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How To Get Airdrops Crypto

How Do Free Crypto Airdrops Work

How To Receive FREE Crypto Airdrops

As we mentioned, airdrops are free releases of tokens or NFTs to cryptos users. Theyre a great way to get peoples attention and involve them in a project.

Now that you know the basics, lets take a look at how free crypto airdrops work:

  • Airdrops might allow you to earn free Bitcoin, albeit, they are usually up-and-coming projects.
  • This can provide you with a way to make money with cryptocurrency because in most cases, you can sell your free tokens.
  • Some projects offer free crypto airdrops to people who partake in various tasks such as retweeting, joining specific Telegram groups, and answering questionnaires
  • Others give airdrops to those adding to the liquidity of a network, or people who refer a friend to the platform

Before you can access free crypto airdrops, be aware that you need to have a crypto wallet, such as MetaMask or Trust Wallet.

This is because no matter which projects in this list you think are offering the best crypto airdrops, you will need to connect your wallet to the platform in question to receive them.

Metamask Roumoured Upcoming Airdrop To Watch Out For

MetaMask is a well-known custodial wallet and potentially one of the most promising upcoming crypto airdrops to watch out for. MetaMask comes in the form of a cell phone app and browser extension which gives crypto investors a secure login and key.

It also acts as a token exchange, wallet, and anything else you need to manage your digital assets. MetaMasks popularity has skyrocketed, with over 30 million monthly active users. Individuals and organizations may use the wallet to access DeFi, mint NFTs, and do other tasks using smart contract networks.

The popular Ethereum wallet is rumored to be developing its own token, which is why it made this list of the best crypto airdrops. To further explain, with the ever-increasing popularity of crypto airdrops in the sector, when the platform launches its own currency, MetaMask is likely to action one.

Joseph Lubin is the founder of ConsenSys, the platform MetaMask wallet was developed by, and co-creator of Ethereum. In late 2021, Joseph told Twitter followers to stay tuned, specifically referring to $MASK. As weve said, MetaMask is already successful, so if it happens, it could be one of the best upcoming airdrops.

A Unique Risk Management System

This monitors the overall system liquidity in real-time across blockchains, starting from individual users multi-asset portfolios and aggregating them to follow overall system solvency. Its constantly assessing system portfolio volatility, conditions of the bailout liquidity pool that is securing loans in the system, and risk profiles of particular user positions.

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Uniswap: An Example Of Airdrop Utility

Uniswap is an exchange for Ethereum-based assets and is the biggest DEX by the total value locked in liquidity pools. It was centralised in the beginning, but they eventually changed direction and moved towards becoming more decentralised. The first step they took was creating the UNI token, which was designed for the sole purpose of voting on different changes to the platform, similar to how governance tokens work. By doing this, investors or holders of the UNI token could vote on protocol changes, which is way more decentralised than having a central authority make all the decisions. Uniswap gave every wallet address that had interacted with the platform around 400 UNI tokens, which was worth almost $1000 back then, and is worth around $8000 now.

Pulsechain Brand New Blockchain

Table of Contents

PulseChain is a fork of the Ethereum network and is a cheaper, quicker, and more ecologically friendly cryptocurrency project than its parent blockchain. After the upcoming hard fork, all ERC20 tokens on the Ethereum network will be duplicated and transferred to PulseChain.

This could one of the greatest airdrops in terms of value in the digital asset scene. The upcoming crypto airdrop is open to anybody with one of many ERC20 tokens or NFTs in a suitable wallet address.

PLS tokens will be given to everybody who has ETH in their wallet in a 1:1 ratio. The PLS received needs to be relocated to a new wallet within 30 days. Failure to do this would lead to the crypto that was airdropped being burned.

Of course, this is a brand new cryptocurrency and at the time of writing no one knows its value, so there are risks. That said, any airdrops you receive can be traded or transferred to the Pulsechain exchange, where you also can earn free crypto by yield farming.

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The Future Of Airdrops

While airdrops have been a great way to distribute ownership, bad actors are everywhere. Protocols are being attacked by bots looking to scoop up future airdrops by faking activity. Theres also a tendency for people to dump tokens immediately after an airdrop instead of taking on the responsibility of governance.

The good news here is that airdrop designs are getting better. Teams can identify Sybil attacks and other disingenuous activity by looking at the data. They can implement more protective mechanisms to deter short-term players.

Here are some mechanisms Id keep an eye out for in the near future:

All said and done: Airdrops will be harder to game moving forward.

My advice?

Become a genuine user. Itll pay off dividends in the future.

Tidex Total Airdrop Of 20 Million Tdx To Be Distributed

Tidex is a crypto exchange headquartered in London. The platform lists over 100 tradable crypto pairs, and 70 individual tokens. The platforms token is called TDX. Tidex has one of the best crypto airdrops as you can claim up to 200 TDX.

Users who perform basic activities for Tidex will get a cut of the prize pool, which totals 20 million TDX. To take part in the airdrop you need to create an account at Tidex, complete the KYC process, and then make a crypto deposit valued at $20.

Just by signing up and making a deposit, you will be given free crypto airdrops in the form of 200 TDX tokens. Plus, youll also receive 70 TDX for each recommendation you make, as well as an additional 30 if your referral gets another friend to sign up and do the same.

You can withdraw the crypto airdrop after completion. With regards to the aforementioned 20 million TDX giveaway prize draw, 2 million tokens will be distributed to holders at the end of May 2022. The remaining 18 million TDX will be shared out over the 18 months that follow, starting November 2022.

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Here’s Your Summer Airdrop Strategy: Wallets Nft Marketplaces Layer

Dear Bankless Nation,

Airdrops are a perfect way to incentivize early users to test a new project and gain some user momentum.

But because airdrops have been so financially rewarding, its attracted opportunists to game it too.

In response, protocols are making their airdrops harder to game.

Thats why you need a targeted airdrop strategy.

As Hop, Optimism, and Velodrome have shown lately, airdrops are well and alive.

Several of Bankless airdrop strategies worked out in the past.

If you were on top of our airdrop forecasts back in March, youre doin pretty well right now.

Now weve got more alpha, and you still have time to position yourself accordingly.

Who said a bear market was boring?

– Bankless Team

Bankless Editor: Lucas Campbell, Editor for Bankless & Genesis Member of Bankless DAO

What Are Crypto Airdrops

How to get free cryptocurrency: Airdrops

Crypto airdrops are essentially giveaways and promotions offered in digital form. Crypto airdrops are sent to the digital wallets of people on mass.

To further clear the mist:

  • Users who connect with new and current cryptocurrency platforms on a regular basis are likely to receive an airdrop at some point
  • As part of a larger marketing campaign, blockchain-based developers and organizations distribute free tokens to members of their communities on mass
  • The fundamental concept with newer projects is to offer tokens in the hopes that you, and others, become more interested in the related project

How you can qualify to receive airdrops will depend on the crypto project in question.

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What Are The Dangers Of Crypto Airdrops

Crypto airdrops are legit means to raise awareness of a project. But as any legit and effective tool, it is also widely exploited by scammers.

Its no secret that some airdrops are simply a scam, created to steal your private data or cryptocurrency. You should always stay vigilant and take every crypto airdrop with a grain of salt.

As scammers have different goals, fake crypto airdrops can be classified according to these goals. Here are the most common categories of crypto airdrop scams:

  • Data gathering. Fake crypto airdrops imitate legitimate projects to bring users into scam websites. They gather your personal information here, like name, email, passwords, or wallet addresses. Scammers later sell such data or use it for social engineering attacks.
  • Private key gathering. This is a less common, but no less dangerous type of airdrop scam. Scammers ask you to download their app to register for the airdrop and then to import your private key. Even though they claim that private keys are not stored on their apps, even the idea of asking for a private key should raise a red flag. Private keys are supposed to be private, and you should never ever share them with others.
  • Pump and dump purposes. Another common type of scam, pump and dumps create hype around certain coins before they come to exchanges. As soon as coins get listed and the price spikes, token issuers sell their assets with no intent to develop the project further.

How Do You Receive An Airdrop

Since the airdrop involves a transfer of cryptocurrencies, it needs the participants to have a cryptocurrency wallet. These are the same wallets where you store Bitcoin, Ethereum or any other cryptocurrency that you may possess already. Platforms usually ask for this wallet address at the time of registration for the airdrop.

So once the due date for the airdrop arrives, the company will transfer the promised amount to your wallet address, that is, if you are among the winners of the lot. Note that different platforms may require you to have a wallet based on the blockchain that they employ for their service. For instance, MyEtherWallet is used for tokens built on the Ethereum blockchain, while StellarPort is a web wallet for XLM and Stellar-based tokens. Most of the blockchain projects are built on the Ethereum blockchain.

Hence, you will have to note the blockchain on which the platform is being built, in order to be a part of its airdrop. As you will need a wallet subsiding with the corresponding token that you intend to get for free.

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The Best Airdrops 2022

Were trying our best to filter scams. But you should also do your part! Here are a few rules wed recommend you to follow to stay out of trouble:

  • Do not share your private keys NEVER
  • Avoid downloading exotic wallets and using wallet addresses from exchanges
  • Enable 2FA when possible
  • Create a dedicated email address to claim your tokens
  • Do not use the same password on each platform
  • Never send crypto to receive more crypto

The Logic Behind Free Tokens

Top Crypto Airdrops You Should Look Out for in December 2019

It all comes down to marketing.

Crypto projects want as many people as possible to hear and interact with their tokens and the best way to get them engaged is by giving them some of it for free.

Once users get a taste of it, these companies expect you to become involved and share the word with other crypto holders. Companies anticipate that users will create a community around these tokens and strengthen the network.

Spread the word.

Everybody happy.

Projects will also airdrop their native tokens as a reward for completing certain tasks.

They want to see how their tokens are used , get feedback from their users, and incentivize them to market their product .

Projects giving these rewards just to create hype over the price is a red flag. If thats the best they can do, you know theres no utility to that token.

Run as fast as you can from them.

They might create a pump-and-dump situation where prices skyrocket for a brief time just so the creators and early investors can make a profit. Everybody else is left holding a worthless bag of tokens.

Now another reason to make airdrops is to create community governance where these tokens are used to vote on proposals by the decentralized autonomous organizations .

Tokens give you the right to vote. You get to participate in shaping the projects roadmap. Its a vote that counts. You become part of something greater and it inspires you to be part of that community.

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Are Crypto Airdrops Similar To Initial Coin Offerings

An initial coin offering isnt the same as a crypto airdrop, since the former is, in fact, crowdfunding for upcoming crypto.

In an initial coin offering, the developers launch a white paper of the project that explains how it will work and the number of tokens that will be mined. Then, they give investors a reduced price for tokens if they purchase them earlier on in the campaign.

On the other hand, in crypto airdrops, developers actually give away free tokens to raise awareness about their projects.

How Many Eq Tokens Are There In Circulation

The total supply is 12 billion EQ tokens, fully compatible across every smart-contract enabled blockchain bridged with Polkadot. Based on the token release schedule there will be ~ 7% of the total supply circulating after the parachain onboarding. According to our launch roadmap, this is planned for June.

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Basic Attention Token Clain Up To 40 Free Bat Tokens And 70% Of Advertising Revenue

The Basic Attention Token is a blockchain-based system that uses the Brave web browser and is built on Ethereum. The projects goal is to measure media users time and attention on websites. Basic Attention Token shares advertising money effectively between creators, publishers, and users of online marketing material and adverts.

Random crypto giveaways of 25-40 BAT can also be claimed. On a first-come, first-served basis, users can claim token awards once every 30 days. You may do so by installing the web browser and turning on Brave Rewards, which will make you eligible to earn free crypto.

When one becomes available, a notification appears on the Rewards icon. Youll be able to use BAT to pay for premium content and redeem it for real-world incentives like hotel stays, restaurant vouchers, and gift cards in the near future.

Staying Safe With Airdrops

EarniFi Review 2022: Get Notifications of New Crypto Airdrops & Claim Missed Airdrops

Airdrops are an effective way to receive new crypto tokens. However, not all airdrop listings may be legit and some might try to scam. There are a few key steps you should take into account before signing up for an airdrop listing.

Dont share your private keys: If at any step an airdrop is asking you to enter your private keys, immediately back out from it.

Asking For Money- If any airdrop asks you to pay up-front for participating, this is a negative sign. Conduct proper due diligence.

Suspicious Activity- Before participating one should also check details pertaining to the official website, team, and social media accounts.

Additionally, creating a dedicated email address solely for airdrops is also one of the effective measures that can be implemented.

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Bonus: Best Twitter Handle For Crypto Airdrops

The last on this list is a Twitter handle. There’s no doubt that hundreds of crypto projects and airdrop campaigns are announced on Twitter. The micro-blogging platform has gained prominence when it comes to everything cryptocurrency. DeFi Airdrops , like the name goes, mostly promote decentralized finance airdrops campaigns. If DeFi is what you love, check this Twitter handle.

Which Is The Best Validator To Choose To Maximise My Chance At Qualifying For An Airdrop

Any good validator qualifies you for an airdrop. None is better than the other, so asking for the best is not so correct. Instead, you can only have the good and bad validators. The following can help you to identify a good validator from a wrong validator:

A good validator is

  • One which is being developed in the Cosmos ecosystem. Usually, projects like these reward their delegators when they launch a token. Examples are Stargaze, Chihuahua, Craft Economy, ION etc.
  • A validator that takes some commissions
  • A validator that is outside the top 10 by voting power
  • A validator that operates a relayer node for the network

A bad validator is

  • One that gives 0% commission despite being part of the top 25
  • One that a centralised exchange runs
  • One that has misbehaved previously and therefore was excluded from the previous airdrop
  • One reduces the amount of airdrop you can get even despite being in the top 10 by voting power.

How are regular people making returns of as much as 27,144% in a year?

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What Is A Holder Airdrop

Holder airdrops go to people who have some amount of another cryptocurrency in their wallets. Usually, the crypto project takes a snapshot of crypto holdings on a specific date, then lets people claim an airdrop based on their ownership at that time.

For example, Stellar is a crypto project that started in 2014. In 2016, its leaders announced a plan to airdrop $19 billion worth of lumen , its native cryptocurrency, to existing holders of bitcoin as a nod of respect to the Bitcoin network.

To receive the reward from the Stellar airdrop, you had to verify your BTC holdings in order to claim the XLM.

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