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How To Margin Trade Crypto

Pros & Cons Of Margin Trading

Crypto Margin Trading With A Small Account | Full Tutorial | 10x Gains With TRON TRX

There are quite a few advantages that come with margin trading that are universally agreed:

  • Greater Return: This is of course an obvious one. Margin trading allows you leverage which means that your return is X times larger than without .
  • Can Short the Asset: Margin trading also allows you to short the asset in question which means that you can benefit from falls in the price as well.
  • Structured Trades: When combined with different degrees of leverage and buys / sells, margin trading allows the investor to place more structured trades. They can essentially develop strategies that look quite a bit like option trades.

As most may know, increasing returns in the cryptocurrency markets also means increasing risk. Trading on margin does not come without its drawbacks:

The key thing to appreciate about margin trading is that there are risks and that these risks can be significant if you do not have a strategy.

However, most successful margin traders will agree that as long as you are able to most effectively manage these risks, you can make a success of it. This is something that we will touch on a bit more below in some of Margin Trading Top Tips.

Seven Ways To Short Bitcoin

    For those investors who believe that Bitcoin is likely to crash at some point in the future, shorting the currency might be a good option. The number of venues and ways in which you can short Bitcoin has multiplied with the cryptocurrency’s increasing spotlight in mainstream finance. Here are some ways that you can go about shorting Bitcoin.

    Why Trade On Margin

    • Short sales: Margin is commonly used in short selling. When you short sell a security, you are betting that the price of a security will decline at some point in the future, a process often known simply as shorting. Trading on margin amplifies the size of a short and, therefore, its profits. But the opposite is also possible: the potential for losses can be severe if the trade goes awry.

    • Managing risk: Traders also use margin as a risk-management tool to minimize, or hedge, their losses. For example, you can hedge a long bet on an assets price trajectory by shorting the same asset with an equal or lesser amount. Suppose you have $10,000 in your trading account and your broker allows you to borrow up to 50%, or $5,000, as margin. Your trading balance then becomes $15,000. If your purchased shares rise by 10%, you could gain $150. But if they decline by 10%, then you stand to lose $150, or $50 more than if you hadnt borrowed anything at all.

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    How To Use The Forex Margin Calculator

    This is why it is also called leveraged trading. So when you use ALL of your capital to borrow money against, then you also lose all of your capital on liquidation.

    Leveraged trading can increase your losses. If you want to make sense of leveraged trading, then your allowed position size is indispensable information. In leveraged trading your position size is also based upon the stop-loss price. Not on your liquidation price! But some traders take such a position size, that when liquidation entirely wipes out their 100 paise, they never lose more than the max. In such case the liquidation actually acts as a kind of stop loss. So in case they want to move the liquidation price stoploss further away, they need to add margin to their account.]

    Ftx: 3rd Best Margin Trading Crypto Platform

    How to Margin Trade Crypto With Limited Downside ...

    The leadership style is very hands-on and SBF is very contactable on Twitter for dealing with any exchange issues, along with being famous for adding features to the exchange very quickly in response to trader requests or when users find that something is lacking.

    In addition to the margin trading interface, FTX includes a range of unique features that you will not find anywhere else. It offers multiple futures contracts for both the bigger coins and smaller altcoins, along with leveraged tokens of multiple varieties. There is the option to purchase inverse leverage tokens, which are essentially positions that are leveraged against the coin.

    FTX is also known for offering some great prediction markets where you can use your crypto trading account to bet on the outcomes of real-world events. In the past, this exchange has had a market for the outcome of sporting events, presidential elections and more, all of which are represented as native tokens on the exchange.

    FTX also offers some of the lowest fees in the market, and you can pay less in trading fees along with taking advantage of many other benefits when you trade in their native FTT token.

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    A Beginners Guide To Crypto Margin Trading

    The text below is an advertorial article that was not written by journalists.

    With the inherent volatility of cryptocurrencies, even spot tradingwhere you simply buy and sell cryptocurrenciescan be thrilling. However, for the experienced trader, the risk to reward ratio could use an increase, which is where margin trading comes in.

    This crypto trading strategy is most often used on assets with low volatility because it is much easier to predict the price movements and stay profitable. This means that the international forex market sees the most margin trading. However, it is also used when trading stocks, commodities, and even cryptocurrencies.

    What Peter Needs To Remember

    1) Margin trading is inherently riskier than regular trading. This risk is even higher when it comes to cryptocurrencies. This strategy isnt suitable for beginners, but if you still want to give it a try, then its better to start with a small stake. The ability to analyse graphs, identify trends and entry and exit points doesnt eliminate the risks associated with margin trading, but it helps you to predict them better.

    2) Margin trading on the exchange can increase both profits as well as losses. If the cost of Bitcoin falls, then Peter will lose money. Lets say that the price of Bitcoin falls to 5,000. With a 20:1 leverage, Peter will receive 835 from selling his 0.167 BTC. Peter will need to pay back 1,425, as this is the leverage sum that needs to be returned to the exchange, and pay commission on top of this. After commission Peters losses will be more than 590.

    3) A sudden change in the market can affect current transactions. Peter needs to keep an eye on the ratio of funds to prepayment:

    If the level of prepayment exceeds 100 per cent then there is no need for additional funds because Peter has enough money to back up his open transactions.

    If the level of prepayment falls to 80 per cent then Peter will receive a .

    If the level of prepayment is 50 per cent or lower, then the platform can close Peters transactions without warning until his margin account reaches 80 per cent of the funds again.

    The sum of the prepayment = × quantity of the asset +

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    What Is Margin Trading In Crypto

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    In this guide, you can find all the information about marging trading, which is yet another strategy proposed to help crypto traders get the best out of the crypto economy.

    This is yet another strategy proposed to help crypto traders get the best out of the crypto economy. Margin trading provides its users with leverage by giving them access to more funds than they already have so that they can have more buying power for their transactions.

    Lets say you want to buy Bitcoin worth $100 and all you have is $25, you can use the $25 and leverage of 4:1 to access an extra $75, thereby arriving at the $100. At the end of the transaction, whether successful or not, youll be required to pay back the $75 with additional fees.

    What To Watch Out For

    Binance Margin Trading Tutorial (Crypto Margin Trading on Binance)

    Cryptocurrency trading incurs many of the risks of trading on any other market, as well as some unique challenges.

    • Volatility. Cryptocurrency is volatile. This is one of the things that makes it attractive to traders, but it also makes it very risky. Double-digit intra-day price swings are common, and drastic shifts can happen in just minutes.
    • Unregulated, manipulated markets. The cryptocurrency markets are largely unregulated compared to more traditional markets. Its an open secret that wash trading and market manipulation are common. Theyre also a lot less liquid than many other markets, which can contribute to the volatility and make it easier for well-moneyed whales to manipulate prices, force liquidations and similar. Exchanges themselves are sometimes accused of manipulating their own markets against their own customers.
    • Inaccurate patterns. Markets will often follow patterns, but often they wont. This is a risk when trading anything, but the unique characteristics of the cryptocurrency market means its a particular challenge there.

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    Stormgain: Best Bitcoin Margin Trading Exchange

    StormGain is an all-in-one app for cryptocurrency margin trading and offers one of the best mobile apps in the industry overall. Check out their website to get more information on why it is considered to be one of the best trading exchanges available for crypto margin trading.

    StormGain takes low fees to the next level by charging zero fees for cryptocurrency trades. In addition, it has a very high liquidity and allows you to open up a leveraged futures position with up to 300x leverage, one of the highest position allowances in the industry to date. You can choose from various available margin trading instruments including Bitcoin futures along with smaller alt currencies like Dash and XEM.

    This exchange offers excellent multi-platform integrations and an awesome mobile app that you can use to access the futures exchange and trading engine from anywhere. The app is one of the best in the industry with a stunning design, high responsiveness and flexibility, and offers most of the same functions that you can find on the website with no need to worry about compromising your trading when on the go.

    Despite the fact that StormGain already helps traders save a lot of money, it doesnt stop there. They also offer a range of additional ways to earn money aside from trading including an in-house Bitcoin mining app, a loyalty program, and deposit interest that pays up to 12% annually for holding funds on the website.

    How To Calculate The Biggest Position Size And Profits With Leverage

    This table indicates the maximum position size you can take with different accounts sizes from $500, $1000, $5000, and $10,000. We will take a look at the difference between leverage from x5 to x200. This table shows how much capital you will be able to control in active positions in the crypto market.

    Maximum position size


    When we calculate the potential profits earned from trading cryptocurrencies with leverage itâs obvious that the numbers get more interesting the more leverage we use. This is also a key factor to why it has become so popular. It is definitely possible to earn a lot of money by trading digital assets with leverage and if you do it the right way you can earn more than you expect overnight. Remember to always use a stop loss or trailing stop loss when engaging in leverage trading. Read our guide on cryptocurrency exchanges with stop loss for more information about platforms that offer great order types.

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    Cryptocurrency Trading For Beginners

    Before you can start trading, you need to be sure cryptocurrency trading is right for your circumstances and that you understand the risks associated with it. Youll also need to know what all the buttons do.

    Fortunately, most cryptocurrency exchanges have similar-looking market pages, and you can safely ignore a lot of the information on the page.

    Heres an example from the Binance cryptocurrency trading platform, showing the Bitcoin/USDT market with the important parts annotated.

    The red and green box at the top is the price chart. At the bottom is where you place your buy and sell orders. Sandwiched between the two, in this particular case, is a place where you can click through to derivatives. Its a completely separate market, where people trade futures contracts rather than Bitcoin itself.

    Lets zoom in on the bottom part, where you place buy and sell orders. There are two things to pay attention to here: your order type and the amount you want to buy or sell.

    In this case, Binance offers three basic order types: market, stop-limit and OCO.

    • Place a buy or sell order at the current market price, to execute immediately.
    • Stop-limit. Once you select this, you will be prompted to choose a separate stop price, and limit price. Once the asset reaches the stop price, it will sell for at least the limit price, if possible.
    • OCO. One cancels the other. This is two stop-limit orders combined, where one cancels the other if its triggered.

    Bybit: Best Margin Trading Platform

    The Ultimate Guide To Crypto Margin Trading 2019 ...

    Spot trading has recently been added to Bybit, which traditionally focused on being a derivatives trading platform. This is a welcome addition, with four trading pairs currently offered , with more on the horizon.

    Bybit looks after its users, with its unique insurance fund to protect traders from negative equity and being held accountable for excessive loss. There is also Live Chat support with a real person available 24/7 to assist you whenever you need. Unfortunately this exchange is not available for US residents if you are from the USA, I suggest using Kraken, my #2 recommendation for margin trading.

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    Going Long Or Short Positions

    The good thing about margin trading is that you can choose to go long or short.

    The price of Bitcoin has fallen from its all time high of USD19,000+ to around USD9,240+ at the time of writing. That is a drastic of more than 50%!

    You would have been grinning from ear to ear if you have initiated a short position back then. In fact, I will consider it as a good hedging strategy if you hold many various altcoins and want to protect your gains.

    Going back to Huobi exchange as an example they provide up to 3x leverage for the BTC/USDT pair.

    Thus, if you believe that BTC price will drop from 20,000 USDT to 10,000 USDT, you can put up 10,000 USDT as maintenance margin. With that you can loan 1 BTC from the exchange.

    Proceed to sell 1 BTC at the price of 20,000 USDT and buy back that 1 BTC at the price of 10,000 USDT.

    The total profits gained would be 10,000 USDT, double that if you have only used your own funds.

    Binance Futures: Best Futures Trading Platform

    Binance is known as the king of crypto margin trading. Binance is currently one of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges on the market, and often takes the number one spot for weekly volume. Binance Futures is considered to be the best cryptocurrency margin trading exchange for novices.

    This crypto margin exchange offers highly liquid trading offerings along with a spot trading exchange that has very low taker fees, especially when using their native BNB token for paying trading fees. Thanks to the highly stocked order book, Bitcoin margin trading on Binance is especially good. In addition, high-volume trading pairs always have very good liquidity since the exchange is used for trading by a lot of whales.

    There are various margin types that you can use for risk management and protecting your position in a range of different ways, whatever the leverage. They offer a versatile futures exchange with low fees, allowing you to trade a variety of coins from big names to smaller alt coins. You can trade with Binance Futures when the price of crypto goes either up or down.

    Before you get started on this exchange, you will be asked to take a short quiz to make sure that you dont trade any more than you can afford to lose, since you will be margin trading with borrowed funds.

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    How To Start Crypto Margin Trading

    To start crypto margin trading, you need to find a solid crypto margin trading platform. One of the best crypto margin trading platform’s on the market is Prime XBT. It also offers a demo account to let you become acquainted with the way the platform works before depositing real money. Besides, it has some of the lowest trading fees, a great selection of trading instruments, a copy-trading feature, and lets you trade with up to 100x leverage. Good luck and never invest more than what you can afford to lose!

    Three Key Factors To Remember About Trading Cryptocurrency On Margin

    Margin Trading Crypto: How To Short XRP (20X Leverage)
    • First, the cryptocurrency asset class is not regulated uniformly across the globe, which can be detrimental to your trades. For example, a ban on cryptocurrency exchanges like the one imposed by China in 2017 could potentially wreck havoc on the value of your portfolio.

    • Second, cryptocurrency and crypto tokens are a relatively new asset class with price fluctuations that have heretofore followed unpredictable patterns with little to no correlation to technical or fundamental analytic principles in mainstream markets. As such, cryptocurrency trades made on margin could result in magnified gains and losses. Again, because of this fact, it is critical that only experienced traders that understand risk management practice margin trading.

    • Finally, margin trading requires a strong understanding of the global cryptocurrency marketplace. There are, quite literally, hundreds of cryptocurrency exchanges throughout the world. For every well-known legitimate exchange, there are numerous questionable operations that are not trustworthy and their use can result in the loss of user funds. Therefore, before you consider trading on margin at all, especially bitcoin margin trading on a crypto exchange, its critical to thoroughly research the platform you choose to use.

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