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Is Bitcoin Cash Better Than Bitcoin

Which Is Better: Bitcoin Vs Bitcoin Cash

Bitcoin vs. Bitcoin Cash (Which is Better?)

There are several factors to take note of when comparing Bitcoin vs Bitcoin Cash. This section explains the differences and similarities between the two.

Since the start of 2021, at the time of writing, Bitcoin has increased 20.18% this year, according to CoinMarketCap. By comparison, Bitcoin Cash has grown by 55.94%, significantly more than Bitcoin.

Reaching a high of $1,528.42 in early May, BCH has seen a greater return on investment in the last six months than BTC.

While dipping back to the previous price range last month, the cryptocurrency held its previous value. Furthermore, the cryptocurrency may be the better option for retail investors, priced at a more accessible valuation for first-time investors.

For investors looking to get into the market, BCH is a far safer investment option, experiencing far fewer dips in price over the last six months. However, if the investor is banking on volatility to trade cryptocurrencies, this is not the best option, despite the low fees. BTC is best if you are an avid trader.

Advantages Of Bitcoin Cash

Greater scalability

With no doubt, the most notable technical advantage of BCH over BTC is its ability to process a higher number of transactions per second . This is possible thanks to increasing the block size from 1 MB or 7 TPS in BTC, to 32 MB or 97 TPS in BCH.

Lower fees

The increase in the volume of transactions that BCH can process brings, as a positive consequence, a notable reduction in the cost of fees for the use of the network. This also makes Bitcoin Cash more affordable as a day-to-day payment method.

What Are The Benefits Of Bitcoin Decentralization

A decentralized, peer-to-peer financial system has several benefits over a centralized alternative.

Satoshi Nakamoto published the Bitcoin whitepaper on 31st October 2008, introducing a trustless and peer-to-peer cash system.

The goal was to bring a financial platform that would allow people to transact any time and from any location without intermediaries like governments and banks.

Whats more, this system is transparent because blockchain creates a ledger with details of every Bitcoin transaction. That means that even if one miner tries to block a transaction, another node would step in to verify it and include it in the ledger.

Advantages of decentralization

Decentralization is more than a theoretical concept. Today, Bitcoin is among the most famous inventions in the world. People are using this virtual currency to pay for services and products online and locally. Platforms like Bitcoin Prime allow people to trade this virtual currency for profits. Ideally, you can use fiat money to purchase Bitcoin and use it to pay for services and goods or hold onto it, hoping its value will increase. That means this virtual currency has practical, real-world uses.

Here are the advantages of Bitcoin decentralization:

Therefore, decentralization is more than a technological approach. Its a culture and a mindset that does not look for a single way but the best approach for the entire ecosystem.

Final thoughts

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Bitcoin Vs Bitcoin Cash: A Difference Of Philosophy

While BTC and BCH share some fundamental technology, they differ significantly in their philosophy.

Although Bitcoin was originally presented as a digital currency, people immediately saw it more as a way to make money. And while volatility is something that many cryptocurrencies share, Bitcoin seems to embrace its status as a store of value rather than a means of exchange. Its developers prefer to adhere to the tenets of decentralization and security first, while looking for ways to improve processing times as a secondary issue.

Conversely, Bitcoin Cash seeks first to make transactions fast and accessible with low fees, which is supposedly closer to the vision originally set forth by Nakamoto.

Interestingly, Bitcoin Cash has experienced its own set of hard forks for many of the same philosophical concerns that led to its own divergence from the original Bitcoin project.

Bitcoin Vs Bitcoin Cash: Its A Mining Competition


The Bitcoin civil war has now truly started and the choppiness in the pairs prices is a clear indication of how the Bitcoin world has been repositioning in recent days.

We saw Bitcoin Cash surge to a record high over the weekend, touching a high $2,799 before the great retreat. On the day, Bitcoin Cash not only moved above Ethereum into second place by the market cap, but Bitcoin Cash also saw more hashpower than Bitcoin.

Its quite a monumental shift considering the fact that Bitcoins hashpower was estimated at more than 5 times that of Bitcoin Cash before news hit of the cancellation of SegWit2X.

So, whats the difference between Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash and why is there so much focus on Bitcoins first offshoot?

To fully understand, its important to recognize the rationale for the Bitcoin Cash fork back in August of this year.

It has ultimately been down to capacity issues, with Bitcoin transaction times having slowed for as long as 10 minutes. How to address capacity has been a battle between the miners and the core developers. The miners looking for both an increase in blockchain capacity as well as transaction times For the core developers, the desire is to make the necessary improvements to Bitcoin, whilst looking to remove the concentration of the hashpower that sits with a handful of miners.

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Where Did Bitcoin Cash Come From

Bitcoin Cash is a spinoff from the original Bitcoin that addressed issues with using the currency for payments as it became more popular.

The original Bitcoin blockchain limited BTC blocks to 1MB of information storage, which meant slow processing times for transactions. Processing became even slower as the coin grew in popularity and more transactions put more strain on the blockchain software.

To address that problem, Bitcoin miners and developers created a fork in the Bitcoin blockchain to develop Bitcoin Cash.

Different blockchains exist to support various cryptocurrencies for example, thousands of currencies run on the Ethereum blockchain, an alternative to Bitcoin. Bitcoin Cash runs on the Bitcoin blockchain but follows a different path from the original Bitcoin. Like Bitcoin, the Bitcoin Cash supply is limited to 21 million.

The upgrade on the blockchain that created Bitcoin Cash is called a hard fork, where the new protocols make it impossible for the old fork to process and transfer information passed down the new fork. Kind of like when Instagram makes an update and the app is no longer supported by your old iOS.

That separation in the blockchain makes Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash two distinct coins.

Bitcoin Cash uses an increased block size of 8MB to facilitate more and faster transactions and keep the coin viable as a payment option as it scales.

Bch Price Prediction Today

These days, the whole crypto market is bearish. Traders are mostly selling Bitcoin Cash. That is why the BCH price prediction today is quite gloomy. In the coming days, the price may fall even further. There are some bullish reversals, but it probably won’t be enough for a significant rise until more bullish momentum in the crypto market in general.

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Bitcoin Vs Bitcoin Cash: Adoption

On the topic of user and merchant adoption, BTC is the clear winner. Though this could change in the future, more wallets, centralized exchanges, merchants, and people in general use BTC.

This of course is probably helped by the fact that BTC is the first cryptocurrency and has been around for more than 10 years, while Bitcoin Cash has only been around since 2017.

Bitcoinâs wider adoption is clearly visible in its large number of daily transactions relative to Bitcoin Cash .

Does Bitcoin Cash Have A Future


Bitcoin cash may become a better investment in the future. It may gain improvements that could entice investors. It wont get to the 12th spot in the crypto list otherwise.

Disclaimer: This article is the authors personal opinion, differing from the official statements or facts. All writers opinions are their own and do not constitute financial advice in any way whatsoever. Nothing published by constitutes an investment recommendation, nor should any data or content published by be relied upon for any investment activities. strongly recommends that you perform your own independent research and/or speakwith a qualified investment professional before making any financial decisions.

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Transaction Speed & Block Size Differences

The block size in the original Bitcoin is limited to 1 MB. With a large transactional load on the network, this leads to the fact that not all transfers are placed in one block. In this case, their senders and recipients have to wait for the transfer to be completed for a couple of hours or even days. To make a transaction faster, you need to offer miners a higher commission cost. It is what caused the split that gave rise to BCH. In the Bitcoin Cash network, the block size limit has been increased to 8 MB.

Bank Account Credit Or Debit Card

Exchanges let you purchase cryptocurrencies through a bank transfer, wire transfer, credit card, or debit card. Some are limited only to bank or wire transfers, but card purchases are becoming more popular usually with higher fees. Depending on the platform, you might be able to purchase or trade Bitcoin or Bitcoin Cash with other cryptocurrencies you already own.

You can buy Bitcoin or Bitcoin Cash either as an investment like you do with things like stocks and bonds or as an alternative currency. The process of buying the coins is the same for either purpose.

If you buy cryptocurrencies to spend, youll shop markets and sellers that accept Bitcoin or Bitcoin Cash as payment. To make a purchase with cryptocurrency, the process usually includes sending money from your wallet to the sellers wallet. You do that by entering their wallet address, which is like a bank account number. The whole thing is a lot like sending regular money to friends with apps like Venmo.

More opportunities for shopping with Bitcoin or Bitcoin Cash are opening up as both become more popular. Some platforms are even developing debit cards that let you shop in the real world, spending directly from your Bitcoin balance to pay vendors in fiat currencies.

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Is Bitcoin Cash Better Than Bitcoin

Although Bitcoin is the first and the most popular of cryptocurrencies, its more than 10 years old and that in computing, dear reader, is a long, long time.

In other words and although the following statement may be a little jarring for some people the reality is that Bitcoin is a bit outdated, especially in terms of scalability and accessibility as a means of payment for daily use.

These were some of the reasons for the creation of Bitcoin Cash , a new version of Bitcoin that entered circulation in August 2017.

Even though the future of Bitcoin Cash remains unclear, its value has grown substantially, especially in recent months so much so that many Bitcoin supporters have switched to Bitcoin Cash. Based on this, many people wonder:

Is Bitcoin Cash better than Bitcoin?

The answer is relative. Technically speaking, Bitcoin Cash is superior to Bitcoin, offering a solution to some of its elder sisters problems. However, Bitcoin Cash presents its own problems as well, and these are some of the reasons why Bitcoin continues holding its reign.

If youd like a clearer understanding of all of this, then I invite you to continue reading this article.

    Bitcoin Cash Overall Value Predictions

    How Bitcoin Is Better Than Conventional Currency?

    Predictions for Bitcoin Cash could be optimistic just because it’s the most successful hard fork in cryptocurrency history today. The total hashrate is 2.544 Ehash/s. This shows that mining pools believe in the future of BCH and are trying to support it. According to CoinMarketCap, the daily trading volume is over $1 billion. So, traders believe in this project, too.

    BCH’s fees are low again, so it could be more stable, with people completing more transactions. This could influence the positive attitude towards cryptocurrency and stimulate a small rise.

    BCH prevails above fiat in some countries, especially in Australia. Forecasters rely on future projects connected with Bitcoin Cash and predict continued growth. And with the wider adoption of cryptocurrencies worldwide, we can also see a chance for better price performance in 2022.

    On the other hand, Bitcoin Cash has many problems, mostly technical issues. Just as with Bitcoin, BCH’s block time is almost 10 minutes. This chain is overloaded, and each transaction processes after a significant delay.

    Bitcoin Cash’s productivity depends on miners’ activity. The network’s complexity is increasing, so miners have to spend more resources to work effectively. As a result, some of them will give up on this idea for the hashrate to decrease. This will hurt transaction rates, followed by a fall in BCH’s price.

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    How Does Bitcoin Cash Work

    Bitcoin Cash works like other currency transactions that take place using Bitcoin blockchain technology.

    Transactions are recorded in blocks of data that act as ledgers. These ledgers are distributed across the network, instead of being held in a central location. The addresses of wallets are usually a string of numbers and letters. Its possible to see how much Bitcoin Cash one addresses sent to another, and get an idea of who owns what .

    While some say cryptocurrencies are anonymous, the reality is that transactions are public on the ledger. Someone with the right know-how could track down who controls the wallet. However, because wallets appear as a string of numbers, its somewhat acceptable to say that transactions are at least semi-private.

    The underlying idea is that transactions are verified through cryptography and other processes so that the network is trustworthy and reasonably secure.

    Why Was Bitcoin Cash Created

    Concerns about Bitcoins ability to scale began arising several years ago. As more people began using BTC, transactions took longer and longer to process. To address some of the issues surrounding scalability, a technology called Segregated Witness was added to Bitcoin. SegWit moved signature verification to an extended block so that each block could be processed faster.

    However, some of the developers and miners associated with BTC didnt think that SegWit was the right approach. Instead, they created their own protocol using Bitcoin blockchain technology and increased the block size. This resulted in transactions that were processed faster at a reduced cost. Developers also didnt like the lack of transparency involved in the adoption of SegWit technology and thought that creating a hard fork would lead to greater decentralization and democratization of the currency.

    In the end, the idea was to improve scalability while also following the vision laid out by blockchain pioneer Satoshi Nakamoto, the anonymous party behind a whitepaper that kicked off the age of cryptocurrencies. The future of Bitcoin is still a matter of debate. Bitcoin Cash’s hard fork, Bitcoin SV, is gaining some popularity.

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    Which One Is Better Bch Or Btc

    Bitcoin has much investor confidence as compared to Bitcoin Cash. BCH is the much newer coin in the market so its adoption rate is much lower as compared to BTC. The price is BCH is 85-90% lower than BTC. If we talk about which one is better then we can easily say BCH is better than BTC.

    Both cryptocurrencies are better for investment according to the above facts. We can invest in both according to our usage and trust. But if you want to make transactions then BCH is much better than BTC due to its fast transfer rate and lower transfer cost as compared to BTC.

    Bitcoin Cash Vs Bitcoin: Conclusion


    Many people are under the impression that Bitcoin Cash VS Bitcoin is a war, and that one should be better than the other. For practical reasons, Bitcoin Cash is a faster and cheaper asset to use for transacting on the blockchain.

    But Bitcoin, being the original cryptocurrency, is the most adopted and currently the greatest store of value in the cryptomarket. This leads me to believe that both these coins can remain as staples in the industry as it evolves and matures.

    BCH can become the main tool for transactions and moving money around as more users adopt it. BTC can continue to be used as a store of value that is considered the gold of digital currency. Both stand to grow in value and adoption over time, making them worthy investments for any investor to look into and consider.

    Now that you know the differences between these two coins, you can better in them and how you will use them.

    For example, you can invest into Bitcoin Cash to use it as your main form of currency to transact with. However, you could invest into Bitcoin the way you would invest in gold – for investment benefits.

    The question is, which is it that you prefer? And what for? Do you prefer Bitcoin as an investment but Bitcoin Cash as a usable coin? Whats your opinion on Bitcoin Cash VS Bitcoin? Let me know!

    Leave your honest feedback

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    Bitcoin Cash Vs Bitcoin

    The main changes that make the difference between these two crypto currencies are:

  • Transfer Time: Bitcoin Cash has a faster transfer than Bitcoin. Now you dont need to wait for 10 minutes to take a transaction completed like Bitcoin.
  • Low Transfer Fees: Bitcoin Cash has low transfer fees as compared to Bitcoin. Whereas in BTC transaction it will cost you approx. 1$ per transaction. So making transactions in BCH can save you a lot of money as compared to BTC.
  • Number of Transactions: BCH can handle more number of transactions per second as compared to BTC. It means more people can use Bitcoin Cash for transactions at the same time.
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