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What Is The Next Big Thing In Crypto

> Aragon Network Enters The Chat

THE NEXT BIG THING IN CRYPTO. MAKING 100x on Cryptocurrency.

Aragon saw the wave of DAOs coming years ago. Created by Luis Cuende and Jorge Izquierdo in May 2017, a Platform for DAOs came alive.

Imagine Asana or Slack type of service, but for DAOs.

The project was lightyears ahead of its time as it foresaw the need for a platform to allow projects to easily come and conduct their governance.

In fact, the prominent venture capitalist, Tim Draper, invest $1 million into Aragon in February 2020 which allowed him to purchase up to 2.5% of the entire ANT supply. You can actually find all of the details about Drapers investment in my prior article here.

Why Are There So Many Cryptocurrencies

The majority of cryptocurrencies today are derived in some form or another from Bitcoin, which uses open-source code and a censorship-resistant architecture. This means that anybody can copy and tweak the code and create their own new coin. It also means that anybody is free to join its network or transact in it.

New Cryptos Created Daily

New cryptos are created every single day, and it would take forever to list them all. Of course, not all of these new coins will experience the same success as Bitcoin and others, but theres no shortage of new coins to investigate. For example, thirteen new coins were listed on CoinMarketCap in just one day this week.

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What Are Social Tokens

Put simply, social tokens are a way to incentivize anyone to work toward joint projects in a DAO, a crypto-based decentralized community, in exchange for a digital currency. This digital currency can then be redeemed in exchange for other cryptocurrencies or special perks within the community the token is associated with, such as access to token-gated content, the right to vote on future strategic decisions, or early access to community NFTs.

DAOs are firstly virtual places where people passionate about the same things decide to join forces to hang out and achieve high-ambition goals. It’s not about work. It’s first and foremost about culture, about vibing together and creating what you’ve always wanted to create. In DAOs, culture comes first, products and projects come second. There are many types of DAOs, some focused on building products for the crypto world and some focused on social networking. All DAOs, even socially-focused ones, are building different products with different ways to organize their work, and social tokens are how they can accomplish these goals.

Social tokens are cryptocurrencies like any other regular cryptocurrency. But the benefit of creating a social token is to give community leaders the power over the distribution of the token.

Why You Should Invest In Binance Coin

Why Crypto Asset Management is the Next Big Thing?

There are two factors that make Binance Coin worth considering. The first is its market capitalization. At nearly $47 billion and growing, its one of the bigger cryptos available. Thats also an indication its gaining acceptance in the marketplace.

The other factor is price performance. The 25-fold increase in price in just one year confirms this crypto has wide investor interest, at least as cryptocurrencies go.

But tread lightly on this one. Nearly all the price action has happened in just the last three months. In fact, it hit its price peak on February 18th and has been largely running in place ever since.

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What Is The Next Best Cryptocurrency

Theres no such thing as the best crypto. The notion is highly subjective, and a lot depends on what that cryptocurrency will be used for. Theres little point in comparing Bitcoin with various DeFi tokens, for example.

Its near impossible to predict which cryptocurrency is going to make it big next. For now, Bitcoin and Ethereum remain the best cryptos for long-term investment however, again, they may not be the best if they dont fit your investment goals.

To find out what your personal next best cryptocurrency is, understand what your investment goals are and clearly establish a trading strategy. Then, research the crypto market, watch the crypto space, and find the cryptocurrency that you think will both make it big and suit you as an investor.

Purchasing Cryptocurrencies In Todays Market

There are a few easy steps one can follow to be able to purchase cryptocurrencies.

  • Choose an exchange platform A platform would be a medium wherein the buyers and sellers can meet to exchange cryptos. There are several websites in India such as CoinSwitch that enable eager and potential investors to meet and trade securely.
  • Open the account Register on one such website and activate the account by completing KYC registration, providing the required proof and information, and bank details. Deposit money in the account to be able to start the trades.
  • Place the crypto order After research, when the decision has been made about the particular currency/currencies to trade, place the order. Some platforms allow the amount to be as low as INR 100. The value of the currency bought will depend on its current value in the denomination of the country. For example, if the trade has to be made in Ethereum, the primary step would be to understand the value of INR to ETH to be able to decide the amount of currency that needs would eventually be added to the wallet.
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    What Are Some Other Important Cryptocurrencies

    Aside from the ten listed above, several other cryptocurrencies have gained importance or hold the promise to do so. Dogecoin, for instance, a meme-based joke coin reached fame when Tesla CEO Elon Musk promoted the token on social media. Other bitcoin forks also exist such as Bitcoin Gold and Bitcoin SV. Other important coins include Ripple , Solana, USD Coin, and Tezos.

    Next Big Crypto: Elrond

    The Next Big Thing in Crypto! – Shiba Inu Coin | VectorVest

    52-week range: $7.01 $302.14

    Launched in July 2020 by Beniamin and Lucian Mincu, Elrond is a sharding blockchain with a focus on scalability the ability to support large amounts of transactions. So, what is sharding? Mahdi Zamani of Visa highlighted the following:

    A major approach to overcoming the performance and scalability limitations of current blockchain protocols is to use sharding which is to split the overheads of processing transactions among multiple, smaller groups of nodes.

    Put another way, the Elrond protocol offers extremely fast transaction speeds via sharding. Elronds native token, EGLD-USD, serves various internal functions such as paying fees, staking and rewards.

    EGLD-USD currently hovers around $270 territory. Its up over 950% YTD and 3,400% for the past 12 months. Moreover, the altcoin has gained about 19% over the past one month. With a market cap of over $5.3 billion, it currently ranks as the 37th largest cryptocurrency in the market according to CoinMarketCap.

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    The Next Big Thing In Crypto

    We are in the middle of the next major gernerational shift and you need to know about it!

    In this article I will tell you about the next big thing in crypto. Even if you are not in Crypto, you need to know what the future holds and if you are in crypto, you will certainly want to know what the nexty big thing in is going go be.

    Even if you know little or nothing about Bitcoin and the future of finance, you do not want to miss out on this once-in-a-generation opportunity!

    In this article, Iâm going to talk about the major shift taking place in our financial world. Iâll help you understand how financial institutions and investors look at currencies. Iâll also show you how to take advantage of the next big thing in crypto.


    Itâs not complicated, the world is converting to Decentralized Finance . What does this mean? Opportunity!

    The Most Powerful Predictor of Innovation

    The History of Bitcoin

    Fiat Currencies

    Crypto Is The Next Big Thing: Heres What You Need To Know About It

    With unceasing access to fast and cheap internet, most of the population is aware of the basic news, the upcoming trends, and the latest information. Whether it is in the form of watching the news channels on television, keeping track of trends on Twitter or getting the information via memes on Instagram, the news is consumed by people all over the world. This is one of the major reasons they are aware of topics from different streams, including finance, movies, technology, or sports. This is also the reason why people are increasingly interested in the topic of cryptocurrency.

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    Cryptos To Watch: Polkadot

    Polkadot is not a household name , and it has only been around since May 2020. However, the cryptocurrency is a fast riser. Since its debut, the price of DOT has grown as high as 1,000% and today trades right around $31 per coin, close to a 700% increase from when CoinMarketCap began tracking its price in August 2020.

    Many cryptocurrency bulls foresee big things ahead for Polkadot. A proof-of-stake cryptocurrency that provides interoperability among different blockchains, Polkadot has plenty of utility that makes it a valuable commodity in the cryptocurrency sphere. Essentially, Polkadot enables various cryptocurrency systems to communicate and work together. This bridge function explains the rapid price appreciation of Polkadot.

    Polkadot distinguishes itself from Ethereum because it allows developers to create their own blockchains while also using the security that Polkadots chain has built into it. Polkadot has proven to be one of the most secure cryptocurrencies and is well-protected from cyberattacks.

    Created by Gavin Wood, one of the core founders of Ethereum, Polkadot today has a market capitalization of roughly $31 billion and continues to grow at a rapid rate as developers flock to the technology and use it to expand their existing cryptocurrency systems.

    Best Cryptocurrency To Invest In 2021 For Long Term


    Penny cryptocurrencies are ones that have a price of under $1. They are extremely cheap, and sometimes cost less than a literal penny. However, despite their low price, some of them have incredible growth potential, which attracts many investors.

    Always do your research before investing in any digital asset and check whether its been listed on reputable crypto exchanges.

    Some penny cryptocurrencies can already be considered the next big thing after all, its not the price that determines the true value of a crypto coin or token, but market capitalization and many penny cryptocurrencies have a rather high market cap.

    However, most cheap cryptos have room to grow in terms of market cap and are still waiting for their chance to explode. But dont invest in just any penny cryptocurrency some of them may turn out to be nothing more than shitcoins. Always do your research before investing in any digital asset and check whether its been listed on reputable crypto exchanges.

    Below we have listed some of the cheap digital currencies that we think are likely to be the next cryptocurrency to explode. Have a look!

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    Its Value Has Skyrocketed Very Quickly

    One thing that’s made Ethereum similar to Bitcoin is the cryptocurrency’s rapid rise in value. As of this writing, one Ether coin is worth nearly $4,600, a 900% increase over the 12 months.

    There’s no way to know if Ethereum will ever surpass Bitcoin’s value, but the important thing to remember is that as more investors apply value Ether, the more it becomes a highly established crypto in the mold of Bitcoin.

    And with more than 9,000 cryptocurrencies now available to investors, Ethereum becoming an established token has helped to set it apart from the rest.

    Will Gamefi Be The Next Big Thing

    According to Footprint Analytics, GameFi has attracted significant traction, accounting for 13% of all blockchain investments. The total market capitalization of top games has surpassed one billion dollars. However, given the sheer size of this market, it provides even more room for expansion.

    Surprisingly, GameFi is only getting started.

    The success of one of the top titles, like Axie Infinity, demonstrates the emergence. With the increasing impact of digital assets, financial specialists and NFT technology developers have sought to gain market share before their competitors make any move.

    As a result, the pattern and interest have grown in popularity among both users and developers.

    According to crypto data tracker DappRadar, the number of transactions linked to games has reached 80-100 million.

    Despite its enormous potential, GameFi, in general, continues to face issues that threaten its ability to grow in the future.

    The majority of GameFis titles lack charm and appeal. In other words, the graphics and gameplay of P2E projects are unappealing and fail to entice players. Improving the game genre, as well as the graphics and gameplay, will be necessary for the near future for blockchain-based P2E projects to gain traction.

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    Gemini Partners With Mastercard And Webbank

    Gemini, a cryptocurrency platform, recently announced a partnership with Mastercard and WebBank for a new . This credit card is the first to provide crypto rewards on purchases. It will reward cardholders with up to 3% back on qualifying purchases. Unlike traditional credit card reward programs, this card delivers rewards as soon as the qualifying transaction occurs.

    Why Buying Virtual Land Will Be The Next Big Thing In Crypto For 2021

    “Finding The Next Big Thing In Crypto!”

    As crypto markets may see their bull run continue for fungible tokens , the non-fungible token asset class is quickly emerging as the next big thing in crypto in 2021.

    Red-hot interest in this asset class coincides with the rise of metaverses or parallel worlds where people are spending more and more of their time and money. Known from the pre-blockchain era mainly through Second Life or Minecraft, blockchain-powered metaverses are becoming more of a thing, and NFTs are at the core of their value proposition. How? In order to participate in these metaverses, users need to purchase virtual land which are themselves unique, NFTs. Since every property NFT is a 1/1 edition of itself, it can be expected that as more people join these metaverses, land prices for these NFT properties will appreciate because of the scarcity factor built-in to digital metaverses. One very compelling example is Upland that has shown strong growth in the past months and is now one of the leading blockchain dapps in terms of daily active users. In fact, a single property parcel in Upland recently sold for $1,000 .

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    Is The Shiba Inu Mania Fading

    Well, this would strongly depend on your definition of fading, but for the sake of this long-form, lets assume a cryptocurrency mindset. Shiba Inu was regularly surging by double-digits per day a couple of weeks back.

    Articles about SHIB millionaires and billionaires were popping left and right, while other cryptocurrencies, largely based on the same concept, saw massive growth. We saw coins like Floki Inu, Baby Doge, Dogelon Mars, and whatnot skyrocket, literally printing money for those who got in early and held through.

    Shiba Inu became the 5th most-called address on Ethereum, surpassing the likes of Uniswaps v3 and the popular stablecoin USDC. At one point, it was also the 7th largest burner of gas on Ethereum.

    Now, however, it appears that the trend might be fading. For once, SHIB is no longer in the top 10 list of the highest gas burners of ETH. A more precise way to gauge the current hype in the coin, however, would be to take a look at Google Trends.

    There was a close to 70% drop in the Google searches for Shiba Inu for the past couple of weeks. Unless people were suddenly a lot less interested in the breed, this can be explained by the fading interest in the cryptocurrency.

    Prices, naturally, also took a hit. SHIB is down about 20% over the last seven days, while other dog-based coins are also struggling, if not in the red.

    All this might be a sign that the hype around memecoins is currently fading out, perhaps giving way to something fresh.

    Why You Should Invest In Monero

    Due to the security concerns with Monero, its highly recommended that you avoid investingin it.

    That being said, its an important cryptocurrency to know about. Monero demonstrates what can go wrong when you attempt to have an entirely anonymous cryptocurrency. It begs the question: can cryptocurrencies survive without the backing of banks and corporations?

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    Cryptos Next Big Thing Raises Questions While The Price Surges

    — The meteoric rise of Cardano over the past three months is catching the attention of some of the savviest investors in cryptocurrencies.

    Billionaire Michael Novogratz sought to crowdsource information on the digital token, also known as Ada, on Tuesday, asking for help to explain the more than sixfold surge since the middle of December that briefly made it the third-biggest cryptocurrency by market value after stalwarts Bitcoin and Ethereum.

    Cardano is the brainchild of Charles Hoskinson, a 33-year-old who looks like the PhD student that he was before crypto mania took over his life. Hes now a bit of a crypto rock star, running a YouTube channel with 105,000 subscribers, gets fan mail and even gifts from admirers, such as a letter Albert Einstein wrote and a bronze eagle.

    Thats the most surreal part of all of it, Hoskinson said in an interview from Longmont, Colorado. I get recognized at airports.

    While his YouTube videos are being watched by tens of thousands of people, Cardano is still a work in progress. Even after an upgrade that happened in early March, it cant yet be used to run many of the hottest applications in crypto, such as decentralized-finance projects that let users lend, trade with and borrow money from each other. The so-called smart-contract functionality is expected to come this year.

    We did it right, but it meant we were one of the last ones to get to market, Hoskinson said. He said he doesnt know why Cardanos value suddenly shot up.

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