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How To Move Crypto From Coinbase To Coinbase Pro

Coinbase Flat Fee For Low Amount Crypto Purchases

How to transfer crypto from Coinbase to Coinbase Pro. Coinbase versus Coinbase Pro (Lower Fees)

For low amounts of crypto purchases, Coinbase charges a flat fee on each transaction. As mentioned earlier, there is an additional fee that can be fixed or variable depending on the amount of crypto you are purchasing.

However, if you are making a small purchase of crypto, there will be a flat fee charged to you by Coinbase.

  • Crypto purchase of up to $10.99, a flat fee of $0.99
  • Crypto purchases between $11 and $26.49, a flat fee of $1.49
  • Crypto purchase between $26.5 and $51.99, a flat fee of $1.99
  • Crypto purchases between $52 and $78.05, a flat fee of $2.99
  • Open A Coinbase Account

    Coinbase is consistently rated as a top platform for cryptocurrency. This is due to a simple to use app, excellent learning materials, and a large collection of cryptos to buy and sell.

    One of its top features is its Coinbase Pro version. Unlike other platforms, Coinbase offers two trading platforms – one for more advanced traders and one for beginners.

    This makes their app easy to navigate for all. The Pro version also comes with lower fees, so that is a plus for those investing sizable amounts of money into crypto.

    If you sign up for Coinbase using our button above, you will get $5 worth of free Bitcoin!

    Opening a Coinbase account is quick and easy. Follow the steps below to create an account in just a few minutes:

    • Create an account with your email and password
    • Submit your address and SSN for verification and tax purposes
    • Set up 2FA by adding your phone number
    • Link to your bank account using a secure service called Plaid
    • Verify your ID by taking a picture of the front and back

    Coinbase Vs Coinbase Pro Which Platform Is Ideal For You

    Looking at the breadth of features, purchase & withdrawal options, trade types, and supported currencies, we have evaluated Coinbase and Coinbase Pro crypto trading platforms. In addition, the fee structure and security levels of both the exchanges are considered, which will help you determine whether to opt for Coinbase or Coinbase Pro.

    In a nutshell, you can choose any one of them as both platforms are well respected in the cryptocurrency community.

    Coinbase is a perfect option for you if you just want to purchase coins like Bitcoin, Litecoin, or Ethereum, and you are not a short-term trader. However, if you are an active trader, opting for Coinbase Pro can amplify your profits as it charges very little commission and offers something valuable to the short-term traders by providing them much greater functionality.

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    Find Your Recipient Public Address

    The first section that will catch your eye when you start filling out the transfer request on Coinbase is the recipient/destination box.

    This is where you will need to input your wallet address where you are going to be receiving your Bitcoin from Coinbase.

    For example, if you want to transfer your Bitcoin from Coinbase to your Binance account, youll first need to find your Bitcoins public wallet address on your Binance account.

    Lets see the process that you need to undergo in order to get the address of your Bitcoin wallet on your platform of choice.

    No matter whether you are trying to learn how to send Bitcoin from Coinbase to Binance, Bittrex, Kraken, Poloniex, Electrum,, or other platforms, here are the simple and complete directions for each.

    Once your transfer is completed, go to step 3 to discover if you want to follow your transfer after its been executed.

    Can I Transfer From Coinbase To Trust Wallet

    How To Use Coinbase Pro In Canada : How To Use Your ...

    To transfer crypto from Coinbase to Trust Wallet, you must first copy the cryptos address on Trust Wallet. You can do so by tapping the reverse icon on Coinbase. Then, tap on Send and select the asset to send . Coinbase will then require you to enter the amount of crypto that you want to send.

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    How To Transfer From Gemini To Coinbase 2022

    Gemini and Coinbase are two of the most popular crypto exchanges available today.

    While both have plenty to offer, some prefer Coinbase for its incredibly simple user interface. Coinbase also has a larger collection of cryptocurrencies and even lets members earn crypto with its educational courses.

    So, if you have crypto in the Gemini platform but want to switch over to Coinbase, what can you do?

    Transferring crypto from Gemini to Coinbase is actually quite simple.

    In this article, we provide a step by step process to help you with this transfer. Let’s dive in!

    What Are Coinbase And Coinbase Pro

    Coinbase and Coinbase Pro are leading cryptocurrency exchange platforms owned by Coinbase Global Inc, founded in 2012. Coinbase is like a brokerage with a virtual wallet, whereas Coinbase Pro works as an exchange where people buy and sell from each other.

    Beginners use Coinbase because its simple to buy and sell cryptocurrency. Users dont need to learn investing lingo. Instead, they can jump on the platform and get trading. People who are familiar with trading use Coinbase Pro to take advantage of diverse trading types. The Coinbase Pro platform is also easy to use, so beginners can quickly familiarize themselves with the terminology and start investing.

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    Is Coinbase Pro Worth Upgrading

    Coinbase Pro is an excellent choice for users with advanced crypto trading skills. Its a beautiful alternative for managing your cryptocurrency portfolio because of its comprehensive charting, various trading tools, and inexpensive fees.

    So, is Coinbase Pro worth the upgrade? Yes, it is worth it for advanced traders.

    What Is The Difference Among A Crypto Exchange Brokerage And A Wallet

    How to Transfer Crypto from Coinbase to Coinbase Pro Mobile Wallets

    To set this discussion right, let us differentiate first among a crypto exchange, brokerage and a wallet.

    A crypto brokerage is a platform that will allow you to gain crypto currencies that they support in exchange for fiat currencies. This is more convenient for users who want to expand their crypto investment directly through their financial assets.

    An exchange is a platform where users add-in crypto coins to start selling or trading them. Prior to that, you are to agree with the terms that the coins you are going to transfer will have public keys that you no longer have access with, but, every time the platform facilitates a transaction, you have to authorize them first.

    On the other hand, the crypto assets that you have in a wallet have private keys meant for your eyes only. This makes it more secured. There are two wallet types the hot and the cold. With a hot wallet, this key must always be connected online. With a cold one, the key is stored in a hardware device making it safer from hackers and cyber assaults.

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    Coinbase Vs Coinbase Pro Pricing

    Coinbase is more expensive and complex to understand as compared to Coinbase Pro. It charges a 4% commission if you are using PayPal or credit cards and 1.5% when you are purchasing or selling any coin through this platform via bank transfer. However, some credit cards of particular banks are leveraged and do not let you pay 4% fees, as they let you pay less commission.

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    Coinbase Pro charges less commission and believes in a maker-taker approach . Primarily, this exchange uses tiers by charging the lowest amount of fees on a heavy trading transaction. For instance:

    1. A Trader is required to pay 0.50% fees on the transaction less than $10,000.

    2. A Trader needs to pay 0.35% fees on the transaction worth between $10,000 to $50,000.

    3. A Trader is required to pay 0.25% or 0.15% fees on the transactions between $50,000 to $1,00,000.

    4. A trader needs to pay 0.20% or 0.10% on the transactions valuing more than $1,00,000.

    Pricing Tier
    $0.99 to $2.99 based on the amount0.04% to 0.50% taker fee, 0% to 0.50% maker fee

    Coinbase Vs Coinbase Pro: Ease Of Use

    You dont need to download anything to get started with Coinbase or Coinbase Pro, as all features are available using a web browser. Both versions come with a user-friendly mobile application.

    The simplicity of Coinbase makes it the more straightforward option for beginners. It only supports buying and selling, so you can jump right on the app or web browser and start investing. Coinbase Pro can seem imposing at first because it offers a lot more information and advanced reporting.

    However, once you play around with the platform, its pretty easy to use. The advanced trading features give users many more options, which is why its better suited to people familiar with crypto trading.

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    To Transfer Funds From Your Pro Wallet To Your Coinbase Wallet Follow These Steps:

  • Go to the Coinbase Pro trading page.
  • Select Withdraw under Wallet Balance .
  • Select the currency type that youd like to cash out from Pro to Coinbase
  • Select Coinbase Account.
  • Enter the amount you would like to cash out from Pro to Coinbase.
  • Select Withdraw at the bottom of the window.
  • Important Note: Transfers between Pro and Coinbase count towards your Pro cashout limit.

    So, the answer to the question, Can You Transfer From Coinbase to Coinbase Pro? Yes, you can move any portion of your portfolio to Coinbase Pro at any time and with no additional fees. You may have started your Coinbase account as a rookie crypto investor and then traded using Coinbase Pro. But before you do, here is a review of the differences between the two.

    Youre Our First Priorityevery Time

    Coinbase vs Coinbase Pro: Which One to Choose?

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    How Do Coinbase & Coinbase Pro Work

    The user experience is mostly the same for Coinbase and Coinbase Pro. You can access the platform on a web browser or through the mobile app for Android and iOS. Once youve logged in, you can navigate options to buy, sell, or trade cryptocurrency.

    There arent any fees to download Coinbase or set up an account. Just like an online brokerage, Coinbase collects transaction and service fees whenever you place an order.

    Coinbase Pro is a separate app, but youll need to use your login information from the base version. If you dont have a standard Coinbase account, Coinbase Pro will prompt you to set up a new account.

    Theres no fee to download Coinbase Prolike the base version, the app charges a fee for every transaction that you make. But the Coinbase Pro pricing model is entirely different from the base version.

    Coinbase Vs Coinbase Pro: Security

    The Coinbase platform offers the same high level of security for Coinbase and Coinbase Pro. Moreover, the cryptocurrency exchange had a direct listing on Nasdaq, which differs from an initial public offering but still sells stock shares to the general public. Its safety and security standards are as secure, or more secure, than industry standards.

    All USD cash balances are protected by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation up to $250,000 per individual. The exchange is very forthcoming about its safety features for trading on the site or using the mobile app.

    Coinbase keeps 98% of customer funds stored offline in vaults or safe deposit boxes, called cold storage. The remaining 2% is held online backed by Coinbases insurance policy, which covers any losses due to cybersecurity breaches of Coinbases facilities.

    All accounts offer a two-factor authentication process and biometric fingerprint logins. The digital wallets and private keys use AES-256 encryption. Of course, youre responsible for creating a secure and strong password. In addition, with Coinbase Pro, you have the option to store your funds in your personal offline cold storage.

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    Should You Transfer From Coinbase To Coinbase Pro

    If you can get past Coinbase Pros less friendly user interface, the upgraded exchange offers a variety of extra features and charting compared to Coinbase, which makes it the perfect choice for more active traders.

    One of the key differences between Coinbase and Coinbase Pro is the fees. Fees on Coinbase do vary, but buying cryptocurrency using a bank transfer will see Coinbase take a 1.49% cut of the transaction. This Taker Fee is just 0.5% on Coinbase Pro – and it also drops lower for larger transactions over $10,000.

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    It also allows users to trade more cryptocurrencies than the base Coinbase version. When Coinbase first listed SHIB, for example, Shiba Inu was only available via Coinbase Pro

    Regardless, if you opt to try Coinbase Pro and realize you prefer Coinbase, you can transfer back to Coinbase. To do this, follow the steps above but select Withdraw from Coinbase Pro, rather than Deposit.

    Coinbase And Coinbase Pro: Fees

    How to Transfer Bitcoin from Coinbase to Coinbase Pro (Tutorial)

    Coinbase and Coinbase Pro have different fee structures. Despite Coinbase being the simpler, more accessible platform, its fee structure is actually more complicated to understand and trading regularly works out to be more expensive.

    Coinbase Pro, however, costs less and uses a maker-taker approach. As per Coinbase the base rate for all purchase and sale transactions in the U.S. is 4%. But, the fees vary based on your location and payment method.

    Coinbase charges 0.50% per trade, 3.99% for credit card purchases, and 1.49% for Coinbase wallet or bank account purchases. Coinbase Pro, on the other hand, charges 0% – 0.5% per trade.

    Unlike Coinbase, Coinbase Pro utilises a tier system. This means that higher value transactions come with lower costs. Attached below is an image from Coinbases site detailing the different tiers and associated fees.

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    Open Orders And Trade History

    Finally, well look at the Open Orders and Trade History sections.

    Anytime you place an order that is not immediately fulfilled, like a limit or stop order, it shows up in the open orders section. Your orders will sit here until completed or until you manually cancel them. Market orders are fulfilled very quickly but they too will appear in the open orders tab for a brief moment.

    The Trade history simply shows the most recent orders that have been fulfilled by the exchange.

    Coinbase Vs Coinbase Pro User Experience

    Coinbase has an interface thats much easier for beginners. There are only a few trading options, so the interface boils down to a few buttons. Its very easy to navigate.

    Coinbase was designed specifically for those investors who are new to cryptocurrency, and its still a terrific platform for beginners.

    Coinbase Pro is not as straightforward. The interface is intuitive, and the app functions well, but there are a lot of buttons, charts, and information on display. It might be overwhelming for beginning investors.

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    Coinbase Vs Coinbase Pro: How Do They Compare

    Investing in cryptocurrencies, Decentralized Finance , and other Initial Coin Offerings is highly risky and speculative, and the markets can be extremely volatile. Consult with a qualified professional before making any financial decisions. This article is not a recommendation by The Balance or the writer to invest in cryptocurrencies nor can the accuracy or timeliness of the information be guaranteed.

    • Buy/sell with credit or debit cards

    • Cryptocurrency watchlist with price alerts

    • Two-factor authentication and cold storage

    • Higher fees than most exchanges

    • Tracks how users spend cryptocurrency

    • No control over private keys

    Securing Your Metamask Wallet

    Coinbase Pro Review for Cryptocurrency Traders

    MetaMask will never ask you to send funds to a random wallet if you receive such a request, forward your complaint to MetaMasks support team.

    Furthermore, anytime you are not using your MetaMask wallet, make sure you check your account balance or make a transaction log out. Again, be cautious of fake pop-ups on the screen that ask you to unlock your wallet. These are likely phishing attacks.

    Do not enter your log-in details or seed words on any other website. You should only input these details on the official site.

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    Transferring From Coinbase To Coinbase Pro

    Having two types of exchanges under one umbrella could confuse some people. However, Coinbase pro is mainly for traders who like to use the exchange functionality more than they would like to use simple Coinbase. On contrary, people who like to use simple Coinbase may want to just buy and sell, send or receive or do quick swaps for their coins.

    Today we are going to see how you could move your funds from Coinbase to Coinbase Pro and start your formidable trading life. In contrast to most other transfer methods, here we will not send from Coinbase to Coinbase Pro but take from Coinbase at Coinbase Pro. Meaning you will have to be logged in to your Coinbase Pro and take your funds from your Coinbase account.

    Also, please read our review of the Coinbase wallet.

    First, we open up our Coinbase Pro account. And we go to our Portfolio to see the assets we already have. You can see the number of your coins total and each coins value itself as well. Click on the deposit button to start your transferring process.

    After you clicked the deposit button, you will have to pick the coin you want to deposit. Type the coin you want to deposit on the search bar to find it.

    After you found the coin you are looking for, click on it and you will be redirected towards which method you want to deposit.

    On this page, you could select crypto address, or you could select, since we are transferring from Coinbase, we will pick the second option and move to the next stage.

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