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How To Get Free Cryptocurrency

Trading For The Strong Minded

How to get free cryptocurrency: Airdrops

Bull or Bear market, good traders can always earn cryptocurrency.

Do you have a good feeling when the market is going up or down? Or are you a whizkid good at Technical analyses ? A good technical analyst decides which tokens to trade based on graph projections. Its an extremely difficult skill to learn and we have laid out the basics for you previously.

You can follow a few trading pros to see how they do it, find out more here.

Trade Bitcoin Using An Exchange

Trading Bitcoin using a cryptocurrency platform can be a profitable experience for skilled and experienced traders to earn more Bitcoin. A trader can turn a small amount of money into a large sum in a relatively short period of time.;

This method involves using an exchange where a user can deposit their Bitcoin and use it as collateral to trade against other currencies. Cryptocurrency derivatives are a popular choice as the trader can use leverage up to 100:1 to speculate on digital currencies by longing or shorting Bitcoin. Two of the most popular exchanges to trade with margin;are:

Trading;comes with considerable risk and this method is suitable for advanced traders only. There is little luck involved and a new trader can lose more than the capital deposited into a trading account.;Beginners that decide to trade should consider buying a trading course and following these;Bitcoin trading tips to become profitable:

  • Adopt a simple and easy to follow trading strategy
  • Reduce position size and leverage
  • Be patient and don’t force trades
  • Keep a journal of each trade and improve

There are several reputable platforms that offer a;demo account to practise trading with fake money;such as;eToro;and;Plus500. Using a simulated trading account that follows the actual Bitcoin prices in the live market is a great way to learn how to trade and even copy-trade successful traders.

Get Free Crypto With Bitcoin

In addition to earning ethereum, you can also get free crypto by earning bitcoin.

It might come as a surprise, but there are at least 7 ways you can earn BTC and we have all the steps explained already.

Including games like the free bitcoin spinner, where you just spin to collect Satoshis.

On top of earning BTC, you can also get cashback at some of the biggest companies in the world if you use the app Lolli. Websites like or are connected to the app, inclucing several hundred more.

7 Tricks to earn BTC by Airdrop Alert

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Are Ethereum Faucets Worth It

The only real winners in the faucet game are the ones who run them, and even they probably donât make much money off it. Speaking of you, you wouldnât make much either. Even if you stumbled into a legit faucet with immense rewards, youâd probably still make up to $1 an hour at most.

Besides, if you still insist on finding out how to get Ethereum without any work or investment, beware that you may expose yourself to various hackers and scammers. These can send you offers, claiming that they will give you ETH for free, or in exchange for laughably small amounts of other currencies. Do not fall for it, but rather expose the scammers on social networks and warn your friends.

Even if you find Ethereum faucet sites which are legit, the amount of time you would spend on learning how to get free Ethereum is surely better spent on studying realistic methods to earn ETH using conventional methods.

Latest Freebie $3 In Chz

16 Ways to Get Free Cryptocurrency

This free cryptocoin offer was upgraded in September 2021 and brings the total freebies given away to over $100 USD that we can cashout!

Coinbase, one of the biggest cryptocurrency exchanges for Americans, has offered over $100 worth of free money via different cryptocoins. Once acquiring your free crypto, you can then hold on and hope it goes up in value, like you would with stocks from Robinhood or Webull.

Or, you can convert it to USD and cash out today!

The first thing you’ll want to do is make a free Coinbase account. Don’t worry about the Bitcoin message on that screen. We’re not buying anything just freebies for us, please and thank you!

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Earn Free Crypto Using Trusted Crypto Exchanges

Effort: minimal

After 5 years in crypto, Ive explored crypto exchanges that range from trusted giants to small, shady operations. Over 75 exchanges shut down in 2020 alone. Only a few legitimate players have weathered the storm.

Some crypto exchanges provide a sign up bonus for members who sign up through their friends referral links. You can get $10 for signing up with two exchanges Ive used for the past 5 years with no issues:

Nem Airdrop How To Get Symbol For Free Complete Guide

Airdrops are very common among blockchain projects. They help the new project attract first-adopters and increase the circulation of the tokens faster. In most cases, current holders of a token will receive the new token based on their holdings. There are some similar steps in each airdrop that include opt-in, snapshot, and the final airdrop.

Symbol is a new blockchain by NEM Group focused on enterprises. It tries to solve the business-level challenges with the help of DLT and other similar technologies. Speed, scalability, security, and flexibility are the claimed features of the new blockchain by NEM.

Like all of the other blockchain projects, Symbol has a primary token, too. XYM is the main token in Symbol and will be distributed to XEM holders in an airdrop process. The steps required for receiving the new XYM is similar to other airdrops and mainly includes holding XEM in a supporting wallet or exchange.

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How To Get Bitcoins For Free

Here are a six ways to earn Bitcoins for free :

  • Bitcoin Savings Account;
  • Learn About Crypto;
  • Referral & Affiliate Programs;
  • Cryptocurrency Trading;
  • This post contains affiliate links with our partners who may compensate us. However, this does not influence our review process or rating system. Read our;disclaimer for further information.

    Earn Free Cryptocurrency With Proof

    How to Get Free Cryptocurrency

    Digital money works because of the immutable integrity of blockchain technology. Blockchain works because of proof-of-work and proof-of-stake systems ability to add and verify blockchain transactions. How that works is a bit too involved to go into here. But if you hold a coin on a proof-of-stake blockchain network, you have ways to get free cryptocurrency. If you hold a proof-of-stake coin, youre essentially helping the blockchain exist, and coins will pay you for your work. Typically, blockchain protocols will only reward users with significant coin holdings.

    However, some will reward you no matter how many or how few coins you hold. Take NEO for example. If you hold NEO in a wallet or on the exchange Binance, youll make a passive crypto income based on how much NEO you have. All staking coins work fairly similarly, though. You set aside some currency that you let the network use when it needs to create a new block. When the network needs to validate a transaction, it picks staked coins at random from different walletsas many as it needs. If your coins get picked, youll receive a share of the block reward. So the more staked coins you have, the higher chance you have of being picked. This incentivizes traders to invest and use a new platform regularly, a trend you might start to notice among ways to get free cryptocurrency.

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    Mining For The Nerds To Earn Cryptocurrency

    When I heard about Bitcoin for the first time, I immediately start building my own miners. The concept of earning cryptocurrency with a self-build mining rig felt liberating. The era of digital gold, I told myself.

    If youre tech-savvy and not shy to build and run your own miner, its a great way to earn crypto. Maybe its not the right time to mine Bitcoins anymore, but you can mine several other cryptos.; Read more on the different ways of mining in our previous blog on the topic.

    If youre NOT tech savvy, its probably best to move on to the next one.

    Use A Crypto Exchange

    Cryptocurrency exchanges are;online websites or trading apps that require an internet connection to allow people to deposit local fiat currency and swap for digital currencies such as Bitcoin. These platforms are highly regulated and generally safe for investors to deposit funds once their identity has been verified. Some of the most popular trading exchanges;are websites like;Coinbase, Binance;and

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    Gain Free Cryptocurrency From Hard Forks

    Hard forks are like airdrops on steroids. Like airdrops, they require that you hold cryptocurrency in a wallet when a hard fork occurs that generates new coins. Hard forks, however, are monumental blockchain events. Essentially, theyre the start of an entirely new blockchain protocol that splits off from the old system. Bitcoin vs Bitcoin Cash is a perfect example. And to bring investors on board with the new system, coin teams will often offer free coins for people who make the transition. Claiming these free coins does carry some risk, but in general, its a very wise move to claim free coins from a new fork, even if theres a dip in the value of your original asset.

    Download The Brave Browser

    How to Get Free Cryptocurrency

    Download the Brave Browser. Not only does it block ads for you but it also pays you in cryptocurrency. Dont get hung up on the exact payouts as this is more of a long term investment. You change your browser and will collect Basic Attention Tokens as the years go on. Brave has stated users can expect to earn $200/yr in the future. Get more information and see the steps on our Get Paid by Brave article.

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    Get Crypto Dividends For Hodling

    Many people start investing in Crypto Assets;without understanding the potential of the coins theyre buying.; Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin use a consensus mechanism known as Proof of Work or POW.; Blockchains that use POW require miners to use electricity to secure the network and process new blocks.; Each block that gets processed also creates new coins for the network.; However, newer Blockchains are moving towards less resource intensive algorithms such as Proof of Stake, Delegated Proof of Stake, Proof of Importance, and so forth.; These newer consensus algorithms allow a person to simply hold these coins in a wallet designed for the process.; Check out the;Crypto Dividends article;for more information on great cryptocurrencies that allow you to do this.

    Earn Interest On Your Bitcoin

    A few crypto exchanges allow you to earn interest on your cryptocurrency holdings. Gemini Earn, for example, is a lending program in which you lend your crypto to institutional borrowers and can earn up to 7.4% APY. BlockFi has a similar offering, BlockFi Interest Account, which accrues interest up to 7.5%. Lending your crypto out to these institutions can add even more risk on top of the built-in risk of cryptocurrency, so make sure you read the terms carefully before you sign up and dont lend more than you can afford to lose.;

    You can also earn interest by staking on some crypto exchanges, like Binance.US. Staking means leaving cryptocurrency in your wallet to earn rewards or interest. By doing so you help maintain the blockchain network. You can usually only stake certain coins within an exchange, which may require buying into more risky altcoins to reap the benefits.;

    Interest you earn on your crypto as well as earnings from staking are both taxable, and your responsibility to report as income. If you choose to participate, youll need to track the cost basis of your earnings throughout the year to include on your tax return.;

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    Earn Bounties For Performing Blockchain Tasks Or Hyping Coins

    Depending on your computer skills, earning bounties by performing tasks for different coins can be one of the more flexible ways to get free crypto. If you have some serious coding skills, coins can offer you developer-based bounties for helping with large-scale projects. Finding bugs and vulnerabilities in a dApp or blockchain protocol is valuable work, and devs will reward you as such.

    But even those without coding skills can earn free coins through bounties. Non-developer-based bounties include things like posting on crypto forums, social media or creating other online content that helps hype a coin. If youre on the hunt for some bounties, make sure to check out Bounty0x. As ever, research a task before you commit to making sure youre not unwittingly helping scammers.

    How Does This Work

    How to Get Free Cryptocurrency Everyday | 2 Free Nano Faucets

    Simply watch videos about innovative and emerging projects in the crypto sphere. Additionally, test the newly gained knowledge by completing a quiz and get rewarded in cryptocurrency. Pretty cool isnât it!?

    The following projects and tokens can be earned here:

    • Nervos Network

    You can visit Coinmarketcap Earn here.

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    Use Cryptocurrency And Payment Platforms

    How do you manage your payments?

    Digital banking is going forward and is covering more and more of the needs of cryptocurrency users. So, cryptocurrency and payment platforms like now offer financial management applications that can help you earn more cryptos using the funds you already have.

    Besides earning cryptocurrencies from depositing and picking up the interest, you can profit from cashback functionalities.

    We all have daily, weekly, or monthly spendings. So, if you still have to pay for everything, use a card from such a fintech company to gain some of your money back. In Crypto.coms case, you can earn up to 5% back on all spendings using the Metal Visa Card.

    To Trade Or Not To Trade

    When you buy or sell a cryptocurrency, you are actively taking ownership of the coin itself.

    These purchases are affected via a cryptocurrency exchange, and you will also have to choose a cryptocurrency wallet to securely and safely store your cryptocurrency.

    If you are trading in cryptocurrencies, then things are a little different.

    When you spread your bets or even straight trade your cryptocurrency, you are speculating on whether the market that you choose will rise, or fall, when you are trading in cryptocurrencies, you never actually have direct ownership of the currency that you are trading.

    Trading is excellent fun, and when done well, you can be set to make yourself a hearty profit. It is quick and easy to open an account, and you can usually be trading within five minutes.

    It does require that you keep your finger on the pulse of the cryptocurrency industry such as reading the news and monitoring trends and a whole variety of charts.

    To understand the substantial difference, read our article on The Difference Between Investing and Trading Cryptocurrency.

    Investing In Crypto

    If you decide that investing in cryptocurrencies is something you want to try, you are going to need to find yourself an exchange where you can purchase your coins.

    There are two types of exchanges, those where you can purchase your cryptocurrency with fiat currency, and those where you need to hold a currency such as Bitcoin already, to be able to buy other types of coins.

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    What To Do With Airdropped Coins

    Youre all excited because you got some free crypto. But what now? Are you a millionaire yet? Not really And after a coin airdrop, theres nothing much to do. Because nobody has heard of the new crypto-currency And its not even available in any exchange, yet.

    While you can exchange coins with other early adopters, your solutions are too limited, especially if the asset isnt available in any decentralized exchange . And despite the value the project announces, its really worth next to nothing.

    But dont despair yet. Because it becomes interesting when the new crypto arrives in the exchanges. And thats when you know the real price of what you received. However, most backers usually want to sell their coins, to get fiat money or other cryptos . So the price may not be up to your expectations

    Anyway, you dont have to sell your free crypto, you can hold it and hope it will appreciate with time.

    Earn Through Mining With Zero Investment

    How To Get Free Cryptocurrency

    Electroneum is a popular cryptocurrency. You may use free mining apps such as the Electroneum mobile mining app that helps you to earn through your Android phone. Earn ETN by following the simple steps.

    • Register and get your ETN Wallet.
    • Link and verify your wallet by activating your email link and following a 2FA verification process.
    • After verification log in through your email ID and password PIN and start mining.
    • You can check your wallet anytime after you reach a minimum of 10 ETN coin limit.
    • Enter the Referral Code i.e. 9E47B8 or scan the QR code below to claim your free coins.

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    Celsius: $40+ Sign Up Bonus

    Celsius is a well known interest paying crypto wallet, they pay you interest on crypto you deposit with them. The interest is generated from people taking out crypto loans.

  • Create an account on Celsius
  • Deposit $400+ worth of bitcoin, ethereum, or any crypto they support.
  • Celsius will give you $40+ in DAI!
  • Ways To Get Free Cryptocurrency If You Already Have Cryptocurrency

    Despite how disruptive cryptocurrency is to traditional financial institutions, theres some old wisdom that applies to the new technology as well. And thats the adage, you have to spend money to make money. This time, however, were talking about digital money. If youve already spent some of your fiat dollars on cryptocurrency, there are several ways to get free crypto using the coins you already have.

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