not volatile. At the time of writing, bitcoin is worth approximately $44,000, down about 36% from its all-time high of nearly $69,000. Coins can shoot up and down in value in a short period, so be prepared for a potentially bumpy ride.

    Second, its always important to be cautious before going after free coins, as some promises could be too good to be true. Free airdrops, for example, are sometimes legitimate opportunities, but other times are scams.

    When pursuing free crypto, be careful about sharing any sensitive personal information, such as your Social Security number or bank account details, if you havent done your due diligence first.

    Now that youve been appropriately cautioned, heres how to earn free cryptocurrency:

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    Aqru Best For Earning Crypto With Interest Lending And Staking

    If youre looking to earn interest on crypto using a hands-off approach, then AQRU is undoubtedly worth considering. As discussed earlier in this guide, AQRU is a platform that offers crypto interest accounts, with five coins currently supported. These include BTC, ETH, USDC, USDT, and DAI with new users able to receive a free distribution of 10 USDT just for signing up.

    AQRU works similarly to traditional savings accounts, allowing you to deposit your crypto and begin earning interest right away. Interest payments are made daily, and interest is tracked to the second, making AQRU one of the best platforms if youre looking to earn free crypto. The great thing is that AQRU charges no fees for this process, meaning all of the proceeds are yours to keep.

    In addition to this, AQRU has no lock-in periods, allowing you to access your holdings whenever you please. Rates currently sit at 7% per year on BTC and ETH deposits and 12% per year for USDT, USDC, and DAI deposits. You can easily transfer crypto into your account in seconds using a crypto wallet or purchase crypto through the AQRU platform using MoonPay one of the most respected payments providers in the space.

    Cryptoassets are a highly volatile unregulated investment product.

    Buy Sell Or Trade Cryptocurrency

    If waiting around for free crypto isnt your thing, you can join the millions of traders exchanging value or staking their portfolios to bring in extra cash. Take a look at these top brokers and learn the differences in their feature sets before committing.

    • Only available for mobile users no desktop platform
    • Limited routes to contact customer service team

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    Hunt Bounties And Collect Crypto For Free

    While theyre similar to airdrops, bounties require more skills and/or more time. And bounty hunters get better rewards because they provide more value to projects.

    Weve been participating in content bounties over the years, creating posts on this blog or on other blogging platforms. And we received coins and tokens in return.

    There are other types of bounties available:

    • Bug bounties are for developers and/or testers. The goal is to find and document bugs in the code. And the rewards can be very generous as you help the company save money in the end.
    • Social bounties are for networking experts and influencers. The goal is to share content with your followers and provide exposure on Facebook, Twitter, or Discord, for example.
    • Signature bounties are for people active in the crypto community. The goal is to display and promote projects in your signature, mostly on BitcoinTalk.

    By Participating In Hard Forks

    Crypto forks happen all the time on crypto projects. You can use Forkdrop and FindMyCoins to keep a track of the latest and upcoming crypto hard forks, through which you can win new coins.

    All you will need to do is purchase as many coins as possible before a given hard fork and then when it happens, you get a good share of free coins or tokens for the new chain.

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    Coinrabbit Earnings Dont Just Hodl Crypto Earn Interest On It

    CoinRabbit provides the safest way to earn free cryptocurrency stablecoin deposits. Get rid of the cryptocurrency market volatility and start earning at any conditions. Let it be rapid growth or significant drawdown.Make idle crypto a thing of the past. Put your digital assets to work and earn 10% annum on your assets. CoinRabbit stablecoin deposits have several advantages:

    • Fixed rates. Earn 10% annual interest on any supported currency
    • Fast and simple. Make a deposit and start earning in just 5 minutes
    • No KYC required. Anonymity is one of CoinRabbit main goals
    • Full or partial fee-less withdrawals are available anytime.

    CoinRabbit services are focused on being as fast and simple as possible. You do not have to be a cryptocurrency expert to start earning with them. You can view CoinRabbit as a force multiplier for your finances. Do yourself a favor and try it out.

    Get Cash From A Brokerage

    Payeer Crypto Deposit and Withdrawal Tutorial | How to send and receive crypto on Payeer app

    Even a few traditional brokerages offer promotions from time to time. However, these bonuses are typically paid in U.S. dollars, but then could be converted immediately to crypto on the platform. Is that reaching too much on the premise of this article? Maybe, but youll end up with crypto in your wallet all the same.

    One place to begin here is eToro, which operates as a crypto exchange in the U.S., though its a traditional broker in other countries. The broker offers a referral bonus to you and your friend if your friend signs up and makes a deposit. Other traditional brokers that offer crypto trading such as TradeStation may run promotions from time to time, too. Then just trade cash for crypto.

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    Faqs About How To Get Bitcoins For Free

    Q #1) How can I get free Bitcoins?

    Answer: The best ways to earn free bitcoins include shopping rewards with credit cards, but you can also try airdrops, referral bonuses, playing games, and participating in trading competitions if you are an expert or beginner trader.

    If you want to earn substantial bitcoins for free, continue to read this guide on how to earn free Bitcoins, which includes bounties, welcome bonus on sign-ups, tips, tip bots, free mining, and faucets.

    Q #2) How to get Bitcoins for free daily?

    Answer: The surest way with minimum effort is with tip bots, playing games with bitcoin rewards, and airdrops. You can check Reddit, Telegram, Twitter, and other social channels to catch up with airdrops, or Initial Coin Offering platforms where capital raises for projects are held.

    Some people try dumping ways like scams and scamming, but you can also hunt for the real project, giving away prizes for small competitions.

    Q #3) Is free Bitcoin real?

    Answer: Yes and no. If you are participating in a demo trading account, for instance, you would get dummy Bitcoins that are not real. However, countless platforms offer small gifts of real Bitcoins if you want to try and test methods on earning free Bitcoins.

    Q #4) How do I start Bitcoin?

    Answer: You can start from our list of tried and tested methods, but if you want to buy, check platforms that allow creating a Bitcoin wallet.

    Q #5) Is it worth putting $100 in Bitcoin?

    Q #6) Is Bitcoin worth investing in right now?

    Earn Crypto By Blogging

    The advent of distributed ledger technologies has given rise to many types of content platforms. And the best part is some of these blogging platforms reward highly ranked content with free bitcoin that can be cashed out for dollars, or for other cryptocurrencies. If youre struggling to get your hands on some crypto, blogging is one of the easiest ways to earn free bitcoins.

    For example, Steemit rewards its users with native tokens for publishing and curating content. It aims to empower the creation of user-generated content to foster a collaborative and creative community. Since the platform is powered by Steem blockchain and run by the community, content creators are paid based on the upvotes they received from other users. The payout for each blog post is highly dependent on the value of these upvotes.

    Typically, the more Steem Power is held in a users account, the more impactful the upvotes are, thus, the more crypto youre going to earn. The rewards are stored on the distributed Steem blockchain, and a user can cash out the collected STEEM to their crypto wallet address. Blogging sites can often be a great starting point for cryptocurrency investors who are reluctant to risk their own money during their initial foray onto crypto platforms.

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    Its Easy To Start Earning Nfts Right Now

    The future of NFTs might go beyond their association with art and gaming. They can provide proof of ownership, manage licensing and grant exclusive access.

    It can also be important to learn to profit from this market. One of the ways to do this is to consider free NFTs and how these can be obtained. Hopefully, our guide has given you information on how to get started. Youll now be able to create your NFT collection and avoid great costs.

    NFTs can be hard to keep up with, so why not join BeInCryptos Discord server to ensure youre on top of everything?

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