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How To Read Crypto Signals

Crypto Trading Signal #: What Coin To Buy/sell

How to Swing Trade Crypto like a PRO using Secret Indicators…

The second element of a crypto trade signal would indicate what coin you need to buy . In other words, we need a particular instrument to buy or to sell.

In our example above, the trade signal was issued for Bitcoin. Of course, that trade signals can be issued for Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple or any altcoins that the crypto signal service provider finds right to send.

There is nothing much to add here.

So far, we have learned that we have a Buy signal for Bitcoin.

Lets now see the next element of a typical Bitcoin trade signal.

Types Of Crypto Signals

Here are some of the broad categories of Crypto Signals:

  • Manual and Automated Crypto Signals

This is a categorisation based on the mode of signal generation. As mentioned above, manual crypto signals are generated by experienced trading and investing professionals in the crypto world. There are a couple of reputable names in that regard, whose signals are followed by crypto enthusiasts and traders. Manual signals can be relayed in various forms such as email, SMS, or even social media.

Automated crypto signals are however generated by computer software that has been programmed to identify potential trading opportunities based on a coded set of parameters.

  • Paid and Free Crypto Signals

This is a categorisation based on the cost of the signal service or provider. There are crypto trading signals offered for free, or with a limited trial offer these are generally free signals. There are also other crypto signals offered a specified cost there are generally paid signals.

  • Entry and Exit Crypto Signals

What Is Your Sentiment On Btc/usd

29976.35Try Demo

Signals also allow people to make use of the information on when to get out of a current position as a risk mitigation tactic: if the signals are saying sell, it would seem foolish not to follow that advice. That said, all investment is, by its very nature, risky, so you will have to be careful and supplement the information found in the signals with your own research.

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Automated Crypto Trading Signals

the automated crypto trading signals are computerized bots or technology that create the automated trading signals. These bots continuously monitor and evaluate the market movement and ups and downs of the currency. These algorithms provide accurate information. The main reason that makes them special is that human emotions did not interfere with it.

Paid Crypto Trading Signals

Crypto Trading Signals  Everything You Need to Know

In paid cryptocurrency trading signals, you have to pay a particular amount to the cryptocurrency trading provider. It is a service fee or subscription fee for the information you will provide you. Some of the best crypto signals providers offer monthly subscriptions and some of them offer to annul subscriptions. I will advise you to begin with a monthly subscription. It is much more secure than an annual subscription. The paid crypto trading signals are more trustable than free crypto signal providers.

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Crypto Signals For Beginners At Cryptosignalsorg

01. Understand the Market

The truth is if you dont have the skill-set to perform technicalresearch at an advanced level, you will struggle to makeconsistent gains in the crypto trading industry. Instead, there is every chance that you will blow through your account balance. In turn, this allows you to trade the cryptocurrency markets without needing to put in any of the legwork.

On the other hand, we should also note that our crypto signals are not only suitable for newbies. On the contrary, you might simply not have the time to research the markets. As such, can help traders of all skill-sets!

03. Trade with Profit

This is where can help. As we explain in more detail further down, our crypto signals will tell youeverything you need to know to trade in a risk-averse manner. That is to say, once you receive a signal from us youll know which crypto pair to trade, whether you should go long or short, and what entry and exit price to target.

How Can Trading Signals Help Me In Crypto Trading

Crypto trading signals help investors profit as they avoid analysis paralysis and declutter their minds. With the help of crypto signals, traders can get the top level of flexibility and convenience required to attain better results quickly.

New and experienced traders can benefit from using signals to enhance their trading activity. Beginners get a unique chance to make more money from the start as they learn about trading and gain more skills in investing in crypto. Experienced traders can take advantage of trading signals to improve their profit margins.

The major advantage of using crypto trading signals is the unique opportunity to learn about and earn on the major players in the market. By following the instructions of a crypto signal provider, a trader can potentially make more profit while learning how to use a good trading strategy.

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What Are The Symbolic Meanings Of Each Of These Candlesticks

In addition to the closing price, each candle shows the starting point of prices, the lowest and highest prices of the chosen period, and the closing price. The two types of candlesticks that you can see in the picture above are called green and red candles. Candlestick charts are a major part of reading crypto charts.

Every candle has a main body in either of the colors. You can also see single lines protruding from above and below the main body, . The body shows the opening and closing prices, and the shadows depict how high or low these starting and closing prices have risen or fallen.

The close price is shown by the top shadow of the green candle, and the open price is shown by the lower shadow of the green candle. It is just the opposite when it comes to red candlesticks.

Knowing the different parts of the candle body is important for understanding how to read candlestick charts crypto.

Each candle on a candlestick chart represents the assets price movements over a defined time. Theyre shaped like box-and-whisker charts and work in the same way. The top whisker represents the assets highest price throughout the time interval. The difference between the assets opening and closing prices during the time interval is displayed in the box .

Financial And Technical Analysis Explained

The Best CRYPTO Trading Signals I have ever seen

Most crypto enthusiasts must have come across these words in the past. While it may not seem important to many, these are the most important factors that guide a signal providers decision about what cryptocurrency to invest in.

Fundamental Analysis, or FA, helps signal analysts evaluate the cryptocurrency project, especially its financial statements, competitors, staff strength, upcoming upgrades, and news reports, which include negative and positive.

On the other hand, Technical Analysis involves the study of cryptocurrency charts and market data to forecast the direction of the price. TA is focussed mainly on price trends, chart patterns, oscillators, and moving averages among others.

It is worth noting that regardless of how perfect or imperfect a crypto chart may look, any news like a hack incident on the project could see its price plummet drastically within a few hours after the information becomes publicly available. This is why it is important to choose a trading signal who will be among the first to have knowledge about important cryptocurrency-related information to save you from massive loss.

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What About Those Fake Walls

If you are day trading cryptos with short-term positions, its important to play smart. There are certain whales that can manipulate markets. These are traders with big amounts of capital that can put a buy/sell order at a particular position thats big enough that it probably wont be filled. Whales can set the floor/ceiling for future price movement.

What are fake walls? They can be observed by appearing tall/vertical. They usually dont have a price runway and are typically put as either the lowest sell order/highest buy order on a crypto exchange, such as Bittrex. These are fake walls since the trader that placed the order can remove it anytime. He tries to convince other traders to result in a particular price movement. To put it another way, the sentiment itself is fake, and theres no big market support.

In the case of fake buy, wall whales put big/un-fillable orders that are as highly charged sentiment for a cryptocurrency. The walls provide new traders some confidence that the particular position will hold and also lead them to think that the current price points are now the new floor. The result is buy orders will start showing up on the wall.

How does an artificial fake sell wall look like?

Theres a chance you could get lucky, but the odds are more likely to make super unlucky and lose coins doing so. The goals should aim for coins that have real trader sentiment if your goal is safe growth, slow and steady is the word to the wise.

Receiving A Free Crypto Signal

So now that you have an overview of how the Learn 2 Trade technology works, we now need to explain what happens next. Lets suppose that the system has identified a trading opportunity on BTC/ETH. If you are signed up to our free signal service, you will then receive a notification in our private Telegram group.

As noted above, you will receive the entry price, take-profit price, stop-loss price, and whether it is a buy or sell order. You will also get a brief explanation of why the signal is being sent.

At this stage, you have two options which we outline below.

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Deposits Withdrawals And Payments

Another reason why choosing a regulated broker is the best course of action is that you will be able to deposit and withdraw funds with fiat money. This is why most unregulated exchanges can only accept payments in the form of cryptocurrencies. At eToro, for example, you can instantly deposit funds with a debit/credit card , or an e-wallet .

Depending on where you live, you might also be able to benefit from instantly processed bank transfers. Best of all, eToro charges just 0.5% on deposits. If youre funding your account with a USD-denominated payment method this 0.5% currency conversion fee is scrapped altogether. This is in stark contrast to Coinbase which charges 3.99% on debit card deposits!

What Should Quality Crypto Signals Contain

The Best Crypto Signals in 2021 (Free &  Paid)

The first thing you will notice about sparse crypto signals is that they appear as an opinion, and you cant really act on them.

In contrast, quality crypto trading signals will give you enough information to set up your orders correctly without wondering what the author means.

An appropriate crypto trade signal should always contain five key data points:

– The crypto pair you should get into,

– To either go long or short on the said trade,

– Limit price value,

– Stop-loss value,

– Take-profit value.

If the trade signals contain the above information, you can act on them without needing further clarification.

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What Is Signal Trading

What do you think trade signals could be? Most likely, you can guess how they are calls to some sort of action. But what calls and to what action?

A trade signal is simply a signal to buy or sell an asset . Trade signals are often generated by technical analyses or a group of experienced traders providing their insights. Later, you can receive those signals either via email, text messages, or Telegram.

So, what are they? In a word, crypto signals are ideas or suggestions to buy or sell a coin at a certain time or price, as well as on top of particular trading venues.

The signals usually contain a full set of the information on what to do and how to limit the risks. The information includes:

For example, the signal might suggest you buy AGI/ETH at Binance, meaning you will buy AGI for ETH. The signal provider will also give you a reasonable spread for an entry point, in this case, 0.00006722 0.00007013 the current ask price, 0.00006978 a stop-loss value, 0.00006503, and targets, for instance, 0.00007853 .

In a nutshell, if youre looking for a quick and short recommendation to react to a certain market situation, signals will help.

Stormgain Cryptocurrency Trading Signals

StormGain mobile app provides accurate ready-made crypto trading solutions for free. The signals are useful recommendations provided by trading experts to help users support their investment plans. Crypto trading signals are the result of work by StormGain specialists that leverage multiple analytical techniques, chart-based analysis and technical performance indicators.

StormGain crypto trading signals are available for the following cryptocurrency pairs:


StormGain’s cryptocurrency trading signals provides recommendations for the trade’s direction, entry price, as well as Take-Profit and Stop-Loss parameters. All the trader has to do is choose their trade amount and leverage in the mobile app.

If you want to take advantage of it, simply select ‘With signals’ in the ‘Trading’ tab. Next, you’ll see a list of assets for which signals are available.

Tap the coin you’d like to use as a signal, and a trading window will show up.

Next, click ‘Apply signal’.

According to the input trade parameters, the Take-Profit and Stop-Loss levels will recalculate automatically. All you have to do then is click ‘Confirm buy by signal at the price of⦒.

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What Are Crypto Signals

As previously mentioned, crypto signals are a set of instructions sent directly to you informing you of which cryptocurrency to buy. A signal will typically contain the following information:

  • The cryptocurrency to buy The signal will specify which cryptocurrency that should be bought, e.g. BTC, ETH, XRP
  • The buy-in price The price you should try to buy the cryptocurrency at
  • The sell-targets The price you should sell the cryptocurrency at in order to achieve a profit
  • Stop losses A mechanism to automatically exit your position to mitigate losses

As can been seen from the image above, the signal lets you know which cryptocurrency to buy, the exchange the signal is for, as well as what percentage of your current holdings you should put towards the trade, which in this case is 6%. You also have the entry target, 3 possible sell-targets, or take-profit targets, and 1 stop loss target in case the trade should go against you.

Typically for the entry target, the signal provider may also give you a range as opposed to giving an absolute value. For example, instead of specifying a buy-in price of $8500 per bitcoin, a signal provider may provide a range of $8500 $8600 per bitcoin. This gives traders plenty of scope to try and achieve the correct buy-in price as this would ultimately affect their resulting profit.

If the crypto signal provider youve subscribed to recommends a good trade, then hopefully you should make a nice return:

Are You Ready To Put Your Skills To The Test

How to read Whale Signals Crypto Signals

AAX is the worlds first digital asset exchange to be powered by LSEG Technology. Offering OTC, spot, and futures, it provides a highly secure, deeply liquid and ultra-low latency trading environment and a meeting point between crypto and global finance.

Open an account with AAX, or the app, and experience the next generation crypto exchange.


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Reading Crypto Charts: How

  • Why Is Understanding a Crypto Chart Important?

  • If you want to dive into the world of cryptocurrency trading, youll need to learn how to read crypto charts. For newcomers, the technical analysis that comes with these charts might be somewhat confusing.

    Learning technical analysis and all the language that comes with it is a scary thought. To make the concepts easier to understand, this comprehensive guide is filled with definitions. We have used laymans language for more challenging concepts. Finally, dont forget to check out our interesting facts and FAQs as a bonus.

    What Are Crypto Trading Signals And How To Generate Them

    Ina market that is as volatile as the cryptocurrency market, any tool to bettercapture profits can prove to be valuable. This is why reading trading signals areessential skills for crypto traders, as they help both veterans andinexperienced traders make profits in a volatile market that never rests.

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    How To Get The Best Crypto Signals

    Finally, now that youve gained a comprehensive understanding of the best crypto signals, lets discuss the trading process. As noted earlier, Learn2Trade is one of our recommended providers, thanks to its high success rate and exceptional user-friendliness.

    With that in mind, the four steps below will show you how to begin receiving signals from Learn2Trade today all in a matter of minutes.

    Primary Trends Have Three Phases

    How To Read Crypto Trading Signals

    Traders can find opportunities by examining different trends. For example, during a bullish primary trend, traders can take advantage of a bearish secondary trend to buy an asset at a lower price before it keeps on rising. Recognizing these trends is difficult, especially taking into account the Dow theory as it says primary trends have three phases.

    The first phase, the accumulation phase for a bull market and the distribution phase for a bear market, precedes a contrary trend and occurs when market sentiment is still predominantly negative on a bull market or positive during a bear market. During this phase, smart traders understand that a new trend is starting and either accumulate ahead of an upward movement or distribute ahead of a downward direction movement.

    The second phase is called the public participation phase. During this phase, the wider market realizes a new primary trend has begun and either starts buying more assets to take advantage of upward price movements or selling to cut losses in downward movements. The second phase sees prices increase or decrease rapidly.

    The final phase is called the excess phase during bull markets, and the panic phase during bear markets. During the excess or panic phase, the wider public continues to speculate while the trend is about to end. Market participants who understand this phase start selling in anticipation of a bearish primary phase or buying in anticipation of a bullish primary phase.

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