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What Is Riot Blockchain Stock

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Is Riot Blockchain (RIOT) a Hot Stock?
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Riot Blockchain Share Price Volatility

Over the last 12 months, Riot Blockchain’s shares have ranged in value from as little as $3.076 up to $79.5. A popular way to gauge a stock’s volatility is its “beta”.

Beta is a measure of a share’s volatility in relation to the market. The market beta is 1, while Riot Blockchain’s is 4.4958. This would suggest that Riot Blockchain’s shares are significantly more volatile than the average for this exchange and represent a higher risk.

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Have Earnings And Dividends Been Growing

Companies with falling earnings are riskier for dividend shareholders. If business enters a downturn and the dividend is cut, the company could see its value fall precipitously. Ford Motor’s earnings per share have fallen at approximately 17% a year over the previous five years. Such a sharp decline casts doubt on the future sustainability of the dividend.

Many investors will assess a company’s dividend performance by evaluating how much the dividend payments have changed over time. In the last 10 years, Ford Motor has lifted its dividend by approximately 7.2% a year on average.

What Is Blockchain Stock

These 2 Blockchain Stocks

What is blockchain? At its core, the blockchain technology is defined as a peer-to-peer application that allows immutable transactions. All those transactions are bundled up into blocks. Each of those blocks is time-stamped and appended to the previous one. So you get this never-ending chain of blocks.

Essentially, a blockchain is a distributed and decentralized database used to record all the transactions that happen in this network. Its often referred by the professionals as a form of a public ledger.

Now, what is a blockchain stock?

A blockchain stock is a share in a company that is using the blockchain technology to build applications.

However, we have to keep in mind that there are few pure-play blockchain technology stocks listed on the major US stock exchanges. But, as more industries are adopting the blockchain technology, more established companies are starting to develop blockchain-based applications.

In other words, companies that are developing on the blockchain technology can be considered a blockchain-related stock.

Read on for a look at the basics of where to buy blockchain technology stocks.

See below:

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Whats Causing The Separation

There are a few potential reasons Riots stock is not responding to bitcoins price as sensitively. It could be several different factors, but its most likely either:

  • Better alternatives or,
  • A desire to invest directly
  • Better alternatives could include a few different takes. For instance, if investors look at expenses, they may look for another option, like Marathon. Yet, it could also be money flowing from bitcoin-related products to newer digital assets, like NFTs.

    New cryptocurrencies are taking the finance world by storm. Popularity has soared with digital investments such as Solano thats gained nearly 8,000% this year.

    In contrast, it could also partly be due to easier access to direct BTC investments. Coinbase held one of the most hyped IPOs in April, and since then, Riot Blockchain stock has not recovered.

    Riots Bitcoin Mining Operations

    Riot Blockchain Inc. continues to focus on growing its mining operations. The company believes in the future of bitcoin and its ability to generate returns.

    Institutions are closely watching Bitcoin-related stocks as they are some of the best-performing assets over the past year.

    However, the machines used still need electricity to power them. And with energy costs rising, Riots profit margins could be impacted. How much of a factor will immersion-cooling technology have on this?

    Based on industry data and the Companys own preliminary immersion-cooling test results, an estimated 25% increase in hash rate is expected, with an estimated potential to increase ASIC performance by as much as 50%.

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    Riot Blockchain Inc Trade Information

    Upright in the green during last session for gaining 8.33%, in the last five days RIOT remained trading in the green while hitting its week-highest on Tuesday, 11/09/21 when the stock touched $39.53 price level, adding 7.73% to its value on the day. Riot Blockchain Inc.s shares saw a change of 132.67% in year-to-date performance and have moved 20.81% in past 5-day. Riot Blockchain Inc. showed a performance of 54.17% in past 30-days. Number of shares sold short was 16.79 million shares which calculate 1.82 days to cover the short interests.

    Wall Street analysts have assigned a consensus price target of $52.33 to the stock, which implies a rise of 24.46% to its current value. Analysts have been projecting $42.00 as a low price target for the stock while placing it at a high target of $82.00. It follows that stocks current price would drop -107.44% in reaching the projected high whereas dropping to the targeted low would mean a loss of -6.25% for stocks current value.

    What Is Riot Blockchain


    Riot Blockchain is a large-scale Bitcoinmining company with locations in Texas and New York. It has a market cap of just shy of $3 billion.

    Riot began mining in February 2020 and has significantly grown its capabilities over the last two years.

    Riot represents R in the new CHARM acronym that describes the best bitcoin mining stocks in North America.

    Miners like Riot are the critical infrastructure of the Bitcoin ecosystem. Next, well analyze three drivers behind Riots potential success as an investment.

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    Riot Blockchain Announces August Production And Operations Updates

    Riot produces 441 Bitcoins in August 2021 Riot’s Whinstone Facility – Expansion Progress Riot’s Hash Rate Growth Castle Rock, CO, Sept. 08, 2021 — Riot Blockchain, Inc. , a Nasdaq-listed industry leader in Bitcoin mining and hosting, announces its August production and operations updates, including its unaudited Bitcoin production for August 2021 and its miner deployment status. Production and Operations Updates

    Riot Blockchain: Is This Crypto Play Worth The Risk

    Blockchain and cryptocurrency are two major buzzwords in the investor world today. Once an asset class only invested in by aggressive millennials banking on a massive paradigm shift, more and more investors are now piling into this space. Among the crypto-related investments aficionados are gravitating to for returns are crypto miners. One of the prominent names in this space is Riot Blockchain Inc. . Riot is one of the leading public Bitcoin mining companies in the United States, and has

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    Riot Blockchain Records $31m In Bitcoin Mining Revenue Up 1540% From Same Period Last Year

    What Happened: Nasdaq-listed Bitcoin mining firm Riot Blockchain Inc reported record revenues in the second quarter of 2021. In a statement on Monday, the company said its mining revenue increased by 1540% to a record $31.5 million over the second quarter from the $1.9 million during the same period in 2020. This massive growth in Bitcoin-mining-related revenue, coupled with a 70% increase in its mining revenue margin, enabled Riot to produce $19.3 million of net inc

    Summary Of Riots Bitcoin Mining Growth Milestones:

    RIOT Blockchain Stock Price Ripping, But Patience May Be ...

    4,000 S17 Pro miners deployed bringing operational hash rate capacity to 247 PH/s.

    Riot enters co-location hosting agreement with Coinmint in Massena, NY to reduce the Companys cost of production and increase available MW capacity for expansion. 1,000 S19 Pro miners are ordered from Bitmain.

    1,040 S19 miners are ordered from Bitmain, bringing the total outstanding order to 2,040 miners. De-commissioned and sold original fleet of prior generation low efficiency miners, upon halving event.

    1,000 S19 Pro miners are ordered from Bitmain cumulative outstanding order totals 3,040 miners.

    1,000 S19 Pro miners are received and deployed in Massena, NY. Riots mining fleet totals 5,000 miners with an operational hashing capacity of 357 PH/s

    1,040 S19 miners are received and deployed in Massena, NY. Riots mining fleet totals 6,040 miners with an operational hashing capacity of 456 PH/s. 13,100 S19 Pro miners are ordered from Bitmain, bringing the total outstanding order to 14,100 miners.

    1,003 S19 Pro miners are received and deployed in Massena, NY. Riots mining fleet totals 7,043 miners with an operational hashing capacity of 566 PH/s.

    2,500 S19 Pro miners and 15,000 S19j miners are ordered from Bitmain, bringing the total outstanding order to 30,600 miners.

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    Historical And Forecast Chart Of Riot Blockchain Stock

    The chart below shows the historical price of Riot Blockchain stock and a prediction chart for the next month. For convenience, prices are divided by color. Forecast prices include: Optimistic Forecast, Pessimistic Forecast, and Weighted Average Best Forecast. Detailed values for the Riot Blockchain stock price can be found in the table below.

    Long-term forecasts by years.

    Percent Institutions: N/A

    What Is Hive Blockchain

    • HQ: Vancouver, BC
    • $1.3B
    • YoY Returns: +867.57%

    Hive Blockchain is based in Vancouver, Canada, and has regional offices and mining facilities in Sweden and Iceland. It is one of the newest mining companies in North America and stands out by mining cryptocurrencies such as ETH and ETC, in addition to BTC.

    While significantly smaller in market cap and mining capability compared to $RIOT and $MARA, $HIVE might provide higher returns as the underdog. HIVEs share price is mostly tied to that of Ethereum and Bitcoin.

    $HIVE stock provided a +867.57% YoY return for investors. The stock was trading at $0.40 CAD in September 2020 and trades at $3.58 CAD in September 2021.

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    What Is Marathon Digital Holdings

    • HQ: Las Vegas, Nevada
    • $3.5B
    • YoY Returns: +1,854.95%

    Marathon Digital Holdings is based in Las Vegas, Nevada and its mining facilities are located in Montana and Texas. It is the undisputed king of mining in the United States and produces the highest hash rate of any US-based mining company.

    $MARA started as a patent group called Marathon Patent Group and changed its name to Marathon Digital Holdings. Their primary focus is now Bitcoin mining. Marathon stock outperformed every other mining stock with a YoY return of +1,854.95%. $MARA was trading at $1.92 in September 2020 and trades at $35.58 in September 2021.

    Riot Blockchain Inc Has Fallen 235% Friday In Premarket Trading

    RIOT stock is a MUST BUY! (Riot Blockchain) | Stock Analysis, Review, Predictions, and Forecast

    Riot Blockchain Inc is lower by Friday morning, with the stock declining -2.35% in pre-market trading to 38.6. RIOT’s short-term technical score of 22 indicates that the stock has traded less bullishly over the last month than 78% of stocks on the market. In the Software – Application industry, which ranks 114 out of 146 industries, Riot Blockchain Inc ranks higher than 31% of stocks.Riot Blockchain Inc has risen 54.96% over the past month, closing at $27.85 on October 15. During this period of time, the stock fell as low as $26.59 and as high as $42.84. RIOT has an average analyst recommendation of Strong Buy. The company has an average price target of $52.40.

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    How Healthy Is Nio’s Balance Sheet

    The latest balance sheet data shows that NIO had liabilities of CN¥26.6b due within a year and liabilities of CN¥14.7b falling due after that.Offsetting this, it had CN¥43.3b in cash and CN¥4.33b in receivables that were due within 12 months.So it can boast CN¥6.35b more liquid assets than total liabilities.

    Regarding NIO’s size, it seems that its liquid assets are well balanced with its total liabilities.So it’s doubtful that the CN¥442.0b company is short on cash but still worth keeping an eye on the balance sheet. Since NIO boasts net cash, it’s fair to say it does not have a heavy debt load.

    When analyzing debt levels, the balance sheet is the prominent place to start.But ultimately, the future profitability of the business will decide if NIO can strengthen its balance sheet over time.So if you want to see what the professionals think, you might find this free report on analyst profit forecasts to be interesting.

    Last year, NIO wasn’t profitable at an EBIT level but managed to grow its revenue by 164%, to CN¥33b.

    It’s Time For The Cryptocurrency Mining Stock To Prove Itself

    As the market for alternative assets heated up earlier this year, many investors found themselves trying to differentiate between the various investment options. Although there is a lot of buzz around nonfungible tokens and meme-based cryptocurrencies, it was the rise in Bitcoin that seemed to ignite the frenzy.

    With the initial public offering of Coinbase and the prevalence of cryptocurrency miners, it can be hard to determine if one will prove a better investment than the asset itself. Let’s dig into one miner, RiotBlockchain, to better understand what the pros and cons might be.

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    Hive Vs Mara Vs Riot: Government Compliance

    The US government started imposing certain regulations on Bitcoin mining in relation to money laundering. Specifically, the US Department of Treasury imposed blocklists on crypto transactions originating from people blacklisted under the Designated Nationals and Blocked Persons List SDN.

    While this is in some sense contrary to the principles of decentralization in crypto, Marathon Group is the only company so far to comply with regulations. Riot and Hive havent censored any transactions yet and/or made comments with regards to the blacklists. Investors who want reassurance that their company will not be prosecuted by the US government should choose Marathon over Riot and Hive.

    What To Do Now

    Riot Blockchain Inc., RIOT Quick Chart

    The stock market rally was due for a pullback and ultimately just nudged lower for the week. Investors who took some partial profits near the top and who weren’t overly exposed didn’t need to slash their positions.

    Still, you should evaluate your stock holdings. Which are your A+ stocks and which are back of the class. You might trim some of the latter and look for safe ways to add to the former.

    Depending on your exposure, you can look to add to your portfolio, assuming market conditions are healthy. Don’t get too concentrated in a particular group or sector. EV and auto stocks are looking strong, for instance, but don’t load up half your holdings with Tesla, Xpeng, GM, Ford and so on.

    Read The Big Picture every day to stay in sync with the market direction and leading stocks and sectors.

    Please follow Ed Carson on Twitter at for stock market updates and more.


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    Have Riot Blockchain’s Shares Ever Split

    Riot Blockchain’s shares were split on a 1:8 basis on 30 March 2016. So if you had owned 8 shares the day before before the split, the next day you’d have owned 1 share. This wouldn’t directly have changed the overall worth of your Riot Blockchain shares just the quantity. However, indirectly, the new 700% higher share price could have impacted the market appetite for Riot Blockchain shares which in turn could have impacted Riot Blockchain’s share price.

    How To Buy Shares In Riot Blockchain

  • Compare share trading platforms.Use our comparison table to help you find a platform that fits you.
  • Open your brokerage account.Complete an application with your details.
  • Confirm your payment details.Fund your account.
  • Research the stock.Find the stock by name or ticker symbol RIOT and research it before deciding if it’s a good investment for you.
  • Purchase now or later.Buy your desired number of shares with a market order or use a limit order to delay your purchase until the stock reaches a desired price.
  • Check in on your investment.Optimize your portfolio by tracking your stock.
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    The value of any investment can go up or down depending on news, trends and market conditions. We are not investment advisers, so do your own due diligence to understand the risks before you invest.

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