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How To Integrate Blockchain Into Your Business

Anyblock Analytics: Bridging The Gap Between Blockchain Data And Bi

Integrating Blockchain Transaction Events into Your Architecture

The gap between the analysis of other business data and data from the blockchain can be bridged through the use of an advanced system, which will make working with on-chain data just as easy as with other types of data. The solutions developed by us at Anyblock Analytics can be widely used for these purposes. There are different ways in which our products can be used to allow complete access to the data on your blockchain:

The first way in which this system can help is by allowing companies to work with blockchain data with their existing BI tools that are already used for other purposes. Simply put, companies can use our Anyblock Index, which will store the blockchain data and that is then connected as a regular data source by the BI tools. These tools will also help select, aggregate and visualize the data.

Our Anyblock Index uses the standard interfaces such as an ElasticSearch API and direct PostgreSQL database access. This makes it widely compatible with all kinds of data analytics tools like Qlik or Tableau.

Our system also integrates with other visualization tools such as Metabase and Grafana, which can help create comprehensive visual representations of the data gathered from the blockchain. These can also be hosted by Anyblock.

Was Werden Sie Lernen

Verstehen Sie die verschiedenen Rollen innerhalb einer Bank und wie sie sich dank Technologien wie Blockchain verändern. Lernen Sie gängige Begriffe rund um die Blockchain-Technologie, die bei der Diskussion mit den C-Level-Führungskräften Ihres Unternehmens von entscheidender Bedeutung sind. Finden Sie heraus, wo Sie noch heute mit dem Testen von Ideen mit den Daten Ihrer Bank beginnen können. Besprochene Themen: Blockchain-Grundlagen Was macht ein Banker?

What Are The Benefits Of Blockchain Apps

Easy transactions. Many banks strive to provide mobile services, but the transaction process still isnt perfect in some cases because of the rejected transactions, commissions, and exchange rates. With DApps, this isnt the case: it takes only five minutes to set up a blockchain wallet, and allow users to buy things with cryptocurrency without any fees.

Great cryptocurrency exchange experience. Its more convenient to buy and sell cryptocurrencies via a mobile app, because the reaction to the price changes should be quick. The cryptocurrency market is extremely volatile but has lots of potential for growth. This makes cryptocurrency exchange apps popular.

High security. Common banking apps and secret chats often struggle with security. Mobile applications are vulnerable, and hackers can steal money through a man-in-the-middle attack during a transaction. This is impossible with Bitcoin, for example, as all data is decentralized and each member of the network has a copy of all chains. A blockchain based messaging app, for example, can ensure the security of your messages.

  • IoT startups

Healthcare is rapidly adopting blockchains as well: YourTechDiet predicts that by 2025, 55% of all healthcare apps will incorporate a blockchain.

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Benefits Of Blockchain Apps

Why are blockchain apps gaining popularity? Ive already mentioned that theyre secure and anonymous, but theres much more to it.

Public verification Any user can check if the system is working correctly. Each transaction is confirmed by the verifiers who are peer users of a blockchain.

Transparency All updates to data and transactions must be verified by other network users. While not every participant has access to data, a copy is stored on each device of the network at all times.

Privacy Despite a blockchain being a decentralized system with a high level of transparency, all transactions and interactions between network members are anonymous.

Integrity A blockchain guarantees that no data is changed.

These are benefits of the blockchain itself. Now lets get more specific and focus on DApps.

Online identity and reputation will be decentralized. We will own the data that belongs to us.

William Mougayar

It Provides Safer And Cheaper Cloud Storage

How To Integrate A Blockchain Supply Chain Into Your ...

Businesses and personal users spend more than $20 billion every year on cloud storage. Blockchain storage applications allow users, including small businesses, to store data in a safe way and at a reasonable price, without compromising data security or overspending.

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Integrating Blockchain Into Your Business Good Now Stop

    Blockchain technology has been on your radar for some time. Youve done your research, read the case studies and now youre convinced that transitioning to a distributed ledger data management system is the right decision for your business. And you may be right! The current systems in place for managing business data are fragmented, vulnerable to fraud, and slow to detect falsification, whereas blockchain, a form of distributed ledger technology, can provide increased security, accountability, higher efficiencies and often times lower cost.

    Now, when most people hear blockchain their mind immediately jumps to bitcoin, however blockchain technology does not need to leverage a cryptocurrency to provide value businesses that process transactions, record events, manage and track records, require or trace asset transfers are all well suited to deploy distributed ledger technology. This is because when data is stored on a blockchain its replicated across a network of validators and secured using cryptography, thus providing a solution where all participants within the network have the most up-to-date copy of the ledger in a manner thats transparent, instant and incorruptible.

    What Is Business Intelligence And Analytics

    Business Intelligence tools can therefore also be seen as part of a business strategy, specifically a shift from instinctive decision making to a data-driven approach.

    Popular BI software comes from specialised companies such as Tableau or Qlik, or from large companies like IBMs Cognos Analytics, Oracle BI, and Microsoft Power BI to name a few.

    With the rise of enterprise blockchains, many of the business processes which were previously done on paper can now be done on decentralized ledgers. Blockchain technology is not only used by firms dealing with cryptocurrency investment and financing but also insurance agencies, banking and other fintech services, logistics companies handling large scale supply chains, and even electronic certificate or document verification services.

    As a result of this further digitization of business processes through blockchain, the volume of data available for analysis will increase profoundly.

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    Features/ Benefits Of A Private Blockchain

    Private blockchains thrive on restricted access and permissioned relationships. New users are usually invited and validated in accordance with specific rules stipulated by the platforms admin or founder. Typically, businesses use enterprise blockchains for intra business purposes with access restricted to company members and employees. Should there be a reason for non-members to be a part of the chain, they are given access on a need-to-know basis. Prominent examples of private blockchains are Quorum, Hyperledger Fabric, and R3 Corda. The benefits and features of this blockchain variant include:

    Controlled Access: One prominent feature of private blockchains is its over-reaching control of the admin on who can and cant gain access to the platform. New users are validated and given access to enterprise information through the business identity management system.

    Faster transactions: Enterprise blockchains have fewer nodes than public blockchains. This makes the processing and validation of transactions or activities very fast since the fraction of users that need to reach a consensus are lower.

    Efficient Governance & Control: In private blockchains, theres a central authority that controls the whole virtual platform. The admin stipulates the standards, processes, methods, and tools with which the day-to-day administration of the platform would be ensured.

    Ways To Incorporate Blockchain Technology Into Your Business

    How to Integrate AI into Your Business

        Whether youre immersed in the tech world or not, its likely youve heard the term blockchain before.

        Blockchain is the technology behind bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. It is a permanent, decentralized, digital keeper of records.

        You can envision different blockchains as different types of computer software: similar to how Microsoft has Windows, Word, Outlook, Excel, etc. to perform different functions, there are different types of blockchains which provide different use-cases, said Sung Woo Choi, vice president of corporate development at Coinme, a licensed Bitcoin ATM company with ATM locations across the South Sound and beyond.

        And while cryptocurrencies are associated with some risks, blockchain technology can be a useful addition to a business operations in more ways than one.

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        Integrating Blockchain Into The Business

        Businesses everywhere are already scrambling to know how integrating blockchain technology into their current business practices can profit them. The main problem businesses face is the lack of information regarding how this can be done.

        Many worry about the value of blockchain implementation in the business or a project are too high and can result in excessive growing problems should they do choose to integrate a blockchain resolution into their existing infrastructure. While these considerations are so understandable, blockchain implementation for businesses of all sizes doesnt have to be either high-priced or traumatic.

        Blockchain technology holds the promise of revolutionizing many of the transaction based processes that underwrite much of the global economy.

        Try to make it affect not just the bottom line but the top line new revenue, growth and services. Go after new customers and do things that werent done before. Thats the challenge for big companies because they dont think out of the box very well. Most of them face the innovators dilemma where you can not invent or produce a brand new business model within your existing business model. A large company will always want to tie everything back to their existing model but when your business model is being threatened, you have to think outside of it. Otherwise, youll be tied down and wont be able to innovate to the technologys potential.

        YES, Every business needs it!

        1. Minimal viable product description

        Help Driverless Car To Pay Parking Fees

        A driverless car is already a reality. But, it does not mean a car without driver enjoys free parking. Someone still has to pay the parking fees.

        These cars do not own a traditional bank account. But, they can have one in the blockchain. With Car Wallet, the car is notified when you send money to its wallet. Then you can open the door, authorize the start of the engine, and pay the parking fees.

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        Reasons Blockchain Should Matter To Solution Providers

        The market opportunity in blockchain technology for managed service providers is significant, as more businesses look to implement blockchain and change the way they store and access data and complete transactions.

        MSPs are not alone in embracing this technology. The blockchain market size is projected to grow from $4.9 billion in 2021 to $67.4 billion by 2026, a compound annual growth rate of 68.4 percent. Other market drivers include increased venture capital investments, growing blockchain adoption in finance, new use case in mitigating cyberattack risks, high adoption of blockchain solutions for payments, rapid deployment of blockchain driven smart contracts, digital identity management, and continued interest to use blockchain in government.

        Members of CompTIAs Blockchain Advisory Council said MSPs should begin to educate themselves on how they can integrate blockchain into their current and future solutions offerings to customers. Here are five reasons council members cited for why its time to start talking blockchain with customers.

        How To Integrate Blockchain Into Your Project

        Integrate #Blockchain into Business

        Blockchain has gained attention over the recent years. Find out whether your business needs a blockchain solution.

        Originally an innovative technology behind Bitcoin, blockchain, by now, seems to have become one of the brightest phenomena of the last decade. Along with industry leaders such as Microsoft and IBM, the new-generation business owners and entrepreneurs are also making significant efforts in researching, mastering and integrating this technology into their businesses. The ever-growing interest in this subject is not a surprise, considering the major advantages of using blockchain.

        The tremendous hype around blockchain during the last few years contributed to a significant increase in the number of its supporters and crypto enthusiasts. In addition, this technology grants its users an opportunity to raise funds at the initial project phase by issuing specific tokens on a dedicated web platform and their further distribution among early project supporters. Nevertheless, many companies follow this trend because they fear missing out and staying behind even if some company owners still have a vague understanding of this technology benefits for their businesses.

        You might be wondering if this high-end technology can something to do with your business. Then you are in the right place! This article will help you realize whether your business idea requires a blockchain solution.

        Does your business need blockchain?

        Step 1: Set the task

        Step 2: Outline the benefits

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        Integrating Blockchain Technology #: Sensitive Data Exchange

        With the high rate of hacking sensitive data from businesses and the possibility of a data-nabbing, businesses need the assurance of hack-proof systems so they can share sensitive data without fear of compromise.

        Blockchain technology uses encryption methods that cannot be broken because of the many layers.

        Blockchain App Market Overview

        The market for blockchain applications is far from saturated: the majority of mobile users still dont use blockchains and only have a vague idea of what they are. This follows the trend of every major new technology and after a few years, people cant imagine the world without it.

        The same is likely to happen to the blockchain: its benefits wont remain unnoticed. Many companies already try to build a blockchain application for their benefit and integrate it with their existing system.

        According to, there are currently over 2,600 active DApps on the market with around 37,000 daily users. This doesnt seem like very many however, that only means theres great potential. In December 2018, 117 new DApps appeared. The number of blockchain mobile apps is growing rapidly.

        The overall blockchain market is also growing: according to YourTechDiet, the blockchain market will be worth $60 billion by 2020, with finance having the largest share at 60%.

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        Integrating Blockchain Technology Into Your Business: 10 Ways

        When Blockchain technology entered the minds of humans back in 2009 with a digital currency called Bitcoin, many people assumed it would fail. Now 9 years later, we have discovered that Bitcoin has reached unheard of values, and Blockchain technology has its place in the world of business.

        As a matter of fact, businesses that are not integrating Blockchain technology into their business structure, are missing out on advantages that could leave them trailing competitors.

        I am going to share with you 10 ways you can integrate Blockchain technology into your business structure. And, I will share a place that can help you with this.

        Buy & Sell Advertising Space

        How to Successfully Implement Blockchain into Your Business | CompTIA

        Are you tired of paying high online advertising costs? Or how about fearful of being banned from your online content?

        Thrive is a blockchain rewarding marketspace where buyers and sellers buy advertising at very low fees. If you like to review websites and share data, you can get paid too.

        20. Know More About The Things You Buy

        You just bought a high-quality bag, and wonders if theres more information to it. What if you can look beyond the label, and discover the factual data on creators work, history, and impact?

        Provenance equips physical products with a unique ID. Through the ID, you gain access a secure digital history from how the product is made to the delivery into your hands.

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        How To Integrate Blockchain Into Your Business

        Jeffrey Bodily/Blockchain, Business/

        Businesses all around the world are starting to adapt to the newest technology called blockchain. If you are a business owner and you havent heard about this new technology, then we strongly suggest that you carefully read this article because you will find some very helpful and interesting information. First of all, lets explain why all of the big companies are looking to get into blockchain. They all see one thing and that is profit and blockchain technology promises improved efficiency in various processes. Furthermore, they even promise to create some new business opportunities and that is something that every business owner is looking for. The more efficient job they can do, the more profit they can have at the end, simple as that.

        Of course, there are some smaller businesses who dont really understand blockchain and they are doing this just because they dont want to be left out. That is definitely not the way to do anything in life, you always need to have enough knowledge and information about something before rushing right into it. In case you dont know anything about blockchain and how to integrate it into your business, then you shouldnt do it until you learn about it. That is the reason why this article is so helpful.

        How Does A Blockchain Application Work

        Before we dig into how DApps work, we need to find out how a blockchain works.

        A blockchain is a network that shares all data among its peers, storing this data chronologically in blocks. This means that once something occurs in a blockchain network , its shared with all members of the network, and everyone has a record of this action on their own devices.

        These blocks of data are stored in a chain, and once the data is added to the chain, it cant be changed. This makes a blockchain extremely hard to violate and steal data from.

        The core principles of blockchain work logic

        To set up a blockchain, youll need from a few gigabytes to a terabyte of storage space. Since mobile devices dont have so much space, DApps usually function on just a part of a chain.

        There are two types of blockchains based on the type of network.

        A permissionless blockchain is accessible to all members of the network and is available on any device. Every user can access the code, verify transactions, interact with others, and stay anonymous. Bitcoin, for example, is permissionless.

        A permissioned blockchain allows only authorized participants. All users have roles and permissions. A permissioned blockchain has rules that regulate transactions between network members. This type of blockchain is great for managing operations within organizations.

        In this article well discuss how to develop blockchain applications, and what are the best practices of blockchain application development.

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