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Will The Crypto Market Bounce Back

Factors Contributing To The Recent Crypto Crash

Crypto market crash explained. Will bounce back but the scared will lose money

Whenever any investment or sector starts to decline, it helps to look at the big picture. This can determine whether the sell-off is due to the specific investment itself, or if there are larger factors at play.

In the case of crypto, much of the sector’s decline is related to the Federal Reserve’s recent announcement that it plans to hike interest rates and roll back stimulus measures intended to boost the economy.

During periods of economic uncertainty, investors tend to move away from risky investments and put their money behind safer options like bonds or blue chip stocks. While this doesn’t bode well for crypto in the short term, it’s not necessarily a bad thing.

Cryptocurrency is a long-term investment, and the current uncertainty won’t last forever. At some point, investors will be more willing to take on risk, and there will likely be a renewed interest in crypto.

Crypto Market Will Bounce Back Claims Billionaire Tim Draper

    As the period of uncertainty for the crypto space continues, not everyone seems to be equally as scared for the future of digital currencies. Despite the recent Bitcoin sell-off, billionaire and major crypto investor, Tim Draper, seems to believe that a period of recovery is about to start soon.

    While even the near future of Bitcoin and other digital currencies cannot be predicted with accuracy, Draper believes that Bitcoin value is going to keep getting higher, especially in the next several years. In fact, he even stated that cryptocurrencies will likely overtake fiat currencies at some point in the future.

    During the Las Vegas-based World Crypto Con, Draper stated that cryptocurrencies will be much easier to spend, use, and invest with, in the near future. People will be able to do whatever they want with them since they are frictionless and they cost less. These reduced costs alone will be a significant improvement for people, according to Draper.

    He believes that for these and other, similar reasons, people will eventually want to move to cryptocurrencies, while fiat currencies, which he calls political currencies, will be left behind.

    In the meanwhile, the market remains unstable, with Bitcoin often going below and above $4,000 per coin. The lowest that it ended up being this year was at around $3,700, which happened only days ago, while Bitcoins current price remains slightly over $4,000.

    When Will Crypto Recover A Top Analyst Argues Soon As Bears Slow On Selling

    As Bitcoin runs into its most major volatility since early summer, its holders are taking whatever profits they can. This is in turn driving Bitcoin prices down further. And, as has been proven time and time again, Bitcoin prices reflect the shape of the entire market. As the crypto whose market capitalization makes up nearly 50% of the entire asset class, a downturn in BTC prices leads to a downturn in crypto prices whether or not the market recuperates can then be reflected in a Bitcoin upswing.

    Light posted a series of tweets over the weekend discussing Bitcoins recent behaviors and the bears selling of assets Light says that bears are the only thing holding BTC prices down at the moment. Indeed, analysis by the influencer shows massive influxes of selling around the time of BTCs $69,000 all-time high they say the objective market participants were unfazed by the prospects of further gains as bulls momentum finally started to wane.

    The selling weighed on an already sagging market, Light says before also comparing the behavior to that reflected in equity short-selling in 2021. They justify the comparison by evidencing both markets as illiquid and absent justifiable fundamental values.

    On the date of publication, Brenden Rearick did not have any positions in the securities mentioned in this article. The opinions expressed in this article are those of the writer, subject to the Publishing Guidelines.

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    Bitcoin Price News Live: Tech Ceo Michael Saylor Says Btc Is Better Than Gold Amid Crypto Market Bounce Back

    After a surge in Bitcoins value on Monday following a major upgrade to its network, the cryptocurrency has plunged by over 6 per cent in the last 24 hours to below $61,000 on Tuesday morning.

    Several other leading cryptocurrencies, including Ethereum , Solana , and Cardano , as well as the meme coins dogecoin and shib inu, have also dropped in value in the last day.

    Most of the top 10 cryptocurrencies are down by between 6 to 10 per cent, with the mini crash coming less than a week after several of them hit all-time highs.

    Bitcoins price is yet to dip below $60,000 and appears to be bolstered by the rollout of the long-awaited Taproot update over the weekend, which improves both the privacy and security of BTC.

    The price falls wiped more than a hundred billion dollars from the overall crypto market, though it remains above $2.5 trillion.

    You can follow all the latest news, analysis and expert price predictions right here.

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    • Bitcoin price prediction model of $135k by Christmas still in play’

    Surprise New Year Stimulus Checks Are Being Sent Out This Week

    Crypto Market Crash?  Altcoins to Buy Right Now!  When ...

    “In this murky world, where the use case of crypto currencies is far from proven, traders should only dabble with money they can afford to lose.

    Laith Khalaf, financial analyst at AJ Bell, added: “The difficulty with crypto is that the possible outcomes are extreme – either high loss or high return.

    He added: “The difficulty is crypto offers little or no economic value in the here and now, and an extremely unpredictable value in the future, as its long term adoption by businesses and consumers is uncertain, to say the least.”

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    Breaking: Bitcoin Price Breaks New Record

    Wednesday 10 November 2021 14:27 , Anthony Cuthbertson

    Another day, another all-time high. Bitcoin is on a roll this week, reaching above $68,500 on CoinMarketCaps price index just now to break another record.

    Ethereum has also followed suit, hitting its own record high just a few minutes later, while Binance Coin has surged more than 20 per cent over the last 24 hours to close in on its own record.

    The overall crypto market is now tantalisingly close to $3 trillion, clocking in at $2.96 trillion.

    You can read the full story here:

    Bitcoin Price Of $69420 Next Target

    Wednesday 10 November 2021 16:40 , Anthony Cuthbertson

    Bitcoin forums and social media platforms are filling with calls to pump the price to $69,420 in order to achieve the cryptocurrencys prophecy.

    The target represents the two favourite numbers of online meme boys and edgelords: one being a sex position and the other being weed slang. Bitcoin advocate Elon Musk has previously used the number as the price for one of his Tesla vehicles.

    One user on the popular sub-Reddit called on fellow investors to Hodl Hodl until the price is reached, with the post receiving hundreds of upvotes.

    $69420 represents Sex, Weed, 21M, Meme and #Bitcoin.Once we reach this, Hyperbitcoinisation Prophecy will be fulfilled.

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    Bitcoin Taking Market Share From Gold

    Bitcoin will take market share away from gold in 2022, according to Goldman Sachs analyst Zach Pandl, who predicts the cryptocurrency will become more universally adopted.

    Bitcoin is often referred to as digital gold due to its inbuilt scarcity and utility as a store of value, with some believing it could challenge the precious metals historical dominance.

    Bitcoin may have applications beyond simply a store of value – and digital asset markets are much bigger than bitcoin – but we think that comparing its market capitalisation to gold can help put parameters on plausible outcomes for Bitcoin returns, Mr Pandl wrote in a research note.

    Student Accidentally Makes A Fortune After Making Joke Nft

    Crypto Market Bounces Back After Sell Offs On Variant Scare

    An Indonesian student, who thought it might be funny to turn a collection of selfies into non-fungible tokens , has made a fortune.

    Over the last few days, individual selfies have been reaching up to 4 ETH , while the entire series of nearly 1,000 selfie NFTs is valued at around 374 ETH . You can read Sultan Gustaf Al Ghozalis full story here.

    If youre unfamiliar with NFTs, feel free to check out our guide. You can also listen my attempt to explain them on the latest episode of Ed Milibands Reasons to be Cheerful podcast, where I also tried to unpick the hype surrounding them, and speculated on their future potential.

    Hello! This week we continue our foray into all things Web 3.0 by taking on NFTs, or Non-Fungible-Tokens. If youre lost already then dont worry, so were we, until we spoke to our enlightened …

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    Bitcoin Price Crash Prompts Mcdonalds Memes

    As is customary now following a severe price dip, McDonalds memes are doing the rounds on social media.

    The meme became popular following last years crash, after a screengrab of a fake tweet from the fast food giant went viral. It stated: Hey crypto bros we got you… Apply below.

    Among those sharing the meme this time around is El Salvador President Nayib Bukele, who went as far as changing his profile picture on Twitter, and prominent market analyst PlanB. Both have predicted big things for bitcoin in 2022, though not necessarily in this direction.

    What Price Did Bitcoin Drop To

    The crash saw the price of Bitcoin plummet to £21,719.56 at around 10.45am on 20 July – around half the value from its record high of £47,240.05 on 14 April 2021.

    The drop in price was significant and was level with mid-January 2021 levels before the crypto enjoyed a fruitful three months which saw its value skyrocket.

    Its valuation was boosted by the news that Tesla had bought $1.5b of Bitcoin shares, which in turn sent the market price of both the crypto and Tesla soaring.

    Yet Teslas decision to reverse its policy to accept Bitcoin as payment for its products sparked a downward spiral for the crypto – 21.43% down – and fellow digital currencies.

    Ethereum experienced a 35.56% drop, Binance Coin dropped 45.20%, Dogecoin was down 35.12%, Uniswap -45.42% and Litecoin -44.55%, according to

    There have been fluctuations since, with a 7.66% market drop in the 24 hours prior to 12.45pm on Monday 24 January 2022.

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    Should You Sell Or Hold Your Crypto Assets

    The Quint spoke to Industry experts to understand whether investors should sell or hold cryptocurrencies.

    Chandra believes that Investors should hold a long term view of the digital assets market. Altcoins and Ethereum will bounce back swiftly. “Amateur investors would be better off staying away from the market. The current volatility would be overwhelming for newbies in the crypto space,”he said.

    Meanwhile, Mehta said that holding on to Bitcoin and Ethereum will be a wise option. “Amateur investors should begin buying slowly and steadily through a systematic plan spread over the next couple of years at least,” he added.

    Bitcoin Is Rising From Its Slumber Is Now A Good Time To Buy

    Crypto Bounces Back

    Will it get up and continue on with its day, or yawn and go back to sleep for a few more years?

    13 January 2022 by James Booth

    Bitcoins price has been on the decline since early November 2021, when it hit its all-time high of $69,000 . Since then it has sunk as low as $40,664 on the 9th of January . Since the 11th, however, it has been increasing in price. Today, at the time of writing, on the 13th of January, it is sitting at $43,797 in price.

    So: is Bitcoin going to continue stabilising in price? Is Bitcoin going to plunge even further ? Or is this is all fun and games in a notoriously volatile market?

    First, lets look at why it might have dropped. First of all, it should be pointed out that crypto has a natural cycle where people have a tendency to sell soon after assets hit record highs .

    Even before this latest drop first started to really fall, the market wasnt faring fantastically. Forbes reported on December the 3rd, 2021, that Bitcoin and other crypto prices had fallen sharply, wiping around $300 billion USD off the combined crypto market in just two days.

    Bitcoin was trading as high as $69,000 just weeks before that. So it fell by about 30% in that moment, and in the following weeks up until January the 11th, shed almost half its value.

    Bitcoins drop was followed by serious slumps in other prominent tokens, including Ethereum, Binances BNB, Solana, Cardano and Ripples XRP.

    But why did Bitcoin itself drop?

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    Mini Price Crash Prompts Calls To Buy The Dip’

    Thursday 11 November 2021 11:13 , Anthony Cuthbertson

    As has now become common throughout this record-breaking market rally, the latest flash crash has led to semi-ironic celebrations across social media and bitcoin forums to buy the dip.

    One popular post on r/Bitcoin stated: Time to stock up while its on sale!

    Even famed whistleblower Edward Snowden, who last tweeted bout buying bitcoin in March 2020 when it briefly crashed below $5,000.

    Edward Snowden

    With a new record high yesterday, every single flash crash so far in 2021 has proved to be a flash sale, as every time it has recovered to another al-time high.

    Eventually, however, market momentum may run out, and the crash could take years, rather than days or months, to fully recover.

    Buy the dip they said.Cause I’m freee.. freeee faaaaaalling.

    Muslims Told To Stop Using Bitcoin In Indonesia

    Thursday 11 November 2021 15:04 , Anthony Cuthbertson

    Muslims in Indonesia have been told to stop using cryptocurrencies by the countrys authority on religious compliance.

    It is not an official ban on bitcoin, and crypto trading is still officially legal, but religious leaders claim that cryptocurrencies contain elements of uncertainty, wagering and harm, and are therefore not halal.

    Crypto trading is hugely popular in Indonesia, with data from regulators in the country revealing earlier this year that there are around 4.45 million cryptocurrency investors more than double the number of stock investors.

    You can read the full story here.

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    Cryptocurrencies Poised For Monster Rebounds In 2022

      While the overall cryptocurrency space will likely continue to be highly volatile in the near term, a panel of Motley contributors has identified three tokens that could bounce back in a big way in 2022. Read on to see why they think that Ethereum, , and Basic Attention Token could be poised to enjoy some strong rebound momentum next year.

      Will The Crypto Market Recover

      1/3 of hedge fund managers will add crypto according to Ernst & Young survey

      Its the question on everyones lips at the moment.

      Will the crypto market recover, when and is now a good time to stick or twist?

      There are differing opinions and a wide range of answers to those questions so be sure to do whats best for you and your individual circumstances.

      Over the course of the last year, Bitcoin has seen its value surge 255.65% – even when you take into account the crypto crashes of 19 May and 8 June – according to Coinbase .

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      When Will Crypto Market Go Back Up Or Recover In 2021

      Crypto market crash confused people, as an investor panic selling their funds and cashing out their investments. Google searches shown a spike for when will crypto market go up or recover following May 2021 dip. This crash started, when Elon Musk said Tesla no more accepting Bitcoin as payment for buying cars. Then series of fud news that include China banning trading, mining with warning to institutional investor and banks in China. As, US tax model and Europe warns merchant or payment system to consider crypto as asset only and stop using crypto as payment.

      I would say this is healthy crash, as crypto market bull run was expected end bit early i.e., before May 2021. But market will bounce back most probably in September 2021 and Bitcoin with other alts will be heading to hit new all-time high. If market fails to recover in the time of June to September, then following previous year pattern we could expect recovery in end of December 2021 or January 2022.

      We know Bitcoin has big influence on market, where if Bitcoin stared collapsing, other altcoins also follow similar pattern. In just 3 days crypto market losses over $500 billion dollar in market cap, as Bitcoin dominance slipped below 40%. As of writing, market rebound with bagging $300 million and now Bitcoin hits above $35k and Ethereum crosses $2000 USD.

      Crypto Gain from 1st January 2020 to 24th May 2021


      A Needle Pulling Thread

      Solana is blaming the downtime on excessive duplicate transactions weighing on the validators that help verify the network. High levels of congestion tripped up Solana on Friday, but the instability continued into Saturday before improving later in the weekend. A Solana notice concedes that the platform needs to improve to support the more complex transactions that are now more commonplace on the network.

      The timing was terrible. With crypto prices collapsing, a lot of loans with crypto as collateral on decentralized finance apps were being pulled without additional collateral being pledged. The extent of the fallout isn’t clear, but when #Solana was trending on social media platforms over the weekend it wasn’t exactly posts being made by happy campers.

      This isn’t the first time that Solana’s blockchain technology has buckled under pressure. There have been a couple of outages in recent months. Solana is hopeful that an update that will roll out in the next two to three months will help improve the protocol’s stability, but that can be a lifetime in the fast-moving world of crypto.

      Solana has exploded on the scene since arriving less than three years ago. It has stepped up over the past year, up nearly 2,600% including last week’s big drop. Earlier in the week it was reported that non-fungible token sales on the Solana blockchain had topped $1 billion in cumulative volume.

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