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How To Earn Cryptocurrency Without Investment

Earn Free Bitcoins From Interest Payment

How To Invest In Blockchain Without Buying Cryptocurrency | Money Mind | Investing In Blockchain

The individual can also earn free Bitcoins by lending them out. Given below are the various ways in which an individual can lend his/her Bitcoins

  • Lending the Bitcoins directly to someone the individual knows If there is someone on whom the individual can trust, then he/she can agree on the terms such as interest rate and duration.
  • Peer to peer Bitcoin lending There are websites from different borrowers who offer this, including Bitbond. In this method, funding requests are published by the borrowers, and the individual can contribute to the loan. Before the individual lends the Bitcoins, he/she need to make sure that the borrowers and the site are trustworthy. When the creditworthiness of applicants is assessed by the site, the credibility of the borrower also increases.
  • Bitcoin Banking This approach works like a bank. This is different than the peer to peer lending where the individual diversifies the lending activity to various borrowers in this approach, there is only one borrower the bank. The Bank invests the Bitcoins in the form of assets. The only difference is the fact that in the Bitcoin world, there is no deposit insurance.
  • Use Bitcoins As Regular Income

    If an individual wishes for a regular flow of Bitcoins, then the most basic way to do so is to make it as a regular income. There are some of the merchants who willingly accept Bitcoins, and the chances are greater if the individual is working with any of those employers, they might be more than happy to pay the individual in Bitcoin, too. The individual can also find jobs online and be self-employed and get paid in Bitcoins. The individual can look out for jobs in the following websites:

  • Bitcointalk Forum Services Section This is a website that offers jobs to individuals who are fast to finish, and hence, the individuals can earn free Bitcoins easily.
  • Jobs 4 Bitcoins The jobs offered on this site includes web developers, programmers, copywriters, UI designer, and many others. If an individual is trained in any of the above-mentioned jobs, then this site might prove to be helpful.
  • BitGigs This is also a site where payment is made in Bitcoins. The job posts mentioned are graphic designers, copywriters, freelance writer, and many more.
  • Coinality This site, along with listing the jobs, also mentions the location of the job. This is helpful for those individuals who want to find a local job nearby.
  • Get Crypto Signup Bonuses

    The quickest way to get free cryptocurrency is to get signup bonuses from cryptocurrency exchanges.

    Similar to stock market bonuses, you need to deposit or trade a certain dollar amount within the platform within a certain period of time in order to be eligible for the bonus.

    In the table below, weve compiled the best ways to get cryptocurrency signup bonuses as of January 2022.

    The SoFi one is particularly interesting because there is no deposit required if you use our link to sign up for a SoFi Invest account and then use your $5 in rewards to set up a SoFi Crypto account.

    That said, if you do have at least $100 to deposit, you can use this other link to sign up directly for SoFi Invest and you will get a $25 stock bonus that you can sell and redeem for crypto.


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    Mobile Apps And Playing Games

    Instead of wasting your time playing games for free, you can make use of applications that pays you some cryptocurrency for doing some tasks .

    Gambling is also a kind of game, but this is a type of game, where you dont have to make any investment.

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    How Many Cryptocurrencies Are There What Are They Worth


    More than 15,000 different cryptocurrencies are traded publicly, according to CoinMarketCap.com, a market research website. And cryptocurrencies continue to proliferate. The total value of all cryptocurrencies on Dec. 17 2021, was about $2.1 trillion, having fallen off an all-time high above $2.9 trillion weeks earlier. The total value of all bitcoins, the most popular digital currency, was pegged at about $868.7 billion.

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    Icipate In Paying Airdrops

    In the cryptocurrency world, an airdrop is a marketing campaign in which coins or tokens are sent to wallet addresses to raise awareness of a new cryptocurrency. Small amounts of the new currency are distributed for free or in exchange for a small task, such as retweeting a message made by the company creating the currency.

    • Following the projects social media account
    • Signing up for the projects newsletter
    • Joining the projects Discord server or telegram group
    • Sharing for Twitter or Facebook etc.

    Is Free Bitcoin Legit

    The best way to get a significant amount of bitcoin is to buy and trade it. But free bitcoin does exist and can be earned through various means. While many involve effort to obtain them, they are still free. This makes it less risky when you arent investing your money.

    Free bitcoin is real and legitimate however, this does not imply that you cant be scammed. It is still important to be vigilant for what could turn out to be a scam.


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    Stake Crypto And Earn Crypto

    Finally, heres the last way to get free cryptocurrency with PoS Coins. Proof-of-Stake coins, unlike Proof-of-Work coins like bitcoin, rely on nodes for the security of their network and the validation of their transactions.

    But to qualify as a node, you need money to activate the validator software. And when youre a validator, you can validate transactions and get a reward for each transaction.

    If you want to stake ethereum, for example, you need 32 ETH But if you dont have that kind of money, you can join a staking pool and share the transaction fees.

    Here Are Some Outlines To Better Understand Dollars And Cryptocurrency Market

    How To Earn Cryptocurrency Without Investing Money | APPICS Bounty Program
    • Storing cryptocurrencies in a software wallet is like carrying cash in an actual wallet. Available and waiting to be used.
    • Putting cryptocurrency in a savings protocol is similar to depositing money in a savings account. The Savings Protocol pays you interest on the use of the service, in the same way, banks pay interest on some savings accounts.
    • Storing cryptocurrency and borrowing from yourself is like putting money into a retirement account or getting a loan from it.
    • Trading tokens on a cryptocurrency exchange is similar to trading shares on a stock exchange. Tokens represent blockchains, and stock-like protocols represent businesses.

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    Work / Sell Items For Crypto

    The explosion of cryptocurrency has created a market where you can offer your services and recieve remuneration in cryptocurrency. There are subreddits such as /r/Jobs4Crypto and /r/Jobs4Bitcoins, or you can simply contact ICOs if you have a desirable skillset. Got something to sell? there are also multiple sites where you can sell your unwanted items for cryptocurrency. Some examples are Bitify and BazaarBay .

    As cryptocurrency becomes more and more popular, we expect to see a variety of innovated ways to get cryptocurrency without having to invest. We believe this is the first bridge to receiving a full time salary in crypto, which is an exciting first step in creating a decentralized market place. Are there any other ways to earn cryptocurrency that we missed out? leave us a comment!

    You can keep up to date with what is happening at Crowdholding by following us on , or have a chat with us on telegram.

    How To Earn Bitcoin Without Investment: Methods And Opinions

    Bitcoin is now being talked about everywhere and more and more ordinary people are approaching cryptocurrencies, hoping to be able to earn something or even get rich without the slightest effort. Obviously, the reality is very different: Bitcoins have now become difficult to obtain and buy , given the high computing power required to create new currency out of thin air and the retail price of a single coin .

    Despite everything, it is still possible to earn Bitcoins without investing even a penny, using one of the methods visible in the following chapters of the guide. Obviously, lets not expect big gains or huge amounts of Bitcoin: in most cases we will only have a very small fraction of Bitcoin to keep .

  • Beware of scams
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    Icipate In Crypto Associate Programs

    If you have a huge platform where you can promote a client√Ęs product or service and on successful sales, you get rewarded. Similarly, there are several crypto exchange programs where you have to promote a product or service offered by the client, and on successful sales, you will be rewarded with cryptocurrency.

    You will have your referral code or link that you can share on your social media platforms, amongst your friends, family, relatives, WhatsApp groups, etc., and if anyone who uses your referral code will also be rewarded, so it is a win-win situation for all the parties involved. This makes it very easy to earn some cryptocurrency just by investing a little time.

    Easiest Ways To Earn Free Crypto Without Investment

    How to Start Trading Cryptocurrency

    As the global adoption of cryptocurrency enters a new phase, there couldnt be a better time to learn how to earn free crypto, below are the 25 great ways to help you earn crypto for free.

    • Faucets
    • Earn free bitcoin worth $80+ on OKEX
    • Micro-tasking
    • Earn Free Coins via Passive Interest
    • Earn Free Crypto via Cashback on purchases
    • OTC bitcoin trading
    • Free Crypto for watching videos
    • Mining
    • Free bitcoin through blogging community
    • Exchange old goods for bitcoin
    • Getting paid directly in bitcoin
    • Through blogging
    • Providing crypto advice

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    No 10 Cashback In Bitcoin

    Finally, you shouldn`t forget about collecting cashback rewards. For example, you can earn cashback rewards in cryptocurrencies for your normal shopping. So every time when you shop, you can get a reward in cryptocurrencies.

    The options that are available to you depend on the region you are living in. Here in Germany, for instance, I use an app called Shoop to collect Cashback in Bitcoin. In some special promotion cases, you can even receive up to 30-40% in Bitcoin cashback, for example when you order yourself a pizza. I mean if you don`t use a cashback program like Shoop then you are definitely throwing away Bitcoin each time you are doing a purchase online.

    Earn Free Bitcoins Through Dapps

    This is one of the most legit ways to earn free coins through the expertise and services you provide. dApps will reward you with crypto coins for different tasks or services you offer to a blockchain platform. There are different services you can provide like writing online reviews of crypto coins, airdrops, crowdfunding, and freelance services. You can also that comes with several dApps which will help you to earn cryptos like Cent, SmartDrops, etc

    You can also earn some extra crypto coins through survey apps. The Apple apps are some legitimate and safe apps that can help you earn cryptos. One such app is the Kiks Kinit App which offers you Kin coins for filling up surveys and you can purchase gift cards using those coins.

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    Am I Eligible For Coinbase Earn

    Coinbase Earn is available in many countries, and we’re hoping to bring Coinbase Earn to even more countries soon. In order to be eligible for Coinbase Earn, you must:

    1. Verify your personal information.

    2. Complete . Earn requires additional verification to enable this feature.Therefore, you might be prompted to complete ID and photo verification even if you have verified your ID previously.

    3. Live in a country eligible for Coinbase Earn. Eligible countries are: Austria, Australia, Belgium, Bulgaria, Canada, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Greece, Hong Kong, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, The Netherlands, Norway, New Zealand, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Singapore, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, Turkey, the United Kingdom, and the United States.

    We are working hard to add more eligible countries soon.

    4. Meet our internal fraud and compliance-related criteria, including measures related to account uniqueness .

    5. Have only one Coinbase account.

    Try Out The Binary Trading Approach


    Binary trading has existed in the financial world for a very long time, so it only makes sense that it can also be applied in the world of crypto. This is a suitable option to make money with Bitcoin if youre willing to take risks.

    As the name suggests, Binary has just two options: a trader purchases an option and an expiration time. The trade is either in the money or out of the money. Basically, youre betting on where the price is going.

    For example, the price of BTC is 46,500 USD at 10 AM. You can either bet that the price will be more or less than that by 6 PM. If you bet that the price will increase and that happens, you earn the payout of a certain percentage of your investment. However, if its lower, you lose the investment.

    On the other hand, you earn the options payout if you bet that the price will go down and it indeed happens. This can be a challenging way to earn BTC, but you can gain money quickly if you invest right.

    Difficulty: HardSpeed: Fast

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    Earn Free Bitcoins Through Affiliate Programs

    Another great way to earn Bitcoins is by joining Bitcoin affiliate programs. The services running the Bitcoin affiliate program pay the individuals in the form of Bitcoins if the individual sends paying customers to the programs. The way this approach work is as follows:

  • The individual first need to sign up for the services affiliate program, and then he/she is required to give his/her Bitcoin address so that the payment can be made.
  • The service is going to provide the individual with a unique referral URL, which is going to point toward a particular website.
  • The individual is required to share the specified URL on his/her own website, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and so on.
  • If someone else clicks on the individuals referral link, then the individual earns a commission for the purchase and is paid in the form of Bitcoins.
  • Given below are some of the famous Bitcoin affiliate programs:

    Binance Binance is a very popular and famous Chinese crypto-asset exchange program. This site is said to have most trade volumes. The commission per sale of this program is up to 20%. The payout is sent to the individual on the provided Bitcoin address.

    Etoro This is a trading platform that is innovative in which an individual can trade stocks, ETFs, commodities, currencies, and cryptocurrencies. The individual can profit up to 25% of the net revenues from the customer of the affiliate and 10% of tier 2 affiliates.

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    Do Jobs Online To Earn Bitcoins

    Performing a specific task online is another way to get free Bitcoins without mining. To get that, you need to complete specific tasks on websites. Some companies will pay you in Bitcoin to perform a task like testing their website, take surveys, retweet their posts, analyze or optimize their website, or complete other small tasks.

    Many other websites offer small Bitcoin rewards to the person who provides the correct answer to one of their questions. You can find a specific job that pays you in Bitcoin on BitcoinGet. You can also answer questions for Bitcoin on Bitfortip.

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    Accept Bitcoin As A Means Of Payments

    Say, youre a digital entrepreneur and have enough time and resources for establishing your own eCommerce website. Why not adding Bitcoin transfer as a payment method? This is what modern online stores and even restaurants do.card

    In 2010, developer Laszlo Hanyecz ordered two pizzas for 10,000 Bitcoins that werent widely known back then. Today, 10,000 Bitcoins are worth over $20 mln! Who knows, maybe the clothes or cups of latte you sell today will pay off 100-fold in the future. Bitcoin price is expected to grow, so you can regard Bitcoin payments as long-run investments.

    What kind of business can you establish to earn Bitcoin for free? In fact, any kind! However, think of the target audience: these should be people who possess crypto wallet and are ready to spend their tokens. Here are the real examples of companies that accept Bitcoin.


    You can pay for transportation, but hot wallet payments are accepted only.



    You can buy pizza from different restaurants paying with several major cryptocurrencies.

    As you can see, the choice is wide! Its the most evident and the most efficient way to earn Bitcoin without mining. However, its not free. But how to get Bitcoin without mining?

    How To Earn Free Cryptocurrency Without Investment

    How to Invest In Cryptocurrency

    So, now that we know why people would want to earn free cryptocurrency , lets look at the ways you can do so without investing more money. Most of these methods require extra time or effort on your part, either initially or as an ongoing cost. Still, these little tasks could add up over time to somedecent returns!

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    Learn And Earn Free Crypto

    Our industry is still in the early adopter stage and we need all hands on deck to explain to people the risks and benefits of digital currencies. But most of us arent ready to seat and listen especially when the topic is complicated.

    Thats why popular stakeholders like Coinbase, Okex, and CoinMarketCap launched a crypto giveaway page on their website, called Earn. Both platforms run campaigns during which users can learn about new or established projects and get cryptocurrency for free.

    Youll have to watch videos and complete quizzes to earn crypto. As a rule, theres one quiz per asset and you can get the reward only once. Also, you can only participate in active campaigns. So Id recommend subscribing to their newsletter to be notified when new campaigns launch.

    This is a totally legit way to earn free crypto coins. And, as a bonus, you get to discover products and services you may get to use in the future.

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