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How To Earn Crypto Online

Apply For The Blockfi Credit Card

Coinbase Earn – How to Earn Free Crypto with Coinbase

Cryptocurrency exchange BlockFi recently released the BlockFi Rewards Visa Signature Credit Card.

This card offers 1.5% back in Bitcoin on every single purchase and it has no annual fee!

You will also earn 3.5% back in Bitcoin during your first three months of having the card up to $100 worth of Bitcoin and will earn 2% back in Bitcoin for every purchase over $50,000 annually.

Also, if you trade cryptocurrency through BlockFi, you will earn 0.25% back in Bitcoin on all eligible trades.

The card also comes with a refer-a-friend bonus of $30 for every friend you refer who is approved for the card.

Accepting Payments In Cryptocurrencies

Receiving cryptocurrency payments works well for e-commerce websites. If you own a company or business, accepting cryptos will be a viable way to earn. Some of the popular platforms that accept cryptos include Shopify and WordPress plugin like WooCommerce. With this platform, you can earn different cryptos where you can store them, sell or convert to fiat.

Get Free Stock And Exchange It For Crypto

Many stock brokerage companies are giving away free stock to new users

However, some of these stock market companies also let users purchase cryptocurrency on their platforms.

So what savvy users can do is:

  • Get the free stock bonus.
  • Sell their free stock.
  • Use the proceeds to purchase cryptocurrency.
  • In the table below, Ive listed all the stock brokerage companies giving away free stock right now that also let you purchase cryptocurrency.

    All you have to do is meet the free stock requirements, sell the free stock, and then use the cash to purchase crypto.

    Get Free Stock!

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    Use Presearch As Your Search Engine

    Presearch is a blockchain-powered decentralized search engine that rewards users with Presearch tokens simply for using Presearch the search the web.

    Currently, Presearch tokens are worth a little over $0.20 each, so you wont become a millionaire using Presearch, but its still an easy way to get free crypto, and you need at least 1,000 Presearch tokens in order to redeem them to an exchange.

    Please note that in my experience, the search results you get using Presearch are not as great as you would get using Google, but there are two big benefits of using Presearch :

  • Fewer ads
  • More privacy
  • If youd like to check out Presearch, be sure to use our bonus link to get 25 free Presearch tokens just for signing up!

    How To Earn Crypto Buy Buying Some

    Earn Crypto: 6 Easy Ways to Earn Bitcoin Online (2019 ...

    Step #1: Select a Crypto Broker/Exchange

    Almost all the crypto brokers offer cryptocurrencies for purchase. To choose any one of them, you have to look for certain characteristic features such as:

    • The range of cryptocurrencies that you are able to buy from the platform. More the better.
    • A reliable and easy-to-use platform of the broker is preferred. If you are a beginner, you may want to use a more intuitive broker such as Coinbase. However, if you are an advanced trader/investor, you may want more charts to make the next move. In that case, you may choose Coinbase Pro.
    • The assets offered by the broker are another important feature you should look into. While some brokers offer only cryptocurrencies, others provide a combination of both cryptos and stock accounts.
    • Fees structure should be looked into. It includes both commissions and maintenance fees.
    • Availability of two-factor authentication, encryption, and security features must also be there.

    Once you have compared the services offered and fees charged by the different crypto brokers offering digital coin trade, you should choose the one that matches your financial goals.

    Step #2: Open an Online Account with an Exchange

    Step #3: Buy Crypto Wallets to Store Multiple or your Preferred Coin

    You can either go for a cold wallet or a hot wallet . It is not recommended to keep coins on your exchange because you may lose all your funds in case of a hack.

    Step #4: Fund Your Account

    Step #5: Buy Preferred Crypto

  • Slush Pool
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    How To Earn Cryptocurrency As A Freelancer

    Not a gamer? Dont worry, there are plenty of ways to earn cryptocurrency as a freelancer, whatever your profession and whether youre looking for a one-off gig or full-time employment.

    Crypto-friendly freelancing jobs sites include:

    Naturally, a large number of employers willing to pay in crypto already work in the sector, and are looking to hire engineers, smart contract developers, PR people with contacts in the blockchain press, etc.

    New jobs networks are coming online all the time. Keep3r Network, for instance, is a decentralized keeper network for projects that need external devops and for external teams to find keeper jobs. Its a rather technical process compared to standard jobs sites, with employers able to register jobs by submitting proposals via governance but its another option for crypto job-seekers.

    There are a few benefits of using these platforms over more established freelance portals like Fiverr, Upwork and PeoplePerHour. For a start, you can retain a greater degree of personal privacy. Whats more, you can earn even if you dont have a bank account crypto is as close to a frictionless, borderless currency as its possible to get.

    Freelancers can also avoid the increasingly unfair commissions associated with traditional jobs sites. And theres another bugbear: when paid via bank transfer, it can often take a week or longer for payments to clear. And thats after the freelance site has taken its cut.

    Nft Gaming Is The Future

    Remember when Pokémon cards were all the rage? My classmates and I would buy $10 packs of Pokémon cards and cross our fingers that wed get rare cards to elicit envy and crush weaker Pokémons in card battles.

    The trading-card craze is on the verge of making a volcanic comeback in the form of NFT gaming. During my research, I stumbled upon Axie Infinity, an NFT game heavily influenced by Pokémon. Its core gameplay involves having a team of three with creatures called Axies with various skill sets and you can throw em into battle to face other opponents.

    Axie Infinity is arguably the most popular P2E game today, so of course, I wanted to see what the hype was all about. However, I was immediately turned off when I realized I had to purchase three Axies to play the game and theyre not cheap if you want to be a worthy competitor. I felt my wallet wince when I saw the price tags of the most beastly Axies they cost somewhere between $230 to $312,000 in the marketplace.

    Who the hell is going to pay $300k for a digital thing-a-majig? I wondered. But believe it or not, an Axie Infinity gamer made headlines for buying a virtual plot of land for a whopping $1.5 million.

    Im focusing on Axie Infinity here, but Ive seen countless other P2E games where people are buying pricey NFTs in hopes of making profit in the long-run and theyre not just trading-card platforms either.

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    Look Out For Exchange Sign

    Some cryptocurrency exchanges offer sign-up or referral bonuses for using their services. A previous Coinbase sign-up bonus offered $5 to new users to invest in crypto, for example, and the exchange currently offers a $10 bonus to both you and your referral when they make an account and trade at least $100.

    Make sure you pay attention to the terms of these bonuses. You may be required to provide more personal information or go through other actions to claim these rewards. Most of these offerings arent lucrative enough to warrant signing up for an entirely new exchange if you already have an account, but if youre a beginner, keep an eye on exchanges youre considering to see if they offer a sign-up bonus or referral for other friends that may be interested.

    How To Earn Cryptocurrency As A Gamer Gig Worker Or Entrepreneur

    Hi Dollars Make Money Online Earn Free Crypto

    Buying crypto is easy .

    But what about earning crypto?

    As the market evolves, more and more people are keen to receive payment in Bitcoin and other digital assets for goods and services rendered.

    In the early days of Bitcoin, if you werent a miner, one of the few ways to acquire it was by using a Bitcoin faucet that dispensed BTC every time you completed a simple task. Nowadays, many forward-looking companies particularly tech startups are happy to pay staffers and freelancers in crypto. Similarly, there are several ways for gamers to stack satoshis and claim crypto simply for streaming and engaging with their audience.

    In this guide, well take a closer look at all the different ways you can earn crypto.

    Well also consider the benefits awaiting businesses who elect to both pay employees and freelancers in crypto, and accept it as a mode of payment.

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    Open A Crypto Savings Account And Get Interest

    If you dont want to work hard to get free crypto, you can let your crypto work hard for you! But for that to happen you need first to purchase or own digital assets: BTC, ETH, or stable coins .

    Crypto savings accounts are like traditional savings accounts but for your cryptocurrencies. And they pay much higher interest than banks. Thats why theyve become so popular these days. Also, theyre super user-friendly. All you need to do is:

    • Sign up
    • Deposit your crypto
    • Earn interest every day, week, or month!

    But you have to keep in mind that you lose custody of your assets . So you need to do your own research before committing and to make sure whos the custodian and if its insured. Here are some services Ive been using and that, I believe, are reliable: BlockFi, Ledn,, Nexo, and

    Win Big With Crypto Games

    More and more developers have started adding an exciting twist to their products by accepting crypto transactions in the form of tokens. You can trade, own pets, or even become a real estate tycoon in the above games, all while earning digital currencies.

    Hi! Im Bryan, and Im a passionate & expert writer with more than five years of experience. I have written about various topics such as product descriptions, travel, cryptocurrencies, and online gaming in my writing journey. The latter is one of my favorite topics, and you can find some of my premium casino content at OUSC.

    Disclaimer. This is a paid press release. Readers should do their own due diligence before taking any actions related to the promoted company or any of its affiliates or services. is not responsible, directly or indirectly, for any damage or loss caused or alleged to be caused by or in connection with the use of or reliance on any content, goods or services mentioned in the press release.

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    Join A Network Of Publishers

    Do you have a website, but its not for e-commerce? Then you can still earn some coins.

    Since Google banned or restricted crypto-related businesses from advertising through its network, the advertising industry had to adapt.

    Countless crypto ad networks appeared to fill the markets advertising needs. Their platforms created vast networks of crypto publishers, where advertisers could place their banners.

    In return for displaying ads, the publisher gets paid. And while most networks will pay out their users in only one currency , many also do payouts in cryptocurrency.

    SIDENOTE. This is a simplified explanation of the whole process. We covered the differences between Ad Networks, Ad Exchanges, and DSPs in a previous post, which you can find here.

    Claim On Crypto Faucets

    How to Earn Free Crypto in 2021?

    Next on the list is the first method I ever used when I was broke and wanted to claim free instant cryptocurrency. At that time, I couldnt afford to invest anything. Because I had other basic needs to fill. But I had free time and dedication. So I signed up for several faucets and I claimed as often as I could.

    Faucets are websites that make money with advertising and give away free cryptocurrency to their users who watch the ads. While some faucets focus only on a single crypto , others allow you to earn multiple cryptocurrencies .

    This business model has been working for a while, with the oldest and most reputable platform, having distributed over 225,000 bitcoins to its users.

    The only drawback with faucets is that the rewards are small. And you need to create a routine and visit several websites several times a day to start making substantial money. But, little by little, you can steadily grow your holdings.

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    Top 27 Best Ways To Earn Bitcoin And Get Paid In Crypto

    Once the world starts to transact in Bitcoin globally, the payment network aspect of it will continue to grow and people will start getting paid in cryptoassets by their employer or company. There is also the blossoming freelance market that has plenty of opportunity within the blockchain era dawning upon us all. Let’s review the top 27 ways to get paid in bitcoin and gain more crypto by earning it rather than buying bitcoin through an exchange for USD. While there is nothing absolutely wrong at all to buy bitcoin outright in hopes it’s BTC/USD exchange rate value rises, but others enjoy the opportunity to gain bitcoin rather than a charity case or having to exchange USD-based salaries and paychecks into cryptoassets.

    Bitcoin Forks And Other Crypto Forks

    • Effort: Low
    • Income: Low to Medium
    • Risk: High

    Cryptocurrency forks occur when members of a crypto community and its creators cannot agree on a rule change, causing the crypto to branch off in a different direction while still also remaining on the current direction. This essentially creates two different versions of the same coin. These forks have happened before with Ethereum , bitcoin , and with Bitcoin Cash .

    This gives everyone on the cryptocurrency free crypto as you suddenly have the same amount of it on each path. For example, if you held ten bitcoin in July 2017, then you own 10 BTH and 10BTC after August 1, 2017 when their split occurred. You technically create crypto out of thin air, despite not being able to spend both at the same time.

    These forks become a great opportunity as the price starts fluctuating wildly. BCH jumped from $100 to $1,000 in the first few hours on August 1st, and that could be a huge pay off should you sell at that moment. You could buy and sell the forked version of any popular crypto if that happens in order to make huge profits from that fluctuation period.

    Earning Potential: Varies on new coin success

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    Doing Some Work For Crypto

    Dont have enough coins to generate passive income? You can always earn some crypto the same way you earn regular money by doing some freelance work, creating quality content, and so on.Try Cryptocurrency Jobs or Freelance For Coins platforms. The list of job categories includes programming, creative writing, blogging, design, social media managing, translating, image editing, etc. All the payments are done in crypto .Also, visit websites like Its a platform where people can publish their articles and get rewarded with Bitcoin Cash for it. If a reader finds your content useful, they can thank you by sending some crypto to your wallet. This wallet is created automatically when you get registered.

    How To Get Free Cryptocurrency Without Mining

    How To Make Money Online With Crypto | How To Make 100$ In 30 Minutes

    If mining sounds too complex, were here to show you a few simple ways to get free cryptocurrency.

    You dont need to invest in an expensive crypto mining right, and you dont need to be a cryptocurrency expert to get free cryptocurrency like this.

    Here are our top 20 ways to get free cryptocurrency without mining.

    Note: We update this page on a daily basis as opportunities come and go, so be sure to bookmark it and check it often.

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    What Is Brave Browser

    Simply put, Brave is a free to use open-source web browser that is developed by Brave Software, Inc. The browser is based on Chromium, a regularly updated and free open-source browser project backed by Google. Other popular browsers that are based on Chromium include Chrome, Microsoft Edge and Opera. This means that the user experience of Brave will be very familiar to you if you are using one of these browsers already.

    But unlike the other browsers, Brave has various distinguished features for users, the main ones being:

    1. Users are not being tracked without their consent, providing you more privacy online.

    2. The browser removes trackers and ads that slow down page loading times, allowing faster browsing. Brave also consumes less battery than Chrome on mobile.

    3. Users can earn crypto with Brave Browser when being served Brave native adverts.

    4. Users can contribute to content sites part of the Brave content creators network by giving crypto tips to creators such as bloggers and YouTubers.

    Brave browser has also made it very seamless to transition from another browser without losing any of your data such as browsing history, bookmarks, extension and saved passwords. It allows you to export all your data from your previous browser, meaning you can just continue where you were. All Chrome extensions also work on Brave browser, which in my opinion is a huge plus.

    Become A Crypto Influencer

    • Income: Medium to High
    • Risk: Low

    Social media influencers have a nearly limitless potential to make money from their following. If you have a large following and base your account around the crypto community, this niche could garner a very profitable situation. This will begin to get crypto companies to pay you just to tweet or post about them and its especially useful for start-up companies that need the publicity.

    If you are able to build the following people based on the interest in crypto and/or blockchain, you will have the potential to leverage that following for your own financial gain.

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