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Why Is Crypto Dropping So Much

Bitcoin Price In Limbo


The price of bitcoin briefly rose above $60,000 earlier but has since dipped back below.

It has now traded within the relatively narrow band between $59,000 and $61,000 for the last 24 hours. Investors will be keeping a close eye on which way it breaks out, as the direction could prove telling for the short-to-medium term momentum of BTC and the overall crypto market.

Should I Invest In Cryptocurrency

People invest at their own risk and cryptocurrencies are not regulated by British financial authorities.

All crypto investments are risky, but meme coins like Shiba Inu are particularly volatile, and you should be prepared to lose everything you invest.

The Financial Conduct Authority warned in January: Investing in cryptoassets, or investments and lending linked to them, generally involves taking very high risks with investors money.

If consumers invest in these types of product, they should be prepared to lose all their money.

When Was The Last Major Crypto Crash

In June, the Chinese Government cracked down on considerable crypto mining operations taking place in the Sichuan province and demanded that Chinese banks and payment channels stop supporting decentralised and anonymous crypto transactions.

This saw Bitcoin prices tumble to below $30,000 in a dramatic plummet from its soaring success.

The cryptocurrency has continued to rise and fall as other global administrations and regulators mull legislation to curb increased crypto activity often attributed to laundering and crime.

Following the Chinese states move, countries like South Korea also pledged to tackle the rise in money laundering taking place via cryptocurrency, while the Metropolitan Police announced that it had successfully closed in on a huge UK cryptocurrency money-laundering operation.

July saw the Met seize a cryptocurrency operation valued at £180million in the UKs largest cryptocurrency seizure to date.

In turn, cryptocurrency exchange platforms such as Binance have been feeling the heat across the world as regulators and governments have started to pay close attention to the operations of such platforms in the wake of the global crackdown on crypto.

The result of this saw Bitcoins highest prices sliced in half in June, with the coin struggling to break out of the low to mid $30k price range until it received a welcome boost from Tesla founder Elon Musk in his appearance at major Bitcoin conference in July.

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Wait Im Confused Why Sow Confusion

Project A using Project Bs branding to market itself is inherently confusing.

The same dynamic is at play with CLLs usage of Casper except its not only normies getting confused and misrouted. Even experienced blockchain actors and investors lack clarity regarding CLLs network, token, affiliations, and intentions.

To be clear, well never know the full scope of the relationship between Zamfir and CLL, even if this case went to trial. Nor will we ever know the full range of motivations that resulted in two crypto players turning to a U.S. federal court for relief. .

Nevertheless, we can still learn a lot from analyzing this lawsuit through a broader aperture of substantive and procedural postures. These postures may represent new forms of crypto impact litigation, shed light on similar types of lawsuits to come, and serve as important historical precedent in both legal and extra-legal ways. These data points and trajectories are incredibly valuable on their own, irrespective of he said she said allegations in the fog of memory and litigation.

What is clear from the pleadings in Zamfir v. CasperLabs is that this dispute is far more consequential than an ordinary commercial name squabble. Beneath the surface trademark issues, the central faultlines are longstanding yet spasmodic cultural rifts between open-source communities and more proprietary-minded teams. As such, outcomes here will go on to influence our digital and physical realities for decades.

Why Is Crypto Going Down Will The Slide Continue

Why Did Crypto Drop Today : Why did Crypto drop? Profits ...

Bitcoin is the face of the cryptocurrency market. And the majority of price movement within the market is dependent on Bitcoins success or failure.

For example, most altcoins face volatility when Bitcoin begins to drop. Anything from negative press to government crackdowns can cause a chain reaction that leads to a crypto crash.

At the moment, Bitcoin is trading around $30,000 after hitting an all-time high of $64,829.14 in April. So why is crypto going down so quickly after most digital currencies were reaching new highs in recent months?

Recent government crackdowns and the resulting backlash have led to market uncertainty and volatility. And while most experts believe its only a matter of time before the crypto market recovers, many investors are trying to determine if nows the time to get in or get out.

So lets take a look at the bigger picture. Bitcoin finished June down 6%, and the volatility has continued into July. On the other side of the crypto spectrum, the meme token Dogecoin is down more than 70% over the past two months after hitting an all-time high of $0.740796.

According to a CryptoCompare, trading volume on Coinbase, Binance, Bitstamp and Kraken fell more than 40% in June. These are some of the largest and most popular cryptocurrency exchanges. And in total, the crypto market lost more than $1.3 trillion in a two-week span.

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Ripple Is Losing Retail Investors

Without smart contracts, Ripple is inadequate for the needs of the market. It cannot offer capabilities beyond transacting XRP and issuing pegged tokens. Meanwhile, decentralized applications and decentralized finance have caught the attention of the market, sucking up liquidity.

As a result, XRPL is losing the attention of retail. Even though nearly a million users follow the projects official Twitter account, only about 0.2% of them are active.

Retail usage of XRP Ledger is also flatlining. Outside of spam, genuine transaction activity is abysmal. Active addresses, an indicator of retail usage, shows that few people are using the cryptocurrency.

XRP Daily Active Addresses


That said, Flare, a project that focuses on bringing XRPL to the dApp space by implementing smart contracts, is currently in the testnet stage. If its successful, XRP may earn back some of the markets attention. However, growing a developer community and a vibrant ecosystem of dApps will require more effort on Ripples part.

What Happened To The Price

A on May 18 statement posted on the Chinese Banking Association’s website said financial institutions should “resolutely refrain” from providing services using digital currencies because of their volatility.

Virtually every cryptocurrency fell after the industry group’s statement. Bitcoin slumped to $30,202 before recovering to $38,038, down 12% on the day, according to Coindesk. Most cryptocurrencies lost between 7% and 22% of their value and shares of Coinbase dropped 5.4%.

And China isn’t the only country clamping down on cryptocurrencies. Many banks in the Middle East are also barred from dealing in bitcoin, while U.S., regulators appear to be leaning toward more actively monitoring cryptocurrencies. On Thursday, the Treasury Department said it would require businesses to report any bitcoin payment over $10,000, citing an effort to crack down on tax evasion.

The value of bitcoin can change by thousands of dollars in a short time period. On the last trading day of 2020, bitcoin closed just under $30,000. In mid-April, it flirted with $65,000. The price bounced around after that, with some notable swings, before taking a decidedly negative turn last week.

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In A Series Exploring The Nature Function And Limits Of Trademark Law In Crypto Wrapped In Terms Of Legitimacy

If Google decided to basically clone Ethereums Proof-of-Stake research and launch its own blockchain under the name Casper , would that be legal?

Beyond its immediately legality, would that maneuver be legitimate in the eyes of the global blockchain community? Would it be legitimate in the eyes of nonchainers who are, as we speak, researching hundreds of blockchain projects in search of their first friendly entry point into the space?

These twin questions of legality and legitimacy are currently being tested in the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of California. Theyre also being tested in the hearts and minds of blockchainers worldwide.

In effort to safeguard Casper for Ethereum, on March 17, 2021, an OG Etherean filed a lawsuit against a former affiliate alleging that their use of the Casper name is illegitimate, and bottom line illegal.

What Are The Prices Of Ethereum Shiba Inu And Cardano Today

Why did Bitcoin Drop So Much?

With cryptocurrencies often moving in tandem with Bitcoin, Ethereum, the cryptocurrency synonymous with the rising crypto trend of NFTs, was trading down more than 7% on Tuesday after hitting a new record high of almost $5,000 last week.

Ethereums price was fluctuating at around $4,316.19 at 2.30pm on Tuesday down from $4,842.54 at 6am on 9 November.

The hype surrounding popular memecoin Dogecoin had appeared to diminish recently as new altcoins took centre stage.

Shiba Inu coin is trading up at approximately $0.00005060 as of 2.30pm today after smashing through multiple record highs in late October.

Dogecoin, meanwhile, was trading down by approximately 6.5% on the last 24 hours at $0.24 on Tuesday afternoon.

Meanwhile, Cardano prices are fluctuating around $1.93 in a 6% fall on the last 24 hours, XRP was down 7% at $1.11 and Solana at $226.32 as of 2.35pm on Tuesday.

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Fatf Guidelines Have Caused Delistings In South Korea

In South Korea, OKEx and Upbit said over the course of the last several weeks that they would be delisting five privacy-focused coins in order to comply with the Financial Action Task Forces new guidelines on cryptocurrency transactions and customer identity information.

On September 10th, OKEx axed Dash , Monero , Super Bitcoin , Horizen , and Zcash , writing in an announcement that according to the statement corresponding to FATF R.16, OKEx Korea has restricted its implementation as the travel rule recommends that exchanges be able to collect relevant information such as the name and address of the sender and recipient of the virtual asset.

The exchange explained that privacy-oriented cryptocurrencies, aka dark coins, made it difficult for the exchange to effectively follow the FATFs guidelines.

Two weeks later, Upbit made a similar announcement. Although it did not specifically cite the FATFs new guidelines, the proximity to OKExs decision to drop several privacy coins may imply that the decision was made for a similar reason. The exchange dropped Monero, Zcash, Dash, Haven, BitTube, and PIVX, explaining that the decision to end trading support for the crypto-asset was also made to block the possibility of money laundering and inflow from external networks.

While there havent been any other instances of delisting associated with the FATFs guidelines, there could be more as the January compliance deadline continues to draw closer.

What The Infrastructure Bill Says About Cryptocurrency

#SHIBARMY my personal opinion on what is causing chaos in the crypto world is the signing of the infrastructure bill late yesterday. Its caused a lot of fear over taxes. Stay strong and hold this will pass


The infrastructure bill, or the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act , has been officially signed into law by President Biden. The bill includes $1.2 trillion in total spending allocation, including $550 billion in new spending.

Within the bill are two key points that impact cryptocurrency taxes. The government’s goal is to use cryptocurrency taxes to help fund the initiatives. As a result, the government’s definition of what a cryptocurrency“broker” is has expanded and brokers must issue 1099-like forms disclosing their customers. Additionally, any business or exchange receiving at least $10,000 in cryptocurrency payments must report it each time.

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Why Is The Price Of Bitcoin And Other Cryptocurrencies Falling

May 24, 2021 / 9:17 AM / CBS/AP

Although the price of bitcoin has partly rebounded after last week’s rout, the digital currrency remains well off its April 13 high of nearly $65,000. In early trading on Monday bitcoin fetched $38,477, up 12% from the previous day, according to

The extreme volatility that has marked bitcoin’s emergence in recent years was on full display when its price plunged as much as 29% earlier this month after financial regulators in China banned domestic banks and other financial institutions from supporting bitcoin. That includes processing payments, allowing customers to hold bitcoin in their accounts and converting bitcoin into yuan or any other currency.

Such roller-coaster swings in bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, which have also been buffeted of late, is raising questions about their risks as investments and viability as financial assets. Here’s what you should know.

What Investors Should Know

Is Crypto Crashing / Why Is Crypto Crashing These Stats ...

If youre investing in cryptocurrency, expect volatility to continue. Thats why experts recommend keeping your crypto investments to less than 5% of your total portfolio.

I know these things are super volatile, like some days they can go down 80%, Humphrey Yang, the personal finance expert behind Humphrey Talks, previously told NextAdvisor. But if you believe in the long-term potential of , just dont check on it. Thats the best thing you can do.

Just like you shouldnt let a price drop influence your decision to buy crypto, dont let a sudden price increase alter your long-term investment strategy. Even more importantly, dont start buying more crypto just because the price is rising. Always make sure your financial bases are covered from your retirement accounts to emergency savings before putting any extra cash into a speculative asset like Bitcoin.

Bitcoins latest big jump also isnt anything new. While in the long-term Bitcoins price has generally gone up, we experience a lot of volatility along the way, says Kiana Danial, founder of Invest Diva.

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Investors should continue to hold and not worry about the fluctuations, like Danial, who says shes not jumping on the hype.

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The I Newsletter Cut Through The Noise

Bitcoin and other leading crypto coins experienced a significant drop in share price after investors began dumping mining equipment as China announced fresh regulations.

  • Bitcoin -1.95%
  • Binance Coin -7.75%
  • Tether +0.22%
  • SHIBA INU -5.68%
  • Avalanche +7.39
  • Terra -8.05%
  • Litecoin -7.40%

It follows recent crashes brought on by Tesla making a u-turn on accepting Bitcoin as payment for its products and China clamping down on initial coin offerings, block exchanges and warned against speculative trading.

A further blow was dealt when China ordered Bitcoin mining in its Sichuan province to shut down completely and furthermore told banks to stop supporting crypto transactions, in a latest wave of restrictions on cryptos.

Now the countrys central bank, Peoples Bank of China, has effectively banned digital coins after announcing all transactions of cryptocurrencies are illegal.

The decision has already had an impact on the global crypto market.

This is whats going on in the world of cryptocurrencies

What Happens After A Delisting

Regardless of the reason, a delisting is never good news for a cryptocurrency. After all, the less available a coin is, the smaller the capital can flow into that coins market.

Additionally, traders may find themselves between a rock and a hard place: either forced to sell all of their holdings of the delisted asset, or to take pains to move them onto another exchange or OTC platform where they can still be traded: if you want to transact with the asset in the future youll need to make sure that you have an account on an exchange that supports it, go through an OTC desk, or direct trade with a trusted party who has an interest in buying/selling it, wrote Megan Knab, Founder & CEO of VeriLedger, in a Medium post.

But delisting may not necessarily be the end of the world for a cryptocurrency. Jimmy Nguyen told Finance Magnates of the BSV delistings that certainly, it was a dramatic event at the time, and we were not pleased that it happened.

Ultimately, though, the network seems to be doing fine: BSVs price took an immediate hit when that happened, but its recovered, and its higher than it was at the time of the delistings, which Nguyen said he believes is because of the organic value thats being built and demonstrated on the network over time.

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What Is Shiba Inu Coin

On its website, Shiba Token calls itself an experiment in decentralised spontaneous community building.

It is listed on its own decentralised exchange called ShibaSwap.

According to Binance, the total supply of Shiba Tokens is one quadrillion and the current circulating supply is 100 per cent.

The Shiba Token website says 50 per cent of the total supply has been locked to Uniswap, a decentralised finance protocol that facilitates automated transactions between cryptocurrency tokens on the Ethereum blockchain.

The remaining 50 per cent was burned to Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin.

Everyone has to buy on the open market, ensuring a fair and complete distribution where devs dont own team tokens they can dump on the community, the website states.

However, according to Binance, the top no 1, no 2 and no 5 wallets hold 50.5 per cent, 7 per cent and 3 per cent of total supply respectively.

The coins mascot is the Shiba Inu dog, the same breed that represents Dogecoin. It has also nicknamed itself the Dogecoin Killer.

Why Are Cryptos Falling

Why Dogecoin got dropped so much? Where is bottom for Bitcoin, Ethereum, XRP, Cardano, Doge?

After topping $64,000 in April, bitcoin has struggled to reclaim its all-time highs since then following a series of events. It came under pressure in May after tech billionaire Elon Musk, who has driven traders into frenzies by mentioning cryptos at times, said Tesla will stop using Bitcoin as a form of payment over concerns of the cryptocurrency’s impact on fossil fuels.

Since then, cryptos have gyrated as coins such as ethereum typically to move in tandem with bitcoin.

In early June, bitcoin fell further amid concerns of its use in the Colonial Pipeline ransomware attack.

Bitcoin, for instance, briefly touched $40,000 last week and fell again Monday after China’s central bank deepened a crackdown on cryptocurrencies. China’s central bank said it ordered some banks and payment firms, including China Construction Bank and Alipay, to crack down further on cryptocurrency trading.

Bitcoin shed more than 10% on Monday, its largest one-day drop in over a month.

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