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Which Crypto Exchange Should I Use

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The Main Difference Between A Broker And An Exchange

Which Crypto Exchange Should I Use?

So, before we will dive deeper into the topic, what is the main difference between a crypto broker vs an exchange?

Using a brokerage is a more suitable variant for higher amounts of money due to several reasons such as security and bigger liquidity. After depositing your collateral, you have various trading opportunities including leverage positions, etc., depending on the services provided by the specific broker. Crypto exchange on the other hand is the simple way to trade cryptocurrencies by using the order book of the trading pair according to the deposited cryptocurrency or fiat money this is the way a buyer meets a seller, for which the crypto exchange charges a fee.

Keep in mind that there is a physical delivery of the traded asset on the spot exchange, while in margin trading done with a broker, just the underlying asset is traded, not the physical one.

One of the key differences when comparing an exchange and a broker is the target audience. Crypto exchanges are mostly used by crypto HODLers, who want to do some long-term or mid-term investment, to purchase a specific cryptocurrency and then wait for the further possible valuation of the price. Maybe just to buy and move those cryptos to their well-secured hardware wallet.

Best Online Brokers For Bitcoin Trading

Blain Reinkensmeyer

Steven Hatzakis

The best crypto exchanges for U.S. bitcoin trading offer three essential benefits. The first, and most important, is robust security with two-factor authentication, cold storage, and integrated safe wallets. Second is a user-friendly website and platform. Third, they provide access to trading a variety of cryptocurrencies like bitcoin and ethereum.

In our assessment and ranking of cryptocurrency exchanges, we focused on traditional exchanges headquartered and regulated in the United States, as well as the incumbent online brokers in the U.S., which are expanding to offer bitcoin trading on top of regular stock trading .

What Platform/ Exchange Provider Should I Use

So lets talk platforms or also known as cryptocurrency exchange. These are online platforms in which you can exchange one kind of digital asset for another. It is also important to know the difference between a cryptocurrency exchange and cryptocurrencywallet as they tend to get heavily confused.

The difference with this, is that a wallet is a software program or cold storage in which you store your digital assets .

And an exchange platform lets you convert real money like USD or AUD dollars to cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin.

This review will outline the pros and cons, so you can choose which platform exchange is good for you.

Before getting into this post, it is highly recommended to use a hardware wallet such as the Ledger Nano when storing your crypto. This is so you have full possession and control, not the exchange. View Blog on Cold Wallets.

Platforms covered
See Recommended Platforms in New Zealand or Australia

Wrap up

Deciding which crypto exchange platform to use is entirely up to you and finding what suits your needs. Dont forget to check out the Wallets Section to see where you would like to store your crypto.

DISCLAIMER: I am not a Financial Adviser. Investing of any kind involves risk. While it is possible to minimize risk, your investments are solely your responsibility.

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Binance: Top Crypto Exchange For Trading Altcoins

Binance is the worlds largest crypto exchange and is our top choice for buying and selling altcoins. Binance has a whopping 1,400,000 transactions per second and over 2 billion in average daily volume.

Changpeng Zhao and Yi He launched the Binance cryptocurrency exchange, one of the best exchanges today, in China in 2017. Since cryptocurrency laws are strict in China, it relocated to Japan and now has headquarters in Malta.

Binance sports a low transaction fee as well as some of the lowest prices in the industry. It only charges clients 0.1% on each trade and, while deposits are free, withdrawals cost money. However, if you use the Binance-owned digital currency, BNB, you get a 50% discount.

One of the primary reasons for Binances popularity is the wide range of cryptocurrencies it has to offer, which stands at more than one hundred. These include notable coins such as Ethereum, Litecoin, and the lesser-known Zcoin.

The Binance crypto exchange is most appropriate for individuals who want to trade or invest in the best crypto altcoins since it has the highest altcoin trading volumes. Presently, Binance makes up a considerable bit of trading volume regularly. Binance offers more than one hundred distinctive trading pairs between various Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies.

  • Large variety of crypto assets to trade
  • Buy crypto with bank account, credit card, or crypto transfer
  • High liquidity

Final Thoughts: Which Crypto Exchange Is Best For Bitcoin Trading

What Crypto Exchange Should I Use?

Each crypto exchange platform has its unique features and its own distinctive way of helping its users trade the best crypto. While some leading platforms offer a feature-rich interface, some lesser-known ones make up for the lack of features with zero or low fees. Believe it or not, its easier to find a cryptocurrency exchange with zero or low fees than you think.

We have outlined the best crypto exchanges here for your convenience. However, to fully harness cryptocurrencys potential, you need to select an exchange platform that best suits your needs. Additionally, be sure to thoroughly research the intricacies of cryptocurrency on your own, as well as the customer support capabilities of each exchange before investing. As a beginner, you should be looking for exchanges with high liquidity, low withdrawal fees, and many trading pairs.

Happy Investing!

The reviews and statements published here are those of the sponsor and do not necessarily reflect the official policy, position or views of Observer.

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Cryptocurrency Exchanges And Issues Of Custody

So whats the catch? Well, like all financial intermediaries that came before cryptocurrency exchanges, there are downsides. The majority of digital asset trading occurs on what are called centralized exchanges, or a CEX. For now, this is the type of exchange we will be referencing. These exchanges should be used with caution, because they require custody of your digital assets in order to make trades. This has large implications regarding the buying and selling of altcoinsthe trading of altcoins on a cryptocurrency exchange implies your inherent lack of custody over your new assets.

This sacrifice of custody also makes sense because, just like in any banking or financial institution, exchanges will hold your digital assets for variable periods of time in order to accrue interest. These issues of custody and centralization have been a primary issue of concern for the blockchain community ever since Bitcoin gained traction in 2009, paving the way for a decentralized, financial economy. Luckily enough, we get closer to solving these issues every day. We believe new technology and performant digital applications will bring about a truly trustless, decentralized digital economy to the forefront of society.

Best For Most Investors: Coinbase

Coinbase is the top choice for U.S crypto investors. Its the 1st publicly listed U.S crypto exchange, so you can rest easy knowing your funds are in good hands. The trading platform stores 98% of its funds in a cold wallet, offering a higher level of security than most crypto exchanges. Cryptocurrency stored in cold wallets cant be stolen by online hackers, making cold storage the most secure way to store digital assets.

Also, Coinbase has a great user interface for beginners. If youre looking for a more advanced interface, then Coinbase Pro may be for you.

The exchange has a host of unique features, including a useful convert feature. Coinbase lets investors convert their crypto investments into any asset on its exchange, all free of charge. Remember, however, that trading crypto in this way constitutes a taxable event, so trade accordingly. Another great feature on Coinbase is Coinbase Earn. This program lets you earn free crypto for simply learning about different altcoins, making it a great way to diversify your portfolio for free.

Sign up for Coinbase today and start earning free crypto rewards!

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Do They Allow You To Easily Withdraw Your Crypto

These days this has become less of a problem, as most exchanges allow you to fairly reliably transfer coins to another exchange or a wallet. Binance and Voyager are two notable exceptions. Binance shuts down coins on a regular basis. ADA seemingly at the end of an epoch, they even shut down USDC transfers out.

While Voyager doesnt offer transfer out on all coins they are upfront about this when you purchase, and are actively working to enable withdrawals for these coins.

Where Should I Keep My Crypto


This can get complicated quickly. Hardware wallets, seed phrases, multi-sig. Dont worry about any of that for now. You may hear the phrase not your keys not your coins, sometimes uttered as a put down for folks who dont store their crypto on a hardware wallet. In reality it is used by people who dont understand the nuances of the different threat models of storing your crypto with a custodian as compared with self-custody on a hardware wallet.

I personally keep much of my crypto investments on Celsius and Voyager for a few important reasons:

  • Focused on security. Celsius slightly more than Voyager IMO. Celsius has a whitelist of addresses you can withdraw to, built in time delays for adding to the whitelist as well as a unique HODL mode that requires an extra code before you can withdraw your crypto. Both of them support two factor authentication. Always always use two factor authentication, ideally using an authenticator like Google Authenticator and not your phone number which can be hacked. Thats a topic for another article.
  • Offer yield. I enjoy earning additional yield on my crypto. And I especially enjoy earning yield on my USDC I keep around to buy the dips. You can earn up to 10.5% on Voyager at the highest rewards tier.
  • Easy to use UI and decent support. Both are very accessible to use and have decent support. So if you need some help theyre there for you.
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    Prime Xbt: Best Bitcoin Exchange For Margin Trading

    The relatively young Seychelles-based Prime XBT cryptocurrency exchange has achieved exponential growth since its 2018 launch, with clients from 150 different nations making it an appealing target for any new investor. It features several trading pairs and lower transaction fees than most. The companys vision is to provide its users with the fundamental tools they need for regular trading activities, including buying bitcoin and utilizing margin trading.

    PrimeXBT charges a 0.01% fee for ForEx and commodities as well as 0.05% for crypto.

    Prime XBT is mainly unregulated a significant reason why it operates in only a select few regions.

    Prime XBT offers a fantastic platform stacked with essential trade tools to help both novice traders and experts exchange the best crypto. It has a straightforward onboarding process with 100% anonymity and no significant personal details. You can register with your email, set up a password, and accept the terms. The ability to margin-trade cryptocurrencies and traditional assets sets it apart from the other platforms.

    This company has a wide range of asset classes, including:

    • forex
    • commodities like gold and oil
    • popular indices such as the FTSE 100 and the S&P 500
    • major cryptocurrencies such as Litecoin and Ethereum

    Therefore, if you are interested in diversifying your portfolio, Prime XBT might be the best exchange for you. However, a huge downside is that it doesnt serve clients from the U. S. and Canada due to local laws.

    Just Tell Me What To Do

    That was a lot to digest, I know. Take some time to work through it, perhaps explore some of the exchanges mentioned above, do more of your own research, even re-read this article. It is your money and in crypto youre the only one who is really looking out for you. Actually this is not unique to crypto, and applies to any aspect of financial investments.

    If I were just starting out, I would open an account on Voyager and buy a little Bitcoin to get my feet wet.

    What will you do?

    If you have any questions, please comment down below. You can link your Twitter account to the comments on the site so you dont need to create yet another login.

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    Best Crypto Exchange Reviews In Numbers

    As experienced crypto experts & enthusiasts, we made it our mission to take out the complexity of successfully investing in cryptocurrency. Our expert reviewers have developed guides, reviews, tutorials & comparisons so you could find every bit of crypto-related information in one convenient place. Either you’re a newbie or a pro, our fact-checked insights will help you find the top crypto exchanges.

    How & Where To Buy Unifarm In The Uk And Elsewhere


    If youre interested in purchasing the UniFarm token, then you will need access to a trading account. Do your own research before selecting a suitable platform based on your budget and needs. To register an account, provide your full name, contact details and email address. Then, verify the account as per the Know Your Customer procedure and fund your account to start trading.;

    It is recommended that you avoid using decentralised exchanges as they are not regulated properly. For your benefit, here are the two best platforms where you can trade easily.;

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    Threats To Fantom’s Price

    As you can see from above, Fantom is a strong cryptocurrency project with a lot of potential. However, here are some factors that could knock FTM sideways:

    • DeFi regulation: We’re seeing an increase in crypto regulation around the world, and U.S. authorities are particularly concerned about DeFi. The worry is that these products are offering bank-like services without the protections a bank would offer. As a result, we’ll almost certainly see some kind of DeFri crackdown in the future. This could have a knock-on effect on smart contract platforms.
    • Its projects in Afghanistan: Several of Fantom’s real-world projects are based in Afghanistan, which is now back under Taliban control. It isn’t clear what impact the disruption will have on Fantom’s work there, but it’s fair to assume there will be some changes.
    • Technical hitches: Fantom’s technology is different from other blockchains in that its model allows transactions to be processed simultaneously. As the project grows and attracts new users, we’ll get a better idea of how well it can scale.
    • Wider crypto market: The crypto industry as a whole has made some big jumps this month, leading some analysts to warn of an impending drop similar to the one we saw in May. As the largest and oldest cryptocurrency, Bitcoin tends to have an outsized influence on the rest of the market — which could also affect a smaller coin like Fantom.

    Use The Cryptocom App In Case You Are A Newbie To Crypto

    Crypto.coms imaginative and prescient is to make cryptocurrencies accessible for the lots. Their app has actually helped that to grow to be a actuality.

    The person interface is absolutely glossy, and shopping for crypto is very easy since you should purchase crypto from simply USD $1!

    Even should youre a newbie to crypto, youll be able to achieve some publicity to it through the app.

    When youve purchased a considerable amount of crypto, you can begin to earn some curiosity on Crypto Earn as properly!

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    Futures & Derivatives Cryptocurrency Exchanges

    There are also cryptocurrency exchanges that offer futures and derivatives trading. These types trading platforms such as ;and;FTX;are;recommended for experienced traders only.Derivatives trading on margin exchanges requires a thorough understanding of leverage trading and sound risk management principles are required. It is possible to lose more than the initial capital deposited to the platform when short selling Bitcoin or other assets.

    Derivatives trading with Bybit.

    Using leveraged positions is risky and traders can potentially lose more than what they deposited into an account. Advanced traders can use leverage up too 100:1 on positions to long or short the market and take advantage of small price movements. It is possible to grow a trading account very quickly however comes with increased risk.

    Are Cryptocurrency Exchanges Worth It

    Trading 101 – Which Crypto Exchange should I use (It is important)

    This depends on your investment goals and needs. You can invest in cryptocurrencies in more than one place. For instance, both PayPal and SoFi aren’t strictly crypto-focused companies, but both offer digital assets.;

    And if you’re interested in low-cost options, note that you can also trade cryptocurrencies with fee-free brokerages like Webull and Robinhood. The catch with taking this route is that you won’t have as many crypto-specific features as you would with a Kraken or Gemini.;

    You would essentially sacrifice a wider range of investments and account features for lower fees and limited cryptocurrency options. If you’re looking for a wider range of crypto-specific trading tools and account features, a cryptocurrency exchange may be the best option.

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    How Do Crypto Trading Pairs Work

    Cryptocurrency trading pairs work by comparing the cost of one cryptocurrency to another. This is used to establish value. Its not a big difference compared to going to a store and seeing that a product is worth of a certain amount of fiat currency.

    The only difference here is that most people dont use multiple fiat currencies to transact in their everyday lives like we do with cryptocurrency. Trading pairs help to establish the value of an asset when its traded for another asset, thats it.

    Is Buying Bitcoin Safe

    Buying Bitcoin is safe whenever you use a vetted and respected platform. Its important to research any platform where youre considering purchasing Bitcoin before you decide to take the plunge. In terms of Bitcoin being a safe investment, the value fluctuates more frequently than many other traditional investments. If youre looking to support a decentralized method of making payments, Bitcoin can be valuable. However, theres no guarantee or insurance protecting any value of what you’re purchasing.

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