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Which Crypto Exchanges Have Stop Loss

Rewards For Staking Cro

How to set a stop loss in Exchange – BTC CME GAPS

You are given the option to stake CRO on both platforms.

Staking your CRO means that youll lock up your CRO for at least 6 months.

You can stake your CRO on the App,

as well as the Exchange.

Here are some of the benefits that youll receive when staking on either platform:

Syndicate allocation Pay benefits

Depending on the type of benefits that you want to receive, you can choose to stake your CRO on either platform.

You can find out more about staking on the App and Exchange on their website.

Trading Based On Pump/dump Calls

There are Telegram/Discord groups that provide signals for buying/selling crypto. But do they work?

Hell no!

Especially as a beginner, you are better off avoiding such pump and dump schemes.

Such groups are not practical. When thousands of users are acting on the same trading call, the chances of those Signals working is bleak to none.

Moreover, the smart money has already moved in or out and now the beginner trader money is at stake.

It may work when the group is small and the owner is a pro-trader with high ethics. Such groups are paid and are usually very small in size . Either way, you need to have the basic trading skills to take advantage of such signals.

Like other indicators of technical analysis, use these calls as only an indicator and not an actual trade. The trade situation may change wherein you would end up losing more than gaining.

How To Calculate The Biggest Position Size And Profits With Leverage

This table indicates the maximum position size you can take with different accounts sizes from $500, $1000, $5000, and $10,000. We will take a look at the difference between leverage from x5 to x200. This table shows how much capital you will be able to control in active positions in the crypto market.

Maximum position size


When we calculate the potential profits earned from trading cryptocurrencies with leverage itâs obvious that the numbers get more interesting the more leverage we use. This is also a key factor to why it has become so popular. It is definitely possible to earn a lot of money by trading digital assets with leverage and if you do it the right way you can earn more than you expect overnight. Remember to always use a stop loss or trailing stop loss when engaging in leverage trading. Read our guide on cryptocurrency exchanges with stop loss for more information about platforms that offer great order types.

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Best Crypto Exchange To Buy Ethereum

With the surge in the ETH price sitting near its all time high, investors are flocking to cryptocurrency exchanges to obtain Ethereum fast. The best method for US customers to get Ethereum with USD is to use a local cryptocurrency exchange such Coinbase. The exchange provides an all-in-one shop for investors to buy, trade and sell Ethereum back to USD.

Futures & Derivatives Cryptocurrency Exchanges


There are also cryptocurrency exchanges that offer futures and derivatives trading. These types trading platforms such as and FTX are recommended for experienced traders only.Derivatives trading on margin exchanges requires a thorough understanding of leverage trading and sound risk management principles are required. It is possible to lose more than the initial capital deposited to the platform when short selling Bitcoin or other assets.

Derivatives trading with Bybit.

Using leveraged positions is risky and traders can potentially lose more than what they deposited into an account. Advanced traders can use leverage up too 100:1 on positions to long or short the market and take advantage of small price movements. It is possible to grow a trading account very quickly however comes with increased risk.

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Liquidation Happens When A Trader Has Insufficient Funds To Keep A Leveraged Trade Open

Financial crisis concept

The crypto markets high volatility means liquidations are a common occurrence.

Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are renowned for being high-risk investments prone to extreme price swings. But while this volatility makes them a concern for regulators, it also presents an opportunity for investors to generate significant profits, particularly when compared to traditional asset classes like stocks and commodities. Over 2020, amid the coronavirus outbreak, bitcoin ended the year up 160% versus the S& P 500 at 14% and gold up 22%.

Adding to this volatility is the potential to increase the size of crypto trading positions through the use of derivatives products like , perpetual swaps and futures. Derivatives are contracts based on the price of an underlying asset and allow people to bet on the asset’s future price. Crypto derivatives first appeared in 2011 and have gathered huge momentum in more recent years, especially among gung-ho retail investors looking to get the most out of their trading strategies.

With margin trading, traders can increase their earning potential by using borrowed funds from a cryptocurrency exchange. Binance, Huobi and Bitmex are some of the leading examples of centralized crypto exchanges that allow customers to trade on margin.

Take Profit Limit Order

When you place such an order, it will actually trigger a limit order to buy or a limit order to sell as soon as the market reaches the profit target level.

If you intend to go long, by setting a lower limit price than the profit target price you will have a greater chance to have your limit order filled.

If you intend to go short, by setting a higher limit price than the profit target price you will have a greater chance to have your limit order filled.

Let us go back to the example above. You buy 1 coin at $10 000 and wish to ensure a profit of $1 000. To do so, you may place a take profit limit order to sell, while setting a profit target price of $11 000 and a limit price of $11 000.

There are also the so called combined orders such as the following:

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Three Amazing Crypto Exchanges That Support The Stop Loss Function

Stop losses are not a new thing in the world of finance. They have been in existence for a long time especially in stock markets. By definition, a stop loss is a type of order that aims at limiting a possible loss on a cryptocurrency trade. Typically, when you buy cryptocurrency then prices go up you gain and when prices fall you lose.

The concept of a stop loss is whereby you place a sell order at a price less than that at the time of purchase. Once the price falls to the stop limit, it automatically triggers a sale thus avoiding too much loss of cash. Cryptocurrency exchanges also make heavy use of stop limits. The following cryptos have well defined capabilities of creating stop losses.


This exchange has a simple and intuitive user interface that enables quick transactions. Upon logging in you will find the stop loss option on the top menu. Click on it and you get redirected to a different page where all the magic happens. In this new page you will find a stop order box with spaces in which you should enter the following.

  • Your stop price
  • A limit price of your choice
  • The amount of tokens to sell


This is also another exchange that is quite simple to use. Just log into your account and get started. You will find the stop-limit box on the main screen. Similar to binance, this box has three inputs namely the stop, the limit and the amount. Let us go over an example each of buying and selling.


Stop: 0.025 BTC

Limit: 0.024 BTC

Amount: 1000 LTC


Trailing Stop Order: A Definitive Guide By Good Crypto App

Why you should be using STOP orders (stop-loss) as a crypto trader!

Trailing Stop orders are regarded as one of the best crypto trading tools and rightfully so. By mastering trailing stop orders you will become a much better crypto trader and your P& L will thank you!

Whether you are looking to enter a position or close an existing one Trailing Stop order is there to help, allowing you to buy exactly when the downtrend reverses and sell after the uptrend runs out of steam.

Despite being available on most popular stock and forex trading platforms, from Thinkorswim to Robinhood, Trailing Stop is a rare sighting in crypto trading. At the moment, only four spot crypto exchanges and three derivatives exchanges support Trailing Stop Market orders. ZERO crypto exchanges support Trailing Stop Limit orders. If you are trying to find Trailing Stop on Binance or Coinbase Pro you are out of luck.

We at Good Crypto believe that every crypto trader should have the best trading tools at her disposal. That is why the Good Crypto app offers synthetic Trailing Stop Market and Trailing Stop Limit orders for every crypto exchange we support. You can use Trailing Stop orders whether you trade on Binance, Coinbase Pro, Kraken, Bittrex, or any of the other 25 exchanges in the app.

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Crypto Margin Trading Laws And Regulations In The Usa

The biggest question we see among US traders is âis crypto trading illegal in the USA?â and the answer to that is not at all clear yet. Why is there no direct answer to this simple question for US traders? Let me explain. If the exchange is not properly regulated it is actually illegal to promote derivatives products, and this is why it is so difficult to find an honest platform that offers margin trading for cryptocurrencies. To be able to offer leveraged derivatives products in the United States you first need to be regulated as a Money Service Business by the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network .

When filing for an MSB approval certain things must be in check to receive the license, for example, the platform needs to have a know your customer system that tags all customers and their identities. The exchange has to comply with anti-money laundering and combat the financing of terrorism acts. There are several regulatory bodies in the United States, for example, the Securities and Exchange Commission which regards cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin as a security, and the Commodities and Futures Trading Commission sees digital assets as commodities.

This creates some barriers that are yet to be taken down before we can see a clear regulatory landscape in the country. Until the regulatory bodies have agreed on how to regulate digital assets, US traders will stay in the gray zone with only a few platforms to turn to when it comes to trading cryptocurrencies on margin.

Creative And Cautious Trading

The majority of crypto exchanges have stop-loss and take-profit orders. They come in handy while trading to protect traders from volatility and plunging prices. Downswings can liquidate trading positions in seconds. So its vital to decide how much risk you are willing to accept how much you can afford to lose before entering a trade.

Stop-loss orders allow you to specify an asset price where your trade will close automatically. It enables traders to avoid further loss if it occurs. Meanwhile, take-profit orders serve to close trades that are already profitable.

Although a stop-loss can protect you from price plunges, it also prevents you from profiting from an upswing.

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Not Maintaining A Trading Journal

This is perhaps the biggest mistake many beginner crypto traders commit. Writing down why you are taking a trade and analyzing them at a later stage helps you answer the following:

  • Why specific trades are giving excellent results?
  • Why you are losing some trades?

Maintaining a trading journal will help you to improve your trading strategy with time.

Here is how Im doing it:

You can always use excel or a paper journal. It is something that has proven to graduate a beginner to the next level of mastering crypto trading.

How To Use Coinbase Pro


If you already have a Coinbase account, you can use your Coinbase login email address for your Coinbase Pro account. This instantly links your Coinbase account and moves money in all currency across your Coinbase balance, and your Coinbase Pro account is incorporated into the experience. Log In to create your account. If you are already signed in to, you will be asked to agree to the Coinbase Pro User Terms and may be asked for further information.

Please remember that a single person may only have one account with Coinbase Pro and Please use the same login email address if you currently have a Coinbase account and want to establish a Coinbase Pro account.

Here is a step-by-step process to create your account:

1. Visit to get started

2. Enter your account information, such as your name and email address. Youll get an email requesting you to confirm your address.

3. After youve confirmed your email address, youll be asked to input your phone number. Please provide a mobile phone number since you will be needed to confirm the phone number by SMS.

4. You will be prompted to submit your name, date of birth, residence, purpose, source of finances, profession, and employer, depending on the area you are in.

5. You will be required to upload or snap a picture of your government-issued ID.

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How Does A Stop

To start off, we should note that stop-limit orders require the setting of two different price points. The first one is Stop, which is the start of the specified target price, while the other is a Limit, which is outside of the price that you target for the trade.

In addition to that, a broker will also need you to decide on the timeframe, during which the order should be considered executable.

The ability to decide on these conditions gives you, the trader, very precise control over when the order is to be filled. However, there is also a potential downside to this, which is the lack of a guarantee that your trade will ever be executed.

You see, if your instructions say that the trade should be executed only when the price reaches a certain high or low, and the price never goes that high up or down, the trade will not take place. However, more than that, you need the price to reach the desired levels during the set timeframe, too.

So, you see, while you can be rather precise with your instructions, the price needs to behave in a very specific way to meet your conditions, and do it within a selected timeframe.

What Are The Best Crypto Exchanges For Beginners

Coinbase is one of the most popular bitcoin exchanges and is perfect for beginners, with millions of users regularly.

The site is designed in such a way that newcomers can easily browse through the platform. The Coinbase UI is incredibly user friendly and intuitive. With superb website performance, trade is always just a click or two away.

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Which Exchanges Offer Stop

In case of a sudden price drop, I want to sell my coins automatically. MtGox doesn’t have an option for this, which exchanges do? offers a number of advanced trading options and a good guide on how to use them.

    Advanced Order Types:

    • Stop Loss, Take Profit
    • Stop Loss, Take Profit Limit

    Though their volume is very low for USD trades,, they are popular for EURO-BTX trades and offer fee-less SEPA transfers and low trade fees.

    BTX Trader will let you create stop-loss orders on top of your account on Bitstamp, BTC-E, Mt. Gox, BTC China and CampBX.

    It’s not same as an exchange-hosted stop-loss order but a close second.

    Disclosure: I’m one of the founders of BTX Trader.

    • The problem with BTX Trader is that its a desktop client, so when I shutdown my computer, the stop-loss will not be triggered. An alternative would be, which is a hosted solution, but the problem with external stop-loss scripts is that your order will not be executed in the same ‘order’ as it would be with native stop-loss.Jan 6 ’14 at 10:27
    • 4The stop loss orders on BTX Trader are hosted on the backend. They will execute even if the desktop client is not running.

    yes, stop-loss or stop limit are offered by BitKonan

    but market must be liquid enough to make this function working

    No software downloads, no browser plug-ins required and no deposits. Simply login your account, place rules & alertsgoodluck…

    Advantages Of Advanced Orders


    Advanced orders help managing risk while allowing certain amount of flexibility in trading assets without the need to monitor the market 24 hours a day. You can set specific prices to get into the market, minimize possible losses while maximizing possible profits, without worrying too much for your open trades.

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    Advanced Limit Order Options

    When selecting a limit order, expand the Advanced section to reveal the following Time in Force policies:

    • Good ‘Til Canceled – This order will be placed on the order book and remain valid until you cancel it
    • Immediate or Cancel – This order will be placed and if it is not immediately filled, it will automatically be cancelled and removed from the order book
    • Fill or Kill – This order will only complete if the entire amount can be matched. Partial matches are not filled with this order type and will not execute

    Time in force policies provide guarantees about the lifetime of an order. These types of orders provide advanced options you may be familiar with when trading traditional assets.

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