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How To Trade Crypto Anonymously

Best Anonymous Cryptocurrency Exchanges For 2021

How To Buy Crypto Anonymously 2021 | NO ID, NO KYC

Nowadays, a crypto exchange list without Binance fulfilling at least some of the criteria in each particular instance would probably be dishonest. While it may come off as if were painting in very broad strokes here, its simply very hard to find a fault with almost anything that Binance does. From their industry-low trading fees to their sheer amount of available coins and high levels of liquidity, it seems as if they can do no wrong.

The exchange was established back in 2017 in Hong Kong, and despite not being one of the veterans, what it lacks in tenure, it compensates with features and general auspiciousness, growing into an undisputed giant in the crypto trading world.

But, as this is a guide with the sole purpose of staying anonymous while trading, its important to note that Binance does partially implement KYC. Although, the good news is that they do so if you trade more than 2 Bitcoin in value daily anything less than that, and youre under the radar. If youd like to try your hand at margin trading, or some of the other services, youd need to go through the verification process.

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All in all, however unconventional, ShapeShift is one of the alternative trading options if you were to trade cryptocurrency anonymously. For how long they can keep the current modus operandi, only time will tell.

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Will I Have To Pay Extra To Remain Anonymous

In general, anonymous ways of purchasing Bitcoin do cost more than the market rate. This is because youre either buying directly from another person on a peer-to-peer exchange where they set a price at which theyre willing to sell, or youre using a Bitcoin ATM which will have fees and service charges built into the price.

How To Buy Bitcoin Anonymously In Person

There are two primary ways to buy bitcoin in person that is, by leaving the house. One is to purchase bitcoin using a BATM an automated machine that will let you swap fiat currency for cryptocurrency. Finding a bitcoin ATM near you is easy, and as a previous guide from explains, there are ways to purchase crypto from BATMs completely anonymously, if you dont mind bending a few rules. Even if youre a stickler for playing by the book, a BATM is typically more discreet than using a centralized exchange to acquire crypto.

The second option is to find a bitcoin seller willing to meet you in person for a cash deal. Filter search results on Localcryptos, Localbitcoins, or by area, and then message sellers to see if theyre willing to meet. Regardless of what the platforms terms of service say , many sellers will be happy to arrange a cash deal. Naturally, youll need to establish trust on both sides, and it makes sense to start with a relatively small purchase before building up to larger amounts as trust develops. Another way to sniff out local sellers is to attend bitcoin meet-ups in your area and crypto conferences. Also search on Linkedin for OTC sellers in your region. Therell be some chancers and time-wasters to sift through, but once you find a reputable seller, youll have your own private supply of bitcoin on tap.

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Sell Bitcoin Anonymously On A Peer

A Peer-to-peer exchange is an online marketplace that connects buyers and sellers all around the world. That means it plays a role as an intermediary between you and your partner.,, and Paxful are worth considering. These exchanges differ from in-person purchasing because they give their users a credit rating. The platform enables users to rate their partners and share their experiences after each trade. The higher the rating, the more trustworthy the partner.

Additionally, you are able to accept various payment methods on these platforms, including cash, PayPal, other cryptocurrencies, and wire transfer. It provides you more convenience than the above methods.

Unfortunately, this convenience isnt free. As a third-party, a P2P exchange takes fees as revenue. Consequently, you may suffer a higher price than usual. Even if you dont mind this kind of fee, purchasing frequently may cost you a lot of money.

Of course, there are many cases in which one must accept trade-offs in return for convenience. But in this case, there is another method thats not only free, but also provides complete privacy and other useful features.

Let me introduce you to the private crypto wallet.

Why Crypto Assets Are Anonymous

How to exchange crypto anonymously in 2020?
Why Crypto Assets Are Anonymous – Satoshi Akamoto had imagined the creation of the digital cryptocurrency Bitcoin as one of the anonymity instruments, but in reality crypto transactions are not completely private. Basically, currently there is a service or tool that can anonymize digital asset owners, that’s why crypto is anonymous.

Anonymity can still be maintained and can develop a transaction tracker in some of the data in the exchange about the users. Anonymous crypto is a hot topic and much discussed until it becomes a debate at this time, namely the existence of many coins that are private.

The results of discussions by many people, governments and many figures in the media have shown distrust of new media protocols for illegal activities. But for the observers who appreciate the development as an unprecedented evolution, and it is not only technology but also financial freedom.

Why Does Crypto Need Privacy?

A disguise of identity carried out by Bitcoin and in order to have a ledger or ledger that is transparent to the public, Bitcoin uses Cryptography. On the other hand it is one of the extraordinary constructions but some need to consider getting involved, for example in the Public Wallet which can be seen by anyone.

Then Why Does the Crypto Community Need Anonymity?

How to Stay Anonymous?

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Anonymous Bitcoin Wallet: Final Words

Cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin are a great way to send and receive money without using a centralized third party. As a result, the system allows users to remain anonymous.

I think people should have the right to send, receive and store their wealth without having to reveal their identity in the same way, we do when we spend physical cash in the real-world.

However, governments are starting to install new regulations that could force every anonymous Bitcoin exchange to verify a new users identity before they are allowed to buy Bitcoin using fiat currency. So, if this law is enforced on all exchanges, then there is a possibility that you wont be able to buy Bitcoin anonymously in the future.

However, for now, you can buy Bitcoin anonymously and quite easily too. But if you have any problems in doing so, please let us know in the comments below.

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Use An Anonymous Crypto Wallet To Sell Bitcoin Anonymously

A private crypto wallet was born to provide anonymity and privacy for Bitcoin users. This kind of wallet helps you transact Bitcoin without anyone knowing.

Every private crypto wallet has its own techniques to obscure your transactions, some are advanced and others not. Without a doubt, the Incognito Wallet is one of the best private crypto wallet apps on the market.

The Incognito Wallet: The ultimate way to send, sell, and buy crypto anonymously

Based on the idea of a sidechain for all blockchains, the Incognito Wallet is the easiest way to buy and sell Bitcoin anonymously.

Using smart contracts and trustless custodians, the wallet turns your coins into privacy versions of your coins which you can trade and transact anonymously. For instance, your Bitcoin can be switched to privacy Bitcoin at the rate of 1:1. Then you can easily send, receive, hold, and trade Bitcoin anonymously, without anyone knowing your balance or having any clues to your identity.

Want to turn your coins back? Just one tap, and BTC will be released from the smart contract and returned to you effortlessly. No intermediaries, no one to trust. Your privacy is in your hands.

One more advantage is that the wallet is completely free. You dont need to pay for any of its awesome features.

iOS and Android to explore more!

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How To Store Bitcoin On A Crypto Wallet

Transferring your bitcoins to a cryptocurrency wallet is a must-do step if you want to keep them safe and avoid being hacked. For that matter, there are two kinds of Bitcoin wallets to keep your coins cold wallets or hot wallets. Cold wallets, also known as hardware wallets, are external devices to keep your coins safe and are considered the best options for storing your coins safely.

Hot wallets, on the other hand, are software apps. This means that you can also use cryptocurrency wallets to send and receive bitcoins and other cryptos, though you need to understand that the exchanges technically dont hold your coins like wallets hold cash. Instead, they act just like private keys through which you get access to the part of the blockchain where your bitcoin is stored.

Top 5 No Kyc / Anonymous Cryptocurrency Exchanges Available In 2021

How to exchange crypto anonymously inside Ledger live application?

KYC laws have been planned in numerous nations around the globe, including the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, New Zealand, The Netherlands and Australia, to keep criminal from using banks and other financial institutions for illegal money laundering actions.

These regulations stretched out to cryptocurrency exchanges, to the amazement of numerous financial specialists. It is more complex to withdraw your funds from KYC exchanges than depositing it.

Know Your Customer policy implies organizations need to use their administrations to check individuals identity, particularly with regards to cash moves. This also includes digital currencies. Subsequently, most digital currency trade platforms are currently upholding KYC. In any case, it isnt important to use KYC trade platforms for trading.

If you value your personal life and want to keep your own data out of the control of occupied individuals and criminals, it can be wise to choose for a no KYC exchange. Most of the time you only need an email address and you can start trading.

We featured five crypto exchange platforms where you can trade cryptocurrencies anonymous without KYC checks.

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How To Anonymously Buy Bitcoin With Credit Card

Generally, providing your credit card details to a cryptocurrency exchange platform can be dangerous. So, before making the final decision on which platform you want to trade, its better that you carefully examined if the exchange/broker is trustworthy and will ensure the safety of your personal information and trades.

In that matter, several licensed and regulated brokerage platforms allow you to buy bitcoins with your credit card and transfer them to your cryptocurrency wallet. All brokers included in our list are fully regulated, so you need to select the one that accepts credit cards as a payment method.

Buy Cryptocurrency With Cash Online

While allows you to arrange meetings with a Bitcoin sellers, you can can also keep the entire process online.

Much like buying Bitcoin face to face, with you can search for sellers in your area, agree on a price, and then exchange the money without ever meeting. In this case, operates as an escrow service ensuring that both buyer and seller are protected. The escrow service holds the Bitcoin until the payment has cleared and then releases it to the buyer.

It should be noted that isnt always as anonymous as it seems. While you can create an account using burner email addresses and wallets, its terms and conditions state that it has the right to request you to upload and confirm your identity if they suspect fraudulent activity on your account.

Of course, this comes with additional risks as you might have to perform a bank transfer to purchase the cryptocurrency. Sellers tend to offer a range of payment options, some are more anonymous that others so bear that in mind. Youll also want to use burner email addresses, fake names, Tor, and a VPN when using this website to prevent the purchase being tracked back to you.

Theres also a matter of price. The amount you pay for your Bitcoin will vary depending on the current availability, and could be higher than found on many online exchanges.

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Forums Chatrooms & Meetups

There are a few forums and chatrooms where you can try to find someone who is willing to sell bitcoin for cash. I reckon this is more awkward and dangerous than alternatives, so youll want to take some serious precautions. Another option is to find someone at a local bitcoin meetup or event thats happy to sell you some.

Some options:

Ways To Buy Bitcoin And Ethereum Anonymously With No Id

Privacy Is Sacrosanct and Crypto Trading Should Remain ...

Chainbits Staff|

Bitcoin and the many cryptocurrencies it inspired offer the promise of a completely decentralized and anonymous world. In practice, however, the idea is diminished by the sometimes-intense verification and identity requirements enlisted by exchanges and other cryptocurrency platforms. For someone who values their privacy, cryptocurrencies offer a mixed bag.

On one hand, its difficult to know who actually holds a coin. On the other, even the most privacy-oriented firms cant guarantee your private information wont be revealed accidentally or deliberately. As such, more and more users are looking for ways to buy bitcoin and Ethereum without having to give their sellers a treasure trove of their sensitive details. If you want to purchase bitcoin and Ethereum without verification, these are five of the best ways you can do it.

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Disguising Your Ip Address With Tor

The first step in becoming anonymous is using Tor, a powerful anonymity tool.

Visit to download and install Tor . Once activated, Tor opens as a separate, Firefox-based internet browser which disguises your IP address.

Tor works by routing your connection through several other participating computers. The ultimate effect is that whichever website you access will see your request as coming from an entirely separate machine, usually in a different state or country.

Although it masks the IP address and certain potentially identifying browser characteristics, Tor is by no means a complete privacy solution.

Using your real name, accessing your regular email, or signing into social media via Tor will have exactly the same de-anonymizing effect as doing so through a regular browser.

For a more private email address, create a dedicated darknet email account for Tor usage, such as a Mail2Tor account.

Note that Tor also disables JavaScript by default certain websites wont load properly without JavaScript but re-enabling it can be potentially de-anonymizing.

Once youre browsing through Tor, you may also access the darknet to research internet anonymity further without undue concern over prying eyes.

Warning: Theres a known attack by which malicious exit nodes in the Tor network serve a fake version of LocalBitcoins which phishes log-in details.

The Final Thoughts Of What Is An Anonymous Crypto Wallet

All in all, the cryptosphere can be a dreamland for hackers and cybercriminals who can track users assets and information. Obviously, we need to do whatever we can to protect our funds and personal data from potential risks. Using an anonymous crypto wallet are the safest way to protect ourselves in the cryptocurrency space now and will serve an important purpose for years to come.

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Mine Earn Exchange Or Buy

In 2020, you have four ways of acquiring bitcoin: mining, earning, exchanging, or buying. While anyone can mine bitcoin, only those with the dedicated racks of hardware can do so profitably. Thus, despite the lure of newly minted coins with no transactional history, mining is not a realistic way of obtaining bitcoin. Earning, typically through working for a crypto company, provides a more practical means of obtaining bitcoin, but isnt remotely anonymous since your employer will have all your pertinent details, and may be obliged to pass these on to government agencies. Exchanging that is, swapping goods or services for bitcoin is a more practical way to get your hands on cryptocurrency.

You could set up your own bitcoin-only store, allowing you to sell physical and digital goods in exchange for crypto. With no fiat payment rails connected, you can run the website and accrue bitcoin without disclosing your identity. Naturally, youll need to have something that people desire sufficiently to part with their beloved bitcoin think high quality merchandise, tasteful art, bespoke bitcoin jewelry, or genesis block-inspired posters. Of course you dont have to set up your own website to sell goods for bitcoin there are already dozens of online stores where you can become a vendor with no questions asked. Welcome to the darknet.

How To Create And Use An Anonymous Bitcoin Wallet

Buy and Sell Stuff for Crypto Anonymously | How to Use the Particl Open Marketplace

Nevertheless, there are ways to secure your privacy and effectively become an anonymous user. First and foremost, you must not ever let your Bitcoin address become subject to exposure in public. To prevent this, you should use a new Bitcoin address every time, which is possible with various crypto wallets that allow you to generate a new address for every transaction. Alternatively, you can switch to anonymous Bitcoin wallets. These will do it for you on the backend though may be rather technical to accomplish.

So, how does one go about creating and using an anonymous Bitcoin wallet? For that matter, are there any notable examples? This article will dive into that.

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