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How To Read Candlestick Graph Crypto

How To Calculate Market Cap

How to Read a Candlestick Chart in Crypto

Market capitalization is a reliable predictor of stability and can be analyzed using a cap and trade graph. It is computed by multiplying the entire circulating supply of the currency by the price of each coin. The more stable a coin is, the more consistent its market cap value is.

This formula is used to calculate a coins market capitalization:

Did You Know? Since it reflects what investors are prepared to pay for a stock, the market cap evaluates what a firm is worth on the open market, as well as the markets view of prospects. You should know more about the top-rated software for crypto tax for advanced analysis.

What Is Technical Analysis

Timing the market is a frequent issue faced by many rookie traders. Cryptocurrency charts are required if you want to have precise opening price points and exit locations. You could have a fantastic trading strategy and believe that Bitcoin is set to rise, but if you select the wrong spot, youll lose money left and right.

If you leave too soon or too late, you may be leaving money on the table as well. Luckily, you can counteract this by using crypto charts in conjunction with technical analysis.

The strategy used to predict a cryptocurrencys probable price movements in the future is called technical analysis. Technical analysis trading forecasts the market using charts and other indicators. It can be a fun and exciting procedure that helps you gain a thorough understanding of the market.

The following are the three key principles of technical analysis:

Did You Know? Technical analysis is a crucial part of cryptocurrency strategy. It is also important to understand how to read bitcoin charts if you dont, the world of cryptocurrency might swallow you!

How Are Candlesticks Calculated

As time goes by, candlesticks are constructed by taking individual trades that are executed on the exchange for a particular trading pair and grouping them with other trades that happened in the same time interval. A single candlestick is typically not just one trade, but a collection of trades.

A 1-hour candlestick chart would, therefore, be constructed by grouping all trades every hour into a single candlestick. Whether 10 trades or 100,000 trades happened in that one hour, all of the trades would be combined into a single candlestick.

The last candlestick in the chart is the most current time interval that is not yet complete. If you watch the graph on an exchange, you will notice the last candlestick will continue to move and change as new trades are executed. Once the time period is complete, the candlestick will close and start the next candlestick.

The way we calculate each of the elements in a candlestick is as follows:

  • Open – The price of the first trade in a time period.
  • High – The highest price of any trade in a time period.
  • Low – The lowest price of any trade in a time period.
  • Close – The price of the last trade in the time period.

The time intervals that are used to calculate the candlesticks can typically be changed by the user. Most exchanges support options for 1m, 15m, 1h, 6h, and 1d candlestick charts.

The full list of popular time periods for candlestick charts includes:

  • 1m
  • 1d
  • 1w

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How To Read Candlestick Charts Cryptocurrencies: What A Moving Average Can Tell

A quick look at these colored lines reveals that they dont appear on the chart immediately at the moment of an assets listing.

For example, the MA line appears on day 5, MA on day 10, etc. These lines reflect the average price over the past period of time of respective length, smoothing out volatility and enabling you to spot the price trend.

Basically, the line says, This is how the price has been changing over a given period, in general. A steep upward line indicates the bullish market a declining line reflects the bearish mood.

You can also spot a stable asset: if its MA over a lengthy period is mostly flat then the asset suits conventional trade rather than investments: Litecoin is a passable example.

What Does This Mean

How to Read Crypto Candlesticks Charts

The buyers took control as the market opened and pushed the price high.At the close, there was huge selling pressure from the bears.The selling momentum was so strong that it overwhelmed the bulls.

In short, a Shooting Star signifies a bearish reversal and shows that the sellers are coming in strong into the market.

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Different Time Frames For Crypto Charts

When a technical analyst examines the price chart, along with the technical tools, they also need to be mindful of the time frames that they are considering. Popular time frames that traders most frequently examine include:

  • 15-minute chart
  • 4-hour chart
  • Daily chart

The time-frame that a trader chooses is directly dependent on their personal trading-style. Traders broadly fall into two categories:

Intra-day traders: These are the traders who open and close their position within a single day. This is why these traders prefer short timeframes like hourly, 15-min, or even 5-min charts.

Long-term holders: Long-term holders may hold their position for weeks to months and years. These holders find more value in using hourly, 4-hour, daily, or even weekly charts.

A 15-min chart may be a very significant indicator for an intra-day trader but it may not be that important for a long-term holder.

How To Read Crypto Candlestick Charts: Other Indicators

The prices and their averages are not the only technical indicators used to predict the market behavior. There are many more, and we surely dont want to break down all of them.

You could, for example, turn on RSI on your chart and register it briefly tipping the thresholds of 70% or 30% to treat such behavior as sell and buy signals, correspondingly. It goes without saying that you should understand what RSI is and how it is calculated.

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How To Read Candlestick Patterns

patternsevening star,evening star

  • 1.The first candle must be a bullish candle with more body than wick. A higher body-to-wick ratio signals a stronger decision in price.
  • 2.The second candle must have a very small body-to-wick ratio. Candles with equal or nearly-equal Open and Close prices are called Doji, and represent indecision. Though a Doji appears in the pattern above, it isnt necessary to complete the pattern. Any candle representing indecision will do.
  • 3.The third candle is a bearish candle, again with more body than wick, representing a new decision in trend direction.
  • 1.Buyers were in control of the market for the first period.
  • 2.During the second period, no decision could be made on the trend.
  • 3.By the end of the third period, sellers took control of the market.
  • evening star

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    What Is A Cryptocurrency Candlestick Chart

    This type of chart is based upon the Japanese charting style. The graph is plotted with bars that look much like candles and hence the name candlesticks.

    Each candle has five components:

  • Open
  • Close
  • Shadows/wicks
  • The most interesting aspect of a candlestick is the time frame which can range from 1 second up to 1 year. Depending on the setting you have, one candle can indicate 1 second or 1 year which means that it took 1 second to create the candle or 1 year.

    The shadows or wicks are extensions of the body of the candlestick and indicates where the price has been during the time the candle was created.

    The reason we use this type is to illustrate the relationship between price movement and time. The patterns that follow is what we call candlestick chart pattern and they are visible in all cryptocurrencies that you can trade.

    Forex Graphs And Technical Indicators

    Traders almost always utilize several technical indicators on the forex graphs to clearly understand the price variation and its underlying factors. Thousands of technical indicators assist the traders in determining market volatility, price momentum, and trading volumes. Moreover, by utilizing these tools, traders can compare present price swings to previous movements.

    Overlay and oscillators are the basic categories of technical indicators that track and measure market activity. The most common indicators are relative strength index, moving averages, Bollinger bands, Fibonacci, and MACD.

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    The Simplest Price Charts

    The first stop in our journey on how to read crypto price charts is a standard combo of a line chart and a volume chart. Line charts display a simple line showing the historical price points of an asset, while a volume chart shows its historical trading volumes. For crypto, these are generally made up of the daily closing prices within a particular time frame. Time frames for chart viewing can often be measured in minutes, 1 hour, 4 hours, a day, a week, a month, 3 months, 6 months, 1 year, or all time .

    The Bull And The Bear

    How To Read Crypto Charts On Robinhood

    These terms are constantly being tossed around, and their meaning is quite simple. This is the first step into reading crypto charts.

    Bear Market: A bear market is when there is a prolonged price decline. This means that the price has been dipping for a very long time.

    Bull Market: Opposed to bear market, this is when the price has been consistently going up. Often on forums and other spaces of discussion, you will see someone write that he/she is feeling bullish on this stock or crypto, this basically means that they are optimistic about what will happen to the price.

    Understanding these key terms is essential in reading crypto charts because from this, you can start understanding candlesticks and other complex ideas.

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    Bearish And Bullish Candlesticks

    Third, we need to distinguish that there are two types of candlesticks:

    • Bearish candlesticks
    • Bullish candlesticks

    For bullish candlesticks, the bottom of the thick section represents the opening price while the top of the body represents the closing price. The candlesticks wicks represent the highest and lowest prices during the selected time period.

    *Note: Apply the same rules in reverse for bearish candlesticks.

    The candlesticks will come in different shapes and forms. These candlestick price formations are a great way to predict future market trends. There are many candlestick combinations that can predict what will happen next and we call them chart patterns.

    In order to discern the information you get from the crypto candlestick charts you need the right tools:

    How To Read Cryptocurrency And Bitcoin Candlestick Charts

    Weve all heard that it takes time to learn how to read bitcoin and crypto charts but Im tired of that old saying and Im going to give you some tips that I have learned throughout my own trading.

    These tips will help you understand why cryptocurrencies move like they do and also help you predict the market!

    Before we can go deeper into the subject and explain things with real-life examples I want to clarify a few things for all the beginners reading this guide.

    First, lets take a look at what a candlestick in crypto is and also how it works. Below is a quick description to help you understand the basic principles and also some aspects of these graphs that you previously might not have known.

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    The Market Moves In Three Directions

    • The primary movement of a market is referred to as such. It is a vast market trend that can continue anywhere from a year to many years. The primary trend can be either negative or bullish
    • The secondary or intermediate movement of a market is referred to as the medium swing. This is what happens over a medium period which might range from 10 days to three months. Trends in the medium swing are measured using the significant price change.
    • The term short-swing refers to a markets modest change. The term short-swing refers to market speculation that lasts only a few days.

    Anatomy Of A Candlestick

    HOW TO READ CANDLESTICK CHARTS : Crypto Trading For Beginners (Binance & Tradingview)

    A candlestick represents the price activity of an asset during a specified timeframe through the use of four main components: the open, close, high and low.

    The “open” of a candlestick represents the price of an asset when the trading period begins whereas the “close” represents the price when the period has concluded. The “high” and the “low” represent the highest and lowest prices achieved during the same trading session.

    Every candlestick uses two physical features to display the four main components.

  • The first feature, known as the body, is the wide midsection of the candlestick and it depicts the open and close during the observation period
  • The close is represented at the top of the body in the green candlestick and at the bottom of the body in the red candle.
  • On the opposite is true of the open, which forms the bottom of the green candlestick and the top of the red candlestick.
  • The final two components, the high and low, are represented in the second feature of the candlestick known as the ‘wick.’ Wicks are simply displayed as the thin lines extended above and below the body.
  • Cryptocurrency traders tend to take advantage of the inherent market volatility by using charts on the intra-day time frames. Each candlestick typically represents one, two, four or 12 hours.

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    How To Read Crypto Charts For Beginners

    By Anton Palovaara

    In this article, we will focus on how to read crypto charts for beginners to make better decisions as a day trader or crypto investor. We all know that charts are very technical and its more of an art than an exact science.

    We are going to leave all the old sayings and focus on something new that will help you make better decisions when you are reading crypto candlestick charts. After reading this guide you will be able to make better decisions and also have a better idea of where the market might be heading in the short-term or longer-term future.

    Cryptocurrency traders study candlestick, bar, or line charts to make predictions based on previous price movements and there are thousands of different techniques. Together with these charts, they utilize technical indicators, chart patterns, and different timeframes to gain insights about the upcoming minutes, days, or perhaps weeks.

    But what makes a chart predict the future of bitcoin or an altcoin?

    After reading a lot of cryptocurrency and bitcoin charts, I would say that the most predictive aspect is being able to generate a picture and a plan for the coin you are analyzing. This might sound confusing at first but in this guide, I will help you understand all this and you will be able to make better price predictions on your own with a new set of skills.

    Here is all the content in this article, feel free to skip sections by clicking the links or read through the whole guide:

    The Anatomy Of A Candlestick

    Firstly, lets have a look at a visual look of a candlestick:

    Here we can see a bullish and a bearish candlestick where the price is opened one direction and closed to the opposite direction.

    The main body is the broader part of the candlestick that shows the opening and closing price. In a bullish candle, the opening price should be below the closing price. That indicates the price has risen over that period.

    On the other hand, the opening price should be above the closing price in a bearish candle. That shows the price has decreased during that period.

    The size of the body represents the market pressure. An extended length indicates a strong movement, while a short length represents a minor price movement.

    Now, lets learn how to read the red and green candlesticks in any crypto pair.

    Typically, the green color or a buying pressure candle represents a bullish candlestick, and the red color represents the bearish candlestick. However, you can change the color at any time according to your choice and trading template.

    The wick is the thicker part of a candlestick attached to the above and below the candle body. The wick above the candlesticks real body indicates the highest price level during the timeframe. Similar to the wick below, the candlestick body represents the lowest level of that specific timeframe.

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    What Is A Green Candlestick

    If a candlechanges to green, the price of the asset increased and closed above its opening price.

    Wicks simply depict the difference between opening/closing prices and highest/lowest prices achieved during the specified period. For example, lets consider a green 10-minute candle that looks like the one depicted above. The upper wick means that at some point during the 10 minutes, the price rose above the ultimate closing price. The difference between the highest achieved price and the closing price is represented by the upper wick. Similarly, the lower wick represents the difference between the opening price and the lowest achieved price during that 10-minute period.

    Planning To Trade In Cryptocurrencies Heres How To Read Crypto Charts

    Day Trading Candlestick Analysis How To Read Candlestick ...
    • Date : 05/08/2021
    • Read: 6 mins

    All you need to know about deciphering charts in order to trade in crypto.

    Technical analysis is a tool to analyse historical data and trends to predict future price movements. It is a 2D data set where the graphs project the price and time. Hence, it is a data analysis tool to study price patterns over a period of time.

    The underlying asset for technical analysis could be anything: stocks, commodities, currencies or the hottest topic of the town and everyones favourite cryptocurrencies. Cryptocurrencies are just a different type of asset class, but technical analysis works perfectly well.

    Technical analysis as we know it today was first introduced by Charles Dow who postulated the Dow Theory in the late 1800s. It is very important to know the principles of Dow theory.

    As mentioned earlier, technical analysis revolves around price and time.

    Let us now understand the time aspect of technical analysis. The X-axis of the graphical representation of any chart denotes time. It is widely accepted that the long-term trendline of any asset is at 45 degrees i.e. price and time move in sync.

    A sudden rise in the price in a very short time causes a consolidation or a pullback before it starts a fresh bullish momentum.

    What are crypto charts?

    Let us now understand the buying zone and selling zones with the help of support and resistance.

    What are supports?

    What are resistances?

    Time frames for technical analysis

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