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How To Read Crypto Trading Charts

Simple Moving Averages Versus Exponential Moving Averages

How to Read Cryptocurrency Charts (Crypto Charts for Beginners)

Simple moving averages and exponential moving averages are two ways to outline the same trend. One is not necessarily better than the other. They each have their own advantages.

An exponential moving average, for example, responds faster to recent price movements and hugs the price curve more closely.

A simple moving average, meanwhile, is ideal for identifying long-term support and resistance levels. The slope of the simple moving average is also used to gauge momentum towards a specific trend.

Typically, the 200-day simple moving average chart and the 50-day SMA chart are the two most popular scales for identifying medium to long-term trends. These two charts are also useful for identifying support and resistance levels, bullish and bearish crossovers, and divergences.

When the simple and exponential moving averages come together, it creates a crossover. This is considered a pivotal event that could signal a trend change.

There are bullish crossovers, for example, which are also known as golden crosses. A bullish crossover occurs when the shorter scale moving average crosses above the longer scale moving average.

There are also bearish crossovers, also known as death crosses. A bearish crossover occurs when the shorter scale moving average crosses below the longer scale moving average.

Bullish Engulfing Candle Pattern

A bullish engulfing candle is a reversal pattern in which the whole green candle body completely engulfs the previous candle body. This indicates that sellers were tired, and buying jumped in with even greater vigor, resulting in a trend reversal. For instance, the bullish engulfing in the chart below was a hint of the incoming uptrend.

Popular Chart Patterns For Technical Analysis

Drawing trendlines over various crypto chart patterns to generate shapes such as triangles or wedges is important for understanding crypto price movements.

After establishing a clear trend line with multiple touches, closing price outside the trend line confirms the pattern as valid. Chart patterns may help anticipate future price action and are an essential part of technical analysis in crypto trading.

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Cryptocurrency Chart Patterns Explained

There are a ton of different patterns to keep track of as short-term traders and swing traders, however, there are some key patterns that you absolutely need to know to be able to read the market like a pro.

In this section of the article, I will list some of the most popular cryptocurrency patterns that you will discover frequently while analyzing charts. Some of them have better hit-rate and these are the ones you want to focus on and leave the others.

In my opinion, these are the most reliable crypto chart patterns every trader or investor needs to know:

  • Bearish Patterms
  • Rounded Top
  • Trading Ranges

I will describe how reliable each pattern is, what to do, and also the behavior that created the pattern. If you are familiar with some of the patterns already, feel free to skip to the one that you lack knowledge about.

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How to Read Crypto Charts  Beginners Guide

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How To Read Crypto Trading Charts Like A Pro 2021 Guide

Reading the charts shouldnt be a difficult thing to do, but its confusing at the beginning, so people may have some problems doing that until they get used to the concept and understand the different colors, shapes, lines, and numbers. When it comes to crypto trading and investment, its always a good idea to have these charts with you, especially if you are a newbie in this business. They will help you learn more about the price changes over time, but also you can extract important data following the needed criteria.

If you have serious intentions to get into this market, you have to know some basic things and how to compare them. For example, you can find which cryptocurrency is the most expensive right now or which ones are the best to invest, on erecoin.io, but also you need more than that to be successful in your actions.

Knowing that a lot of people are investing in cryptocurrencies without previous experience in stock or Forex trading, the charts can be confusing, but once you get them, you can get to know a lot of important things by just paying a look at them. You need to understand the peaks, drops, profits flow, and other important data metrics, so you can know what you are doing all the time.

Recapping How To Read Candlestick Charts Crypto And Other Cryptocurrency Price Charts

This guide has went into great detail on how to read candlestick crypto charts and gone over all of the basics of crypto chart analysis.

Japanese candlesticks provide important market data about each trading session open, close, high, and low, which traders can use to analyze and discover chart patterns. Understanding cryptocurrency charts can be highly profitable, as it allows traders and investors to predict future outcomes of markets or when trend reversals might arrive. Combining candlesticks with trendlines and technical indicators is the key to profitable technical analysis.

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Morning Star Candle Pattern

A morning star candle forms when a Doji appears at the bottom of a move and is followed by a strong upward advance. A Doji candle has little to no body and few wicks or shadows. This demonstrates a powerful downward surge by sellers, followed by a period of hesitation before the trend eventually reverses.

Crypto Market Sentiment: Bulls Vs Bears

How To Read Candlesticks in a Crypto Trading Chart for Beginners – Crypto Trading Charts Part 1

Bitcoin and crypto markets move in three directions upwards, downwards, and sideways. A market that is moving upwards is considered to be bullish whereas a downwards one is bearish. A sideways market is considered range-bound or consolidating. The single most pertinent saying when it comes to crypto charts is:

Trend is your friend

Price direction is far more likely to follow the current trend than to reverse it. Market sentiment also follows this as long term trends do not change very often. Bitcoin bull and bear markets can last a couple of years before they finally reverse.

Within a trend can be several rallies, corrections, or pullbacks where it appears to reverse, only to resume the original trend after a period of time. After all, prices do not move in a straight line. Using crypto price analysis and chart patterns can reveal these potential changes in a trend on different time frames.

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The Market Has Three Types Of Movements

Within each primary trend, theres also a secondary trend taking place across weeks to months. This price action is exhibited as a correction or consolidation.

Minor trends last only days to weeks, and are mostly noise on the chart in terms of overall trends. The image below shows the same price action across primary, secondary, and minor trends respectively.

Trends Tend To Continue

Figuring out exactly when a trend is about to reverse can be difficult if not impossible much of the time. Many believe its better to just identify existing trends and try to ride on that momentum.

But how do you know exactly when a trend has changed? Its difficult to say, and traders might disagree. In general, its when a pattern breaks down or prices close above resistance or below support, for example, the trend may have changed course.

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How To Read Depth Charts

Knowing how to read a depth chart is another important skill when learning how to read crypto charts. Essentially, a depth chart is a tool for understanding the supply and demand of a specific asset at a given moment for a range of prices. It is a visual representation of the outstanding buy or sell orders of an asset at varying price levels.

First, though, you need to understand the following components of a depth chart:

  • Bid line: This line depicts the cumulative value of all of the bids, or buy orders at a given asset price point. On a chart, it is represented by a green line sloping negatively from left to right. Note that buy orders are placed in US dollars or another fiat currency.
  • Ask line: A line that represents the cumulative value of the asks, or sell orders, at each price point. On a chart, it is shown by a red line sloping negatively from right to left. Note that sell orders are only placed in the asset being traded, such as Bitcoin.
  • Horizontal axis: Every price point at which buy and sell orders are being placed.
  • Vertical axis: All the aggregate dollar values of the asset sell orders which are placed. The total dollar value of all buy orders is represented on the left vertical axis.

Crypto Fear And Greed Index

How To Read Crypto Charts On Binance For Beginners

The crypto fear and greed index combines multiple technical analysis tools in one graph to display a valuation depicting greed and fear levels. This sentiment indicator is a good reflector of the markets participation quality and thus display Bitcoin buying exuberance or bear market despair.

When sentiment shows a value under 20, fear has gripped the market, and an asset is being sold indiscriminately. Extreme selling can indicate a turnaround and can be a good entry point. On the other hand, a value above 50 shows renewed buying an interest in the coin. Highly bullish levels indicate exuberance and can be a good exit point to book profits. So, as a contrarian indicator, theres no match for fear and greed index.

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An Unbiased View Of How To Read Crypto Charts: Discover Top Candlestick Patterns

This is formed when the opening and closing cost of the asset is more or less the same for the trading day. The doji candle light suggests that the buyers and sellers combated for the entire day but were unable to decide the move of the stock, either upside or disadvantage.

Let us now understand the purchasing zone and offering zones with the aid of assistance and resistance. Supports and resistance are absolutely nothing but areas of worth where large buyers and sellers have their buy and sell orders respectively, making it very difficult for the hidden possession to cross the price levels.

Far, we covered the fundamentals of candlestick, charts, and technical analysis, but everything was related to price. Next, let us get to the second leg of charting the time aspect. The longer the time frame, the clearer the view of the market. This is since there is a great deal of noise in the shorter-term timeframe in the market and thus the volatility might be greater.

The time frame for any property might be 15 minutes, 1 hour, daily, weekly, or monthly. The longer the time frame, the stronger the nourishment of any relocation. Depending upon making use of the time frame, your nature of trading is decided i. e. your timeframe on the charts specifies the kind of trader you are.

How To Read Cryptocurrency And Bitcoin Candlestick Charts

Weve all heard that it takes time to learn how to read bitcoin and crypto charts but Im tired of that old saying and Im going to give you some tips that I have learned throughout my own trading.

These tips will help you understand why cryptocurrencies move like they do and also help you predict the market!

Before we can go deeper into the subject and explain things with real-life examples I want to clarify a few things for all the beginners reading this guide.

First, lets take a look at what a candlestick in crypto is and also how it works. Below is a quick description to help you understand the basic principles and also some aspects of these graphs that you previously might not have known.

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What Are Support And Resistance

In technical analysis, support and resistance are predetermined levels of the price of an asset at which the tends to reverse its trend. These levels are denoted by multiple touches of price without a breakthrough of the level. Traders often buy at support and sell at resistance. In order to see how support and resistance levels work, lets look at the daily BTC/USD chart from Bitfinex.

How To Place A Stop

Top 10 Tips to Read a Crypto Chart! | Crypto Charts for Beginners

Having a stop-loss is an essential risk management tool for crypto trading to limit your losses on an open position that makes an unfavorable move. The key advantage of using a stop-loss order is to help you cut out losses without having to monitor your asset daily. And without a stop-loss, you are practically risking your investments.

The ideal place for setting a stop-loss is below or above the candles low/high with some buffer.

For example, we can see a Hanging Man formed at a critical support level, indicating a potential bullish movement in the price. The ideal stop-loss should be below the candlestick pattern with some buffer, and the take profit would be near the resistance level.

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Some Of You May Be Asking How To Read Trading Charts For Cryptocurrency

How to read crypto charts course. But you must pay your dues, and learn to read the charts. Line charts display a simple line showing the historical price points of an asset, while a volume chart shows its historical trading volumes. A chart can show a snapshot of the market in a range of different time frames which will change what the technical indicators are signaling.

In a bullish candle, the opening price should be below the closing price. The best crypto trading ebook for beginners currently available online explains all those topics and many more essentials and useful insights in about 150 easy to read pages. This is why it is very important to trade crypto.

Learn how to read charts and spot simple candle patters by exploring this course. The steeper the angle of the line, the faster the price went up or down, which may indicate how strong the price action was. Before slowly moving on to more advanced and intermediate features.

That is if you can read them. Technical analysis being a profitable trader who isn’t an expert at technical analysis is impossible. Theres likely no other way to get that much well selected knowledge in such short time.

You will start from the basics, learning about the stock market and different kinds of charts. Look, once you master charting, you can see the patterns for crypto, stocks, futures, and the rest. It’s important to know how to read cryptocurrency charts.

The Beginners Quick Guide To Reading Cryptocurrency Charts Coinfalcon

Understanding The Process Of Crypto Chart Analysis

We hope you enjoyed this introductory article on how to read trends. It may seem overwhelming at first. Thatâs ok. Remember, learning how to master the market is a process. It takes patience. Yet, when you learn how to spot trends, youâll uncover the power of financial freedom and join the crowd of âsmart money investors.â

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About press copyright contact us creators advertise developers terms. Here are some tips on how day traders read cryptocurrency charts to make accurate live predictions during a trading day.

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How To Trade With The Trend

How To Read Crypto Trading Charts / Guide to Read Crypto ...

Using the above information as your weapon, you can now begin to look at larger-scale trends. This is best defined by the wicks on the end of our candlesticks. When looking at a price graph, you will be able to note the lowest candlestick wick in that period. This shows the lowest point during that period at which the coin was traded. Lets call that Point A.

Now look at the days since that date. As long as the low point, the bottom of the bottom wick, on a given day is higher than Point A, the market is on an upward trend. Youll often need to look at months or even years worth of data to see if there is an upward trend, as the market will naturally consolidate and fluctuate in waves in shorter periods . But in general, if those low wicks continue to be higher than Point A, youre on an upward trend.

Naturally, the converse situation is a downward trend. If you have, over your long period view, a clear high point, which well call Point B, and the top of the top wick is consistently lower than Point B in the days that follow, you have a downward trend.

Trading with the trend means youre buying on the up and selling on the down. This is the overall goal for those looking towards longer-term gains with their coin purchases.

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