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How To Develop Blockchain Applications

Provide Untampered Votes During Election

How To Build A Blockchain App In 10 Minutes

Some common ways a country vote is through a paper-based system or e-voting via a machine in a polling station or i-voting through a web browser. There are always doubts about the voting system ability to secure data and defend against potential attacks. After all, every vote counts have a huge impact on a country.

Voatz provided a voting platform to ensure transparent and verifiable elections around the world. In preparation for the 2019 Municipal Elections, Voatz provide a pilot blockchain mobile voting to deployed military personnel and overseas US citizens.

Guess what?

Ballot received was a 98% successful return rate. Mobile voter turnout rate was a high 90%. We are not far away to use this technology for future elections.

Do You Need A Trustless Environment

Trust is violated often, creating a lot of issues for business. Blockchain is a trustless environment where parties can work without worrying about other particles sticking to the protocol and previously agreed-upon rules. The system is transparent and nothing goes unnoticed.

If you answer all the questions with a strict Yes, your business will probably benefit from blockchain implementation. Now lets find out how to build a blockchain app for different industries and how they will benefit.

Gain Experience By Developing Blockchain Games

Isn’t that awesome to create an army of zombies and fight a war on a blockchain? Sounds great, indeed. The most important thing is that it’s possible with Solidity! Such an approach will help you to understand that blockchain can be used not only for smart contracts and financial transactions, but for exciting diversions as well.

Thinking outside the box can help you to create really amazing ideas.

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So Why Start A Private Blockchain

If youre in the healthcare business, the answer is crystal clear. The concept of medical data on a public peer-to-peer network doesnt sit well with the industrys regulations. Having a private blockchain immediately removes the burden of screwing up on that, big time.

On the contrary, if you operate in finances, why limit the audience? Well, the most common reason is to remove intermediaries.

Select The Correct Blockchain Platform Like Ethereum

Latest for Blockchain in Mobile App Development ...

Once blockchain engineers identify the problem you want to solve with blockchain, choosing the right platform to build your application is the next step.

However, the blockchain platform you need depends on the consensus mechanism and the problems you want to solve. For example, Ethereum is the most-used blockchain, featuring the functionality of Smart Contracts.

If your company wants to leverage its large and committed global community, developers at TokenMinds can help you build full-stack dApps and smart contracts on the Ethereum blockchain. Other Popular Blockchain Platforms are Hyperledger Sawtooth, StellarCorda, EOS, Hashgraph, Tezos, Polygon, and Solana.

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Blockchain In Action 16 Inspirational Examples

PJ Surani

But first, what is Blockchain?

Blockchain technology allows for the creation of a decentralised public record of digital information. The data is stored in a public database and can consist of any information. It is the first digital technology that offers a way for unsecured parties to refer to a common, indelible digital record. Blockchain already has many varied applications, and heres some examples:

1.BitcoinOne of the more famous examples of Blockchain in action is Bitcoin. This is a digital currency . This entirely electronic form of funds can be transferred securely directly from user to user without the need for intermediaries – essentially there is no central bank or administrator needed. Bitcoin is not the only currency based on Blockchain technology. Bitcoin Atom is a fork of Bitcoin and provides a truly decentralised way of exchanging cryptocurrencies without trading fees and no exchange hacks.

2.SpotifyFollowing acquisition of Mediachain Labs in late 2017, Spotify are using a decentralised database to correlate artists with license agreements and tracks. Use of Blockchain in music looks to create a more transparent record of rights ownership that will solve long-standing issues within the industry, whereby artists and labels have not been fairly acknowledged.

PJ Surani

Blockchain App Development Team

Its impossible to build a large-scale blockchain application with a single blockchain developer. Ambitious products are always built with great teams where each member does their best to deliver quality results.

In the perfect world, your blockchain development team should consist of the following members:

  • Blockchain analysts. Analysts inspect data flows inside the network to understand its effectiveness and create strategies for improvement.
  • Blockchain engineers. Developers and engineers are the headliners of the development process. They build blockchain solutions using crypto algorithms and up-to-date development tools based on all data gathered by data analysts and overall business requirements defined by clients.
  • UI//UX designers. Blockchain development wont succeed without an attractive and straightforward design. Besides, developers write code based on prototypes of the future app developed by designers.
  • QA engineers. QA engineers are an integral part of any project. Their main responsibility is to test networks for vulnerabilities, identify and eliminate bugs, and constantly analyze the codebase.

These are key specialists that should manage the blockchain app development process. Each of them brings tremendous impact to the table, thats why theyre irreplaceable members of any development team.

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Configuration And Smart Contract Code Relationship

Blockchain Workbench uses the configuration file and smart contract code file to create a blockchain application. There is a relationship between what is defined in the configuration and the code in the smart contract. Contract details, functions, parameters, and types are required to match to create the application. Blockchain Workbench verifies the files prior to application creation.

History Of Riseup Labs

Build Your First Blockchain Flutter App | Solidity | Metamask

Figure: Champion trophy of National Mobile Application Award 2014

Riseup Labs has a mentionable history in the Mobile App Development industry. It is a memory of a decade ago when Riseup Labs started its journey as a software development company in Bangladesh.

At that time mobile app development age was started in Bangladesh. Riseup Labs started developing mobile game apps and successfully won the National Mobile Application Award 2014 in the Entertainment & Lifestyle category.

Riseup Labs recognized as the Top and Best Mobile App Development Company among other Mobile App Development Companies in Bangladesh and the World from that moment.

Figure: Mr. Ershadul Hoque, Founder & CEO of Riseup Labs, receiving the Champion trophy of National Mobile Application Award 2014.

The game’s name was “Tap Tap Ants: Battlefield” and got the “Champion” trophy.

So, they had developed many great mobile games apps and other apps for themselves and their clients.

Since then, they are known as the best mobile app development company in Bangladesh. Also, they have world wide recognition for their work.

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Lower Electricity Bills At Home

Accenture revealed a smart plug to monitor power use and save cost. First, the prototype works with other gadgets and monitor power use. Next, it searches the cheapest energy tariffs. Finally, it uses blockchain to switch suppliers quickly. As a result, this helps many people on a lower income who pay for their power via a meter.

Internet Identity And Dns

Even though the digital world develops in jumps and leaps, we havent yet entered the time when every person would have a single internet identity. You use your personal information to register in different applications and solutions, entrusting them with its storage. Authentication with Google and Facebook provides an additional layer of protection. But not all services use it, so it can only get you so far.

Blockchain-enabled identity would allow users to get credentials and use them to prove their identity to other organizations. The decentralized storage of information doubles the wins for both users and organizations. Blockchain enhances personal privacy and speeds up the verification process.

Implementations: Serto, IBM Verify Credentials

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Problem Identification With Blockchain Developers

Once you share your idea with blockchain developers, theyll craft a problem statement that helps them understand different issues you want to solve with blockchain. Blockchain engineers will figure out the best way of integrating blockchain into your operations to boost efficiency. They can also determine whether you need a completely new blockchain application or not.

You have to ask wheres the problem the core issue that blockchain can help solve, says Kyn Chaturvedi, Chief business development officer, TomoChaun.

What Are The Roles And Responsibilities Of Blockchain Developers

Create Your Own Blockc...

Blockchain developers have many roles and responsibilities. They might be responsible for the blockchain network, the applications that run on that network or a combination of both. They might also participate in designing blockchain networks and applications, analyzing existing systems and evaluating new technologies.

The exact roles and responsibilities of a blockchain developer will depend on the individual’s circumstances, but they can include the following:

  • researching, analyzing and designing blockchain networks, consensus protocols and decentralized applications
  • planning security and compliance across the entire blockchain network and applying cryptographic mechanisms such as hash functions and digital signatures
  • researching and evaluating new tools and technologies and integrating them into a blockchain network or its applications
  • developing, testing, monitoring and maintaining a blockchain network, with a focus on performance, distributed computing, consensus protocols, cryptography and other security measures
  • developing, testing, monitoring and maintaining decentralized applications, smart contracts, back-end systems, client-side applications and any other components that make up the application stack
  • documenting development processes, artifacts and best practices as well as blockchain applications or systems and
  • employing a wide range of soft skills, including communication, collaboration, problem-solving, multitasking and working in a team environment.

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Choose A Blockchain Development Tech Stack

You cant know how to build a blockchain app without this step.

At this stage, you need to decide on the technology stack for your future solution. The final list of technologies directly depends on your app idea and the way you decide to build it.

For example, if you want to build a public application with smart contracts, you will need to use Ethereum.

In the image below, you can see an example of a blockchain technology stack.

Lets review some of the most popular blockchain platforms that can be used for dApp development.

What Are Blockchain Apps How To Develop One

Blockchain is the most significant innovation in this digitized world. Blockchain application is one of the most promising assets capable of transforming and improving the global economy. Many enterprises are in the way of adopting blockchain technology and building mobile apps for their business.

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Reasons To Create A Private Blockchain

If youve skimmed our recent blockchain-related blog posts, you already know that a blockchain is but a publicly shared Excel spreadsheet, although much more secure.

Among other things, such as hosting hyped crypto, blockchain networks also happen to be:

  • transparent
  • anonymous
  • secure
  • congruent

Despite all these virtues, blockchains are still as public as it gets their peer-to-peer nature allows anyone on the internet to join.

Hire New Fresh Grads With Confidence

BLOCKCHAIN APPS IN GO – Build Your Own Blockchain App

There is fake news. And, there are fake certifications. If you ever hire a freshgrad, you know the whole hiring process can be slow and painful one. How do you verify the new hire certification is genuine? You would need to contact the school one by one.

Imagine a world where certifications were written securely, where they could not be deleted or changed. Now, sharing them with employers for recruitment becomes transparent and easy. Smartchain offers this solution for digital educational certificates.

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Congratulations On Taking The First Step Towards Taking Your Business To New Heights

The Ethereum platform is seeing widespread adoption by technologists who build decentralized applications, or dApps, on the Ethereum network. For example, there are numerous platforms and exchanges for nonfungible tokens a type of digital asset that can be exchanged on a blockchain. It has a mature ecosystem of tools for writing smart contracts using the Solidity programming environment, which runs on the Ethereum Virtual Machine.

With so many libraries available at their fingertips, developers have everything they need to develop an efficient blockchain. Extremely fast with accessible maintenance features makes Go the perfect choice when distributing your dApp on Ethereums network as well. It offers accessibility to JavaScript infrastructures, debuggers, and other tools. It offers IT consulting to non-technical entrepreneurs in New York and helps them to resolve technological challenges.

Blockstream creates a secure financial infrastructure for building Bitcoin-based peer-to-peer financial solutions. It provides various products that integrate with its Bitcoin blockchain technology to develop fast and efficient financial services. As part of Azure cloud services, Microsoft offers a BaaS platform that integrates with other Microsoft services such as Logic Apps and Flow. Azure Blockchain Services allows enterprises to leverage its extensive cloud infrastructure to build, manage and deploy cutting-edge blockchain applications and networks at a large scale.

Registry Of Land Ownership

To maintain a country registry of land ownership is not only expensive, and also a labor-intensive operation.

Ubitquity is the first blockchain secured platform for real estate record keeping. It records, tracks title and other property records. Moreover, it reduces future title search time, and improve transparency.

Sweden government partners with ChromaWay Here, they aim to test the possibility of a blockchain based land registry.

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Deploying The Blockchain Network In Kubernetes

Deploy all the microservices for the application in Kubernetes. Test the blockchain network with its API client and use the external IP of service to perform a curl request.

Once the curl request is executed, check the result with the resultID you get as a result. The status success implies that the blockchain network can now be integrated with the app.

Before blockchain integration with the mobile app, it is required to deploy more microservices needed for the mobile app.

Classify A Suitable Use

Hire Blockchain App Developers

Upcoming developers have to be qualified and capable of understanding blockchain technology because this technology will change the way of transactions that are done in the next decade. So before you involve in the blockchain you must identify a use-case that makes business sense.

There are 3 things that blockchains can work very well:

  • Info Authentication & Verification
  • Smart Asset Management
  • Smart Contracts

Info Authentication & Verification: It includes immutable storage, digital signatures, and encryption. Data or Info in almost any format which can be stored in the blockchain network. Blockchains can build a public-private key pair and also be used for developing and verifying digital signatures.

Smart Asset Management: It includes issuance, payment, exchange, escrow, and retirement. A smart/crypto asset is the tokenized version of a real-world asset e.g. gold, silver, oil, land.

Smart Contracts: Smart contract functionality is used in blockchain technology to execute an agreement digitally and reduce the risk of loss.

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Select A Blockchain Development Platform

Blockchain app development from scratch requires in-depth research and strategy and will take several months to complete. To reduce the total time required for development, a blockchain development company builds the apps on top of reliable blockchain platforms.

The platform you choose will depend on a number of important factors such as what is the need of the app and what functionalities are required. For instance, if the app is for financial purposes, Ripple, Stellar, and R3 Corda are the relevant platforms. For apps meant for digital asset management, the OpenChain platform can be chosen.

So, do some brainstorming about the available platforms to figure out the best one for your application. Making the right decision will be beneficial in the long term.

Blockchain Frameworks Applicable In Fintech

Fintech can benefit from the following frameworks

  • Ethereum It is a popular open-source framework for building decentralized applications.
  • CryptoNote Another popular open-source project where you can create crypto coins.
  • ZeroNet An interesting platform where you can create decentralized websites.

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Examples Of Blockchain Technology In Practice

Here are some most interesting examples of using blockchain in different industries. You can use them as ideas for blockchain apps.

Spotify uses blockchain database for decentralized connection between Spotify tracks, artists and licencing agreements.

Warranteer is a retail company that uses blockchain to help customers access information on the products they bought, and get service in case the product stopped working.

IBM Blockchain one of the best best blockchain apps that helps logistics companies and businesses with long supply chains to track the status and condition of every product on each stage of the supply process: from the start of production to the distribution stage. Blockchain provides full transparency of records, and offers real-time tracking of all parts in terms of their location and condition.

MedRec a healthcare example of blockchain app that provides secure access to medical records across different providers and actors, like doctors, patients, hospitals, pharmacies and insurance companies.

Securrency is a trading platform for any kinds of cryptocurrencies, however, it also supports traditional assets that can be translated into Securrency tokens and exchange as well.

Programming Languages Used In Blockchain Development

Getting Started: How To Build A Blockchain App – PT 2

The tech stack of creating blockchain-based software will depend on your needs and team. Theres a variety of programming languages that can be used for blockchain development. Here are your options, some are widely used, some are less popular, but get the job done:

  • C#
  • Scilla
  • Rholang

The choice of a programming language for your blockchain-based app is better decided by an experienced team lead who will be able to match your specific needs to language abilities. Some of these languages are better for smart contracts, some are more suitable for asycnhronous code handling. You should also look at the developer market: if you pick a rare language, it may be harder for you to find developers if your current team member leaves the project.

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