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How To Track Crypto Portfolio

Liquidity In Your Portfolio

FTX Tutorial (formerly Blockfolio) – Track Crypto portfolio Automatically or Manually

Go to the Exchanges and Wallets page to get a grasp of how liquid your portfolio is. Suppose you have a big portion allocated in exchanges. In that case, the best option might be to liquidate the lagging positions instead of adding more funds to your portfolio. Now, where should you allocate your liquid funds?

Why Do You Need An App To Follow Your Net Worth

As mentioned in the beginning, crypto portfolio tracking becomes more complex with diversification. And we know you should diversify.

Many crypto exchanges deal with a restricted number of crypto assets while others offer different functionalities. You may use staking on Kraken or Earn on Binance and at the same time trade Futures on FTX. In order to build a diverse portfolio, multiple exchanges are needed. Thats why crypto portfolio trackers come to the rescue: they offer a unified dashboard where you can follow your entire net worth, just one click away.

With a rising number of crypto assets and exchanges, it makes sense to utilize a crypto aggregator to easier follow your investments. Of course its possible to use traditional spreadsheets, but this is time consuming and requires constant monitoring and manual updating.

In contrast, by having all crypto in the same place, you can instantly assess your net worth overview and automatically monitor profit and loss. Essentially, a crypto tracker gives back your time. Now you can put more focus on your investment decisions or simply enjoy your profits.

What Is The Best Cryptocurrency Portfolio Tracker

With thousands of crypto tradeable assets available, it is hard to keep track of your crypto portfolio these days. Even if youre just buying and selling one or two different coins, you can quickly lose track of things, especially if youre using several crypto exchanges or trading apps like Coinbase, Kraken, Binance etc. Not to mention if youve been dabbling around in DeFi and DEXes like Uniswap and Sushiswap.

It is also important to track other crypto-related activities, for example when earning interest on your crypto through platforms like BlockFi and YouHodler.

You could also be using one of the various crypto debit and credit cards, like, where for tax purposes you will need to keep track of every single purchase done with your card.

As you can see, it is important to know your positions in an easy way, and there is no better way than to use an app or software solution.

You need to know where you stand at all times:

  • to keep track of your overall investment
  • to be prepared when tax time comes along

Here are my favorite portfolio tracking and tax preparation tools.

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Why Do You Need Investment Trackers

Cryptocurrencies are a new set of investment assets that have only been around for just over 10 years. As there are not many investors in the space yet, prices can be very volatile and change fast in a short time. The changes can be caused by developments such as regulations or key influencers taking certain actions.

Because of the rapid price changes, it is important to keep a close watch on your crypto investments in order to use such changes to your advantage. This is where crypto investment trackers come in.

The following are some top trackers you may consider using.

How Does The Crypto Portfolio Optimiser Work

How to Track Your Crypto Portfolio using Blockfolio ...

The advisor considers many different factors in determining the optimum portfolio. It works by reviewing thousands of crypto savings accounts stored in our database and calculating the total return based on allocating different proportions of the total investment amount in to each of these accounts. You can see an example of the output of the algorithm below.

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A Clean And Clear Layout

The purpose of having a portfolio is to quickly view all of your assets and see how the value of your portfolio changes. A good portfolio tracker shows you the total value of your portfolio on its front page or with 1 or 2 clicks.

Your tracker should be simple to operate and understand, and you shouldnt struggle to find the value of each individual coin in your portfolio. Look for a tracker with a crisp, clean layout that you enjoy looking at and using. This will save you time, stress and eye strain when using your portfolio tracker.;

Trading Experience And Cryptocurrency Alerts

A crypto portfolio management app is only as good as its ability to provide you timely updates on your cryptocurrency portfolio performance, trading, and market events. Good Cryptos extensive alerting functionality excels at this task providing you with real-time order execution and incoming transactions push alerts.

You can opt to receive alerts for sudden movements of the price of Bitcoin as well as the sudden movements of the top 25 cryptocurrencies relative to Bitcoin to never miss the start of the overall market volatility and asset-specific market-moving events. Additional features like notifications for trending DeFi currencies are providing you with an advantage over the rest of the market. Speaking of an advantage, in the Good Crypto application, you can even enable a feature that notifies you of newly listed currencies on over 30 exchanges.

Besides, you can decide when and how many times per day to receive a concise summary of your crypto portfolio performance absolute and relative to the Bitcoin benchmark, as well as the overall market summary with top gainers, top losers, and top traded cryptocurrencies.

Discover thousands of markets. Order based on their daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly movements, their market volume, or simply by market cap.;

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How To Track And Manage Your Crypto Investments

Investing in cryptocurrency is becoming very popular for both individuals and organizations that tend to buy more digital assets. The number one cryptocurrency remains Bitcoin, which is now considered to be a rival store of value against gold. As with any other investment, you will need to track your crypto investments to know if you are making a profit or not and if you need to change your assets.

There are many ways to track your cryptocurrency investment portfolio. This is made possible by a number of startups and mobile apps that you can conveniently leverage to stay in tune with what goes on with your investment. In this article, we will outline how to track your crypto investments using these tools.

What Coins To Add Into A Cryptocurrency Portfolio

Crypto Portfolio Tracker on Google Sheets

There are thousands of coins to choose from. Here is how you can simplify the process of deciding which coins to purchase. Before purchasing a coin, ask the following questions:

  • Is it technically secure and sound? There is no need to explain this point.
  • How many actual users are there? The success of a coin can be overhyped in the media.
  • What exchanges accept the coin? Being listed on reputable exchanges is a good sign.
  • Does it have intrinsic value? There should be something that backs up that named crypto.
  • Is it managed by some defined entity? Complete decentralization is not necessarily a good thing because someone should be held responsible.

If you spread out your portfolio across coins with different use cases, you can decrease the risks associated with trading cryptocurrencies. Below are just a few examples to give you a general idea of the types of currencies available on the market.

Types of Cryptocurrencies

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Best Cryptocurrency Portfolio Trackers Websites And Apps

Cryptocurrency portfolio trackers? Isnt THAT a mouthful! Have you ever heard of them? If you are, or want to become, a crypto trader/investor, then you will need to manage your transactions and monitor the prices.

And that is not as easy as may seem. Youll probably need some software that will help you out. Some may think that they can manage all their operations by simply using Excel spreadsheets, rather than spending money for some third-party software. However, they quickly realize that Excel does not meet their needs, considering the number of manual entries they need to make. They spend more time in the spreadsheet, instead of in the market. That is when youll KNOW its time to get some specialized software, especially when you miss out on profitable trades!

Take a look at our list of the 8 best cryptocurrency portfolio trackers.

Some may think that they can manage all their operations with the help of Excel spreadsheets without spending money for some third-party software. However, very soon you will realize that Excel does not meet your expectations considering the number of manual entries that would go in.;As you will often miss out on good buy/sell time.

Best For Global Coverage: Achee

Choose achee to keep tracking your investment performance simple. You can track investment costs, corporate actions and the performance of your investment portfolio in your preferred currency, and see your gain/loss against a base currency.

You can also compare your portfolio performance to major benchmarks and get a portfolio health check and suggestions on areas to improve performance. The platform easily tracks and organizes your entire stocks, cryptocurrencies, fixed assets and cash accounts.

It covers 170,000+ stock tickers, collected from 70 global exchanges, including Nasdaq, NYSE and more. You can choose from 7,000+ cryptocurrencies and all the major currencies in the world.

And achee uses the latest encryption technology standards to protect your sensitive personal information.

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What To Look For In A Crypto Portfolio Tracker

When picking a portfolio tracker, consider the cost and features. These are the most important details to check for typical crypto investors and traders:

  • Cost: Cost is a major factor, as you probably dont want to spend much to track your crypto unless you have a large balance. Fortunately, many of these options are completely free.
  • Security: Security is critical with your cryptocurrency. Lost cryptocurrency is generally not recoverable, so only hand over your public keys, view-only API access or other limited account access.
  • Supported accounts: A crypto portfolio tracker isnt useful if it doesnt cover all of your accounts. Make sure your exchange or wallet is covered before signing up.
  • Ease of use: Some apps are easier to use than others. Depending on your level of tech-savvy, you may want a simpler app or a more complex one.
  • Additional features: Some apps show you portfolio gains over specific periods. Some offer insights into taxes. Some just help you track your portfolio. If you have any specific needs or wants, make sure those are covered too.

Best For Complete Finance Tracking: Lunch Money

The 10 best crypto portfolio tracker apps  Block ...
  • Whos it for? Investors who need help mastering their finances
  • Price: $10 per month or $60 annual subscription for the first year

Lunch Money is built for the modern-day spender, so of course, it supports cryptocurrency. Lunch Money can track your portfolio whether youre an active Bitcoin trader or just holding onto some tokens in hopes of a boom.

Getting started is as easy as connecting to a crypto exchange, wallet, protocol or account via Lunch Money. From then on, youll have access to up-to-date balances in the primary currency of your choice.

Lunch Money partners with Zabo to track crypto holdings from nearly 30 different integrations. You can link your Lunch Money to any of the popular crypto exchanges, including Coinbase, Kraken and Binance. You can also connect directly to exchanges like Bitcoin and Ethereum, as well as crypto wallets like Metamask and TrustWallet, including hardware wallets such as Trezor or Ledger.

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Crypto Portfolio Tracking: How To Choose The Right App

One of the keys to becoming a successful trader and investor is managing your cryptocurrency portfolio and tracking its performance. Cryptocurrencies can fluctuate a lot. Luckily, refreshing your balance is possible no matter where you are. Good Crypto offers you not only an automatic overview of every step you take in the process of growing wealth but also an advanced trading experience, all in one place.

In both the and the App Store, there are plenty of applications for tracking cryptocurrency investments. But how many of these apps are actually good? Which is the most feature-rich and secure, and what criteria should you use to select the right app? Lets find answers to these questions in this article and discover the best crypto portfolio tracker app.

How To Track Cryptocurrency Portfolio

A cryptocurrency portfolio manager is developed to help occasional and/or full-time investors and traders for effectively monitoring and managing their portfolios. Lets say you have a portfolio of 39 different altcoins. And their prices and rates may change every day or even more often. So in a week, you might not be even sure how much money you have. Prices swing up and down in double-digit percentages on a weekly basis. And one month in crypto is like a year in the real world something thats valuable now could be completely gone in a few years.;Even with a very small amount of trades, it can be hard to keep track of your profits and losses. This is when you want to centralize all your coins in one place in the crypto app.

There are tons of great platforms out there to track your cryptocurrency portfolio. After making trades or purchases;of your altcoins, you can easily add this information to the selected program to visualize your profit/loss.

The problem with portfolio-tracking apps is that theres no single one that does the job perfectly. Some are versatile and pretty but dont track all the coins out there; others are updated fast and track all the coins but dont have all the options you might need. Heres an overview of the best apps out there.

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How To Use The Tool To Track Your Portfolio

You can also use this tool to track your portfolio. You can record how much you have deposited on each platform and in what currency. The tool will then show you your total portfolio value and the interest you are earning.

The tool will save your portfolio to your local web browser so that this page will stay updated with your portfolio even after you close your browser down. You do not need to provide any personal details and your portfolio entries are not stored on our servers. This way your portfolio details remain completely anonymous.

To get started, just select “Manual Entry” at the top of the screen and then enter each of your platform deposits row by row in to the calculator.

See How To Track A Cryptocurrency Portfolio The Modern Way With Kubera


If you hadnât noticed before, we think Kubera is a pretty awesome crypto portfolio tracker.

And, no, weâre not just saying that because we want to sell you something.

Weâre saying that because we truly built â and continue to improve â Kubera for the modern investors of the world who are tired of their time, money, and sensitive data stolen by the same financial tools that promise to help them.

At Kubera, weâre a small team of individual investors who are always looking for new ways to diversify our portfolios. And in that quest, we realized we had a lot of scattered assets on our hands with no system for managing all of them for ourselves or for our children to whom we would eventually pass them down.

Thatâs why we created Kubera â the first true all-in-one portfolio tracker that will help you manage both crypto and fiat accounts side by side. Which accounts? Check out the full list of banks, brokerages, crypto exchanges and wallets, and financial institutions to which Kubera connects. In addition, you can add tickers for individual stocks and cryptocurrencies to your Kubera dashboard to keep an eye on the market at all times.

If youâre a financial professional or would like to use Kubera with help from your financial professional, get in touch at to learn about our white-label solution.

right now and see if weâre right about being the single best tool for keeping track of your crypto investments and beyond.

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The Best Free Cryptocurrency Portfolio Trackers In 2021

The crypto space is still recovering from the 2018 bear market. While cryptocurrency investors saw an all-time-highs in the last quarter of 2017, the sudden collapse of the market throughout 2018 has put investors on edge. While some seasoned traders may have taken advantage of the bear market by closely tracking the market and buying back in when the all-time-lows hit, many users are still looking for confirmation that the market has truly recovered.

According to CoinMarketCap, there are just over 2,300 cryptocurrencies available in the market today with a daily 24h trading volume surpassing $77 billion USD, which is a prominent indicator of growth and active investors participation. Having just a few cryptocurrencies in your portfolio is a thing of the past and with so many options available to the investors these days, it has become difficult to track and manage diverse crypto investment portfolios.

Although the process can be cumbersome, there are apps and online services that are becoming available which can help you with the portfolio management problem. Simplify the way you track your assets and performance while staying informed on all of your investment decisions.

Overview: What Is A Crypto Portfolio Tracker

A cryptocurrency portfolio tracker is a website, app or another type of platform that allows you to manage your investments and keep track of how the value of your coins are changing.

Trackers link with your wallets and exchanges; its a one-stop shop for everything you need to know about how your portfolio changes in value. Cryptocurrency portfolios are most useful for large-scale traders who have more than 3 coins they actively trade in a portfolio.

Some cryptocurrency portfolio trackers also function as cryptocurrency trading platforms. Like a standard tracker, a tracking exchange assigns you an individual wallet key you can use to import and hold cryptocurrencies. These trackers also allow you to buy and sell cryptocurrencies supported on the platform. Leaving your coins inside of your cryptocurrency exchange is convenient for frequent and new traders but its considered unsafe as a long-term solution because exchanges are more frequently hacking targets.;

Plan to invest in cryptocurrency for months or years at a time? Its better to use an exterior wallet and tracker.;;;

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