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Is Blockchain Certification Worth It

Why Consider Certified Blockchain Professional Training

Are Blockchain certifications worth it?

There is no doubt that becoming a blockchain professional is a rewarding career, however, while the demand is high, employers around the world are in search for professionals who possess the right skill set. This is where blockchain professional training comes in.

For one to become a Certified Blockchain professional, it is important that you attain knowledge in the following areas:

  • Blockchain Fundamentals:

Are These Reviews Legit

Many of the graduates have shared their real experience through social media with verified certifications and credentials, building a kind of trust in them.

Hence, I have sorted reviews from different platforms for transparency purposes. Now let to Introduction part Of the Blockchain Council Review.

Is Supply Chain Industry Perfect

Before we begin, you might think, why should you even consider changing supply chain business models in the first place. There are many people that dont even know about the increasing issues this industry faces every year. Thats why the case for blockchain for supply chain is only increasing day-by-day.

So, without getting rid of these issues, it would be extremely difficult to even drive-in revenue at a continuous pace.

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Master Of Blockchain Enabled Business

University: RMIT University

This is one of the best alternatives for an IBM blockchain certification, and this coming February 2021, the course will be accepting those who complete the Graduate Certificate in Blockchain Enabled Business. You will learn how to practically manage blockchain in public and private enterprises. You have the option to study on a part-time or full-time basis.

Cost: $23,386

Is Certified Blockchain Expert Worth It

Blockchain Certification

Blockchain Expert certification can be beneficial in many ways. Moreover, if you understand Blockchain Technology and know how to build Blockchain based application then, this is the best certification you can achieve.

Now, coming on to its advantages,

  • With CBE, you will get a good platform to show your Blockchain skills and understanding.
  • Moreover, you will gain knowledge and experience in Blockchain implementation. Further, you can use these skills to implement any Blockchain applications.
  • Above all, the knowledge you will gain will help you build your own Blockchain enterprise.

It is not less! There is more to achieve. What you will get as a Certified Blockchain Expert,

Further, in the article, you will get the exam overview including exam policies and exam preparation tips.

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Advance Your Skills In The Blockchain

You may not know but LinkedIn Learning has some of the best Blockchain courses for both beginners and intermediate developers.

This learning path contains many useful courses to learn Blockchain from scratch and also master the technology to really make a difference. By going through these courses you will

  • Master fundamental blockchain and cryptocurrency concepts.
  • Learn the development of competency skills for Solidity and Ethereum.
  • Master blockchain programming for iOS.
  • What’s Ethereum Is Ethereum Outdated Is Ethereum Useful At All What Will Happen With Ethereum In 2020

    Before being able to answer this, we have to talk about the reason why Ethereum isn’t the go-to solution for many use cases right now. When observing what Fortune 500 companies, Governments, management folks and C-level executives from larger corporations say, then there are a few things considered show-stoppers.

    These show-stoppers are mostly simple technical misunderstanding how Blockchains operate. Especially with the difference between Ethereum and Hyperledger. It seems to root in the main use of Ethereum right now, which so ingrained as Cryptocurrency and not as platform.

    Currently, Ethereum is considered as the public permission-less network. It was never coined as go-to solution for private permissioned consortium chains.

    Furthermore, looking deeper, there are two problems that arise from the fact that Ethereum is mostly advertised as the “Cryptocurrency Ether”. And the terms Ethereum and Ether are used interchangeably by many people, unfortunately.

    Here are the two main problems:

    Problem Nr1: Who governs this public permission-less network? It is originally out of a Cypherpunk movement . Many people in the community are devoted to Libertarianism. For many outsiders looking in, this is equal to disrupting the world order . That frightens. Looking at the enterprise level this increases risk for decision makers and it means a lot of red flags pop up. A big no-no, which you don’t have using Hyperledger governed by big whales like IBM.

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    Best Blockchain Online Courses

    Now, lets jump into the best online courses to learn Blockchain in 2021. This list contains both beginner-level Blockchain courses as well advanced courses to learn Blockchain, solidarity, and Etherium for experienced developers. The list contains the best Blockchain courses from Udemy, Pluralsight, LinkedInLearning, Educative, edX, and Codecademy. These are also the most popular online learning portals for tech skills.

    Lets Compare Certifications Below Is A Chart To Sum The Main Blockchain Certifications

    Certified Blockchain Solutions Architect Exam Review and Top five reasons to get Certified

    What about the Blockchain Training Alliance Exams? There exams are great too, they market them more it would appear so it seems more folks know them.

    Note that the main difference between Blockchain Training Alliances Hyperledger Exam is that it more focused on Hyperledger Development than actual operations like the CHFA exam.

    The CBSA exam is more presales focused. The Certified Blockchain Soliutions Architect exam does have a component of Hyperledger Fabric.

    However, the Linux Foundations exams are clearly more technical in my opinion.

    The Linux Foundation exams are meant for technical engineers performing the day to day work.

    The CHFA is exactly that, its more day to operations.

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    How To Become Certified Blockchain Developer Without Spending Countless Hours On Bootcamps

    Of course, not everyone wants to attend a full blown Blockchain Bootcamp. In fact, many people are just attending a several weeks long course to get the course certificate on their CV. But what if you can get certified without attending the course at all?

    First of all, there is the option to simply take part in any mass open online course program , such as Udemy, Coursera, etc. The quality of the courses vary, but that’s not the point, because at the end you want the certificate, not the content. It might be an option, if you are looking for a quick hack to add something to your CV. If you are really looking for the content, then it’s a hit and miss. The quality of the courses vary greatly, especially on Udemy, where money is made by quantity not quality on the creator side. Most instructors are not making enough money to support and sustain a certain level of course materials. Still, you might find some diamond for $9.99 on sale.

    To get a quick certificate, you could attend one of these courses. Of course, you’d still need to prove yourself as a “Blockchain developer”, but it would make a good item on your CV. If you are a self-learner, reading through the Solidity Docs, then this is maybe a path for you.

    Learn The Basics Of Blockchain With Python

    If you want to learn Blockchain with Python and looking for a hands-on course then there is no better course than Codecademys Learn the Basics of Blockchain with Python.

    I really like Codecademys interactive learning platform and have used this in past to learn JavaScript, Python, and Java. Its really great, you dont need to set up anything, just log in and follow the instructor and execute code in the browser, and practice online.

    In this course, youll learn the structure and properties of the blockchain itself and the individual blocks that make it up. Youll understand the blockchain features that provide security between different blockchain participants. Youll visualize different aspects of the blockchain and create and tamper with your own blocks through interactive simulations.

    Here is the link to join this course Learn the Basics of Blockchain with Python

    The majority of this course requires no prior knowledge. But, if you have some Python experience, youll be able to build a small blockchain library in Python, including a Blockchain class and a Block class. Add functionality to add blocks, create hashes, and verify the chain.

    Btw, you would need a CodeCademy PRO to join this course. IT cost around $15.99 per month on a yearly plan and provides access to all the Codecademy content, courses, quizzes, and projects. You can use this to earn, practice & apply job-ready skills.

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    Benefits Of Blockchain Training And Certification

  • Huge demand for certified blockchain professionals today and in the future.
  • Huge pay for those with blockchain technology certification. It offers income diversification opportunities and improves your income as a person.
  • You can help when your employer wants to implement blockchain technology.
  • The courses are a lot cheaper than degrees, given they are shorter. Blockchain certification free and paid courses are more subject-centric than degrees.
  • => Contact us to suggest your listing here.

    The Certified Blockchain Expert Or Cbe

    Certified Blockchain Security Professional

    University/Institution: Blockchain Council

    The certification blockchain expert course provides knowledge for blockchain basics, smart contracts, and use cases of blockchains, consensus algorithms, and blockchain attacks. After learning in a 6 hours course and learning how to build blockchain-based applications, you can apply for the exam to be certified after passing the exam.

    Blockchain certification by Blockchain Council includes a self-paced, exam-based theory and practice with lab-based practical experiences and blockchain certifications.

    After the blockchain certifications, you can work as a blockchain developer, architect, and blockchain marketing professional, law professional, HR professional, and security professional. Blockchain Council is a private organization that offers instructor-led and self-paced courses.

    Cost: $129.

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    Learning Blockchain Development With Eos And C++ Udemy

    The course provides basic knowledge on Blockchain and the difference between EOS blockchain and Ethereum or Bitcoin. It focuses on using C++ language to code EOS. The course guides on setting up an IDE with EOS and deploying tokens to the EOS blockchain. It also assists in building a decentralized application and smart contracts.

    In this course, you will learn:

  • Basics of Blockchain Technology
  • Building the DApps
  • Learning to code using the C++ language
  • This course is for blockchain enthusiasts, anyone interested in understanding EOS, and developers planning to start their career in blockchain technology. The course requires you to be familiar with the basics of programming constructs. It also requires you to be familiar with the terminal in whichever operating system you decide to use. The courses primary focus is EOS, thereby not throwing light on industrial use cases and blockchain implementation in IoT and AI. The course also does not cover the security aspect of Blockchain.

    Verdict: Is It Worth It

    Yes, Blockchain Council is worth considering factors such as Industry leaders, elite instructors, course relevancy, practical-based approach, and case studies.

    Many graduates come from multinational companies such as Microsoft, IBM and accelerate their professional career after the course.

    Along with this, they have built strong partnerships with some of the renowned groups and associations worldwide. Hence they are considered as one of the leading experts in teaching blockchain council.

    Blockchain Council

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    How Do You Know That You Are Successful

    Blockchain certifications and the training associated with each of them are prominent value drivers for enterprises. The blockchain certification shows that an individual is capable of using blockchain to solve business issues. At the same time, they can also ensure that professionals are inclined towards achieving profitability and productivity.

    Subsequently, comprehensive training that continues with the job responsibilities of professionals can also deliver promising advantages. Rather than thinking of the blockchain certification as the only indicator of blockchain expertise, there are many other metrics.

    Just learning and doing nothing is something that will act as a roadblock and you will never gain success with that. If you want to be successful in your Blockchain career, you need to check your expertise with these performance metrics. Here are some of the ideas that you can find out helpful for measuring outcomes of blockchain talent development initiatives.

    All these metrics can help you considerably with measuring the outcomes of blockchain training and certification initiatives. The definition of success metrics could be easily considered as superior to the procurement of certifications.

    Preparing for a Blockchain interview? Go through these top Blockchain interview questions and get ready for the future.

    Dealing With Exam Concepts

    My Top 10 Blockchain Certifications : Part 1

    In other words, you can use the internet to search for Training programs for getting the best exam-related materials and concepts.

    Most importantly, these programs will benefit you during the preparation time. Moreover, you will be getting expert assistance in resolving queries. Meanwhile, you can also use other available websites for gaining information.

    Side by side, you can also apply for online programs. But the most important thing that you need to get in your mind is that in the end self-preparation is all that matters. No matter what you should make it a habit for giving at least 3-4 hours to studying. Moreover, try to increase study time.

    After that, the thing that matters is Practice. That is to say, you need to start assessing yourself by taking a test series for your own. And moreover, there is no need to worry about anything. You can and you will pass the examination. In short, there is a need for hard work and practice.

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    Nanodegree Blockchain Developer Program


    The course prepares one to be a blockchain developer and is heavy on practical implementation. The training course is one of the most exhaustive blockchain courses out there. It takes place in 5 modules and includes content on blockchain fundamentals, smart contracts, dApps creation, blockchain architecture, and a capstone project.

    It is required to have knowledge in Object-Oriented Programming for this certification.

    Duration: 4-5 months or 10 weeks of work.

    Cost: Not disclosed.

    Masters In Digital Currency

    University: University of Nicosia

    This three-year masters degree course teaches students digital technologies and their potential in the modern economy. It is a great alternative for an IBM blockchain certification. Over 600 students have joined the blockchain training course, which has also offered over £330,000 in scholarships.

    Cost: The tuition fee is $2068 per each of the 8 courses, and the total cost being $16,544.

    Duration: 3 years

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    Professional Certificate In Blockchain For Business By The Linux Foundation

    This program primarily aims to teach business professionals the building blocks of blockchain and its possible use cases and applications. The lectures provide them with ideas and suggestions to understand how to leverage them in their industry. Start with building simple applications and understanding their relevance in solving the challenges faced in daily business scenarios. With a gradual increase in the difficulties of the lectures explore the cross-industry use cases and current projects.

    Key USPs-

    The classes guide you through every relevant topic thoroughly including the setup process of the frameworks and tools.

    Explore the distributed ledger technologies including others and understand their impact and potential.

    The real-world examples and demonstration of use cases make the classes much more interesting and clear.

    Plenty of assignments to get hands-on and practice the concepts covered in the lectures.

    Develop apps on top of frameworks such as Hyperledger Sawtooth and Hyperledger Fabric.

    Duration : 8 weeks, 3 to 4 hours per week

    Rating : 4.6 out of 5

    The State University Of New York

    Certified Blockchain &  Finance Professional

    The State University of New York, with 64 unique institutions, is the largest comprehensive system of higher education in the United States. Educating nearly 468,000 students in more than 7,500 degree and certificate programs both on campus and online, SUNY has nearly 3 million alumni around the globe.

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    What Exactly Is A Blockchain Certification

    Before moving towards a discussion on available blockchain certification exam options, it is important to understand what exactly it is! Let us reflect on the definition of blockchain certification in the most basic sense by taking the generic explanation of certification into account. Blockchain certifications are tangible proof of the capabilities of individuals in leveraging blockchain technologies to address business goals.

    In addition, blockchain certifications can also serve as promising evidence regarding the fluency of professionals in the in-demand skills for specific blockchain-based job roles. Certifications in blockchain technology could help in proving the abilities for business transformation with blockchain technology. So, a blockchain certification is basically proof of a certain level of skills and knowledge in the blockchain.

    Most important of all, know that the certification does not offer the guarantee of placement in lucrative jobs. However, the skills and knowledge proved in certification can ensure promising value for businesses of varying sizes.

    Blockchain Certification For Enterprise Specialization

    University/Institution: INSEAD

    The course starts with fundamentals of blockchain, then proceeds to crypto-asset types, transactions of crypto-assets on a blockchain, and application of blockchain on business models. Learners must produce a Blockchain Opportunity Analysis where they evaluate the possibility of implementing blockchain in their industry.

    Delivery Mode: Online.

    Ideal For: Business analysts, Evangelists.

    Cost: 7-day trial for free actual fee not disclosed.

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    Blockchain For Business 2021 Udemy

    In this course, you will learn about the basic concepts of Blockchain and its effects in various industries, take advantage of this, and invest in your career growth.

    The course describes 50 real-world applications related to Blockchain technology, providing an in-depth insight into the real-world blockchain applications and blockchain technologys key features. It offers knowledge about blockchain applications, Big data, Land and Vehicle registration, KYC, Helping farmers, etc. It also focuses on industries such as the Fishing industry, Diamond and gold industry, Automobile industry, and many more.

    In this course, you will learn about:

    • What is Blockchain?
    • What are smart contracts?
    • Blockchain application in IoT industrial use cases

    This course is curated for professionals working in organizations or owning a business therefore, students starting their career in blockchain or blockchain enthusiasts will not benefit significantly from this course. The course does not provide information about creating blockchain strategies and creating cryptocurrencies. The courses primary focus is on Blockchain in various sectors, thereby not elaborating on the logical coding.

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