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How To Read Crypto Graphs

Three Phases Of Market Trends

How to Read Cryptocurrency Charts (Crypto Charts for Beginners)

There are three phases of major market trends:

Accumulation phase: This is the period when knowledgable investors start buying or selling the asset against the general perception of the market. During this phase of the market, the price of the asset doesnt change much because these knowledgable investors are in the minority.

Absorption phase: Eventually the market catches on to these intelligent investors and they follow their trend. More and more people follow these trends until rampant speculation begins.

Distribution phase: After huge speculation, because of the limited supply of the asset, the price begins to retrace as the knowledgable investors begin to distribute their holdings to the market. As a result of it the prices start falling along with the volume.

Recapping How To Read Candlestick Charts Crypto And Other Cryptocurrency Price Charts

This guide has went into great detail on how to read candlestick crypto charts and gone over all of the basics of crypto chart analysis.

Japanese candlesticks provide important market data about each trading session open, close, high, and low, which traders can use to analyze and discover chart patterns. Understanding cryptocurrency charts can be highly profitable, as it allows traders and investors to predict future outcomes of markets or when trend reversals might arrive. Combining candlesticks with trendlines and technical indicators is the key to profitable technical analysis.

Other Things To Look For On Your Bitcoin Graph

As you become more adept at reading the graphs you will notice other important information that will prove invaluable as you become a more proficient trader. Hovering over a chart for instance, will show you something called trading volume. This is the amount of trading activity that occurred or is occurring at a specific point in time.

This is useful because you will be able to see when large amounts of currency are sold, which might indicate that the price of an asset might be heading further down. Volumes are a good way of feeling out the market. If you notice low trade volumes but the currency is rising, it is an indication that traders expect the currency to rise further and are holding.

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When Does A Candlestick Pattern Start To Show

The candlestick pattern is a combination of some candlesticks representing a story about buyers and sellers for a particular time. However, the price movement in the financial market depends on supply and demand and traders emotions. As soon as the price reaches a resistance or support level, candlestick patterns will start emerging.

Therefore, when the price moves to a significant price zone, the candlestick pattern will become very important.

For example, the high psychological level of $60,000 has become a strong resistance level that attracted many buyers and sellers.

See the chart below to learn how to read candlestick chart:

Here Bitcoin made an indecision candle near the significant round number $60,000, indicating a starting point of the pullback.

The price fell with an impulsive bearish pressure towards the downside.

So, what will you do if you find an appropriate candlestick pattern at a critical support or resistance level?

You should closely track the buyers and sellers activity and enter a trade once the direction is set. The best solution is to wait for an appropriate candlestick pattern at support or resistance levels and enter the trade after a rejection.

How Do Candlestick Charts Work

How To Read Crypto Charts and Candles

The following data sets or price points are required to create each candlestick:

OpenHighLowCloseOHLC values.The distance between the open and close price points is called the bodywhile the distance between the body and the high and low points is called the wick or shadow

Candlestick charts give an advantage over bar charts as they are more visual. Additionally, bar charts make it difficult to visualize which direction the price moved, which candlestick charts help with.

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Morning Star Candle Pattern

A morning star candle forms when a Doji appears at the bottom of a move and is followed by a strong upward advance. A Doji candle has little to no body and few wicks or shadows. This demonstrates a powerful downward surge by sellers, followed by a period of hesitation before the trend eventually reverses.

Support And Resistance Levels

Reading live crypto candlestick charts is easier using support and resistance levels, which can be identified with the use of trendlines. Trendlines are lines drawn on charts by connecting a series of prices.

Support levels are price points during pullbacks in which cryptocurrencies or any other asset are expected to halt due to a concentration of buying interest at that level. Resistance levels are price points in which theres concentrated selling interest. Concentrated buying and selling interests make it hard to get past these levels.

Support and resistance levels can be identified through trendlines, as these make it easier to identify crypto chart patterns. An uptrend line is drawn using a cryptocurrencys lowest and second-lowest lows in a given timeframe. Levels touching this trendline are seen as support.

A downtrend line is drawn using the cryptos highest and second-highest highs, with levels touching this line being seen as resistance levels. As the name suggests, downtrend lines are used during downtrends, while uptrend lines are used. Various strategies can be used based on trendlines and support and resistance levels. For instance, some technical analysts simply buy near the support of uptrend lines and sell near the resistance of downtrend lines.

Support and resistance levels can also be determined using long-term moving averages. These are common technical indicators that smooth price data by creating a constantly updated price average.

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Getting Started With Trading Charts

For your next step, I recommend signing up with Binance exchange..

The trading charts on Binance are pretty basic and they offer a much larger amount of coins to trade versus places like Coinbase or the Voyager app . I use Binance every day and it is my go-to exchange right now. Registering is easy and does not require any information beyond an email address. Keep in mind that Binance IS a centralized exchange so you don’t hold your own private keys here. My advice is to only keep what you are actively trading on the platform. Once you register, go ahead and login. Here is what the default landing page looks like.

This screen just gives you some overview info about the markets at the bottom and all your main links for your account at the top. To get started, lets go to the top left of the screen and hover over the “Exchange” tab. You will see in the screenshot above that you have 2 choices, “Basic” & “Advanced”. Now, your first thought might be to go with the Basic exchange, but in my opinion it is actually HARDER to use and read then the Advanced one. Here is what they both look like for reference:

The Basic chart is just a bit harder to read and the placement of some things is awkward. For this tutorial we are going to use the Advanced chart so click there.

Is It Smart To Invest In Other Cryptocurrencies Right Now

Top 10 Tips to Read a Crypto Chart! | Crypto Charts for Beginners

The chart of the total cryptocurrency market cap looks primed for a major breakout, so altcoins could soon soar. However, it is wise as a crypto investor to hold primarily BTC, and only a smaller portion of altcoins.

Risk Disclaimer:

Investing in or trading gold or other metals can be risky and lead to a complete loss of capital. This guide should not be considered investment advice, and investing in gold CFDs is done at your own risk.

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Bullish Engulfing Candle Pattern

A bullish engulfing candle is a reversal pattern in which the whole green candle body completely engulfs the previous candle body. This indicates that sellers were tired, and buying jumped in with even greater vigor, resulting in a trend reversal. For instance, the bullish engulfing in the chart below was a hint of the incoming uptrend.

Inverse Head And Shoulders

Description: Three successive peaks: middle is the lowest and the two outside higher and relatively equal in height. It forms after a downtrend and often signals upcoming trend reversal .

Trade: Wait for pattern to complete and price to break out to move above the neckline. The most common entry point is when a breakout occurs the neckline is broken and a BUY trade is taken.

Example: COTI emerging of a Inverse Head and Shoulders

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Bitcoin Charts: Busting The Jargon

There are terms that you might not have come across before, when you were looking at information about charts. When you look at these terms, you will notice that there are a lot of words that you might not understand. To solve this, we have compiled a simple glossary of chart terminology for your convenience:

  • Bullish Trend This term describes a significant increase in the price of a coin. Often bullish trends are breakouts from previous drops and can indicate substantial price increases in the cryptocurrency trading sphere.
  • Bearish Trend This is the opposite of a bullish trend and denotes a significant decrease in a currencys price. Again, these drops can be quite dramatic.
  • Low The low denotes the lowest trading point for the currency within the specified time frame.
  • High The high denotes the highest trading point for the currency within the specified time frame.
  • Open The open denotes the price of the currency at the opening time of trading or the beginning of the specified time frame.
  • Close The close indicates the final price of the currency at the end of trading or the end of the specified time frame.

How To Read Crypto Chart

How To Read Crypto Charts and Candles

Line charts display a simple line showing the historical price points of an asset while a volume chart shows its historical trading volumes. There are just five things you need to know to read a candlestick chart. You need to be able to read the Japanese candlestick charts to determine the support and resistance levels.

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What Is The Dow Theory

It is essential to know the Dow Theory to have a better grasp of technical analysis. The fundamental ideas behind Dow Theory are as follows:

  • The market takes everything into consideration during its pricing. All existing, prior, and upcoming details have already been integrated into current asset prices.
  • When it comes to crypto the things that are considered are multiple variables like current, past, and future demands and any sort of regulations that may impact the crypto market.
  • Price movements are not exactly random. They follow trends more often than not and it may either be long or short-term.

History tends to get repeated. Because of this reason, it is possible to predict market behavior as traders react the same way when presented with a particular kind of pattern.

Disadvantages Of Candlestick Analysis

Candlesticks pack a lot of information into a simple symbol. However, theyre not perfect.

Candlesticks do not describe the chronological sequence of price action during the session, for example. We know where the session opened and closed and what the high price and low price were for that session. However, we dont know if the session plummeted at the open, skyrocketed, or flip-flopped throughout the day. A line chart lets us see how a particular session played out from open to close.

Of course, you can adjust the time frame of your chart to get a more accurate idea of how markets performed during a specific period of time.

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What Are The Crypto Charts

Cryptocurrency charts are the cryptocurrency price patterns that help to foresee digital assets future direction. They also signal the upcoming bull or bear market. For those who know how to read crypto charts, they can help to choose the right time to open or close the trading position.

For many traders who trade on the basis of technical analysis, these price charts act as an important tool for understanding patterns and predicting trends.

Moving Average Convergence Divergence

How To Read Crypto Charts On TradingView… Complete Tutorial For Beginners

The moving average convergence divergence is a momentum indicator which is extremely useful in letting us know whether an asset has bullish or bearish momentum. It shows the relationship between two exponential moving averages of an assets price.

NOTE: An exponential moving average is a kind of moving average like the simple moving average. An exponentially weighted moving average reacts more significantly to recent price changes than a simple moving average , which applies an equal weight to all observations in the period.

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Summary: Understanding Cryptocurrency Charts

Learning how to read Bitcoin charts is the same as learning how to read crypto charts in general. If you are trying to read crypto price charts from any platform at all, for example, reading binance charts, it all comes down to the same factors, such as candlesticks, chart patterns, and technical analysis indicators.

Popular Chart Patterns For Technical Analysis

Drawing trendlines over various crypto chart patterns to generate shapes such as triangles or wedges is important for understanding crypto price movements.

After establishing a clear trend line with multiple touches, closing price outside the trend line confirms the pattern as valid. Chart patterns may help anticipate future price action and are an essential part of technical analysis in crypto trading.

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How To Read Charts In Crypto Trading

Success of any trading heavily depends on the analysis you do. It is a cornerstone of getting results consistently rather than on a luck basis. The key tools traders use in the analysis are of course different charts and graphs that for the most part represent the dynamics of either price or volume defined parameters. With this article we want to cover the most common cryptocurrency charts you will see on exchanges and tools crypto traders use in their work.

Price Falling Through Support

How to Read Crypto Charts  Beginners Guide

Price can fall through a support level and meet support at another level. In this case, the original support level becomes resistance. So this is how the three participants act now:

  • The traders who go long will wait for the price to come up to the original support level and sell their assets there to limit losses.
  • This plays in the hands of the short traders who will want to add more to their position.

Finally, traders who havent entered the market yet will decide to go short.

So, this support line becomes a great level where all the three kinds of traders can sell at.

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Buy Walls And Sell Walls

Support and resistance levels are often established because of buy walls and sell walls. You can see these walls when looking at an exchanges order books.

A buy wall is a large number of buy orders placed at a specific price limit, while a sell wall is a large number of sell orders placed at a specific price limit.

Sometimes, these are limit orders, where traders have set a specific price at which they want to buy or sell. In other cases, theyre take-profit orders or stop-loss orders where traders are attempting to realize gains or limit losses.

In many cases, these buy walls and sell walls organize around recognizable price points. There might be a wall of sell orders at $15,000, for example, as traders seek to lock in their profits. There might be a wall of buy orders at $5,000, meanwhile, as traders seek to buy the dip. Sudden price surges or drops can easily be halted by a wall of sell or buy orders.

How To Calculate Market Cap

Market capitalization is a reliable predictor of stability and can be analyzed using a cap and trade graph. It is computed by multiplying the entire circulating supply of the currency by the price of each coin. The more stable a coin is, the more consistent its market cap value is.

This formula is used to calculate a coins market capitalization:

Did You Know? Since it reflects what investors are prepared to pay for a stock, the market cap evaluates what a firm is worth on the open market, as well as the markets view of prospects. You should know more about the top-rated software for crypto tax for advanced analysis.

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Opening High And Closing Low Price Explained

The OHCL is a candlestick chart type that shows the open, high, close, and low prices for a particular time.

The open price is the price level when the previous candle closes, and the current candle appears. Later on, the price will move up or down and will create a high or low. Lastly, when the candle closes at a price, it will point to a closing price. The future price of a candlestick stock depends on how these levels appeared.

Sounds confusing?

Lets have a look at an example.

Lets say the Bitcoin price moved above the $50,000 level on a particular day and made a high above the $50,000 crucial level. However, the price moved lower and closed the daily candle below the $50,000 level by forming Doji or Pinbar.

What does this mean for you?

It means buyers tried to take the price above the $50,000 level but failed thus, sellers took control over the price. It is a clear indication that the price failed to get stable above the $50,000 level, and it might be a good idea to sell now.

The Market Reflects Everything

How to read crypto charts ð (4/5)

The first tenet of the Dow theory is one of the core principles of technical analysis: that the market reflects all available information in the prices of assets, and prices such information accordingly. For example, if a company is expected to report positive earnings, the market prices the asset upwards.

The principle is close to whats nowadays known as the Efficient Market Hypothesis , which states that asset prices reflect all available information and trade at their fair value on stock exchanges.

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