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How To Earn Crypto On Brave Browser

What Is The Brave Browser

How To Earn Free Crypto Browing The Web BRAVE Browser!

Brave is an open-source and free browser that blocks ads and trackers and enables you to surf online more anonymously. Its built on Chromium, an open-source engine, just like Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge. This means that you can add most of the Chrome extensions to Brave, by simply browsing the Chrome Web Store and adding the extension you want to use.

Brave Browser is available on iOS, Android, macOS, Windows, and Linux platforms, and you can download it and use it completely free.

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Why You Should Care About Brave

The internet is changing. Its not just about the web anymore, its about how people are using technology to communicate and consume information.

The way we find things and interact with them online has changed drastically over the last few yearsand it shows no signs of stopping.

Were now living in a world where everything from our news to our social networks can be filtered based on what we want to see when we want to see it, and who made it.

There are new ways for advertisers to make their messages heard without being blocked by content filters or ad blockers that inhibit revenue generation for those same publishers.

Brave isnt trying to fix all these problems at once theyre focused on giving users control over their data while simultaneously cutting out the middleman who may be spying on them.

Brave is a browser that blocks ads and trackers by default, but you also have the option of donating data to sites as an alternative form of revenue generation.

The tokens are then used like any other cryptocurrency including sending tips and converting coins into different denominations via exchanges between wallets.

Get Rewarded For Paying Attention

Brave is the only browser that rewards you for your attention. Like Google Chrome, Brave is free to download. But with Brave, it pays to stay.

When you download a web browser for free, you expect it to stay that way. And for good reason. Instead, advertisers and other data harvesters are being granted access to your personal identity and online habits so that they can make billions in annual profits.1 By stealing, trading, and stockpiling your data, tech giants are manipulating your online experience to maintain a monopoly on your attention.2 Whatâs more, the ads and trackers used to monopolize your attention drain your computerâs resources, resulting in a browsing experience thatâs not only less private, but considerably slower.

Brave is fighting to keep the Internet free and accessible to everyone, forever. By reimagining the broken surveillance economy, weâve built a model that incentivizes high-quality content over profit. Brave rewards you to browse while also offering up a noticeably faster, safer, and more enjoyable experience than Google Chrome. Because you shouldnât have to sacrifice your privacy to surf the web.

The future of browsing is one in which everyoneâs attention is valued equally. In this new model, users, advertisers, and content creators all come out ahead.3

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How To Use The Brave Browser To Earn Cryptocurrency

You already use a browser, so why not earn cryptocurrency from it too? Here’s how to do so with the Brave browser.

As a Brave browser user, you can earn revenue in the form of BAT by simply opting to view ads. BAT is Braves own cryptocurrency, and a user can earn it when they opt to view anonymous and privacy-preserving ads.

This service is totally optional, and the ads are presented to the users in the form of push notifications instead of on-page display. BAT earned this way are stores in a wallet built into the browser, and can be traded for other cryptocurrencies or fiat currency.

What Is It Like Using The Brave Browser

How to Earn and Use Cryptocurrency With the Brave Browser

The browser is based off of Chromium, a regularly updated and free open-source browser project backed by Google.

Anyone can use the source code from Chromium and compile it into a web browser.

Other notable browsers that are based on Chromium include Chrome, the Microsoft Edge browser and Opera.

This means that Brave should not be unfamiliar to you if you are using the browsers mentioned above.

I myself also downloaded and installed the Brave browser on my Macbook Pro the Saturday before and have been using it since.

Transitioning from Brave to Chrome was also quite seamless as I could import all my browser data and all the Chrome Web Store extensions that I was using on Chrome into Brave.

Brave also felt noticeably faster than Chrome in everyday use.

P.S. If you would like to know more about how its like to use Brave, you can check out this YouTube review.

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Measuring User Attentionand Earning Bat

Brave ecosystem relies on monetizing user attention. Users Attention Value is calculated via Brave-developed algorithms which monitor the ads you watch and how long you watch them . If you opt in and decide to watch the Brave Ads, youll get paid in BAT tokens for doing so.

Read our comparison of Brave vs Firefox.

The algorithms also track your interests and tailor new ads in a manner that will better suit the things you like, want, and enjoy. This is where some potential privacy issues can happen as your data is basically being collected and tracked here as we said before, this feature is opt-in according to Brave and all user data is stored locally to avoid third party-related risks.

Brave Ads program recently underwent final testing in Braves Developer Channel. The program was tested by select individuals who applied for the early access to the experience during testing, users had the opportunity to see ads from BuySellAds, TAP Network, AirSwap, Fluidity, and Uphold.

The testing was completed successfully and the program entered its Phase 2, which will see Brave users awarded for their attention.

Developer Channel received an update to version 0.63.4 which will allow testers on OS X, Linux and Windows x64 to have the ads they are viewing counted under ad notifications received.

Brave Browser Collecting Donations On Behalf Of Content Creators

In December of 2018, British content creator Tom Scott said that he had not received any donations collected on his behalf by Brave browser. In a tweet, he stated “So if you thought you’d donated to me through Brave, the money will not reach me, and Brave’s terms say that they may choose to just keep it for themselves. It looks like they’re ‘providing this service’ for every creator on every platform. No opt-in, no consent.” In response, Brave amended the interface with a disclaimer for each creator who hasn’t signed up with Brave and promised to consider adding “an opt-out option for creators who do not wish to receive donations” and “switching the default so users cannot tip or donate to unverified creators”. Critics stated that the system should be opt-in and not opt-out, that the disclaimer did not clearly state absence of any relation with the creators, and suggests that creator begun process of signing up with Brave. Two days after the complaint, Brave issued an update to “clearly indicate which publishers and creators have not yet joined Brave Rewards so users can better control how they donate and tip” and in January 2020 another update to change the behavior of contributions and tips. They are now held in the browser and transferred if the creator signs up within 90 days otherwise, they are returned to the user. Tom Scott, the original complainant, tweeted in response: “These are good changes, and they fix the complaints I had!”.

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Refer To Earn Up To $75 Worth Of Bat

When a new user signs up for Brave Creator, they are also provided with a referral link. Using this link to invite friends to download Brave, you can earn $1 to $7.5 worth of BAT. This amount depends on your country, but is eligible for each reference you provide.

To get a Brave referral link, download Brave and become a creator. As a verified content creator, you will receive a referral link inside the Creatordashboard.

You just have to copy the link and start sharing it with your followers. Shortly, you will receive BAT rewards directly in your Uphold wallet. You can withdraw them or even convert them to Bitcoin.

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Earn Rewards Reclaim Your Privacy

Earn Crypto Browser! Brave Rewards!

With Google Chrome, ads track your browsing habits to better sell you products. Not only are these ads invading your privacy, youâre literally paying them to do it.4 Consider this: ads and trackers eat up to 50% of the average userâs mobile phone data.5That means the average person browsing the Internet on their phone is being charged to wait longer for pages to load⦠in order to see content they didnât even ask to see.6

ads and trackers eat up to 50% of the average userâs mobile phone data.

Brave turns this broken model on its head. Brave Ads is an opt-in advertising platform that rewards you to view non-invasive ads without compromising your privacy. In exchange for paying attention, you earn 70% of the ad revenue that Brave receives. That revenue comes in the form of Basic Attention Tokens ,7 which are tokens that can be spent online.8 At the end of each month, you can either withdraw your BAT in the form of cash or pay it forward by tipping your favorite websites and content creators.9 Just open the Brave Rewards panel and hit âSend a tipâ to instantly share your BAT earnings with the content creators you love.10

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Cash In The Rewards With Uphold

Create an Uphold account and verify your wallet so that Brave can deposit your hard-earned BAT into your account.

This way, you dont have to worry about losing your secret recovery key.

Although, make sure you pay attention to Upholds withdrawal costs should you want to withdraw the money to a private wallet.

Earn Crypto By Viewing Sponsored Background Images On New Tabs

One of the most recognizable elements of Brave is the background images shown on the new tab page. These photos are selected by Braves design team and some have been submitted by members of the community.

In January 2020, Brave introduced these sponsored background images that will appear in the form of large, beautiful background images within the new tab page.

This is a new and laid-back way to earn crypto for just using Brave as your default browser.

You can also easily turn off all sponsored images if you dont like them.

Heres how a sponsored image looks like on the new tab page:

You can earn ~0.01 BAT per sponsored image viewed.

They appear once every 4 times. You can also trigger them by refreshing the new tab page multiple times. Although spamming this is likely to not yield a reward for viewing.

Similar to notification-based ads, sponsored images are a decent way to earn crypto by just simply using Brave as your daily web browser.

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Comparison With Other Browsers

A February 2020 research report published by the School of Computer Science and Statistics at Trinity College Dublin tested six browsers and deemed Brave to be the most private of them, in terms of phoning home: “In the first group lies Brave, in the second Chrome, Firefox and Safari, and in the third group lie Edge and Yandex.”

How To Earn Cryptocurrency By Browsing The Web

How to Earn Crypto With Brave Browser ($0 Investment)

Cryptocurrency investing is a rollercoaster of crushing lows and exhilarating highs. If youre looking to dip your toe into the crypto waters without risking any of your hard-earned cash, youre in luck. You can earn a widely held and traded cryptocurrency by simply browsing the Web with the Brave browser and BAT.

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Download And Install The Brave Browser

You get it from Installers are available for Windows, macOS, and Linux . Its a tiny download that in turn downloads and installs the browser software, similar to the way other Chromium browsers do. On the disk, the browser takes up 495MB on installation not exactly lithe, but Chrome does the same.

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You Can Fund Your Wallet With A Currency Of Your Choice Or Earn Tokens By Viewing Ads Youre In Control Of

Brave Rewards goes beyond supporting your favorite content creators. Brave Ads are enabled by default in Brave Rewards, providing the ability to earn Basic Attention Tokens every time you view an ad. Brave Ads are presented separately from your web content at a convenient time, and keep your personal details completely private and anonymous. They can show up in the form of system notifications or sponsored images on the new tab page.

You can control every aspect of Brave Ads â from the number of system notifications youâd like to see, to whether or not you want to hide sponsored images. Youâll earn 70% of the ad revenue that we receive from advertisers. In exchange for your attention, youâll accumulate tokens as you browse. You can contribute these tokens to the sites you love â with more options coming later.

At this time, Brave Ads are available to most countries. We are continuously working to extend support to more regions in the future. From December 10th Brave ads will not be available on iOS.

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Brave Rewards: Earn And Tip Crypto While Surfing The Web Via Brave Browser

Brave Rewards is a system that allows users to reward their favorite content creators with cryptocurrency and receive payments for watching custom ads. Its up to you whether you want to automatically reward your most-visited websites by setting a monthly fee or tip the content creators that you like manually.

As for the ads, not only they are getting less annoying with Brave, but also not a single byte of data will leave your computer if you ever choose to watch them. And of course, if you do decide to give that ad a green light, youll get as much as 70% of the ad revenue in BAT tokens for doing that.

To sum it all up, there are three main concepts you need to know about when using Brave:

  • You can set up a monthly fee in BAT crypto for your most visited content creators
  • You can tip any content makers in BAT crypto whenever you feel like it
  • You can get BAT rewards for watching ads if you choose to watch them

More than 1, 000,000 content creators and publishers including Vice, WikiHow, The Guardian, Coindesk, Washington Post and many more have already signed up for the gig.

How Can I Earn Crypto With Brave

How to Earn FREE Crypto DAILY… (Brave Browser)

Users can turn on optional ads and get paid in Basic Attention Tokens which essentially are paying you a slice of the revenue from showing you the ad, your payment comes in the form of the crypto token.

The average user earns from 20-40 BAT a month, at the time of writing each BAT is worth .60 cents so around $12-24 a month. You decide how many ads to view an hour up to a maximum of 5. Generally, this is per device too, so if you use your phone to browse the net it pays to use the Brave app and earn BAT there too.Brave can also help you make money as a content creator, they have a content creator community of over 1.2 million creators and 32.4 million active monthly users. If you run a website or YouTube you can earn BAT from referrals or users tipping you for your content.

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Maximize Bat Earnings On A Pc

In addition to the steps outlined above, if you use Brave on a PC, you have another opportunity to earn BAT. When you launch the browser, youll see the Brave homepage.

The homepage has some interesting stats and some widgets including your estimated BAT earnings against a backdrop of some pretty scenery. On the bottom right of the homepage youll see Customize. Click on that to open a menu.

Here youll be able to customize a variety of things. Clicking on Background Image, youll notice a toggle switch labelled Show sponsored images. Flicking this on will present you with ads on your Brave homepage, earning you more BAT.

The Creators Of The Privacy

Brave is a privacy-focused browser that aims to prevent its users from being tracked online. That largely means preventing advertisers from tracking you, which disrupts the main way many websites make money. Brave’s makers aren’t just interested in the privacy side of the equation, however. One of their goals is to fundamentally change the way websites make money, using the BAT cryptocurrency, based on the Ethereum blockchain. News and information sites like this oneand their readersparticularly stand to benefit from the concept. Will it catch on? It’s hard to say, but shifting the power into the hands of users is an attractive idea.

Brave, just like Chrome, Edge, Opera, and Vivaldi, is based on Google’s open-source Chromium browser code, so it’s compatible, fast, and familiar. It sports some unique features, too: Ad blocking and web tracking protection are built in, its private browsing mode can hide your traffic using Tor, it includes a built-in BitTorrent utility, and it offers a cryptocurrency wallet.

The premise is simple: If you endure viewing Brave Ads , you can earn a fractional smidge of BAT. Conversely, if you want to get past a site’s paywall and view it ad-free, you contribute a bit of BAT to the site.

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