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What Is Blockchain Technology For Dummies

So Where Does Mining Come In

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Contrary to popular belief, crypto mining isnt about creating new Bitcoin.

Miners compete with each other to validate the transactions in every block, making sure that each block on the chain fits certain criteria.

But to understand how all of that works, we first need to talk about nonces.Nonces are a variance added by the blockchain to each block. Their only purpose is to change the hash output of a block, without altering the data of the transactions. The nonces are added because every signature of every block needs to start with a specific number of leading zeroes.

Miners then need to find the value of the nonce to validate the transactions and add the new block to the blockchain. There is no formula to calculate the value of the nonce. It is simply a process of trial and error.

And generally, the more computational power you have, the faster you can test various nonces, and thus find the right value.

What Is Blockchain Technology And How Does It Work

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Over the past few years, you have consistently heard the term Blockchain technology, probably regarding cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. It seems like Blockchain is a platitude but in a hypothetical sense, as there is no real meaning that the layman can understand easily. It is imperative to understand what is Blockchain, the technology used, how it works, and how its becoming vital in the digital world.

According to Global Datas Thematic research report, the demand for cryptocurrencies has receded by 20% during 2018 when compared to the previous years. The reason being businesses are preferring to deploy traditional approaches for their earlier stage projects rather than going with Blockchain technology.

People have higher expectations based on weaker perceptions based on the report findings, and, in a couple of years, the truth about the Blockchain will be demystified. It has real value, and, over time, the scope of it will become wider and more user-friendly.

So, the onus is on you to learn this evolving technology to prepare for the future. If you are new to Blockchain, then this is the right platform to gain solid foundational knowledge. In this article, you will learn what Blockchain technology is, how Blockchain works, why its important, and how you can use this field to advance your career.

Professional Certificate Program in Blockchain

What Is Blockchain In Plain English

Blockchain has been defined as a digital ledger in which transactions are recorded chronologically and publicly. A blockchain consists of a number of blocks, hence the term. Each block is a record of transactions of specific data, which can contain anything from Cryptos to voting records to medical data.

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Block Validation Or Mining

This feature is actually not completely necessary for a Blockchain, as we can see with examples like the platform. However, is it probably one of the most famous facts about Blockchain thanks to the Bitcoin chain.

The term mining refers to the act of meeting the Proof of Work requirements for adding a new block with pending transactions to the Blockchain. There are many different mining methods, as they are custom defined for the chain.

The PoW method usually requires the user to create a block with restrictions on its Hash code. Since the Hash code is unpredictable, the miners have to test any possible combination before meeting the requirements. These restrictions define the difficulty of the network.

Once a miner node finds the solution to the PoW problem, they add the block to the chain and every other node check the validity of the PoW according to their Consensus Protocol. If the block is legit, they will include it on their own local copies of the Blockchain.

Transaction Flow In Blockchain

Understanding Blockchain Technology: for Dummies (2019 ...

Lets say a node creates a transaction. Then this node propagates the transaction to its peer nodes and those peer nodes propagate this transaction to their peer nodes and so on.

All these transactions sit in a mempool before miners pick them to include in a block. Now a miner sees our transaction and picks it with other transactions to create a block. The Miner validates all these transactions and create a block, start working to find the target hash for the block.

Once a miner successfully hashes the block, it will propagate the block to the network. Other nodes see this block and verify it and add this new block in their local blockchain ledger.

Meanwhile, miners start working on the next block, and as more blocks get added to the top of that block, it becomes more difficult to replace them and our transaction achieves finality.

Transaction finality means transactions is processed and considered confirmed by the network.

Note: The above workflow is usually seen in Proof-of-work blockchain such as Bitcoin, Monero, etc. Different blockchain networks work differently, but underlying principles remain the same.

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The Value Of Blockchain Technology

Blockchains first best use and value is its capacity to store, verify, distribute, and record a sizeable amount of data permanently. That includes transaction records, which allows for the removal of third parties. The innovation computerizes data trade overall computerized mediums. An insurgency is coming, driven by blockchain tech.

Blockchain, information that stays indefinitely

All data put away on the blockchain is changeless and incapable to be changed immutable. Compare this to conventional capacity strategies that require a 3rd party. The necessity of human association for trusted exchanges unavoidably leads to debasement, bloat, and inefficiency. Blockchain has the capacity to computerize each single one of these angles, possibly causing enormous monetary and social change. Bitcoin demonstrates blockchain is able of working and acting as the fundamental foundation for a modern financial system. Its permanence is additionally valuable for facilitating recordings and spilling content. With blockchain, clients can make a special substance that cannot be stolen and copied boundlessly, permitting them to way better monetize their work.


Google, Facebook, Amazon, and Microsoft, these companies control the web. The larger part of emails, pictures, recordings, and data shared online is put away on their restrictive servers. Their administrations arent free, youre the item.

Digitally free

The Architecture Of A Blockchain

The main goal of blockchain architecture is to remove the need for a central authority. Lets understand the generic architecture of a blockchain. Different blockchains modify these structures based on their need, but the underlying principles remain the same.

A blockchain consists of three main parts

  • Ledger
  • Consensus Mechanism
  • Peer to Peer networking protocol

The Blockchain network consists of many participants. Each participant in the network is called a Node, and every node has a copy of the transaction ledger.

Transaction ledger or blockchain ledger has all the information of all previous transactions/blocks. Because there is no central server, this ledger works as a local database for each node.

Each node talks to multiple nodes in the network. Every transaction propagated to the entire network through a peer to peer networking protocol such as Gossip protocol.

All blockchains have a consensus system to decide the state of the network. Because there is no central authority, the consensus mechanism needed to reach the agreement on the state of the network. For example in the case of Bitcoin, this mechanism helps in create a consensus on transaction sequence, i:e which transaction came first.

For instance, Bitcoins consensus protocol is called Proof of Work , and Ethereum 2.0 consensus protocol will be Proof of Stake .

It is to be kept in mind that all miners are node but all nodes are not a miner.

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An Introduction To The Elusive Technology That Seems To Be Everywhere

The term Blockchain, for a lot of us, was initially tied in with the first boom of Bitcoin.

Bitcoin and Blockchain seemed to be used interchangeably. As Bitcoin reached its previous all-time highs back in 2017, it seemed like blockchain companies were popping up out of nowhere and reaching sky high valuations.

Understanding what cryptocurrency is, helps us understand how they are backed by blockchain technology.

As 2020 turned into 2021, a huge shift towards cryptocurrency returned as several tokens, including Bitcoin started to reach even greater all-time highs, and once again, the popularity of the term blockchain returned with it.

In light of the many questions that weve gotten recently about blockchain, were here to put together a series that will help you achieve a better grip on what this elusive technology is all about.

Prospects For The Development Of Blockchain Technology

What is Blockchain? Blockchain Technology Explained Simply

For several years, the blockchain has gone from an unknown technological innovation to an indispensable tool that is already used at the state level, even in the political sphere.

Thus, the Parliament of the European Union is considering a blockchain technology for creating voting systems with protection against data falsification.

If the elections will be held on the basis of the blockchain, then the voters can have no doubt about the transparency and honesty of the results of the voting. It is possible that we will choose the next president of the Russian Federation with the help of the blockchain.

A distributed registry is used by banks and large corporations, which simplifies and reduces the cost of daily financial transactions. The future implementation of the blockchain will be very different: from elections and voting to charity and art. Indeed, in the practical application of technology based on a protected blockchain, no one doubts.

Why is blockchain technology considered future technology? We now use a worldwide network every day for quick and easy information sharing. But when it comes to sending valuables , we are still forced to resort to the services of traditional banks. Yes, now there are convenient methods of payments via the Internet, the same PayPal, but they still require integration with a bank account or credit card.

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Is Blockchain Secure

Blockchain technology accounts for the issues of security and trust in several ways. First, new blocks are always stored linearly and chronologically. That is, they are always added to the end of the blockchain. If you take a look at Bitcoins blockchain, youll see that each block has a position on the chain, called a height. As of November 2020, the blocks height had reached 656,197 blocks so far.

After a block has been added to the end of the blockchain, it is very difficult to go back and alter the contents of the block unless the majority reached a consensus to do so. Thats because each block contains its own hash, along with the hash of the block before it, as well as the previously mentioned time stamp. Hash codes are created by a math function that turns digital information into a string of numbers and letters. If that information is edited in any way, the hash code changes as well.

Heres why thats important to security. Lets say a hacker wants to alter the blockchain and steal Bitcoin from everyone else. If they were to alter their own single copy, it would no longer align with everyone else’s copy. When everyone else cross-references their copies against each other, they would see this one copy stand out and that hacker’s version of the chain would be cast away as illegitimate.

What Exactly It Is

In simple terms, Blockchain is a record of time-stamped series of data that is immutable and managed by a network of computers and not by a single centralized system. Data in this network is encrypted by cryptographic encryption.

No central authority can control this decentralized system. Moreover, everything is transparent, and the data cannot be altered, copied, or deleted from the network. The transaction of data is visible to everyone in the network. Next, we will know about it with a simple example.

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Why Is There So Much Hype Around Blockchain Technology

There have been many attempts to create digital money in the past, but they have always failed.

The prevailing issue is trust. If someone creates a new currency called the X dollar, how can we trust that they won’t give themselves a million X dollars, or steal your X dollars for themselves?

Bitcoin was designed to solve this problem by using a specific type of database called a blockchain. Most normal databases, such as an SQL database, have someone in charge who can change the entries . Blockchain is different because nobody is in charge its run by the people who use it. Whats more, bitcoins cant be faked, hacked or double spent so people that own this money can trust that it has some value.

Blockchain And Cryptocurrencies Allow For Anonymity

Startup Management » Explaining the Blockchainâs Impact ...

Cryptocurrencies built on top of blockchain technology give individuals the capability to carry out transactions anonymously and use money without another party interfering.

Some people like to send value anonymously and some are using blockchain as a tool to get their privacy back.

As the world continues to go digital, governments and big corporations are gaining more control over our personal data.

This includes information as benign as what you studied in college, the name of your first pet, your favorite restaurants but it also includes your spending habits and who you send money to.

The combination of this information makes it easy for nefarious actors to have the tools they need to start controlling your life.

Blockchain products are working to change all that.

Monero, for example, is a cryptocurrency that allows for value exchanges that are impossible to be traced.

There is even a project called Skycoin which seeks to build an anonymous protocol that can compete with the internet.

Giving individuals their freedom back is a trend that will continue within the blockchain arena.

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Blockchain Explained In Simple Words

Blockchain and Bitcoin : Which came first? What is chicken and what is egg? In the minds of users, the concept of blockchain is inextricably linked with the term bitcoin. This is in two ways reflected in the perception of the blockchain technology as a distributed registry , which underlies the new, digital economy.

Blockchain For Dummies: This Guide Is Not In

Please note that this blockchain for dummies article will not be about learning how to develop blockchains or anything technically advanced.

On the off chance that youre considering getting to be a Blockchain proficient, or if you need to memorize more around its specialized viewpoints, we propose you check out guides like the book: Blockchain for dummies. Blockchain innovation is changing the world around us, and well cover numerous of its applications inside this blockchain for dummies article.

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How Blockchain Works Technical Details

With those terms defined, we can now cover how blockchain works in a more precise manner.

First, a blockchain technology must be developed by a team of developers. This technology includes a set of protocols, downloadable software for miners, and a ledger. It should have strong cryptography for added security.

Next, miners download the blockchain software onto their computer. This software connects them to the blockchain, and it provides computing power to run the blockchain. The miners receive currency such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Monero, or other cryptocurrency in exchange for providing this computing power.

In other words, the blockchain exists on every single computer running the blockchain software.

Finally, to keep track of all the transactions there are users running ledger software on their computer. This ledger updates as each transaction is fulfilled.

In Bitcoin, every wallet receives a ledger update from multiple ledgers when a transfer is made. This is why it can sometimes take some time to make a transfer if you havent made a transaction in a long time the entire ledger has to update!

One last thing, the entire ledger is publicly available. This allows you to view the balances and transactions of every single wallet on the blockchain. However, you cant see who owns the wallet unless they have disclosed that they own the wallet.

This makes cryptocurrency great for basic anonymity.

Blockchain For Dummies: The Ultimate Beginners Guide

Understanding Bitcoin and Blockchain Technology | For Dummies

Technology has a way of making even smart people seem stupid. Often the names of advanced technologies appear to be in some foreign and unfathomable language. In reality, many of these technologies arent that complicated once someone explains to you what they are. A good example of this is a blockchain.

You may have heard the term blockchain banded with cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin. Often, the word seems almost synonymous with digital currencies. Blockchains were created for cryptocurrencies. However, their applications go far beyond them. Even if you have no intention of buying or using cryptocurrencies, the multiple applications of blockchain technology may positively impact your life one day.

In this blockchain 101 primer, we will give you an introduction and guide to understanding how blockchain works. We will also describe how technology is affecting a myriad of important industries. At the same time, we will tell you how it may change your life for the better.

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The Simplified Explanation Of How Blockchain Works

  • A new transaction is started or begins.
  • A series of computers fact check the transaction, checking for fraud.
  • Once the transaction is confirmed as valid, it is entered onto the items permanent record. Think of it as the technological version of writing purchased by Sam Dennie 12-13-21 in Sharpie directly on the product.
  • Every time the product is bought or sold, a receipt-like record is added to the blockchain.
  • Use Cases Of Blockchain

    • Transaction Network: The biggest use case of blockchain technology is to create a decentralized peer to peer transaction network powered by its digital assets.
    • Smart Contract: Ethreum introduced the smart contracts which make blockchain programmable enabling different types of use cases.
    • Supply chain: One of the implementations of blockchain is in the supply chain system. It gives timestamped data from the source of the product until it reaches the end-user. E.g: Certified Origins
    • Voting system: A blockchain-based voting system will be free from corruption and tampering as everything will be transparent. E.g: Voting conducted by Sierra Leone
    • DAO: It stands for Decentralized Autonomous Organization. These Organizations are transparent and operate in a decentralized manner.

    Till now blockchain technology is at an infant stage and needs to solve the scalability problem. Blockchain has initiated the Web 3.0 revolution. It intends to make the Internet more decentralized.

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